Speaking of Gubei Water Town, we really have to start with its geographical location. Gubei Water Town is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, the outer suburbs of Beijing. Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, this kind of landscape pattern, I am afraid that in the north, it is only comparable to Chengde's summer resort.

Besides, I don't know if the natural landscape itself is the ultimate, or we need to admire the whimsy of artificial intelligence. When tourists appreciate the scenery of lakes and mountains, they never feel that it is intentional.

1 Wearing red makeup and hanging brick walls to look at the deep alleys in an antique style
The footsteps of late autumn always come silently, just like the maple leaves all over the wall in the deep alley. In the alley, you will feel the change of the four seasons just like the ebb and flow of life, or red, or green, or clear, or quiet.

It seems that every piece of moss and rubble in the alley will tell people a long and ancient story.

Of course, we can only guess the plot of each story, but the scenery in the alleys is "seeing is believing". The alleys of Dyefang, the alleys of Yang Wudi Temple, the Yinghua College, the Dabao Bar, the distinctive hall exterior walls, No matter from the details or the style, it reveals a kind of elegant temperament. It is absolutely not to be missed when framing and taking pictures.

Walking among the pink fallen leaves is even more beautiful.

The sun shining on the red leaves seems to rejuvenate the mature leaves, swaying in the air, exuding its charming and mature beauty.

ancient wall. The alley is an exclusive place to appreciate and seek refinement, and now it has been a few days since the photo was taken, and there are many red leaves in the alley quietly waiting for people to appreciate them.

Red leaves paired with cheongsams give you a panoramic view of classic beauty.

The portraits are also beautiful~

Looking at the whole town, I feel that it is red~

After framing and taking pictures, you can put down all your burdens, ride to experience the scenery in the alley, the painting in the courtyard, meet with three or five people, and wander in this wonderful autumn Zen, which is very pleasant.
1 Autumn event time September 20th - November 25th (9:00 and 14:00 every day)
2 Price: Cycling Station - Simatai Great Wall, 100RMB Cycling Station - Yuanyang Lake, 40/person
3 The cycling station is equipped with storage cabinets, riding equipment, and instructors

Dyefang Alley, Yang Wudi Temple Alley, Yinghua College, Dabao Bar, and the distinctive exterior walls of the clubhouse reveal a kind of elegant temperament in terms of details and style. It is absolutely not to be missed when taking pictures.

Dyeing workshops are more common in the south. The cloth dyed here in Gubei Water Town is different from that in the south. Except for the blue calico, there are more colorful and bright red and purple printing and dyeing effects. It looks very festive, and the cloth is dozens of feet long. Hanging on the drying cloth field, it is spectacular, as if it fell from the sky.

In addition, on the second floor of our Yongshun Dyeing Workshop, there are also printing and dyeing technical achievements and characteristic displays in various periods. These are made into extremely rich graphics and physical displays, and the printing and dyeing works of various periods and regions are displayed in front of tourists. , Let us be a feast for the eyes, and it can be called a museum of Chinese printing and dyeing technology.

The name of Yongshun Dyeing Workshop is still unknown, but its long history is clearly engraved on the historical monument of Gubei Water Town. It was established in 1900 (the 26th year of Guangxu), and the local flowers and plants in Gubeikou were used as dyes. Famous, you can see all kinds of dyeing workshop fabrics when you enter the courtyard, either bright or elegant, showing the exquisite labor skills of the ancestors, and on the second floor, there are ancient dyeing crafts and equipment on display. Dear friends who take their babies to play at this time A popular science education can be carried out.

2. Night tour of the ancient town
The ancient town at night is another kind of beauty. Not only is the night scene beautiful, but the projects that can be experienced in Gushuibei Town are also super exciting.

Sit on a rowing boat to enjoy the night view, feel at ease~

But if you want to see the panoramic view of Gubei Water Town, you have to go to the church on the top of the mountain~

Make a wish in the church under the starry sky at night, maybe it will come true~

And the best place to see the view is the cafe on the top of the mountain!

The liquid crystals in the entire ancient town are only for sale. Here, Xiaolan suggests that you must come to view the scenery when it is not completely dark!

In Gushui North Town, there are two performances that cannot be missed in the night tour, one is the water dance show and the other is the light show.
The water dance show in front of Wangjing Tower is recommended for everyone to watch. There will be performances every day. Under the background of the night, the lights, water patterns, and music rhythm control are used to combine modern technology with nature, showing the beauty of the ancient town at night. Fantastic scenery.

