body and soul,

There is always one on the way,

But letting the body travel, leaving aside the appearance of romantic blessings, is actually a very tiring thing.

We temporarily packed our daily life into a small box of more than 20 inches, and set off~

【Gubei Water Town】

Unlock a new way to play the summer tour of Gubei Water Town, giving another possibility to vacation!

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This is a three-day mini-holiday trip,

This is an exploration of Gubei Water Town, the imperial capital, and a guide for "lazy people" to travel leisurely~ There are mountains, clouds, delicious food, pool parties, and a dream of a colorful summer vacation~

Documents: ID card, bank card, student ID card, retirement card, cash, etc.

Daily necessities: National Geographic backpacks, thermos cups, sunscreen umbrellas, skin care kit samples for girls, cosmetics, paper towels, etc.

Equipment and supplies: Nikon D810, mobile phone, power bank, data cable, etc.

Clothes: Prepare a beautiful skirt, comfortable shoes, hat, pants, etc.

I have crossed mountains and seas, and I have also passed through mountains and seas of people. I wandered here and met you...

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

Departure City: Changsha

Travel days: 5 days

Destination city: ?Beijing???

Itinerary and accommodation arrangements:

On June 22, arrive at Beijing Gubei Water Town and check in at Huotang Hotel

Afternoon stroll: Huotang Hotel, Mucheng Hotel, Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp (Hangu Villa)

Evening: Wandering at William Pool Party at night: Drone Kongming Lantern Show, Starry Sky Beer Night Market (Riyue Island Square)

June 23 Morning: Cruise breakfast Day: Scenic tour (wine workshop, dyeing workshop, DIY experience, children's playhouse, etc.)

Afternoon: Stay at Mucheng Hotel and ride a bicycle to tour the Great Wall (Yudachizi Hot Spring City-Yuanyanghu Reservoir)

Night: Lantern Night Tour of the Great Wall (Simatai Great Wall) Great Wall Music Water Dance Show (Wangjing Street)

June 24 Great Wall Yoga Camp (Simatai Great Wall) Summer of Bubbles (Riyue Island Square) Tour along the scenic spots (Eight Banners Guild Hall, Zhenyuan Escort Bureau, Wangjing Street)

[PS: Appropriate way of swimming - free and leisurely travel]

Arrive · plant beans in the north

I never thought that when I came to Beijing for the first time, I didn’t go to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, or the Ming Tombs… but came here——Gubei Water Town~

During the colorful summer holidays,

Beginning to walk into your mountains and rivers, one prosperous and one dry, people also have something to say, the sun and the moon are on the march, and Ande promotes the table, saying that he has traveled through time and space in his life, and finally came to you, and had a long talk with you. For a moment, the meaning is eternal~

PS: Accommodation strategy

With the improvement of people's economic life, more and more people have joined the traveling army.

It is very common to encounter many problems in food, clothing, housing and transportation when traveling. The most common problem is accommodation. Many people don’t know how to choose a place to stay. Let Xiaoduo understand this issue with everyone:

First: The first step before arriving at the scenic spot is to make accommodation arrangements and find a good place to live!

Second: The place to live is based on the premise of convenient transportation, cleanliness, safety, and reasonable price (the accommodation price cannot be compared with the price of non-local scenic spots)

Third: Arrive at the place, first lodge, and then arrange tours. If time permits, you can take a good rest after lodging and ask the locals for their travel suggestions—but you must have some judgment, because the suggestions of the locals may not all be suitable for your own travel habits or economic affordability )

Fourth: When staying in a strange place, first pay attention to safety, such as the escape route, your location, address, etc., and inform your family or friends so that you can contact them in time if something happens!

Fifth: try to be able to go together, stay or play with many people, if there are few people, you can meet a few playmates! (When you are in your 20s, you will definitely meet various people during your travels, try to become friends with them, and you will learn more about the outside world during the conversation. Of course, safety comes first, and the attention should be paid to Be careful!) This trip is the first time for Xiaoduo to come to Beijing, and she mainly wants to go to Gubei Water Town. I didn’t expect to get so many unexpected surprises during this trip. The trip was not too busy. Hurry up, follow your heart and make arrangements with you~

Mucheng Hotel and Huotang Hotel belong to boutique hotels, located in an orchid valley in Gubei Water Town Scenic Area, surrounded by mountains and rivers, quiet and natural. Langu's natural environment and intimate and comfortable room facilities provide tourists with a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city~

Huotang Hotel - enjoy the tranquility of the countryside

It was already noon when I came here, and after a long journey, I finally set foot on this strange land. It is very convenient to take luggage to the reserved Huotang Hotel in a hurry, and there is a special car to pick up and drop off~ Under the reflection of the Simatai Great Wall not far away, it is hidden in the city, and what you see is simple and elegant. Running all the way from the bustling city, all the hard work seems to disappear in this one eye.

