This month, I am walking my baby in place. Hot springs are the most popular in my circle of friends this season. I have explored the destinations that can be reached within 30 to 40 kilometers around the imperial capital, and I will leave as soon as I say. It was only when I arrived that I realized that this is the holy place for baby strolling. Whether it’s food, play or something, it’s completely in line with the baby’s wishes. Old mothers can let go and soak in the 40-degree hot spring to enjoy the fun of not bringing the baby. It is extremely satisfying. There are Totoro-themed rooms, hot springs, and rich leisure and entertainment facilities. You don’t need to tell me—this is Le Duogang Marriott. The hotel spent a lot of money to sign the genuine Totoro IP to create 10 super cute Totoro-themed families. There are 4 different themes in the room, which are fantasy dreamland, jungle adventure, elf dating, and looking for Totoro. They tell different themed stories for children. The popular Totoro-themed family room in the circle of friends is very popular. Unfortunately, it is too After making a temporary reservation, I missed the room I wanted to book perfectly, which indicates that we will definitely come again!

Starting early in the morning, I stopped by the Badaling Outlets. I didn’t book a My Neighbor Totoro-themed room. Then luck suddenly appeared. My son grabbed a super cute koala from the doll machine, which was included in my pocket. In the middle, I temporarily purchased two winter clothes and arrived at the Marriott Hotel Le Duogang in a few minutes' drive. It was very popular on weekends, and there were so many big and small children. After checking in, I could just go to the Chinese restaurant for lunch. When checking in, the staff in the lobby is super considerate, and many details are provided in advance, including the use of the phone in the room, the dining time of the two restaurants and the lobby bar, the location of the children's activity area, and the discounts for the Goddess Day of the hot spring "Tangle Palace" Activities... I had a very good impression at the beginning of my stay.

Check-in | Chinese ancient style and post-modern minimalist style fusion

The temperament of the hotel can be seen at a glance from the moment you enter the lobby. The "Marriott Modern" design aesthetic concept of Marriott Hotel is skillfully applied to traditional Chinese elements such as auspicious clouds, mountains and rivers and natural elements, showing the inclusive and modest connotation of Chinese classical culture. Inspired by the surrounding undulating mountains and natural scenery, the guest rooms skillfully blend the traditional Chinese style with the post-modern simple and natural design style, which is ancient, elegant and full of natural flavor.

The scene in the lobby, the ancient style and ancient rhyme, the mountains and rivers flow gracefully, yet simple and natural.

The interior style is consistent with the lobby, with simple lines that are flexible and natural, with Chinese patterns and light and shadow effects, giving people a light and relaxing texture. The built-in bathtub next to the window is the baby's favorite, and they will continue to play with bubbles after returning from the hot spring.

It can sit or lie down, and can sleep a child.

Wet and dry are separated, the bathroom is separated, and the overall space can exist independently through sliding doors, or it can be integrated with the room.

Gourmet Articles|Wanhao Chinese Restaurant: Coexistence of Deliciousness and Appearance

Two restaurants and a lounge in the hotel provide guests with a wealth of delicious food and wine experience. Changping Kitchen, an all-day dining restaurant, offers global cuisine and local delicacies; Man Ho, the brand signature of Marriott Hotel, specializes in Cantonese cuisine and Beijing-style special delicacies. The Lobby Bar (The Lounge) provides a variety of coffee and tea drinks during the day, and turns into a leisure paradise for enjoying cocktails and exquisite snacks at night.

When we checked in, we happened to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Slow-fired snow dragon beef, Wanhao crispy chicken, fried lamb leg with Chinese kale, and chef's fried rice with abalone sauce are all restaurant specialties. Xuelong beef is soft and tender, it is rare to find that the beef melts in the mouth, it has achieved a deep baby's heart; the crispy chicken should be eaten while it is hot; the dessert before and after the meal has a super good meaning, and the flower-shaped jujube sandwiched with walnuts means "jujube fortune" , the after-dinner dessert "Good Fortune" can also make everyone pull out a radish after a meal and have a good time.

The pre-dinner snack "Zao Fa Cai".

Slow-fired snow dragon beef, the beef in the shape of a hill is extremely soft and delicious, with taro as the base, which enriches the taste and taste buds.

Wanhao Crispy Chicken, the chicken skin is thin and crispy, the chicken is soft and tender, and it is best to eat it while it is hot.

Char siew in honey sauce, classic Cantonese delicacy, sweet and salty mixture, children love it.

Stir-fried leg of lamb with Chinese kale, this season's gift, and the blessing of healthy seasonal vegetables, especially for rice.

Chef's fried rice with abalone sauce has distinct grains, a mix of red, yellow and green, and abalone sauce to reconcile the taste. It is very delicious.

I really like the decoration and colors of the Chinese restaurant.

Entertainment | Hot spring entertainment

The destination of this trip is the hot spring here. Tangle Palace is a hot spring vacation paradise integrating nature, leisure, fashion, and technological intelligence. The indoor and outdoor hot spring areas of the hotel are "fluorine-type fresh hot spring water" "Sapphire" is an extremely precious hot spring resource. Adults can fully enjoy the comfort and comfort brought by the hot springs; colorful water mushrooms, water slides of various shapes, and water facilities full of fairy tales also start a wonderful fantasy journey for children! The total area of ​​indoor and outdoor hot springs in Tangle Palace is more than 6,500 square meters. It is designed based on the original ecological gardening concept. Steam room for guests to experience. The outside temperature is freezing, and the moment you enter the hot spring, you will be completely cut off from the cold air outside. With a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the warmth will be stronger.

The water temperature of the hot springs in the outdoor amusement facilities is about 38-9 degrees Celsius, so children are not afraid of the cold at all.

I chose the hot spring pool closest to the room. There are two hot spring pools on the left and right, at 40 degrees and 42 degrees respectively.

Indoor venues.

Shallow pool for little ones.

There are also many indoor recreational facilities, such as water slides, dolphins, water mushrooms... For families with children, it is recommended that you play outdoors first and then indoors, otherwise wet clothes will feel colder outdoors and you will easily catch a cold.

Rich indoor children's entertainment facilities, Lego DIY wall, large-scale climbing frame, children's trampoline, swing, tree house for children to climb, fun slides, open a wonderful time for children who are brave to challenge. The adventurous journey. The warm children's reading area provides more space for children to learn, communicate and share. The children's club also includes an independent children's nap area, children's changing room, family rest area, and coffee bar, where old fathers and mothers can let go completely, and the magnet-like suction of the little friends is instantly successful, and from time to time they can create What a surprise to come.

The children's area is unwilling to come out, if it is not for going to the hot springs, it is estimated that they can play for half a day.

The throne of the king - this surprise, to experience the creativity and execution of a wave of bear children.

In the cold season, there are hot springs and delicious food, and it is best to take a walk with your baby nearby. This time is short, try to go again when you are free, winter is not a cat winter, this is a good place to escape the cold!

Hotel: Beijing Marriott Hotel Le Duogang

Address: No. 29, Nankou Road, Chengnan Street, Changping District, Beijing

Tel: 86-10-81918888

Preferential activities: Tangle Palace will be a "Goddess Day" every week, providing ladies with a super discounted price of 99.9%