I have heard the name of Gubei Water Town for a long time, and I finally meet again this summer. There is a traveling player next to me. She has been to Gubei Water Town six times in recent years. She said that there are new discoveries and surprises every time she comes back, and Gubei Water Town will launch new activities in different seasons.

I took my children and my mother-in-law to meet friends and drove two hours from Beijing to Gubeikou Town, Miyun. I played for three days and two nights. When I first arrived in Gubei Water Town, my deepest feeling is: I like the tonality here and have nowhere to be Not the details or surprises or moved.

In Gubei Water Town, we experienced the charm of the Simatai Great Wall in a novel and unique way, experienced the splendor of traditional Chinese handicrafts and performing arts, ate delicious meals, met soulful teahouses, and stayed in boutique hotels. Gubei Water Town is not only suitable for Beijing citizens to go outing in Beijing, but also very suitable for friends from other places and foreigners.

Wonderful Gubei Water Town, the content is too rich, where to start? Why not start with the clothes of the three of us...

[Good shopping and interesting shops and museums]

The clothes the three of us wore were all bought from the shop in front of Yongshun Dyeing Workshop in Gubei Water Town. They were all plant-dyed. Xingren and I wore cloth, and my mother-in-law wore linen. The fabric is comfortable, the style is generous, the quality is very good, and the price is moderate. It is different from the common problems of homogenization, high price or poor quality of products in other scenic spots. I like the commercial tone of the entire Gubei Water Town. Every store The items sold are not repeated, the quality is very good, and I will never make a one-shot deal, no wonder my friends will come again and again. This time, our family really bought a lot of things, haha~

Let me tell you about the shops we have visited, and there are still many that have not had time to visit to be broken down next time.

Yongshun dyeing workshop

Yongshun Dyeing Workshop was founded in 1900. The founder was Zhang Jukui, a native of Gubeikou. He learned the unique skills of dyeing craftsman when he was young. He used local plants in Gubeikou to make vegetable dyes, and the dyed fabrics were uniform in color and bright and lasting. The brand name "Yongshunran" is famous in Gubei and famous in Beijing.

The first thing you see when you enter the door is the cloth drying yard of Yongshun Dyeing Workshop. This is the place where printed and dyed fabrics are dried, and it is also the last process of the dyeing workshop.

Yongshun Dyeing Workshop has a special film, and whoever comes has to go to the middle of the high-hanging cloth to take a few pictures. The children played hide-and-seek among the colorful cloth seas, and the joyful laughter rippling in the small courtyard.

In the back room, you can learn the basic knowledge and process of China's printing and dyeing industry, and you can also experience the dyeing process by yourself.

Many workshops in Gubei Water Town can be interactively experienced.

Kite Culture Museum

The painted kites on the walls, the Beijing sand swallow kites in the shed, the semi-finished kites handmade by the master, and the kite objects with a long history displayed in the kite museum let us experience the history and culture of kites from different schools and regions. You can also make your own unique kite with the assistance of a kite master.

Shadow Theater

Children feel the unique charm of China's intangible cultural heritage here. Images of characters, animal totems, and a curtain shine brightly under the reflection of the light and the manipulation of the handle, turning into a living life, staged a series of amazing legendary stories.

If you have time and interest, you can also experience the production process of shadow puppetry through several steps such as picture selection, cutting, characterization, coloring, and drying.

paper cutting shop

Various patterns of magnetic paper-cutting and DIY paper-cutting are available for you to choose, and you can also participate in the production by yourself.

New Year Painting Workshop

Sell ​​and experience making all kinds of traditional hand-printed New Year pictures, bringing a strong festive atmosphere to the water town.

Wanlu combing workshop

In addition to all kinds of combs, there are exquisite hair accessories and handmade soaps for sale

Baoxinglong Shoes Shop

Hand-embroidered shoes, cloth shoes with thousand-layer soles, cloth tigers, pendants of hundreds of surnames, every stitch and thread of hand-embroidered products is an art; you can also hand-paint graffiti on the shoes to create a unique pair of shoes.

Jiankuntang Lantern Shop

All kinds of lanterns are sold, and the masters will show how to make lanterns by hand, and you can also experience it yourself.

scale shop

The variety of mahogany steelyards, leading steelyards, dragon and phoenix steelyards, gold wire steelyards, and silver wire steelyards for sale is an eye-opener.

Sima's Small Distillery

Sima Xiaoshao is one of the three treasures of Miyun, roasted meat, shochu, and sesame cakes. It has the reputation of Beijing Laobaigan and is comparable to Erguotou.

The main raw material of Sima Xiaoyao is red sorghum and other whole grains. It is brewed with traditional techniques. It is dry enough to wear thick and fragrant, sweet and refreshing. In the winery, you can learn about the brewing process and buy shochu. The two brothers, Chen Xi, bought a bottle for their grandfather. The younger brothers are very filial.

Eight Banners Guild Hall

As one of the eight scenic spots in Gubei Water Town, the Eight Banners Guild Hall is undoubtedly a special existence. Gubei Xiongguan, as the throat fortress of the capital, was the station of the Zhenghuang Banner of the Qing Dynasty hundreds of years ago. In the guild hall, you can feel the majestic and heroic posture of the soldiers stationed at the border, and experience the customs and customs of the horseback nation.

