The finale of "Thirty Only" made us who are 30+ also think about how to live the second half of life without regretting it. Busy in the big city every day, middle-aged people gradually understand that family and companionship are the motivation and light for us to move on, so this weekend, stop and come to Beijing International Trade Center on the top of the Forbidden City with your family. Hotel, feel the metropolis of Beijing that you walk around every day. The reason why you choose this hotel is because when you overlook a city, you can appreciate the different beauty in ordinary times.

"Hi Fun City in the City"!

Recently, Beijing CBD "city within the city" China World Business District, four hotels under the Shangri-La Group, Beijing World Trade Hotel, China World Hotel, New World Trade Hotel, Kerry Hotel jointly launched the "Hi fun city within the city" room privileges, one check-in 4 Hotels, more than 20 hotel restaurants and bars with different styles, more than 10,000 square meters of fitness space, and more than 3,000 retail stores... You can match the guest room food, fitness and entertainment experience at will, and come to an unprecedented new experience of urban weekend vacation! When you check in, you will get an entertainment pass. With it, you can have a fun weekend!

The welcome ceremony of sparkling wine instantly relieves the tension of the city!

Among the four hotels, I finally chose the China World Hotel, because I wanted to have the ultimate romance overlooking the capital. After registering the health code on the first floor, the staff led us to the elevator. The 64th floor is the hotel reception, where we check-in. Our room is on the 73rd floor, and we can see the Forbidden City!

The welcome ceremony of Prosecco sparkling wine has been prepared in the room. The sparkling wine is iced just right, and there are a variety of fresh fruits. The air-conditioning that cools us instantly in summer, as well as the afternoon sun that shines into the room through the floor-to-ceiling windows... …The moment we were in the room completely let us relax from tension.

The rooms of Beijing Guomao Hotel are elegantly designed, with classic wooden furniture and many traditional Chinese elements. The bathroom is super large, with a choice of shower or bathtub, and the toiletries are all L’Occitane! There are two single sofas in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. I love to sit here and watch the scenery outside the window when I am in the room. If there are office needs, there are also special desks and chairs in the room.

After a short break, I couldn’t wait to go shopping in China World Mall. There are more than 3,000 retail stores, and many brands with a sense of design and quality have moved in. I have bought handmade wood inlaid bags that I have loved for a long time, and I have also explored many interesting shops. .

TIPS: The room benefits of "Hi Fun City Center" include the rights and interests of staying guests to upgrade China World Mall Gold Card.

Romantic dinner in the clouds, watching the neon lights at the beginning of the Chinese lanterns!

Life does need some sense of ritual, and it is easy for us to recall happy moments one after another. I came to Guomao 79 in Beijing Guomao Hotel for dinner, and recalled the romantic time of staying in Shangri-La, The Shard, London for 4 days that fall.

Guomao 79 can be said to be the highest western restaurant in Beijing. When the weather is good, sitting here overlooks the most beautiful night of the capital, watching the lights and neon lights, as if the whole city is your own.

Only by booking a seat long in advance can you sit in a popular seat next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, watching the cars rushing like a dragon outside the window, and eating a western meal full of ritual feeling, which makes your daily efforts meaningful. The decoration of the restaurant is luxurious and high-quality. Small round tables, crystal lamps, and dim lights make the scenery outside the window the absolute protagonist. The red glass corridor at the entrance is super impressive! !

Recently, the two-person sharing meal at Guomao 79 is really awesome. Not only is every dish delicious, but the portion is too generous! The barbecue platter includes Angus ribeye, Australian lamb rack, grilled prawns, grilled cod, lobster, and various grilled vegetables, which is so satisfying for the taste buds!

Drinking red wine and eating steak together, it feels great to be slowly drunk! Moreover, the swaying red wine glass is also a sharp weapon for taking pictures of the cloud dinner!

TIPS: The "Hi Fun City in the City" room service includes a 700 yuan dining experience voucher, which can be consumed in different restaurants and bars of 4 hotels at will!

Greeting the first ray of morning light in the gym, overlooking the city and sweating like rain is so refreshing!

After getting a little drunk, I slowly moved to the room. The sky was so dark that it happened to be raining in the capital. It was the first time I saw the rain at such a high altitude. The sound of rain outside the window is disturbing, but you can see the hazy city light in the raindrops through the glass window, and the little lights create a romantic atmosphere.

This night I slept more soundly than at home, but I didn’t indulge in lazy sleep, and woke up again on the top of the tall building Lin Yu. The difference is that it was London that time, and this time it was Beijing where I grew up. It is said that Guomao Hotel has a skyline swimming pool and gym with a perfect view, so get up early and change into sports equipment, go to the gym to welcome the first ray of morning light, and roll iron in front of the Chinese Zun, watching the boundless city scenery above the clouds Go for a run while you're at the movies, then take a dip in the infinity pool afterwards! I have to say, sweating profusely in the CBD cloud is really cool!

TIPS: "Hi Fun City Center" room privileges, you can experience the gyms of the 4 hotels in the package at will.

Vitality breakfast in the cloud, record my highlight breakfast moment!

For breakfast, I chose the favorite Guomao 79, wanting to enjoy the morning scenery of the top of Beijing more. The buffet breakfast here is not like the regular star hotel, it is more refined. The outside area is a self-service selection area: any choice of bread, yogurt, salad, drink, steamed point, boiled eggs, fruit... There is also a menu on the table, Chinese breakfast and Western breakfast can be ordered separately, which is also included in the buffet breakfast , we ordered tofu nao, fried dough sticks and tomato stewed noodles.

"Hi Fun City Center" room privileges can be delayed until 4 o'clock check-out, and also includes a 300 yuan consumption coupon for Chi Spa, so I went to experience the luxury spa experience in the cloud again. Shangri-La's own CHI Spa has always been the top of the spa industry The brand, CHI, refers to "Qi". In traditional Chinese philosophy, "Qi" rules everything, and "Qi" flows unimpeded in the body in order to maintain good health. CHI Spa includes body care and facial care. Because I have been on a business trip in the sun for the last week, I experienced the jade facial SPA, ethereal background music, the skillful technique of the beautician, and traditional jade facial acupoints. After finishing, I felt my face Muscles are relaxed and facial contours look firmer!

At lunch time, I went to the Red Pavilion in the China World Mall to experience the seasonal Shunde dishes and the signature roast duck. Eating the crispy skin and tender meat with sugar is really delicious! The Shunde cuisine of the season has been planted by "Xunwei Shunde" before, and you can eat Shunde taste in the Red Pavilion!

After taking a leisurely stroll around the China World Mall, if you like skating, you can also go skating at the China World Skating Rink with the free double skating package provided by the "Hi Fun City Center" room privilege! At 4 o'clock, check-out ends our urban vacation experience of not escaping from Beijing but letting go of ourselves on weekends.

In fact, even if two people are together, even if they can't go to a distant place, as long as they can create romance, they can enjoy the beauty of a good day that cannot be copied, and the warmth of holding hands is better than countless in the world. So, when you can’t leave the city where you live, take a weekend, bring your love, and have a romantic weekend vacation in the city, let’s have fun in the city!