The city of Beijing has special feelings for me.

I am an authentic southern girl. For the capital Beijing, I have seen the infinite yearning in TV and movies since I was a child. Whether it is the traffic jam that is often mentioned from the first to the fifth ring, or the correct words , Putonghua with a strong accent is what I have always wanted to feel and experience.

So at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, I brought my girlfriends and finally came to Beijing, the capital city. I originally thought that the temperature in Beijing, which has already started autumn, would drop a little bit, but when I was exposed to the still stinging sun in Beijing, I still felt that I was too naive.

We started from downtown Beijing. As the sun evaporated the last drop of water from the ground, tall buildings and pedestrians, my best friend and I drove on the roads in downtown Beijing, all the way to the suburbs, trying to escape the tall buildings and traffic jams In the urban area, go to experience a small and fresh trip in the suburbs of Beijing.

Away from the hustle and bustle, the summer in Pofengling is very cool

Beijing Fangshan is the back garden of Beijing people, and the most beautiful season here is in autumn. Why did you come to Fangshan in the off-season this time? Probably because I have been in the city for a long time, so I want to go to a quiet place to relax.

Driving along the country road to the entrance of Pofengling Scenic Area, as the lane narrowed, the trees on both sides of the road began to increase, and the high-rise buildings disappeared. Compared with the urban area, we began to feel the quiet and comfortable suburban atmosphere .

The entrance of Pofengling Scenic Area is built on Banpo, and the three characters of Pofengling are eye-catchingly nailed on the rock on the half wall. The stream is gurgling under the rock, and the steps up the stairs are made of huge maple leaf patterns to form a 3D effect.

After the ticket check, we started the 6,000-meter climbing mountain road. Since we were not at the most beautiful time of Pofengling, there were not many tourists along the way. Most of them were families or parents who went to the countryside for two days to play here. Time to come here.

Speaking of which, I haven't climbed a mountain for a long time, and it is also a special experience to go out to exercise with my girlfriends this time. The steps built along the mountain are very high. For those of us who are used to sitting in air-conditioned rooms and lack of exercise, we are already panting halfway up.

The stone steps are hidden in the dense trees on both sides, providing shade for pedestrians along the way. The road leads to the homestay in the scenic area. The guests and friends who came here left a destination.

The tofu shop in the courtyard has the atmosphere of a farmhouse as soon as you walk in. Maybe because it is not the peak season, the boss does not open so early, and only pedestrians who climb mountains in twos and threes sit and rest inside.

We continue to climb along the stone steps, because the slope is getting steeper and steeper, and wooden stakes are used to build simple handrails beside the stone steps to prevent danger. Outside the handrails are lush green plants, and many trees that cannot be named are hanging Fruits, we also saw unripe peaches along the way, one by one covered with branches.

Along the way down the mountain, there are also unique rural delicacies and experiences. The Pofengling donkey is turning along the stone mill. Tourists want to come forward to take photos with this internet celebrity donkey.

Strings of corn are hung on the eaves, and the countryside feels spontaneously. The original handmade rose cakes and the original ecological food provided by the Red Back Basket restaurant will satisfy and comfort the taste buds and the soul.

Outside the Red Back Basket restaurant is a yard, and the stream flows slowly along the stones into the pool. The children took off their shoes and stepped on the water to play and play in the water. In this autumn, the sun is still fierce and the temperature drops.

There are several swings hanging under the shed covered with vines. The green plants cover the world tightly. I sat on it with my best friend to enjoy the cool and swing for a while. It seemed like returning to my childhood. As the swing became more and more Leave the worries of the grown-up world behind with a high swing.

What distinguishes Pofengling from other mountains is that it is a changing mountain. In addition to the dense green plants that are found in other mountains, in late spring and early summer, 100,000 sumac flowers bloom all over the mountain, covering the mountain like pink mist or cloud smoke and colorful clouds, as if in a dreamy fairy tale forest, which can be captured very well. A girly pink heart.

It's a pity, but the maple leaves are still green, and all the fruitful plants along the way are buzzing with endless vitality. I think this is the charm of nature. Although it has not yet reached the most beautiful moment, it still makes you appreciate it. To the moment before it blooms its charm. Maybe this is the agreement between me and Pofengling, and I will come back here next time when the maple leaves are red in the mountains or the cotinus cotinus flowers are blooming.

