Although I don’t chase stars, I still saw a bright spot when I was driving on weekends to search for homestays around Beijing. This homestay in Yanqing is the location of "Daughters in Love" called Dayinyushi. I chose a homestay for a long time when I was looking for a homestay. I just wanted to find a place with a short driving distance around Beijing, a place with a high standard that is suitable for parties, and I happened to see this place. Ma Liuer decided to leave on Saturday.

We met up with our friends from Beisi, and there was no traffic jam when we drove there. We watched the scenery along the way. In autumn, the mountains and trees along the way in Beijing were all dyed, and it took one and a half hours to reach the Great Hermitage.

The homestay housekeeper took us to the courtyard and chose No. 9 courtyard. I liked the colorful courtyard, and I felt good when I saw it! I, Muyu, Xiaotong, and Brother Zheng have exactly three rooms, which are all right.

Our courtyard is super large, the white yard and the green bamboo are very clean, and the pebbles on the ground are well arranged, and it looks better when the lights are on at night.

There is also a resting table, chairs and hanging baskets in the yard. It is very comfortable to bask in the sun during the day. There are often cute kittens on the wall who come to visit the door. After getting acquainted, they will directly bask in the sun on the wooden boards haha.

There are three small pools next to it. It is cold now so there is no water, but the blue mosaic alone is also very compelling for taking pictures.

The living room is lake green, with a warm and design style. It is also very good for everyone to sit on the sofa and watch TV and movies together. Moreover, there are two doors in the living room, each leading to a room haha.

There are two pink bedrooms in the bedroom, one for the little boy, one for me and Muyu, and a small lounge for the little boy, with a hanging chair and coffee table, which is very relaxing when the sun shines down.

Muyu and I’s room is also really the pink color of our first love, and there is a very cute bed curtain on the bed (but it’s really too girly), and the tassel balls hanging on it have been playing with Muyu for a long time.
There are also flowers and ins-style green plants in the room, and the room is full of vitality and vitality in an instant.

The bathroom also has a sense of design. The gray frigid style is in contrast to the pink bedroom, but the colors match very well. It is really considerate to have fill light on the vanity mirror.

The gray towels on the towel rack are my go-to. After taking a shower, I looked in the mirror and found myself looking more and more handsome hahahaha! ! ! !

The other one is a multi-bed room. Hahahaha, I will give Brother Zheng a multi-bed room. He can roll and sleep freely. This room can accommodate 4 or 5 people, and he can sleep enough by himself hahaha.

At last! ! ! What I want to strongly amway is our kitchen! ! ! ! Why, because we asked the housekeeper if we could barbecue before we came this time, and the housekeeper not only said yes, but also said! ! We have smokeless carbon here, you can buy it directly if you need it, you don’t need to bring it from the city!

Originally, we planned to gather and chat with friends on weekends, barbecue and drink, and we almost spent all our time in the kitchen. Tableware, disinfection cabinets, refrigerators... Almost all the kitchen utensils you have are here, and there are also kitchen utensils that you don't have.

There are even red wine decanters and bottle openers, tsk tsk tsk, drink it! !

The following is the time for me to show my cooking skills. The high energy ahead, hungry people please leave quickly.

Grilled lamb kebabs, grilled chicken chops, grilled pork belly, grilled squid, fish tofu... We basically finished them all.

Whiskey, red wine, and a case of beer were bought from the butler, and then the four of us drank until three o'clock in the middle of the night Doha hahaha!

As a result, the next morning, the housekeeper aunt thoughtfully brought us millet porridge, soy milk, buns, fried dough sticks, and soy milk. It was too warm.

Here you can also cook and eat by yourself (bring your own ingredients). If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can order a special farm set meal with the housekeeper. Braised pork and vegetables can be whatever you want.

When preparing to return, the butler said that the surrounding scenery is good and we can go around. We also saw tree-lined paths, "mangroves", and reeds that Muyu likes. We took a few photos of her and were very happy.

There are also Badaling Badaling Great Wall, Guyaju, Longqing Gorge, Yeya Lake Wetland Nature Reserve in the surrounding area, you can go shopping if you have time. But the few of us feel very happy just staying in the homestay haha!

Finally, I wish you a happy weekend with your family and friends. Remember to book in advance. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will reply when I see it. Love you guys.