The cost of the trip to the Summer Palace

Line: Guangzhou — Beijing (Capital Airport)
Accommodation: Unnamed Courtyard Hotel

If you want to experience the old Beijing hutongs, this is the right choice! Quiet, good location, courtyard house with stories, very good service, really feel at home. Book the type and time of breakfast one day in advance, deliver it on time in the morning, and provide coffee, fruit, and snacks throughout the day. The room is relatively small, but it has characteristics and is very comfortable. It is estimated that an extra bed is not allowed. According to the number of people that can be accommodated in the room, there is no problem.

Breakfast, snacks and snacks (solved by yourself)


We usually go to a Jingkelong supermarket near Sanlitun to buy things and cook them ourselves. For example, the glutinous rice balls in Daoxiang Village and the dumplings in Beijing are very cheap and delicious. After 6 days, the total cost is ¥300. If you like to cook by yourself, a B&B with a kitchen is definitely great! Let me mention here, the landlord's tableware is very beautiful and clean!

Lunch: Huguo Temple snacks ¥100/4 people

Address—Anding store

1) Did not eat tofu brain

2) The noodle tea is unpalatable and greasy.

3) Jajangmyeon was cold, not recommended.

4) The grilled skewers are delicious, full marks.

5) Fried cakes are more delicious when they are hot.

6) The sugar fire, just try it once, it is the same as the steamed corn bread, it is difficult to chew.

7) Pea yellow, donkey rolls, just buy a box and taste it.

8) The fried belly is not as delicious as the fried belly in the temple fair, it is cold and coquettish.

Summary: This Huguo Temple is not recommended, you can try others (★★★)

Huguo Temple Snack Bar

Huguo Temple Snack Bar


1. Donglaishun Restaurant (Hualong Street store)

Address: Near Wangfujing, Dongdan

Rating: ★★★★

Consumption: ¥300~400

I ordered a set meal for two, and added some snacks myself. The taste is not bad, very authentic. But the service attitude is really bad, and the price/performance ratio is not high. It is still possible to try something new when traveling.

Donglaishun Restaurant

2. Xiao Diao Pear Soup (Changchunyuan store)
Address: Near Peking University
Evaluation: ★★★★★
Consumption: ¥200~300
This can be recommended for everyone to eat, it is more southern taste.
Recommended menu: small hanging pear soup (one pot); cheese fish; pear ball nut shrimp; beef rice
Anyway, one or two exquisite side dishes from Dianping are delicious.

Small pear soup

3. Four Seasons Minfu (Gongti Store)
Address: Next to Gongti
Evaluation: ★★★★★
Consumption: ¥300~350
This allows recommendations, hahaha. The taste is good, and the roast duck is really authentic.
Recommended menu: Baylor barbecue, half roast duck, skewers.
I don't recommend almond tofu, it's so sweet! ! ! !

4. Miscellaneous snacks
Address: Qianmen Dashilan, Temple Fair, Internet celebrity milk tea in the Forbidden City, gourd skewers sold by street carts, Nanluoguxiang (Wenyu cheese is not recommended, it is expensive and not delicious)

Forbidden City Cafe

Qianmen Street

To be honest: There is no particularly delicious food in Beijing (︶︿︶), of course, it is just a personal opinion, if you don’t like it, don’t spray it. Regional discrimination is strictly prohibited, thank you!

Day1: I am coming to Beijing

This year, I planned to take our old man and old lady to Chengdu, but they were not very interested. After going through a lot of hard work, the two old guys were finally willing to go out for a walk, but the destination was: Beijing. There are two reasons for going to Beijing, 1. Cheap air tickets for the Spring Festival, 2. Old men and women want to see Tiananmen Square.
Hi! Then plan and plan. From February 4th to February 9th, let me plan an unforgettable trip to Beijing for two old people who have worked hard for half their lives. However, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. Look at our itinerary, it was quite full. As a result, either we encountered the maintenance of Prince Kung’s Mansion, or the ice rink was closed~ However, we still experienced the rare snow in Beijing in the past two years.

At 13:00 on February 4th, the long-awaited trip to Beijing began. The two old people were also full of excitement. They took us to take various photos in the departure hall of the airport, like two children who had just traveled far. At 16:00, the plane landed steadily at the Capital Airport, and the moment I got off the plane, I shivered. The weather in the capital is really cold, but so what, we are cold-resistant southerners! After taking our luggage, the four of us went to Didi to stay at No. 5, Gongti South Road (an old community within walking distance to Sanlitun).
The reasons for choosing Didi are: 1. The Airport Express (here refers to the subway) is more expensive, and the waiting time is long. It takes 30 minutes to wait for a car. The per capita cost of going to our destination Dongdaqiao Subway Station is 25, while taking Didi only costs 66. , 16.5 per capita, no matter how you calculate it, Didi is more convenient, faster and cheaper. 2. The starting price of taxis in the capital is heard from the driver saying that Guangzhou is more expensive, and it will kill outsiders. For a 30-minute drive, he can drive you for 3-4 hours.

