There is a different Great Wall called Simatai Great Wall, and a different town called Gubei Town. The water town has the characteristics of a typical water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is rare in places like Beijing. It is not only different from the atmosphere of the royal garden of the Summer Palace, but also different from the artificial carvings of ordinary resorts. A few steps and a scene have a unique charm.

Gubei Water Town is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, Beijing. It is backed by the most beautiful and most dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China, and sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. It is a rare natural ancient village in the suburbs of Beijing that combines mountains and rivers.

The gate of Gubei Water Town is built in the style of Ming Dynasty towers. The gray pattern completely subverts the reverie before coming here. There are no colors, just gray, white and red, which gives the overall feeling a little vicissitudes.

It is said that Gubei Water Town is comparable to Wuzhen, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. When it comes to water towns, one cannot help but think of Jiangnan. There is always an unresolved yearning and obsession with Jiangnan. Perhaps, there is a part of the frontier that is lost in the water town of Jiangnan. Bar!

In the central square of Gubei Water Town, there is a large theater building. From a long distance, I heard a person talking about Dagushu. The voice was deep and intense, soul-stirring.

The boat moves slowly, the water is deep green and clear, and many antique gray houses are built on both sides of the river, which are very neat. A wall made of stone, a roof pressed against black tiles, cornices raised into the air, corridors carved with patterns, and dark green door lintels, and I will be rippling in the embrace of this water town.

I saw the elegance, tranquility, calmness and stability of the town, like a beautiful and simple young woman, unassuming and not vulgar. Plain face, indifferent smile. Here, don't be afraid to get lost, and don't worry about missing any beautiful scenery, because the streets here are connected, and the streets are connected, and you can see familiar scenery from every intersection.

Walking into the scenic area of ​​Gubei Water Town, I was immediately moved by its simple and elegant style. I always thought that the ancient streets with bluestone slabs, rows of houses, ancient buildings with blue bricks and gray tiles, and ancient villages with mountains and rivers are the only ones in the south of the Yangtze River. Only then can I see it. Unexpectedly, the scenery here still has small bridges and flowing water, willows and willows.

The breeze is blowing, and the flowers are full of water. A family walks in the charming alleys of the water town, listens to the sound of springs flowing down the mountain, and looks at Wuling Mountain.

Walking in the middle of the street, looking at the buildings on both sides, the old wooden houses are generally two-story, deep house compound, with heavy ridges and high eaves, square and square wooden wooden doors in the south, exquisite windows, carved window panes, copper color The door knocker shows the dignity of the previous dynasty, soaked in a dignified and majestic atmosphere, giving people a deep and heavy beauty.

Wuzhen in the north has a school of scenery, which presents an overall beauty. Indulging in sightseeing, young and old, men and women are in high spirits, chasing and laughing, and the cheerful scene of children jumping and dancing, the love flower couple makes people feel spontaneously, giving people a quiet, leisurely, hazy and natural beauty.

Stepping on the mottled bluestone road, I walked into a long and narrow alley. Alleys, bluestone roads, quiet and quiet time. Stepping lightly on the heavy years in the deep alley, I thought of Dai Wangshu's "Rain Lane", the girl with a clove of sorrow and resentment, the Jiangnan thousands of miles away, and a figure, a heartfelt and sincere encounter , a beautiful and melancholy story.

Gubei town, small town with style, I have to comment like this. Sometimes, it will strengthen your heart, and sometimes it will make you tender and affectionate.

The sky in Gubei Water Town is blue, the water is clear, and the smell of drizzle is sweet. If you have to choose a city to live your life in, in fact, Shuizhen is really the best choice.

Gubei Water Town, it is a dreamy name. Whenever the morning sun sprinkles the leaves, when the white dew turns into transparent golden pearls, when the stream flows through the small bridge, when the first foot steps on it, it will "creak" "The one-day trip to Gubei Water Town began.

Some people say: To meet the life you desire in your heart is to meet a kind of nostalgia. When the hustle and bustle of the city is behind the expectation of returning to the countryside, life will become brighter. The "wish" to walk away has also become more urgent.

Gubei Water Town may not necessarily have the exquisiteness and elegance of many Jiangnan water towns, but it has the original color of the water town without excessive carving and modification. It is more like an ink painting. Although it does not have strong colors, it reveals a sense of It has a faint charm, and you don’t want to leave after just one more look. When you approach it, you will be surprised that there is such a pure land in Beijing, with small bridges and flowing water, willows and willows. .

Perhaps because this small town is located at the foot of the Great Wall, it is different from the southern water town. It is filled with the tranquility and tenderness of the southern water town, and seems to exude a kind of vigor and solemnity in the north.

