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A friend once said to me that if you don't know "Fairy Tale Tree House", then you have to check whether you are out of the parent-child group.

Rather than saying it is a hotel, I personally feel that this place is more like a fairy tale world in reality.

Regardless of adults or children, everyone wants to enter the fairy tale world, incarnate into the kind and beautiful Snow White, the brave Jack who fights wits with the protagonist in the fairy tale world, and come to an adventure trip. When we were children, we have already grown up, or fulfilled a childhood dream, or left good memories when our baby was young.

The sun was scorching, and a group of five, with friends and her family's little father-in-law, drove to the suburbs of Beijing to escape the summer heat, and walked the baby "touring Miyun for two days and one night".

At the happiness station in front of the fairy tale tree house in Yunfeng Mountain, park the car, and the group of five get on the shuttle bus of the scenic spot, leading directly to the tourist service center.

As soon as we got off the bus, the five of us were attracted by a huge slide. Orange Zi couldn't help sighing in his heart, "It's too big..." Duoduo Xiaogongju saw it, and he was having fun with lightning speed. Rushed to Peter's Slide Paradise, took our girls and sisters to play with her again and again...

Seeing that the sun is rising higher and higher, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and a group of people who are crazy about playing are in need of a good refreshment: ice cream.

Opposite the slide park, there is a trolley selling lavender ice cream. Wall Crack recommends friends who come here to try it, because it is so delicious! ! !

The price has not been raised since it opened, and the price is very real. Less than a minute after the photo was taken, the ice cream had already started to melt. The purer the raw material, the easier it is to melt. I took two pictures, and I couldn't help it.

One bite, the whole mouth is filled with the fragrance of milk, and there is also a unique fresh flowery smell of lavender in it. I seldom eat sweets, so I can’t put it down. I’m afraid I’ll go back to the city and eat No, this is only the taste of summer.

On the way to the lavender garden, there is a fork in the road, that is, there is a gate on the right side of Peter Slide Paradise. There is an ancient viewing road here, called Shibapan Ancient Road. Walking in this direction for about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Bulaotun at the foot of the mountain. The ancient road is full of representatives of the changing seasons of nature. It is very relaxing to come here to enjoy the maple and willow in spring and autumn.

From ancient times to the present, there is a legend of "not being old" - Wang Zhiyu Xianji, and there are cliff stone carvings to record it. If you are curious, you can also sit on the stool of the "immortal", or go to the mini-line sky to feel the uncanny craftsmanship of nature. . It's a pity that we didn't go this time due to the limited time. If we live here for a couple of days, we can explore slowly.

On the way to Mengtian Garden, all kinds of vegetation are planted on the side of the road. There are beautiful cherry blossoms that little rabbits love to eat, catnip that makes cats crazy, and apricot that is within reach. You can find cute bird cookies among the branches.

There is also a viewing platform along the way, overlooking the verdant and dense green, brisk and cool, leaning down, a European-style red-roofed house stands quietly in the mountains, independent of the world.

Going down from the hillside, Mengtian Lavender Garden is like a paradise.

There is a fancy arch in front of the small yard, and there is a small mechanism in front of the door. Just press the button, and the arch will spray out, adding water mist of lavender essential oil, falling from the sky, flying all over the sky, people standing under the arcade, moisturizing and refreshing, Full of fairy spirit, very dreamy, it has a very appropriate name "Happiness Fragrance".

Here, people can go deep into the lavender garden, gently touch this fragrant purple flower among the flowers, lean down and smell the quiet and pure aroma of lavender.

Under the blue sky, in the breeze, in the sun, and in the fields, lavender is quietly telling those romantic stories.

When you come out of the gallery, you can see the fairy tale house named Levanti.

The wind chime in front of the door is swaying with the wind, and every light collision will make a pleasant sound, and every sound can comfort people's soul.

As soon as you enter this lavender shop, the attention of the little princess Duoduo is immediately attracted by the cute dolls. She reaches in with her little hands, and one person fits into two corners, talking with the little animals.

The products in the store are very interesting, body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, facial mask, lavender pillow, aromatherapy, eye masks, candles... very delicate, if you want to DIY, you can also customize it here! Recommend handmade sachets, the price is favorable, mosquito-proof in summer, it is a good choice to bring it yourself or give it to your baby.

Food in "Fairy Tale"

There is only one cultural restaurant named [Mingyuan] in the fairy tale tree house. In front of the door is a large lawn, with a squeaking water wheel, and the children are feeding the tadpoles with wild fruits picked by the small river. Chat and drink tea in the restaurant.