Beijing Workers Stadium

After half an hour of driving on the airport expressway and viewing the scenery from the outer ring, we finally arrived at the accommodation. The moment we opened the door, we were really excited. The radiators that people in the south miss make the whole room warm. Exquisite and warm room decoration, a northern family atmosphere like a family with children, our trip to Beijing kicked off from here...
Naturally, there is a big New Year’s Eve dinner on New Year’s Eve. I carefully selected a lot of roast duck restaurants, and finally I chose Siji Minfu near my accommodation. I consulted the merchants before coming to Beijing. The seats for the New Year's Eve dinner are fully booked, and Siji Minfu does not help people make reservations. You can only go to the store to queue up. The Siji Minfu at 17:30 is already overcrowded. When we got the number, there were 38 tables waiting in front of us. I was trying to find some other fly restaurants to make do with, but they were all closed on New Year's Eve. Along the main road all the way to Sanlitun, the empty Sanlitun gives people an illusion of depression.

Sanlitun Taikoo Li

My brother, who didn't eat much on the plane, couldn't bear the hunger and cold, so he filled his stomach at Burger King, which made me, the tour guide, very angry. The first meal in Beijing was Burger King, disappointed and angry. However, in order to eat roast duck, we still walked back to Siji Minfu, and finally we were in line and had a feast of roast duck. Here I would like to complain about Siji Minfu. They will not pick up customers at 8:30. For guests before 8:30, Siji Minfu will still warmly receive them. However, the roast duck is delicious at the moment of entrance, and Baylor barbecue is also . But if you eat too much, it will not be so fresh. The almond tofu is sweeter in workmanship, and the double skin milk in Guangzhou is more solid. The taste of the southerners is really sorry for the big capital...
The New Year's Eve dinner passed in such a lively manner.

Day 2 of Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant: I spent Chinese New Year in Beijing

Tired of shopping in Guangzhou Flower Street, it is also time to experience the big temple fair in the north. In the early morning of February 5th, we went to the Temple of Earth to visit the temple fair. It was a huge crowd, and the most important thing was that we had to queue up to buy tickets (yes, yes, door, ticket!!), 10 yuan a ticket, no student tickets are sold. Let me interject here, don't try to buy scalper tickets quickly, those are fake tickets! (as the locals say).

Ditan Park

When we entered the Altar of Earth, the ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven was over, so we could only take a picture of the altar from a distance outside the fence, and lamented the wisdom of the ancients. The altar can face the sun from any angle.

Ditan Park

After visiting the altar, we started the task of this trip - visiting the temple fair. It’s just that I was naive, thinking that the temple fair was like in Princess Huan Zhu Ge Ge, where jugglers gathered in a small circle and performed juggling, begging the spectators for money. Some theater troupe set up a stage to sing a big show on the stage, and there was a crowd of people who understood it, and those who didn't understand it shook their heads and sang along. There are some traditional small vendors selling pearl and hairpin jewelry, rabbit lanterns and traditional handicrafts on the side of the road. There are indeed, but they are no longer what they used to be in ancient times. The small vendors pushing small wooden carts have become merchants with stalls, selling similar things, shouting similar slogans, and doing similar things. Business, earning about the same amount of money. The theatrical troupe and jugglers also have their own fixed stage. There are no gongs and drums, only the music played from the stereo. The people on the stage are singing and juggling routinely. Applause... There is a kind of lament that things are right and people are wrong. It is the change of the times that makes traditions become fast food.

There is a strange phenomenon in Beijing, things that are sold out will not be resold. Huguo Temple snacks are like this. I want to eat a portion of tofu nao, but the tofu nao is gone. There is only rice paste soup with a lot of sesame paste (locals call it noodle tea). I think it is okay after the first bite. The second bite is too boring, and the third bite is really too much to eat. It seems that it is right for the whole family to order a bowl and taste the taste. I dare not try soybean juice, for fear of wasting it. Because of the cold weather and the large number of people, the Huguo Temple snacks near the Temple of Earth, except for the pastries sold at the entrance, fried cakes, sugar fire, donkey rolling and pea yellow are slightly delicious. The taste of others is very inferior, especially Explosive belly, when it is cooled, it has a strong smell and is particularly unpalatable.

After eating and drinking enough, we took the subway to the next location—Prince Kung’s Mansion. It turned out that Prince Kung’s Mansion was under renovation. It seems that Mr. He is not going to pick up guests during the Spring Festival~

Prince Gong's Mansion

Passing by a small shop of sugar blowers, there happened to be a child blowing sugar figures, which can be regarded as an interesting thing on this trip!