Waking up in the morning, sumac flowers bloom

It was almost evening when we left Pofengling, so we drove to the B&B not far away to check in.

Next to the homestay we booked is Happy Forest. The road is clean and tidy, and a row of willow trees are planted along the roadside. At this time, the branches are full of green, and the willow branches are swaying in the wind. The ethereal scenery makes people feel like they are endless Enter Xanadu.

Along the long suspension bridge built on the water, you have already entered the Happy Forest Scenic Area. At the foot of the mountain, there are tall trees several meters high, close to the rugged and steep mountain wall, moss and weeds cover the entire cliff, and the middle reveals A bit of the original look of the exposed mountain walls.

The shops and houses are surrounded by mountains and rivers, with stone bricks and blue tiles, and every stone has a strong flavor of Beijing folk houses. The creek water flows through the cobblestone-covered waterway, and my best friend suddenly splashes the water and splashes it towards me.

There are also gazebos built next to the shop, allowing tourists to enjoy the cool and rest. There are also small and fresh swing chairs, which are also the characteristics of this scenic spot. I can't help but pose for a few pictures with my girlfriends. In the middle is a sand pool surrounded by wooden stakes and curtains, where children have a great time playing.

Standing on the fence next to the water embankment, there is a breeze floating across the water. The mountains, water and green plants here are integrated into one. There is a rare tranquility and comfort in a bustling city, which can make people relax. Participate in the leisure time in the suburbs.

The sudden light rain washes away the dust mixed in the air. The trees and houses have a special taste under the rain, which infiltrates the green plants here. Although it has rained, it still can't stop people from coming here to play. On the contrary, in this light rain, the elderly or the whole family look forward to feeling the fresh air after the rain.

My best friend and I can't wait to come to the homestay tonight. The houses are built along the long and quiet road in the village from north to south, and there are more than a dozen small courtyards. The layout of each small courtyard is different, and different small courtyards are provided according to the needs of customers. .

Passing through the stone bricks, we arrived at the gate of our yard. The gate and the wall of the yard retain the smell of the old house, the walls are mottled with moss, and the branches and green leaves in the yard stick out over the wall, as if to see if there is another house Guests want to stay at the door and open the gate of the yard. You can see that the houses retain the layout and external buildings of the old houses. Modern vibe.

Each yard is assigned a butler, who will provide us with three meals a day and afternoon tea, and take care of everything in the yard. The courtyard where we live has an independent kitchen room, three rooms, two of which are in the same big room, connecting the living room and the dining table.

The overall interior design is in the Nordic style, simple and warm under the wooden furniture and warm yellow lighting. Every room can see the scenery of the yard outside the window. In addition to wooden double beds, there are also tatami-style sleepers, providing you with different experiences.

There is a row of hydrangeas planted in the outdoor courtyard, and the purple powder on a green leaf is really beautiful. Next to the flower base is a wooden staircase leading to a space in front of the house. My best friend and I feel that we should place a few tables and chairs here, make a pot of tea, sit on the chairs in a daze, and enjoy the leisurely and quiet countryside time .

I like the huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the room the most. When I wake up in the morning, the sunlight shines through the gaps in the bamboo. There is really a feeling of stealing half a day's leisure.

There is a sofa for resting in the huge living room, which is perfect for lazy people to lie down and watch TV.

The afternoon tea prepared by the butler for us is very delicate and pastoral. In addition to fruits, there are pumpkins from local farmers, which are very sweet and delicious. The dinner is authentic home-cooked dishes, handmade pancakes, baked egg pancakes, even the traditional scrambled eggs with tomatoes are very fragrant, I don't know if the butler's craftsmanship is too good or we are too hungry, the final result is a CD.

Going for a walk with your girlfriends after dinner, this feeling of freedom is really good, there is no restraint, and there is greenery in front of you.

Tracing the origins of humanity, our roots

The B&B we live in is very close to the Zhoukoudian ape-man site in Beijing. The skull fossils of the Peking Man unearthed at the Zhoukoudian site provided a solid foundation for the existence of "Peking Man", making Zhoukoudian a world-renowned birthplace of early humans.