Features: art, humanities, boutique, and vacation in one, with 18 exquisitely designed rooms, an indoor heated swimming pool, and a bar. Under the reflection of the Simatai Great Wall not far away, it is hidden in the city, providing the best privacy and comfort. The hotel is equipped with Yangcheng restaurant, indoor swimming pool, bar and other supporting facilities. ★Travel recommendation: Tourist bus, self-driving, bus ★Hotel features: Elegant style, complete configuration, considerate service, direct drinking water meets European and American standards Recommended star rating: ★★★★★

Pushing open the door, I saw Sima Great Wall, elegant, simple, and a little green embellishment made me feel good immediately, the sun also shone on the big bed and the floor, and the light and shadow were particularly beautiful. I took off my little boots, put on slippers, and felt the pleasant time here...

The walls with folk customs and warm lighting make me feel more comfortable~ Clean, tidy and elegant, with a kind of refreshing beauty and coziness, this light luxury hotel does not disappoint......

Every detail makes people feel very comfortable~

The hotel also thoughtfully prepared exquisite fruit and good night lemonade for us~

Located indoors on the first floor of Huotang Hotel, there are dry and wet saunas and shower areas. The Great Wall can be visualized, and the swimming pool and the scenery are integrated to the greatest extent. With its unique visual effect, it gives people an experience of infinite space.

I told myself, this is probably the life I want. Tasting a pot of tea or a bottle of fruit wine, sitting here silently, meditating, imagining what kind of scenery I will see and what kind of people I will meet in the next few days...

Huotang Hotel feels a bit like a combination of "Hakka Tulou" and "Great Wall". The exterior structure is simple, and the building seems to be built with adobe bricks as walls, but it is actually fine everywhere.

At the beginning of the trip, I always used to draw circles on the map every time I went to a place. Thinking about it now, I can't help but feel that my idea is ridiculous. If the meaning of every place is only to draw circles and take beautiful photos, where is the true meaning of travel?

Xiaoduo doesn't like to make travel arrangements too full, even if she is in a daze in another place, she wants to make her life more enjoyable~

After coming here, there is still an afternoon. I just stayed at the Huotang Hotel. What can I do here?

Tsk tsk tsk, Xiaoduo has already said it before, this is a guide for "lazy people"!

Mucheng Hotel - enjoy the starry sky with green shade

I really didn't expect this place to exist in Beijing.

It has the elegance of the south and the solemnity of the north; it has the tranquility of the countryside and the bustle of the small town; it makes people want to live here! The unobstructed beauty of Gubei Water Town makes people feel refreshed. Take a deep breath, and the fresh air will make your mind sober. Mucheng Hotel, above Gubei, in the countryside, outside the busy city, filters out the hustle and bustle of pedestrians, and washes away the irritability~

Features: art, humanities, high-quality goods, and vacations are integrated. The overall design is "blank" geometry, and the distribution is well-proportioned. It is composed of south and north districts, with a total of 50 rooms. The design of the hotel is modern and simple, surrounded by greenery in summer and majestic mountains in winter. The elegant open front desk, spacious and bright room, and the comfortable big bed facing the floor-to-ceiling glass all give people the most comfortable space and let people fully relax. , Enjoy a leisurely life. The hotel is equipped with Xuejian restaurant, gymnasium, multi-function hall and other supporting facilities.

★Travel recommendation: tourist bus, self-driving

★Hotel features: modern and simple design, spacious and bright, comfortable big bed

Recommended star rating: ★★★★★★

Listen to a little song, sip a cup of green tea, have a good night's sleep, and taste a good dish. The most subtle feeling will comfort people in the restless heart~

This is a fresh and gorgeous private space, with sofas, coffee tables, refrigerators... Here you can enjoy the quiet world.

The Gesang flowers outside are extraordinarily delicate and beautiful, and there are a large number of them. O(∩_∩)O Haha~ Girls probably want to take pictures and check in!