The other one is the light show at Riyue Island Square, which is also a performance every night. Watching countless Kongming lanterns rise, it is particularly magnificent under the starry sky.

Like bright stars, shining on the sky, it is also the brightest scenery in Gubei Water Town at night.

More exciting performances have just begun, with Kongming lanterns controlled by drones and various poses.

If you think you will only pose in static poses, you are wrong

Because after a while, you will see a person who is constantly climbing the Great Wall. When she climbs to the highest peak, you can't help but sigh, the performance is shocking.

At the same time, Riyue Island Square is the center of folk performances in the entire Gubei Water Town. Almost all large-scale performances in the entire tourist area are here. There is a big stage in the center of the square.
Tourists can freely choose to watch according to the performing arts program list. There are band performances, acrobatics, cross talk, opera, and Eight Immortals crossing the sea to show their abilities.

3. Enjoy Simatai Great Wall
Night tour of the Great Wall: The Simatai Great Wall is the only Great Wall that can be visited at night. Not only can you take a cable car to enjoy the night view of the Great Wall, but you can also have a panoramic view of the night view of the entire Gubei Water Town. Lantern night tour is full of poetry.

In addition to visiting the Great Wall at night, you can also experience many items on the Great Wall during the day~

Dawn Yoga (8:00-9:00): It’s a pity that the picture was not taken, but you can go to Simatai Great Wall to do yoga. In the morning, you can take the equipment and take a battery car and then walk to stretch on the Great Wall with an Indian yoga teacher Body, practice yoga~
Activity date: 9.20-11.25 Fee: 100/person

Great Wall Picnic (9:00-9:30; 15:30-16:00): The time is about the same as the morning and afternoon tea time. This project needs to be booked, and the hotel will help prepare things for the picnic, from food and drinks to tableware. , You can go to Simatai Great Wall for a picnic with your schoolbag on your back!
Activity date: 9.20-10.31 Fee: 280/double

and the aforementioned ride
Cycling on the Great Wall: There will be a special cycling coach at the cycling station to help you choose equipment, and after you choose it, you will be accompanied by guidance, so you can rest assured that you are safe~ But you must be physically prepared, because the terrain is also relatively undulating, but the coach will give you to the opinion~
Line: Cycling Station - Simatai Great Wall Activity Date: 9.20-10.31 Fee: 100/person
Cycling to look at the Great Wall: There are also special cycling instructors to help you choose equipment, and you will be accompanied by guidance after you choose it. You can rest assured that you can choose the bike you ride, all of which are very professional mountain bikes!
Route: Cycling Station—Yuanyang Lake Activity Date: 9.20-10.31 Fee: 40/person

4. Gubei Water Town, experience special food.

Near Wangjing Street, there are special delicacies, mutton soup, claypot rice, and snail noodles from all over the country. No matter where you come from, you can find your favorite here.

Of course, in addition to snacks, there are also many fine gourmet restaurants in the ancient town.
Here is a special recommendation for a roast meat restaurant in Gubei Water Town!
His home is very close to the entrance of the Great Wall. There is a box night tour team~
His house is also very popular on weekdays. If you want to climb the Great Wall, you can come and taste it. His house's signature Miyun Roasted Pork!

Dip the sauce, the meat is fat but not greasy, super fragrant.

This stewed tofu, tofu with leek flowers is super delicious.

5. Autumn Hot Springs

autumn hot spring
The hot springs in Gubei Water Town are also worth experiencing. I personally recommend going to soak in the evening. After a day of sightseeing during the day, at night, soak in the dry skin in autumn. It can not only nourish the skin, but also relieve fatigue. Lying in the hot spring pool, You can look up at the Simatai Great Wall at night, and you can look up at the starry sky, which is especially quiet and comfortable.

6. Take a rowing boat to appreciate the style of the ancient town

Rafting on Yuanyang Lake is indeed a pleasant thing, without the shackles of urban hustle and bustle, without love and hatred in the workplace and officialdom, only poetry and a relaxed mood like a distant place, I think the picture of the small bridge and flowing water is like this.

The above is the play of Gubei Water Town, the gameplay that cannot be missed~ I hope it will be helpful to everyone