Are you tired of shopping, come take off your shoes, and soak in the foot soup at the entrance of Zhenyuan Escort Bureau~

[Play the Great Wall in another way]

If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero! The Great Wall is a tourist attraction that every friend who travels to Beijing for the first time must go. The famous Badaling Great Wall is crowded with people all the year round. Why not come to Gubei Water Town to experience the charm of the Great Wall in a different way.

Gubei Water Town is located at the foot of the famous Simatai Great Wall. The Simatai Great Wall was praised as "the most beautiful Great Wall in China" by Luo Zhewen, a research expert on the protection of the Great Wall of China, and ranked first in the list of "25 scenic spots in the world not to be missed" by the British Times. It is a world heritage landscape.

In Gubei Water Town, you can see the Simatai Great Wall from many angles.

night view of the great wall

I booked the "Great Wall Yoga", and I experienced the feeling of doing sun salutations against the morning light. Occasionally, there are naughty ants on the yoga mat, and the cicadas keep chirping in my ears. The breeze and sunshine make people full of energy and strongly feel: I am a part of nature.

Riding the Great Wall, I really can't stay idle. My child and mother-in-law take a nap, and I ride the Yuanyang Lake section by myself. You must think I'm crazy. It's a hot day, but it's actually quite cool by the water and under the shade of trees. The scenery seen on the road is also different.

The Simatai Great Wall is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, and it is also the only Great Wall in China currently open to night tours. Taking a section of the cable car, the children carried lanterns to visit the Great Wall at night, looking up at the twinkling stars in the midsummer night sky, and looking down at the romantic night view of Gubei Water Town.

Oh, I suddenly realized that little Xingren'er is also a hero who has been to the Great Wall.

See the interesting drone Kongming lantern show on the Great Wall.

Under the starry night sky, with the beautiful Simatai Great Wall at its back, in Wangjing Street of the small town, there is a water dance feast every night, and you can feel the collision of music and lights, and the blending of water and fire.

【Parent-child fun is endless】

I played with the children in Gubei Water Town for three days. There are a lot of recreational activities here, and they are really energetic. If it wasn’t for the recent strength training and improved physical fitness, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

The summer of bubbles in Riyue Island Square is so exciting~

I especially recommend the Children's Playhouse in Gubei Water Town, it's really good! The area is large, there are many things to do, the facilities are new, and there are few people. In summer, in addition to taking a nap in the hotel at the hottest noon, you can also play here for two or three hours. If it weren't for the distance, I really want to get an annual card for him, haha.

There is also a large plane in the children's playground. Brother Chenxi is the pilot and Xingren'er is the flight attendant. They said they would take me to Chicago.

After dinner, go to the church on the top of the mountain. Before September 15th, singing activities will be held every night. Listening to "Hymn" is full of gratitude.

There is a cafe on the top of the mountain, and the terrace is an excellent location for viewing the panoramic view of Gubei Water Town.

I took the only photo of me and July here, and I really can't care about bringing the baby all the time.

The children listened carefully to the starry sky lecture on the top of the mountain, and the mother of the children had a concave and concave shape when she was free.

After going down the mountain, I came to Riyue Island Square. It is very lively here. There are foreign films, dough kneaders, and sugar blowers that children like. I found the feeling of going to the night market when I was a child. The big stage performs Peking Opera and cross talk in turn every day.

【Where there is food, there is vitality】

Flavor Restaurant

The flavor restaurant of Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel is our favorite restaurant in these three days. It can be seen that the chef is very skilled, whether it is the combination of ingredients, presentation, heat, and taste are all in place. If I'm in town, I'll take my family there once a week. If you come to Gubei Water Town, you must try this restaurant.

The restaurant specializes in Shandong cuisine. I ordered the signature Jiuzhuan large intestine, which is sweet, salty, soft and chewy. The braised pork with abalone is also delicious. The most eye-catching thing is the tofu tendon inside, which is very delicious when you are full of soup. Shredded potatoes and sprouts are rolled in farmhouse pancakes with a crispy crust. Soybean mixed with kelp is my favorite among cold dishes. The combination of balsamic vinegar and fresh pepper oil is the soul of this dish. The home-fired reservoir fish head is very fresh without any earthy smell. Mullet egg soup is a famous dish of Shandong cuisine. The eggs are milky white, as thin as a piece of paper, smooth and delicious. The transparent crystal powder in the prawns and cabbage adds a lot of points to this dish. In addition to the soy pot noodles, our final staple food also has a big fat noodle bun with custard filling.

A super happy and satisfying meal, this restaurant is really delicious! Wangjing Building also has a western restaurant and guest rooms. You can consider staying here next time you come. It is convenient to eat. I heard that Jiang Wen likes staying at the Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel very much. Many scenes of "Hidden Man" directed by him were shot in Gubei Water Town.

