summer cool password

Little beautiful summer, meet you

The dog days of the great heat, the midsummer is at the time

The heat wave is rolling

Everything is boiled

Home depends on air conditioner to continue life

Going out requires courage and armor

Is this what you want for summer?


Then why not go to Qingliang Valley?

To feel the 360-degree coolness and comfort

Start a trip to the valley with natural air conditioning.

This summer, let us have fun with the water in Qingliang Valley, swimming alone, carnival with companions, parent-child experience, and group fun. Here, every need will be met.

Solo Tour·Qingliang Valley is wonderful

We are always troubled by the embarrassment of traveling alone. No one takes pictures, and no one shares the half-price temptation of the second cup. Even if we are very lively inside, we often seem a little lonely to others.

But in Qingliang Valley, you only need to choose a favorite color for immersive fun, sit on a kayak and float at a height of more than 3,000 meters long, with a drop of 200 meters and 360-degree multi-layer circular circles. .

The sliding speed is as fast as the roller coaster under the increased water flow, and the shape of seven bends and eight twists makes the body feel addicted in the constant collision and rotation.

Strolling on the glass sky bridge, the valley at the foot is secluded, the water is beautiful, the rocks are strange and the forest is lush, and the clouds and mists are flying around, just like a fairyland.

While you are admiring the amazing ability of nature to create landscapes, you have to muster up the courage to walk in the clouds and experience the thrill and excitement of glass shattering. If you don't have some courage and guts, you can't enjoy such a sense of mystery.

Walking on the "glass plank road on the top of the tree", it is like "light skill" upper body, strolling on the top of the tree, feeling the healing feeling of greenery everywhere. Stretch out your hand to touch the softness of Qingliang Guxia, listen to the jubilant cicadas and birds, and breathe deeply the air of the natural oxygen bar, feeling refreshed.

Stepping into the fantasy crystal maze, any shot is a proper ins internet celebrity fan, wonderful colors, dynamic light effects, fascinating, like coming to Alice's dream world, all thanks to the magical magic wand in hand escaped successfully.

Tour for two · Qingliang Valley is very beautiful

No new tricks for your friends to travel? Is it always the old routine for couples to date? Coming to Qinglianggu to spend a ceremonial Qixi Festival will definitely be a smart choice this summer.

I like the wind in Qingliang Valley, as if I have traveled eight thousand miles, regardless of the return date. Take the colorful cable car to shuttle over the valley, and when a gust of wind passes by, the whole valley is like a moving oil painting, looming in your eyes, which is definitely a breathtaking visual shock.

You can also fly across the sky on a zip line - amazing, amazing air gliding. You can experience the feeling that the sea is wide and the fish are leaping, and the sky is high and the birds are flying. It is simply not too beautiful.

When the sun sets, watch a sunset on the Crystal Great Wall, and reap a good mood all day long. When the afterglow of the setting sun dyes the sky red, the gorgeous sunset glows against the horizon, and the Crystal Great Wall follows the twilight like a giant dragon, leaving only a calm and peaceful solemnity.

Here, you can immerse yourself in the traditional love prayer ceremony, travel through the crystal love to take photos of couples, pray for fate at the blessing platform, and draw wishing cards to pray for fate, making this Qixi Festival full of rituals.

Qixi Festival is the most ceremonial day in love, of course you need to take pictures to commemorate it! In addition to Crystal Love, the Sky Realm is also a good place to make a film. I saw the blue sky and white clouds reflected on the mirror under my feet. Being in it, I feel like I have come to Chaka Salt Lake in Qinghai. It is hard to tell whether it is real or not.

Family Tour·Qingliang Valley is full of fun

The long-awaited summer vacation is here. Instead of facing the torment of summer homework at home all day, it is better to let the children have a good time and release the pressure to be more motivated. Come to Qingliang Valley to experience the fun of playing in the water with the children, so that the big friends can regain their childlike innocence that has been buried for a long time.

You can take a free bamboo raft to row Qingliang Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the peace that is rare in the north.

You can also challenge the torrents, shuttle back and forth between the mountains and forests, sometimes rushing and sometimes slow, just like the feeling of sliding down a slide when you were a child, and instantly regain your childhood memories of innocence and the joy of parent-child swimming.

Climbing up the steps, you will encounter creeks, waterfalls, and large pools all over the mountains... Don’t forget to bring your children, go up the stream for a summer, take off your shoes and socks and wade into the water to have a water gun battle or fish by the stream Tadpoles, enjoy the wild fun of being in close contact with nature.

Every child has a dream of being a military hero, dreaming that he is fast with a sharp gun and can win all battles. Qinglianggu National Assault Training Camp, fulfilling children's dreams of sharpshooting heroes! It can also comprehensively exercise children's observation, concentration, hands-on, and thinking abilities!

In short, the game here is more colorful than kayaking, and the laughter is louder than the cicadas in summer. Different choices bring different experiences, but they can have the same happiness.

Group tour·Qingliang Valley for fun

Playing with water is of course indispensable for team building in summer. Instead of rolling around in the office, the KPIs of water sports should only be measured by pleasure and comfort.

"Happy Forward" is the ace project of Qinglianggu Water, with a wide variety of projects, so fun that you can't stop. The seemingly serious technical men who usually look serious have turned into a special force on the water. Steel wires on the water, soft bridges on the water, drumming fountains, small steps on the waves, and duckweeds on the water, they charged forward without fear, and finally became "drowned chickens". The pressure is also released in the carnival.

More professional hosts go through the whole process, tailor-made a team challenge plan that integrates fun, competition, effectiveness, and challenge, allowing you to compete in an exciting and tense atmosphere.

The sun is shining brightly and the water waves are gentle. The moment you fall into the water, you feel as if you have entered a paradise on earth. Interesting water sports create beautiful dreams one after another.

Reminder·Travel strategy

Tourists are requested to abide by the relevant epidemic prevention requirements and take good care of themselves. When entering the scenic spot, please cooperate with the on-site staff to measure the temperature, scan the code and check the code of Beijing Healthbao, and check the negative nucleic acid certificate within 72 hours. Please wear a mask during the tour to keep safe .