Every Chinese seems to have a natural love for food in their bones.

The five thousand years of China's profound heritage has brought a unique food culture.

During the days outside, Mr. Azi often misses the taste of the capital.

That is the memory that will be lingering in your stomach no matter where you go, leading you to the direction of home.

The love of food is the way to perceive the world and life.

Walk all the way and eat all the way, feel the customs of each place on the tip of your tongue.

In Beijing, Mr. Azi has been checking in various restaurants and gourmet districts.

For example, the special afternoon tea in the Forbidden City, with different taste memories, records different emotional journeys.

The troubles in life may be easily melted away in a delicious meal.

The sweetness of life should be shared in a meal.

Mr. Azi thinks about it recently, it is time to summarize the delicious and unique delicacy.

The capital is so big, it is very important to choose a suitable means of transportation when visiting so many delicious places and punching in the food map.

Too tired to walk, the subway is too crowded?

Or drive my dear Euler R1 Goddess Edition

Take me, let's go!

Demystifying Beijing's gourmet map,

Let the journey be filled with anticipation.


The bustling Guijie Street

First off first stop!

"Xiao Ou, take me to Gui Street."

Master Azi is talking to Xiaoou's intelligent voice system in the car.

She can recognize instructions, navigate all the way, and lead me to my destination.

Guijie Street - It seems that there is no day and tranquility here, only lively and prosperous.

The bright colors of the car are extremely dazzling and eye-catching on the road, and the rate of turning heads is 100%.

The strawberry red color scheme is subtly integrated into the bustling atmosphere here.

What you are most familiar with in Guijie is the spicy and cool taste, and you can taste the many flavors of life.

Come and serve a pot of spicy and oily crayfish with refreshing beer.

Dingling, in the crisp sound of clinking glasses, dissolves the troubles of life, leaving only laughter.

Open the shell and pull out the full shrimp meat. This is the fun of eating crayfish~


Nanluoguxiang in the style of literature and art

Next stop, keep going.

"Xiao Ou, go to Nanluoguxiang."

Nanluoguxiang - a popular street in the capital city, full of tourists.

The origin of all kinds of Internet celebrity shops and popular snacks~

But if you take a short walk in the alley, you will find a different kind of quiet world.

A small literary and art restaurant in the alley, homely and elegant appetite, delicate and delicious taste.

It is a major feature of this small shop.

When I came to Nanluoguxiang this time, Mr. Azi felt differently from the past——

Finally able to drive the car into a narrow road like an alley!

You don't have to keep looking for a good place to park in front of the gourmet shop.

If you want to be lively, you can go shopping on the main street, and if you are tired, you can rest and drink afternoon tea, which is very comfortable.


High-profile and exquisite CBD business district

The wheels don't stop, keep going——

"Xiao Ou, go to Guomao."

This is the famous CBD core area.

There are row upon row of tall buildings, and the glass exterior walls reflect dazzling light.

The exquisite appearance and full technology of ORA R1 Goddess Edition complement the orderly working environment here.

The people here seem to be in a hurry and are always busy, and the food tastes like the style here, rigorous and delicate.

Come here to eat or go to work with the Euler R1 Goddess Edition. The appearance is not inferior to high-end cars, and the parking space is also convenient and easy to find. The practical No. 1~

Look for the high-end check-in place here, and have an ultimate quality enjoyment.

The best ingredients, the most professional chefs. Tailor-made for you to create an exclusive taste experience.

Every time Mr. Azi enjoys a perfect meal here, he likes to take a walk and go shopping.

It is comfortable and comfortable to buy after eating and eating.

This time I drove the small Euler R1 Goddess Edition, I thought I couldn't fit much.

Unexpectedly, I found that the space inside the car is much larger than expected, and the storage space is super large and not crowded at all.

You can buy it with confidence~


forever young Wudaokou

"Xiao Ou, the next stop is Wudaokou."

No one is forever young, but someone is always young.

There is a youthful atmosphere here, and the gourmet shops are hidden in the streets of the small business district.

Gathering all kinds of flavors, whether it is a popular Korean food or a new store of Internet celebrities, the quality is absolutely unambiguous.

When Mr. Azi drove the car here, he found that the street was very crowded, and it was very difficult to park in front of the gourmet shops.

Fortunately, I drove the ORA R1 Goddess Edition, which is flexible and light enough to walk through the crowd.

And quickly find a good parking place in the envy of others ~ haha

The young atmosphere here, even the food seems to bring people back to the lively memory of the green age.

Master Azi has always liked to drive around the streets and alleys, discover life and enjoy life.

Now with the Euler R1 Goddess Edition, it becomes more convenient and convenient to go to the gourmet hidden spots in the urban area of ​​Beijing.

The body is flexible and light, and it is convenient to charge and travel around the city at will.

Just like in life, it is so easy to do, and the pursuit of perfection.

In the days of wandering around the capital, stop and go, time passes between the wheels.

In the minutes and seconds of exploring the food shop, savor carefully, and the taste will be imprinted on the tip of the tongue.

Only the temperature when the food enters the stomach warms the heart and relieves worries.

Find delicious food and taste life.