At the entrance, I saw the Peking Man statue that could only be seen in history books before. Entering the ruins area, the climbing road is lined with famous Chinese and foreign archaeologists who participated in the excavation of Zhoukoudian ruins and the study of Peking Man. On the east side of Longgu Mountain, from the bottom to the top of the mountain, there are "Ape Man Cave", "Pigeon Hall", "Fourth Site" and "Shanding Cave" and other excavation sites distributed on the mountain.

Walking to the middle of the mountain is the Museum of Ape-man Ruins. In the museum, you can learn about the development history of ancient humans and watch 3D movies. It is very educational. There are also many interesting games in it for children and tourists to play. The combination of sightseeing and games It doesn't feel boring.

Going to the top cave on the mountain, the situation in the cave is clearer under the yellow light, and you can observe the place where the ancient ape-man lived at close range. Next to the top cave is a viewing platform, where you can see down to a depth of several meters. It is the fifth, seventh, and eighth spots around the "Zhoukoudian No. 1 Spot".

Here archaeologists unearthed the first skull fossil of Peking Man, as well as artificial tools and relics of fire use, and projected the film on the rock wall to show how "Peking Man" used fire, and controlled or preserved the fire. The characteristics and differences in the distribution of rock formations can be seen here.

"Pigeon Hall" is a long aisle covered with iron nets, connecting the fifth, seventh and eighth points. It is said that it is famous because many pigeons were found inhabiting here during the excavation. In this site, we can get a closer look at what we have learned in history books, and we will see the earliest human activities and their ingenuity.

Beijing's Most Beautiful Red Brick Art Museum

Today we left Fangshan and drove towards the urban area. We found a place worth visiting on the way. Of course, the travel between girlfriends cannot be without the atmosphere of literature and art, so we chose to come to this art gallery full of artistic design.

You need to buy a ticket to enter the museum. Each area in the middle hall displays very modern works of different artists. The works full of color contrast and lighting beauty make people's eyes shine and create a strong visual impact. .

The entrance door is a thick arched door, the center of the lobby is a sunken circle, and the steps are staggered steps with a sense of design.

In the adjacent exhibition hall is a large-scale exhibit of the same name as the exhibition "Tao Yin Wuming". Mirrors cover the ceiling, and the lighting is distracting, giving the illusion of color to the eyes.

The periphery of the art museum is dominated by red bricks. The design of interlaced bricks is combined with the surrounding land and grown in the original environment. Red bricks are used as the basic elements, supplemented by some green bricks on the building. The use of bricks creates a garden-style art museum with a contemporary landscape and courtyard style, which makes it the biggest feature of the Red Brick Art Museum among many art museum buildings.

The green brick gardens in the courtyard are all curved designs, and the red brick buildings are all angular and straight lines. The cool color of blue bricks makes people feel arrogant and feminine, while the warm color of red bricks is full of masculinity and righteousness.

The two perfectly blend and collide here. In the courtyard covered by green plants, the pool water is full of blue waves, giving this place another kind of gentle beauty.

Meet the Temple of Heaven, recall 6 years ago

Now that we have all come to Beijing, we decided to go to the Temple of Heaven with the taste of the capital. Recalling the places I visited back then, this place left a deep impression on me.

The Temple of Heaven is connected by three scenic spots, passing through two high red walls, and walking along the main road. The forests planted on both sides are neatly planned, and the trees are arranged in an orderly manner, like soldiers stationed on guard. Looking at the Temple of Heaven.

The main road is wide and bright, and the two-day auxiliary road next to the flower base extends forward together with the main road. Antique lampposts are arranged on both sides of the main road, and towering trees grow in the middle of the main road, bringing this long road into the shadow. . The vegetation coverage here is very high, and it is the largest garden landscape in Beijing.

Haiqian Avenue is 108 feet long. The curved marble in the middle is used for holding grand ceremonies. The tablet of the eunuch inheriting the emperor's heaven and earth is called Shinto. Walk along this road and you will arrive at the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest. The appearance of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest is circular with triple eaves. Cuanjian, the top is a gold-plated treasure top, the interior and exterior decorations are repeated high-grade dragon and phoenix and seal paintings, and the bottom is the overhanging blue bricks, which are in sharp contrast with the standing red pillars.

