Spring is here, the weather in Beijing is getting warmer and warmer, and it is a good season to travel to Beijing again. When you come to Beijing, "you are not a hero if you don't go to the Great Wall", but the Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Great Wall are far away in the mountainous area of ​​northern Beijing, about 70 kilometers away from the urban area. For independent tourists from other places, the choice of transportation method is a problem.

Now I will summarize for you several common ways of transportation to Badaling on the Internet, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages for you, hoping to make your trip to the Great Wall easier and more natural, avoiding pitfalls and not stepping on thunder.

 Type 1: bus

Bus: Line 877 Deshengmen – Badaling

This is the most common way to go to the Great Wall. Many foreign tourists have been told to go to the Great Wall this way. Bus No. 877 is at Deshengmen. When you get out of the subway exit at Deshengmen, there will be a sign indicating the direction of No. 877, follow the sign. straight ahead. There is an archery tower at the back, cross the road and go to the archery tower. Route 877 stops just below the Arrow Tower.

Advantages: cheap fares, this is the only advantage


1. Deshengmen departure: 6:00-12:00

  Departure from the Great Wall: 10:30-17:00

Everyone must pay attention to the time of bus No. 877. When coming down from the Great Wall, don't miss the latest bus, otherwise it will cost a lot of money to go back by black bus. 

2. The time is not guaranteed: it’s okay if there is no traffic jam, but it takes 2-3 hours for traffic jams

3. It's not very convenient, you need to change trains, and you need to walk a lot.

4. There are many people, and most of the time it is the situation as shown in the picture below

 Second option: train

Train: Take the high-speed rail S2 line Huangtu shop car - Badaling

 Due to the transformation of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway in conjunction with the Winter Olympics, Beijing North Railway Station has been suspended. At present, the departure station of the S2 line to Badaling has been temporarily adjusted to Huangtudian Station in Huilongguan.

There are subway lines 13 and 8 around this station. Line 13 can get on at Xizhimen, Dongzhimen and other city stations and get off at Huoying Station. Line 8 starts from Nanluoguxiang and can also reach Huoying Station. . From the subway Huoying Station to Huangtudian Station, you have to exit from the G4 exit to get to Huangtudian Station quickly.


1. The fare is cheap, 7 yuan

2. The train on line S2 passes through the sea of ​​peach blossoms in the mountain valleys of the Great Wall. It is called "the train to spring". When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, it is good to see the scenery on the train.



1. It is inconvenient to buy tickets: Although the S2 line is the "Harmony" EMU, it does not provide online purchases on train ticket mobile clients or websites such as 12306. There are only two ways to buy tickets: buying tickets at the on-site window and directly using the Beijing Public Transport Card to enter the station. In contrast, it is most convenient to enter the station by swiping the card. However, the balance of the bus card must be greater than 16 yuan. Because the terminal station of Line S2 is Yanqing Station, Badaling Great Wall is only one of the stops; and it costs 16 yuan to reach Yanqing. Therefore, insufficient balance in the card will not allow you to enter the station, even if you go to Badaling instead of the terminal.


2. The departure time is not fixed: the round-trip departure time of the "Harmony Great Wall" train on the S2 line is different on weekdays and weekends, and even more different on weekdays and holidays. The departure time of each train is longer, usually about 2 hours. Therefore, before departure, be sure to check the authoritative information issued by the Beijing Railway Department, and do not use the old timetable, otherwise you may make a trip in vain, and your travel plan will easily be disrupted.

 3. Need to grab a seat: The "Harmonious Great Wall" on the S2 line implements public transportation management, and does not adopt the method of seat registration. The seats are very tight, so it can be said that they are first served, first served. There are often a large number of passengers on the S2 line who have to stand all the way to Badaling and back to Beijing, what a miserable word! 


Type 3: private car

self-driving; taking a taxi; chartering a car

Advantages: peace of mind and convenience


1. Expensive is just one word. A one-way taxi fare costs 200-300 yuan. If you charter a car to the Great Wall, it usually starts at 700 yuan.

2. Some people say that self-driving is always possible, but be careful that you must arrive at the formal and exclusive large parking lot in Badaling Scenic Area.

When you are approaching the scenic spot along the way, there are people who have illegal parking lots to show you the way. After you park, they will tell you that the car can only be parked here. They will take you to the entrance of the scenic spot and recommend you the cable car and shuttle bus tickets, which are 25 yuan more expensive than buying tickets yourself. As for the formal scenic parking lot, there are very formal guards at the entrance. It is a very formal large-scale underground parking lot. Please watch the road signs.


The fourth type: Great Wall through train (recommended)

The through train "BUSDA/BUSDA" from downtown Beijing to Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area was officially opened after the 22nd Spring Festival. This is the first through train line specially created for Badaling Scenic Area by a gold medal travel agency that has specialized in Beijing tourism for more than 20 years. Taking the bus can save 2 hours for tourists to go back and forth, and realize the beautiful needs of time-saving direct, safe, reliable, comfortable and pleasant tour of the Badaling Great Wall. 

The through train is the most popular and convenient mode of transportation. The through train to the Great Wall Scenic Area departs from Exit C of Beitucheng Subway Station on Metro Line 8/10. There are two trains every day at 8:00 and 10:00. It depends on which shift you choose. The time is convenient for you to choose, and the departure location is easy to find.

Advantages: This bus goes directly to the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area in one stop. The meeting point is close to the entrance of the expressway, and it takes 10 minutes to get on the expressway, avoiding traffic jams in the urban area and saving 1 hour of traffic jam time. On the return trip, stop at the central area of ​​the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. There is a tour guide on the car to explain the cultural content of the Great Wall and the strategy of climbing the city accurately, scientifically and truly for you, and can also help you buy tickets for scenic spots, which is very convenient. To reduce the time you spend queuing up to get tickets, the round-trip bus fare is 120 yuan, half price for children (including scenic spot tickets). The most important point is pure green, no shopping, real branded buses.

Tourists can make reservations in the Ctrip APP at 23:00 one day in advance, and take the bus back and forth with their ID card and booking mobile phone number.

The opening of the through train can realize the "one-stop" seamless connection between downtown Beijing and the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area, satisfying tourists' wishes for a relaxing, in-depth and safe tour of the Badaling Great Wall. The through train provides tourists with a variety of models, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the seats are safe and comfortable. During the epidemic period, prevention and control were strengthened. All guests will be temperature-tested and disinfected, and the health code and itinerary code will be carefully checked. Taking the bus to the through train is a guarantee of peace of mind and safety. Not only that, Basta has also prepared small bus-themed cultural and creative gifts for tourists, letting it lead you to "poetry and distance".

Spring is here, let's climb the Great Wall together