Jingyaofu Chinese Restaurant

Jingyaofu Chinese Restaurant is located in the William Edgar Hotel in Water Town, a boutique hotel named after William Edgar Gale, the first international friend who walked the Great Wall of China on foot. The hotel has a total of 50 rooms, equipped with a German restaurant and a Chinese restaurant, and there is a large open-air swimming pool in the hotel.

The Chinese restaurant mainly specializes in Cantonese cuisine, with a lighter taste and a variety of dishes. Steamed fish and roast beef are recommended. I ate two big pieces of this big piece of beef, if I didn't stop it, I could eat another piece.

Jingyue Tea House

This restaurant is located opposite the Blue Bridge Green Leaf Inn. Obviously, the restaurant's dishes are Cantonese style, crispy squab, roast pork, various dim sum and soup. This meal has the rhythm of a Cantonese breakfast.

Asayama Tea House

The shallow mountain tea house is a surprise that I encountered in Gubei Water Town. When I met this surprise, I felt more and more hot, and I would be reluctant to say goodbye before leaving. Just like this pot of green tea, there is a slight bitterness in the mouth. Feel the strong, mellow, sweet aftertaste.

The whole tea house is a storehouse of old things that collect the good things of the past. Facing them, I feel relaxed~ Sitting by the window, watching the rowing boats pass by, tasting tea, cracking a handful of melon seeds, eating a piece of fresh pea yellow, and The friends who are able to chat talk and talk, and are content.

There are two snacks not to be missed at the entrance of Qianshan Teahouse, that is: Gubei Roasted Pear

hot spring boiled egg

Star Beer Night Market

Riyue Island Square will open a beer night market in summer, Huamaoyiyi and cumin lamb leg are the most popular.

【Each hotel is so different】

There are 10 boutique hotels, 4 theme hotels, and 27 homestays in Gubei Water Town. There are more than 40 hotels to choose from.

Mucheng Boutique Hotel

This time I came to Gubei Water Town with my children to stay in the newly opened "Mucheng" boutique hotel. The hotel is located in the Gubei Water Town Scenic Area Lan Valley, surrounded by mountains and rivers, quiet and natural. The hotel is well distributed and consists of two districts, South and North, with a total of 50 rooms.

The hotel as a whole has a "blank" geometric design, modern and simple, spacious and bright rooms, facing the comfortable big bed with floor-to-ceiling glass. My mother-in-law and my son slept on a big bed, and I slept on a single bed by the window.

The hotel will deliver fruits and refreshments every day. The breakfast is a Korean set meal with a lot of fruits and vegetables. The natural environment of the valley, intimate and comfortable rooms, and considerate and meticulous services made our stay very comfortable.

The hotel's disposable slippers for children are very ethnic and interesting. After wearing it for two nights, he was reluctant to throw it away, so he must take it home. The toiletries provided by the hotel are also of high quality.

The bathroom has double basins, and washing in the morning does not interfere with each other. The bathtub is oval in shape, which matches the overall style of the hotel, and the details are well done.

Huotang Boutique Hotel

Huotang Hotel is very special and beautiful! The inspiration comes from the combination of "Hakka Tulou" and "Great Wall". The exterior structure is simple, and the building seems to be built with adobe bricks as walls, but it is actually fine everywhere. It has 18 exquisitely designed rooms, an indoor heated swimming pool and a bar. Under the reflection of the Simatai Great Wall not far away, it is hidden in the city.

The "spiritual core" of the Huotang Hotel - the open-air firepit, above the firepit is a Tulou-style building, leaving a huge circular patio.

Every corner and every decoration of Huotang Hotel has its expression. In addition to its outstanding style, this hotel is also very private. I personally think it is suitable for couples or alone. Maybe one day, I will come here alone and live quietly for a few days.

Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp

From May to October, 10 tent camps will be set up in the valley. Each tent can accommodate two people. The tea room, toilet, and shower room are shared. When you wake up in the morning, a breakfast basket will be placed outside the tent.

The tent camp is priced at 399 yuan on weekends and 299 yuan on weekdays. This is a unique summer activity launched by Gubei Water Town, and it is also a different choice and experience.

Seriously, I haven't spent the night in a tent yet.

In autumn, I plan to bring my parents to Gubei Water Town to find a hot spring hotel for two days.

At that time, the leaves on the mountain are red, yellow and green, and it is a beautiful moment.

Gubei Water Town Traffic Information

Self-driving route from Beijing: After getting off at Simatai Exit No. 24 of Jingcheng Expressway, drive to the left on the ramp on the right for about 2 minutes.

Railway route from Beijing: Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station, walk about 323 meters to Huangtudian Station on the "Huaimi Line" and take the "Huaimi Line" train (bound to Huairou North) to Gubeikou Station Get off the bus and take the Gubei Water Town Line from Gubeikou Station to Gubei Water Town.

Direct train route from Beijing: Take Metro Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and transfer to the Beijing-Gubei Water Town special line direct train at the bus station outside Dongzhimen (the junction of Dongzhimen Waixie Street and Xiangheyuan South Street, 942 and 855 buses) Arrive at Gubei Water Town, and it is estimated that it will take 120 minutes to reach Gubei Water Town directly.

Bus route from Beijing: Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to bus No. 51, get off at Simatai Village Station, and walk to Gubei Water Town.