Outside the hall is a pile of white walls, and the patterns carved on the stone piers are exquisite and delicate. In the middle of the stone steps is the image of Tenglong carved in white marble, which is well surrounded and no pedestrians are allowed to pass.

The Temple of Heaven is crowded with people, it is indeed very difficult to take a picture without people in the background. We chose various angles to avoid the crowd, but we still couldn't avoid it.

Go south to the Circular Mound Altar and the Echoing Wall. There are two low walls around the Circular Mound Altar. The inner wall is round and the outer wall is square, symbolizing the theory of round heaven and earth. There are so many tourists on the Circular Mound Altar, and there is almost no extra gap, so my best friend and I had to choose to wait and see from a distance and did not go up.

Walking the Nanluogu, passing through the small alleys

There are many different hutongs and alleys in Beijing. These places are full of the taste of old Beijing. I believe that the soul of Beijing is condensed in the alleys extending in all directions.

Because it is Beijing's Internet celebrity check-in snack street, there are also a lot of tourists in Nanluoguxiang. There are many shops with Beijing's delicious or interesting characteristics. In addition to enjoying the old Beijing Hutong here In addition to the characteristics, you can also bring some souvenirs back home.

The pavement is neatly paved with stone bricks, and there are various shops under the cornices of the brick walls. Most of the shops continue to use the buildings of the original old Beijing houses, unifying the old Beijing style of the entire Nanluoguxiang.

There was a long line in front of the roast duck rolls, and I couldn’t help but stand at the end of the line when I saw the roast duck was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. There is also a Qing Bar where you can have a drink or two, but it seems that more foreign friends go to the Qing Bar.

Most of the hutongs extending to both sides of Nanluoguxiang are residents living here. Their gates are also decorated to suit the style of Nanluoguxiang. The red gates are antique, as if they have traveled back to ancient times.

My best friend and I couldn't help taking pictures in front of someone's door. In addition to the houses of the residents, there are also many specialty coffee shops and youth hostels. Compared with the lively Nanluoguxiang, this place is much quieter.

Food Fashion Beijing

Roast duck roast duck! !

Of course, what you can’t miss when you come to Beijing is to have a meal of authentic Peking duck. Really, you don’t have been to Beijing if you don’t eat roast duck!

We chose Wanrong Roast Duck. I believe that there are chain restaurants that eat roast duck in many places, but I think we still have to try the most authentic taste. The retro Chinese-style decoration is one of the two points. The beams are decorated with complicated patterns, the classical chandeliers, the red box doors and window sills all reveal the store's careful layout, and the warm yellow chandeliers are patterns of auspicious clouds.

We ordered premium roast duck, wrapped in spring pancakes with crispy skin and tender meat, seasoned with clear melon and scallions, dipped in hoisin sauce, the cucumber neutralized the greasy crispy skin of roast duck, and the fresh and tender taste lingered in the mouth.

The chicken shredded skin is added with the favorite sesame sauce of Beijingers. The taste is very different from what we usually eat, and it is the first time to eat a little spicy chicken shredded skin. It has a special flavor.

The remaining duck racks are made into salt and pepper duck racks, and there is no waste at all. The deep-fried meatballs are crispy and delicious on the outside, but the meat inside is very tender and smooth. The mixed sesame seeds are also very delicious, and they can be eaten with sauces.

Sanlitun's petty bourgeoisie

A friend recommended us to go to a light food petty bourgeois shop, decorated with floor lamps, very fashionable bourgeoisie. The dining seats on the first floor have floor-to-ceiling glass to look at the street outside. Since there is only one wall for lighting, the interior decoration and decoration are dark. Although the sun is hot outside, the store still needs to turn on the chandeliers and wall lamps. The warm yellow light makes people very comfortable.

The wild berry walnut honey Greek yogurt is the signature of this restaurant. It is a full bowl. The yogurt is covered with pulp and walnuts. The combination of red, blue and brown is perfect for both taste and texture.

Maple syrup hot pancakes, baked bananas are hot and waxy, the aroma is constantly wafting out, walnuts are spread on the top, and the pancakes underneath are soft and delicious.

The pizza base is crispy, cheese is spread on the top, and it is still brushed when cut and picked up. Bai Beiyi noodles, Bai Bei is very fresh, imported and has the sweetness of seafood, the soup is spread on the bottom, and the noodles are refreshing and springy.