The kid himself blew out a little golden pig. I hope he can be as white and fat as Little Golden Pig in the new year.

Prince Gong's Mansion

Disappointed, we could only stroll to Shichahai Park, intending to skate, but the ice rink in the park was also closed... In the end, we could only squeeze into Houhai Pedestrian Street along the flow of people.

Coming out of Houhai Pedestrian Street, the sun was about to set. I wanted to go to Fangzhuanchang Hutong to eat fried noodles, but my brother said that the fried noodles here are not different. We can find a fly restaurant to make do with it, so we chose a random way Next to a traditional noodle restaurant. The store sells wontons in chicken soup. I wanted to order a bowl to keep warm, but the store said it was sold out and would not sell it anymore. The strange scene appeared again. In the end, we could only have a bowl of noodles each, and we ate them with the Arctic Ocean. However, the noodles in this restaurant are indeed worthy of the word tradition.

Houhai Park

The heat of the body gradually recovered, and we strolled along the street to Nanluoguxiang. It was getting late, and the temperature difference between day and night in Beijing began to appear. No matter how many people flowed, it was still cold. That's the end of today, and tomorrow I have to go to the palace to face the saint!


Nanluoguxiang Day3: The first snow in the Forbidden City

The temperature on the second day of the lunar new year is much lower than that on the first day of the new year. I was a little excited when I heard from the locals that it was going to snow~ A child from the south is finally going to see snow! ! We set off for Tiananmen Square at 6:00 in the morning, and the flag was raised at 7:18 as agreed. We were blocked at the security checkpoint with a bunch of people watching the flag raising. We watched the red flag go up at the security checkpoint. To raise the flag, it’s not good to get up at 5 o’clock, it’s 4 o’clock! !

Although we couldn't see the flag raising, it wasn't the first wave of security checks at Tiananmen Square, but we visited the Great Hall of the People and the Monument to the People's Heroes early. (When I came out of the Forbidden City, the tunnel leading to the Great Hall of the People was closed. This is not good in Beijing. It is closed here, and the traffic is controlled there, which makes tourists confused.)

Tiananmen Square - Monument to the People's Heroes

Tiananmen Square

The old man and the old lady patted here and there, and the time quietly pointed to 8 o'clock—the meeting time agreed with the tour guide of the Imperial Palace Ouchi. Following the flow of people, towards the direction of Chairman Mao, we entered the first gate of the Forbidden City. When we saw the words The Palace Museum, the background music of the Forbidden City echoed in our mind (well, yy here). Soon we found the tour guide holding the black and red carp. Due to some minor incidents, we were temporarily assigned to another tour guide. His group did not enter the palace until 9:10. Seeing more and more tourists, I am really anxious, because we have even entered the security check of the Forbidden City, and escaped a large wave of tourists early in the morning, but because a tour guide missed the feeling that the Forbidden City is me alone , It's really worthless. When the tour guide came in, the tourists in the group hadn’t arrived yet. I was very angry. During the period, I had a quarrel with the tour guide, but in the end our tour took place. The tour guide’s explanations were also very rich, leading us to avoid a lot of crowds. . The wonderful explanation ended in the Treasure Hall.

Forbidden City

Our group walked slowly in the Forbidden City, visiting the bricks and tiles of the Forbidden City, every plant and tree. The Forbidden City is slightly different from the Forbidden City in my impression. The once majestic palace has now become an exhibition hall. The path at the entrance of the Palace of Compassion and Ning, where the palace people hurriedly passed by, has become an exhibition area for the Cultural and Food Festival. The Imperial Garden, which was once full of rare and exotic grasses, is now a small garden with strange rocks left. Coupled with the monkey-like tourists as a foil, the sense of history is lost, and there is a sense of business. As the sun was setting, we did not climb Jingshan Mountain to overlook the Forbidden City. Instead, we climbed up the city tower and looked at Jingshan Mountain, which is also crowded with people. It is also interesting to look at it from this angle. Chongzhen, Chongzhen, during the fire that year, was there someone watching your lonely and desperate figure on Jingshan from the city tower?

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

When the sun shines on every corner of the Forbidden City and slowly leaves, the tourists also become sparse from the hustle and bustle, and some people who linger, wait for their families, or take photos still stay in the Forbidden City for a long time unwilling to leave. Then enjoy the tranquility of the Forbidden City at this moment, there is no bloody storm, no guided tour class, it is so quiet, only the magpies on the tree branches are chirping, as if telling you about the past of the Forbidden City, that group of people.

