Tulips are in full bloom in spring, so come and check in at the most important Shunyi Flower Port in Beijing’s flower-chasing map! Beijing Shunyi Flower Port has ushered in the most beautiful season, with more than 100,000 square meters, dozens of kinds of tulips are in full bloom. At first glance, it seems that the paint plate has been overturned. With the blue sky, white clouds and green grass, it is like coming to a fairyland in a trance. There is a lot of fun here. , all kinds of flowers and lawns cover the entire scenic area, it is definitely the most worth checking in this spring's dream world of flowers.

Last weekend, Yiyu took Pangpang to meet with his friends at Huahuagang. It was really fun. This year, the park adopts the style of oil painting. The immersive garden experience seems to be shuttling through Monet’s famous paintings. In addition to the European-style flower sea of ​​tulips, there are other novel and gorgeous seasonal flowers.

This place is not only for looking at flowers and taking pictures, but also Butterfly World (seeing live butterflies flying), Children's World (outdoor playground), Cute Pet Paradise (outdoor environment is super large), Pickup Bookstore (reading picture books and drawing), and the entire super large park Although it is super tiring to go shopping, it is definitely worth the fare! Jimeis who are walking their babies rush to the ducks!

Tips from Silverfish:
Pets are not allowed in the scenic area! ! The lawn can be used for people or picnics.
In addition, you can bring children's balance cars and bicycles in the park, and release your energy unlimitedly! In the ocean of flowers, children ride their bikes to have fun in the scenic area, running against the wind and laughing heartily. This green and soft lawn carries their most unrestrained childhood.

Recommended attractions: Butterfly World

At the entrance of the Butterfly World venue, in addition to the popular science area and the VR interactive area, the most worth visiting is the 7,000-square-meter Asian large-scale live butterfly viewing venue, where you can not only experience live butterflies at close range, but also learn about popular science, culture, art, etc. , the fragile and beautiful butterfly specimens from all over the world greatly enrich the baby's knowledge. In the live butterfly venue, feel the joy of the butterfly playing with you. When he flaps his beautiful wings and gently stops on the hat, quickly use the camera to capture this precious moment.

Tulip main exhibition area

To see tulips, we mainly look at four exhibition areas: 1. The main exhibition area of ​​tulips with the theme of "Dutch style"; 2. The exhibition area of ​​fine bulb flowers with the theme of "Romantic Paris"; 3. The theme of "Roman Holiday" 4. Exquisite micro-landscape display area with the theme of "Monet's Garden". Let’s start with a group of tulip “fixed makeup photos”

Tulip flowering period: mid-April to early May.
This Tulip Cultural Festival spans the May Day holiday, but it is strongly recommended to pass the weekdays and visit the entire flower sea by shifting peaks! The flowers bloomed very well in mid-April recently, and some of them are still in bud. It is estimated that the end of April is the most beautiful time. Moreover, the area planted in the park is very large, and almost all the flowers are in the sea. It is mainly concentrated in the "Hundred Flower Field" and "Earth Flower Sea" areas on both sides of Cherry Blossom Avenue. The color matching is gorgeous and charming. Flower seas and streamers are formed along with the terrain, and the planting is not particularly dense. People can take pictures in the middle of the lawn through the path, but be careful not to step on the flowers.

As soon as you enter the Huashen Square, the flowers are in full bloom, but there is a lot of traffic. There is also a sculpture of the Great Wall that you can climb up and overlook the entire park, but try not to take pictures there. Take a clean picture and walk inside along the jumping spring.

Pet Paradise

There is also a cute pet theme park in the scenic area, which is very popular with children. It is possible to feed animals at close range. The children are very happy to feed the little rabbits and goats. The brave babies can also hug the newborn lambs and peacocks. , ostrich, etc., what a special experience! The cute alpaca is afraid to approach it because it loves to spit. Here you can feel the fun of nature and wildness, get close to small animals, and let the cute baby and cute pet spend a wonderful weekend together! The animals here are in good condition, the outdoor space is large, there is no peculiar smell, and it is relatively clean.


There is also a good place full of books in the scenic area! This is the first A-level scenic bookstore in Shunyi District. It is full of Chinese style. It not only has a wealth of picture books, but also has a parent-child reading area, a painting area, and a delicious milk tea juice bar where you can rest. The photos shown are a bit like a great painter. Pangpang has grown up from a baby before, and his eyes are a little more focused.

eat in flower harbor

There are quite a lot of delicacies in Huahuagang Scenic Area. We can see many catering floats on the lawn. Picnic on the lawn is also a very good choice. There are also many restaurants to choose from. It is said that there are also flower feasts and flower-themed ins-style afternoon teas. We had a full meal at Xingyin Plaza. The Chinese and Western simple meals here are moderately priced and delicious.

live in Huagang

Choosing to live in the scenic spot, the Twelve Constellation Tent Theme Hotel is really dreamy, sleeping in the sea of ​​flowers and watching the stars is so pleasant! The yard is like a fairy tale world, with rocking chair swings and flower lawns. When you wake up, you can sit in the garden full of spring. There is also a RV base here, you can try it!

Recommended gameplay:

We bought tickets and a package of Butterfly World, 110 yuan.
It is recommended to play the Butterfly World first, then go to the tulip flower sea to take pictures, and take pictures along the jumping spring. The nearby flowers have some slopes, so it is easy to take pictures. Stroll all the way to Ruiyunping and Huanhua Lake. There are cruise ships, white geese, and fog spray. Combined with tulips, it is too dreamy!
There are also some dining cars here where you can eat, or you can go to Xinghai Square for lunch. Chinese and Western food is very rich! In the afternoon, I will focus on taking pictures in the sea of ​​flowers, pretending to be in the Netherlands to make a film in a second! The windmill is super good! One or two hours in Cute Pet Paradise is enough.

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