In addition to the elegant and quiet environment, the most gratifying thing about Orange Seeds is the food and beverages here. Mainly based on healthy vegetable food, using the freshest and safest local ingredients, self-extracted sunflower oil.

Looking at the menu, the dishes are very rich. I ordered the main fish in sour soup. Can you tell that it is made of vegetarian dishes? This is a vegetarian restaurant where you don't feel like you are vegetarian.

The fish in sour soup is made with soy protein and seaweed, it's not fish but it tastes delicious.

The most difficult thing for me to distinguish between these two dishes is that there is no difference between the shape and the taste. Of course, in addition to "meat", vegetables are also indispensable. Come to the green mountains and green waters, breathe fresh air, and eat healthy.

Tasting the special lavender iced tea, I discovered the difference: I dined outdoors for an hour, and there was not even a single mosquito. After asking, I found out that there is little water here, and it is difficult for mosquitoes to survive. In addition, there will be plants that mosquitoes don’t like. , has the effect of repelling insects, and mothers are not afraid of being bitten when children play outside.

Stay in "Fairy Tale"

The most anticipated highlight of this itinerary is the tree house like a fairy tale world.

Passing through the East Chanyuan where we checked in, we walked into the gate full of "magic" world.

The tree house hidden in the forest, the castle in the flowers, come to Yunfeng Mountain, stay in the "fairy tale", and be the protagonist in your own story.

Each tree house has an exclusive fairy tale name: Nutcracker, Little Red Riding Hood, Don Quixote, Happy Prince, Neverland, etc. If there are elderly people in the family who have inconvenient legs and feet, they can also live in Dongchanyuan. First, it is convenient to move around, and second, it is cheap.

What impresses me the most is Swan Lake and Blue Bird, which have lake view rooms. These two buildings are really popular and need to be booked in advance. Compared with the first two, children prefer Jack Beanstalk and Robinson with slides. No matter what type of room it is, it is surrounded by mountains and rivers, directly facing Miyun Reservoir, and the scenery is pleasant.

Looking from a distance, I can see a dense forest surrounded by beautiful roofs, and almost every tree house is built on tall trees. There is no need to climb trees to enter the tree house, and you can go directly to the door of the tree house along the wooden plank road and wooden stairs in the forest.

On the plank road, seeing the long green slide of Jack and Magic Beans, the little princess Duoduo grabbed her mother's hand and ran into the tree house, saying "play this, play this", as soon as the door opened, she immediately got off He took off his shoes and climbed the stairs slowly.

The scene in the fairy tale book is reproduced, and the brave Jack is brought into the world of giants in the sky through the green soybean vine, starting a strange adventure. Arriving at the attic, the prototype wooden door greeted the eyes, as if it was the medieval world in the Lord of the Rings, Orange Seed saw a journey full of unknowns. "Leap" down from the mysterious attic.

Suddenly, the invincible scenery unfolds in front of you. This is a terrace surrounded by forests, with sofa-style rocking chairs, where you can lie down or sit as you like.

The balcony area is very large. Facing the valley, there is a feeling of sitting on the clouds. If necessary, the staff will prepare small slippers for the children, and the small tent is set up on the large terrace.

The bedroom has floor-to-ceiling windows with an excellent view, and the bathroom is considerately equipped with a toilet for children.

The Orange Seed Holistic Experience Hotel brings people completely into life in the forest of fairy tales. The original ecology in the virgin forest with towering trees and wilderness allows children to get closer to nature in a safer way. This is a double enjoyment of mind and spirit.

Because of the construction of ancient temples, there are scenic spots, where lavender is planted and accommodation is built.

There are sunrises, sunsets, mountain roads, and starry sky.

Sit and enjoy the panoramic view of Yunfeng Mountain, with mountains on one side and water on the other, and the pine forest plank road built next to the mountain, winding up the mountain.

The tree house villas with different shapes are scattered all over the place, surprising countless children who yearn for the fairy tale kingdom.

Living in seclusion in the mountains, perched on the trees, listening to the wind and birds... It's really interesting.


1. Address: North of Yanluo Village, Bulaotun Town, Miyun District, Beijing

2. Recommendation: Only staying guests can enjoy the sunrise at Endless Terrace. Because there are no mountains to the east, the view is particularly good.

3. Activities: Parent-child activities are arranged every day in the scenic area, and different themed activities are arranged in different seasons.

4. Luggage: Don’t worry about carrying the suitcase up the mountain by yourself and handing it over to the staff. They will transport it up the mountain with a rope and send it to the room. You only need to call in advance when you check out.