The Hilltop Church is located on a hill in the central area of ​​Gubei Water Town. It is a Roman Catholic church. The church faces east from west, with a construction area of ​​933 square meters. There are 112 seats in the church. There are also coffee shops around the church, which are Chinese and Western styles. Wedding rooms, souvenir shops, etc. Standing in the courtyard of the church, you can overlook the beautiful water town and the steep Simatai Great Wall.

In front of the church, you can see the majestic Simatai Great Wall in your eyes, and use your eyes to scan the east second floor to the east tenth floor from left to right one by one. Arrow towers stand on the top of the steep hill, making people feel like our ancestors Proud to have built such a majestic project.

Throwing pots is a kind of throwing game played by ancient scholar-bureaucrats when they feasted, and it is also a kind of etiquette. It was more popular in the Warring States period, especially in the Tang Dynasty, and it was carried forward. Don't look at the distance, in fact, it still requires skill to throw in. It is top-heavy. If you master the feeling, you will throw in. You can compete with several friends.

In the summer of bubbles, everyone's childhood is a colorful dream. In summer, the most suitable temperature for the human body, bubbles make children play happily.

Riding a bicycle along the Great Wall at the foot of the Great Wall, the wind is mixed with some coldness, the way is that the sun gently opens the smiling face, and the white clouds and the blue sky are lingering together freely, which makes me, who is ordinary, more romantic on the way of cycling . The wind blew the hair, and the body swayed freely with the bicycle. Thus, cycling was born.

In front of the bowling table, I was concentrating on the nine bowling pins not far away. Suddenly, I hit the ball vigorously, and the bowling ball rushed towards the bowling pins like a purple whirlwind. With a bang, a pile of bottles fell down. The impact of this bowling ball is too much.

[If you don't go to the Great Wall, you are not a hero. Practicing yoga on the Simatai Great Wall in the morning, a yoga that has never been experienced before]

When sweating profusely became more and more fashionable, and when the beauties around me became more and more graceful, I realized that yoga has been recognized by too many partners, and practicing yoga has long since become popular.

Mind yoga, please start by smiling at a flower. If you have a rainbow-colored heart, then happiness is as beautiful as a flower, and the fragrance is always in your heart. Life is a practice, the unity of body and mind, and the unity of action.

A yoga class seems to be a microcosm of a person's life. Live your life with a yoga mentality, one day of yoga, one life of elegance. Yoga on the Simatai Great Wall in the morning absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, the aura of the sun and the moon, unites body and mind, and leads to unity of action.

Few people and beautiful scenery, perhaps only we know that when the sun rises and the sun shines, we carry yoga mats on our backs and start a fantastic journey of sunrise yoga on the Great Wall.

In this early morning, in the area of ​​the Great Wall and in the valley, standing on the green grass dripping with dew, we imitated the ancients to worship the sun.

Meet yoga and let you meet your best self. In yoga, you seek your inner direction; in yoga, you feel the weight of life. Yoga will bring you more confidence and strength.

Practicing yoga can exercise your body's flexibility, help you reduce stress, and make your body and mind smooth. It has a great relaxation and meditation effect, giving people a feeling of relaxation and peace. Originating in India, yoga is a system that helps humans realize their full potential by raising awareness.

The quiet background of the Great Wall combined with the beautiful yoga movements shows the organic combination of ancient culture and aesthetic elements of the new era, adding a beautiful landscape to the Great Wall.

Yoga has subverted my perception of life. It turned out that as long as you work hard and persevere, you can do yoga without talent. No matter what occupation you are in, no matter how old you are, as long as you practice hard, you will be your own protagonist and you can make yourself Wonderful.

Yoga together, enjoy together. Yoga is the best way to face your heart; yoga, all we can do is try our best, even with simple practice, we are closer to our goals than yesterday. Yoga is a way of life, if you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be different.

Yoga will make you a better version of yourself. This kind of change, from the outside to the inside, and finally through the change of lifestyle, will make you feel transformed at a certain moment.

Simatai Great Wall, the only historic site in the entire section of the Great Wall that can stay 24 hours a day. Meet here, pay tribute to the sun in the sunrise, meditate in the golden sunset, look at the starry sky in the silence, and listen to the wind and singing echoing in the valley.

[Drunk at the foot of the Great Wall, dreaming of the beautiful starry sky, stargazing on the Great Wall and outdoor camping become possible]

Let Qingfeng secretly send a message from the heart. In this time full of affection, drunk at the foot of the Great Wall, set off a grand and long-lost Great Wall starry sky opening party.

The Children's Play Summer Run in Gubei Water Town takes water towns, ancient towns, and pastoral scenery as the track background, and integrates outdoor sports with the culture of ancient towns. It is the first parent-child event in China with the theme of children's play.