Forbidden City

Forbidden City

After a busy day, let Donglaishun's barbecue comfort and comfort us! Eat well, let’s go shopping in Wangfujing~

Wangfujing Pedestrian Street

Wangfujing Pedestrian Street Day4: Lafayette's retirement home

Although it is no longer snowing, thin ice can be seen on the road in Beijing in the morning. You need to be extra careful when walking on the road, because it will slip.

summer palace

Today's itinerary is the Summer Palace. Entering the Summer Palace, you will be greeted by the famous twelve-hole bridge. It is said that at dusk on the winter solstice day, you can see the sun shining into the twelve holes, as if the bridge is plated with gold, which is extraordinarily beautiful. We didn't see this wonder, but we felt the grandeur of the royal garden. The weather was below zero, and the lake was frozen into ice. I suddenly remembered the sentence: the rime is thick, the sky and clouds, mountains and water are white above and below.

summer palace

However, the sparse and lonely winter scenery at the entrance is deceiving. What are those gathered in the corridor? tourists! Full of tourists! The Ten Mile Gallery in the Summer Palace was abruptly destroyed. After visiting the royal garden, I can't help but sigh that the former royal garden and the buildings that once nourished the mind have now become souvenir shops and convenience stores, crowded with clusters of people, scrambling to buy goods.

summer palace

Peking University and Tsinghua University are near the Old Summer Palace and the Summer Palace. Because I have made a strategy before, I know that after visiting the Summer Palace, I can’t afford to go to the Old Summer Palace anymore. I want to visit one of the famous universities in China, because a certain celebrity’s academic problems were fired on Weibo. The uproarious North Nature has become the first choice for this trip.


Our visit to Peking University can only be successful if we have made reservations on the two WeChat mini-programs Visit Peking University and Visit Tsinghua University a week in advance. Thanks to this winter vacation and this appointment, we "successfully" avoided waves of tourists during the Spring Festival and experienced a quiet campus tour. Peking University, an academic infant wrapped in history, has given birth to many world-renowned celebrities. Walking on the quiet school road, I imagined myself as her student, just like I was in the Republic of China, in the late Qing Dynasty, and tirelessly cultivated culture and passed on ideas in the flames of war.

Beijing University

Beijing University

Coming out of Peking University, we were already hungry, so we rushed to Xiaodiaoli soup to replenish the energy that was missing today.

If you don't reach Zhongguancun, the Great Wall is not a hero

How time flies, our last trip, the Great Wall trip is just around the corner. In order to avoid the crowds at Badaling, we chose the Mutianyu Great Wall, which is also highly rated, this time.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Three days in advance, I booked a bus to the Mutianyu Great Wall on the official website of Mubashi. There are Mubus products on Mafengwo, but there are no student tickets. After comparing, we decided to buy tickets on the official website first, and then let the guide help us buy tickets and cable car tickets on the bus (student tickets can be purchased on the bus).
One night in advance, Mubus staff will contact you, and you can go to the designated place according to his text message guidance and take the bus.
Each car will be equipped with a tour guide. Our tour guide is a fat uncle, amiable, because everyone still wants to go back to sleep because of the early departure. The tour guide briefly introduces the purpose of this trip, so that everyone can have a good time. rest. When approaching the station, the tour guide asked everyone if they needed his help to buy tickets, and then began to collect money to buy tickets.

Mutianyu Great Wall

When we arrived at the ticket office in Mutianyu, because of the requirements of the scenic spot, we still needed to walk through a shopping street about 400 meters away. The tour guide asked us to walk around symbolically, and there was no need to buy anything. After walking through the pedestrian street, you will see that Muba's car is already waiting there, continuing to take us to the entrance of the Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall

During the Spring Festival, there are a lot of people climbing the Great Wall. They have to wait for 3 hours for the cable car. Therefore, if you have no physical problems, I suggest that you experience the thrill of climbing the Great Wall by yourself. The time is faster than taking the cable car. !

Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall

Because the return trip of the Mubus bus is at 2:15, and coupled with the crowds of cable cars queuing up, we chose to walk down the Great Wall by ourselves, and it took less than 60 minutes to get down to the exit. If you want to take the cable car, you can choose to take the cable car. However, the cable car does not refer to the slideway of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The slideway is halfway up the mountain. Because the tour guide said that the slideway is relatively dangerous, he did not go to play, but it has become a pity. I heard from others that this slide is quite unique and fun! On the way back, I listened to the tour guide chatting about the trivial matters in Beijing, and the pleasant trip to the Great Wall ended like this.


Seeing that the time is not too late, we will take the subway to Qianmen Street, the last stop of our trip! Qianmen Street is indeed the most distinctive commercial street in Beijing. Naturally, it has the most people and eats a lot.

starbucks coffee


Deyun Society

Wu Yutai Tea House

But I want to complain about Wu Yutai's milk tea's false name here, it's so bad! ! ! Everyone, don't go! ! !



Ah, I finally finished coding this guide! ! Ok! Let this trip to Beijing stop here!