Every run is growth, how many strokes can life have, and when not to run? Persevere to the end, and you will win in the end. During the years of growth, the caterpillar finally breaks out of the pupa. During the years, the children slowly change and grow up, and eventually they will turn into butterflies one day.

Children's Play Summer Run is not only a sports event, but also a stage for parents and children to accompany closely and sublimate their emotions. Running with the children, it seems that the meaning of running is about to be redefined. Without the established pace, without the pursuit of PB, without many competition parameters, it is a great victory to run to the finish line. It is a sincere dedication, of course, with the participation of the children, the journey is full of surprises!

The younger child simply had his father "running with a load" in his arms; along the way, many of them looked like "second-generation running" babies, and the parents together looked like running equipment parties, and all kinds of running equipment were also beautifully exposed. Beautiful scenery on the track.

Mountains and rivers, most of the people living in the city come to Gubei Water Town to watch the starry sky, just to look up at the stars and the night against the dark blue sky, and to be with their favorite people Look for the brightest star, chase the breeze, and enjoy the cool summer.

The tents have become a landscape of Gubei Water Town, freely arranged on the lawn, but they don’t look chaotic, and they are more natural and natural. They are like huge flower buds growing on the ground, with colorful and fashionable images. The style is simple, adding a special spring color to this lawn.

The most anticipated thing is of course the tent camp at night. Camping on the forest grassland of Hangu Mountain Villa, staying in the limited tent room provided by this boutique hotel, looking up at the brightly lit Great Wall in the night, like a luminous dragon winding on the steep and steep peak, with stars and the Milky Way hanging In the sky, the scenery in front of you is simply the reappearance of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", which makes people feel peaceful but open-minded.

Lying under such a starry sky is warm and comfortable, with wine, meat, and Wi-Fi. In the clouds and clouds, spend a relaxing and comfortable summer. In the purest place, you can freely encounter the most romantic starry sky.

On the grass of the Hangu Hotel, there is also an outdoor BBQ movie night. Under the stars, watching a movie on a huge screen, taking the children and family to barbecue by themselves, and enjoying a starry sky movie food feast is definitely an unprecedented feeling;

BBQ classic movie night, subtly blending vision and taste, feeling the down-to-earth cultural food life

[Great Wall reading on the Simatai Beacon Tower at night, alternative Great Wall gameplay by stars crossing borders]

Listening is a way of self-expression. When we stand on the Beacon Tower of the Simatai Great Wall in Gubei Water Town, looking up at the starry sky, the history rushes past in the strong wind, the natural scenery rushes past, and we read the most sincere voice in our hearts together. Listen to your heart, nothing is impossible.

On May 31st, the starlight in the summer sky collided with the majestic Simatai Great Wall, and the "Not Impossible, Listening on the Beacon Tower" Great Wall Reading was successfully held in Gubei Water Town, Beijing.

The mainstay actor Wang Luodan joins hands with reading obsessive-compulsive disorder Shi Hang, lone singer Zhang Chu, soul singer Cheng Fangyuan, brave filmmaker Li Yu, powerful actor Xing Jiadong, sincere debater Dong Jing, and talk show actor Liang Yanzeng. The era of dialogue transcends the times. Relying on the reinvention spirit of the "Not Impossible" Great Wall culture that integrates multiculturalism and rich traditions, the alternative Great Wall gameplay of Gubei Water Town's summer activities has successfully sparked heated discussions across borders.

Combining the natural landscape with the cultural activities with the spirit of the moment in a super-imaginative way, setting the reading scene under the starlight and above the Simatai Great Wall, the Gubei Water Town Great Wall Reading Club breaks the punch-in Great Wall tour mode. The alternative Great Wall gameplay has successfully broadened the era connotation of the Great Wall culture.

[The most antique musical fountain, a music and fire dance show in Gubei Water Town at night]

The Gubei Music Fountain is a music and fire dance show where water and fire blend together. In a small pool of 13 meters, the water dance movements and the rhythm of the music are controlled together, which is completely the magic of water and music. From the Water Dance Theater, you can also see the ancient and quiet Simatai Great Wall. The musical fountain is the sound source of wonderful music, which is suitable for viewing from a distance or near.

The fountain is composed of countless transparent water elves into a set of holy artworks. Then it becomes a waltz with the brisk, soft and sometimes majestic passionate music. Using the virtual reality water dance control system, the water dance movements are completely consistent with the music rhythm control, which is full of shock.

Gubei Water Town Music Fountain is located in Wangjing Street, Gubei Water Town. It is backed by the most beautiful and most dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China, and sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. It is a rare tourist resort in the suburbs of Beijing that combines landscape and city. Now Gubei Water Town Music Fountain has become an indispensable tourist item in the night scene of Gubei Water Town.

The water column of different thickness fluctuates with the rhythm of the music, swaying from side to side, the combination of sound, light, fog, water and fire, under the control of modern technology, has become a three-dimensional musical fountain, colorful, Beautiful.

Beautiful and cheerful music, combined with dazzling lights, the interaction of sound and light and advanced projection technology, turned Wangjing Tower into a "magic building". This magic building is constantly changing various gorgeous colors. Even changing the shape, a phoenix fluttering its wings appeared for a while, and a lion jumping up and down appeared for a while, as if the Wangjing Tower was alive. This is an amazing magical performance.

Gubei Water Town Water Dance Theater fully demonstrates the magic of water in a 13-meter-long small pool. Everything is simplified, and the beauty of water dance is displayed to the maximum in a limited space. Through the ten-minute water dance performance, the audience can experience a series of emotional resonances such as softness, intoxication, and thrilling.

The musical fountain is changing Dolly's dancing posture, and the water elves are still writhing and jumping happily, forming elegant shadows in series. The water jets sprayed high, like a flying dragon rushing straight into the sky, but in the blink of an eye, they fell like a curtain of waterfalls. Then, the four water jets at the four corners rushed to the middle water jet at the same time, and in an instant, the fountain looked like a transparent crystal pagoda again.

Accompanied by the music, the fountain becomes colorful and magnificent under the illumination of the light. Columns of water become light pink, light blue, light green, and various colors complement each other, changing in thousands of ways, which makes people deeply intoxicated. In the midst of beauty, when the fountain falls, some are like pearls, some are like smoke, some are like small beans, and they are very comfortable to fall on people.

Enjoy a music and fire dance show that blends water and fire at the Wangjing Street Music Fountain. You must have heard the sometimes shocking, sometimes gentle town music, and the musical fountain is the source of the wonderful music, which is suitable for both near and far. From the Water Dance Theater, you can also see the ancient and quiet Simatai Great Wall.

The water column is constantly swinging with the music and lights, and from time to time there is a dazzling fire. The perfect fusion of music and lights, the passionate collision of water and fire, it is said that "water and fire are incompatible", under the starry night sky, Yinghe Listening to the melodious music, leaning against the beautiful Great Wall, science and technology integrate the beauty of opposites, and feel the tenderness of water, the passion of fire, and the magic of light.

【Accommodation recommendation】

Huotang Boutique Hotel: distinctive Tibetan style, returning to the basics, looking up at the hollow window lattice, thinking of the colorful prayer flags on the mani pile, picking a Gesang flower and putting it on the head of the bed......

Mucheng Boutique Hotel, with extremely simple design style, not simple visual effect, fully open space, the size of each room is 60-100 square meters......

【Food recommendation】

In the morning, the whole world is clear, to breathe the fresh air, to have breakfast on the lake in a boat, there is indeed a great sense of ritual and privacy, a colorful morning, with freshness coming to the world, showing everywhere Vigorous and vigorous, the flowers and the grass are so green and make me feel very comfortable. I like the beautiful morning, it gives me a good start.

The newborn sun shines on the face, dewdrops glisten on the lawn around me, and the cool breeze caresses around me, sometimes with a hint of flower fragrance, what a beautiful morning.

Here, you can really return to nature, stay away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains in the morning and evening. The hotel restaurant mainly combines Chinese and Western food, using local fresh organic ingredients for production, so that ingredients and health can be fully complemented and echoed.

The collision of spicy and fresh fragrance, the meeting of four seasons and fiery heat, the red oily spicy soup is bubbling by charcoal fire or electric pan, and all kinds of ingredients release their original flavor in it. This is a long-standing tradition of the Chinese nation. Delicacy - hot pot.

Some people say that people who really love life will not treat their stomach and soul badly. Because people's most primitive desire is to pursue all kinds of delicacies and spiritual pleasure from food and clothing. It can be said that there is no kind of happiness that is more real and natural than a scoop of food, a scoop of drink and spiritual satisfaction.

Behind every delicious dish, there is the chef's great effort, as well as the uncompromising belief and attitude. I can only stand in awe that a person can have such a sincere love for a kind of food all his life. Loving food is also an attitude towards life. In this world, only food and love can't live up to it.

All these imaginative transformations, the flavors and nutritional enhancements they create are amazing and form a part called culture that is passed on.

Gubei Water Town, because of you, I would like to thank the time, so that I did not miss it, and met the best you in the most beautiful season.

I like this place not only because of its classic and quiet water town atmosphere, but also because it is a quiet and civilized place. Among all the tourist attractions I have been to, the service of Gubei Water Town is unique.

Often the most neglected place is different from others, the more it can contrast its brilliance, and the more the details are often superior to others, the more it can reflect its elegance.