The greenery here is also very eye-catching. You can also choose starry sky tents, which are wild in the quiet and long Langu. The tents are quietly scattered on both sides of the stream, adjacent to the Hangu Villa Boutique Hotel. Star, enjoy blending with the mountains and forests~

I feel that if the holidays are allowed, I really want to stay here for a year and a half, and the house will sprout~

PS: recommended gameplay

??? Recommended gameplay:

【Meet the Clear Water】①Summer Pool Party ②Summer of Bubbles ③Cruise Breakfast

【See the Starry Sky】①Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp ②Starry Sky Beer Night Market ③Gubei Water Town Starry Sky Music Night ④Mountaintop Church Singing Night ⑤Starry Sky Lecture Hall ⑥UAV Kongming Lantern Show

【Enjoy time quietly】①Afternoon tea on a cruise ship ②Afternoon tea in the cloud ③Afternoon tea in a cave【

Alternative ways to play the Great Wall] ①Cycling, tour the Great Wall ②Great Wall yoga camp ③Great Wall lantern wishing ④Dawn Great Wall

Summer Fun - William Pool Party

The most anticipated is the summer colorful pool party at the William Edgar Boutique Hotel! The dynamic music, graceful figure, and attractive aroma perfectly interpret the colorful pool party in summer. It is a pleasant cool party, where you can look at the Great Wall while playing in the water~

Happy cool party, playing in the water and looking at the Great Wall~

Indulge in romantic jazz, pool frenzy, and indulge in exquisite party food. There is a sweet and sweet fragrance in the air, and a romantic bouquet is placed on the table. After the party, enjoy the delicious food with your beloved TA, and your mind will flutter for a moment~

A romantic feast of jazz music, an exciting and exciting summer pool party, a fun leisure trip, Gubei Water Town day and night, more water-friendly experiences are being staged~

Handsome men and beauties from all over the world gather together, with attractive bodies, sexy muscles, and colorful summer pool parties, making it possible to have a skin-to-skin date with Bishui~

Children's water park~

The sun shines through the green shade, casting mottled light, jumping into the blue swimming pool, dispelling the hot summer heat, jazz sounds in the ears, and summer ripples in the heart~

On the night of the event, the opening event also invited Japanese singer-songwriter/pianist Yu Matsuo and the famous DJ Leslie, founder of the well-known music label House Rabbits, to bring everyone a jazz music carnival. Improvised notes and interlaced wine glasses connect the night, the lights are lit up, and the hazy room is full of warm temptations, and all good things are happening.

Clear sky, hot sun, summer wind, watermelon, cherries, rum and water, party, jazz, summer fun is the holiday you want?

A date in the starry sky - a night tour of Gubei Water Town, a night tour of the Great Wall with a lantern

At night, the breeze blows slowly, without the hotness of the day, if you are greedy for the coolness of the night wind, you will feel uneasy if there is a little more, but now it is just comfortable.

Wandering in the quiet streets of the town in the evening, enjoying the quiet and serenity alone. Above the river, below the Great Wall, the sparks in the world reflect my peaceful heart at this time.

In Riyue Island Square, there is something even more surprising to me at this time~ The UAV Kongming Lantern Show

More than a hundred drones soared into the sky at the Riyue Island Square in the town, and Kongming lanterns floated into the distant night sky, as if entering a poetic dream that traveled through time and space~

Not only the water carnival during the day, but also the Great Wall Music and Water Dance Show on Wangjing Street at night brings visitors a visual feast of water and fire. In response to the melodious music, the water column weaves various wonderful patterns, and with the 3D light projection, it is both real and illusory. And the couples bathing in love are greedily enjoying every minute of this romantic moment.

At night, carry a small lamp and walk with your loved one under the stars, leaving footprints of love on the Great Wall.

The distance between heart and heart seems to be closer~

The Great Wall at night has a special charm. On the Great Wall, you can also overlook the beautiful scenery of the entire town~ Crowds of people, it is very lively!

It is a little regretful that I did not go to the mountain choir during this trip to Gubei Water Town. Under the silent starry sky and above the majestic peaks, listening to the beautiful voice of the choir in the mountain church must also be a spiritual experience. comfort~

Enjoy time quietly - cruise breakfast, stroll around the town

Only the delicious food and beautiful scenery can not disappoint. The water of the town starts from the Yuanyang Lake at the foot of the Great Wall, and the water color presents a charming emerald green. Taking advantage of the cool weather, take the well-prepared morning tea boat, start boating from the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, and enjoy the panorama of Gubei Water Town while having breakfast. The master boatman sang the boat song loudly when he got up, and the boat sculls slapped on the water to make a burst of oar sound, and the mind was fluttering for a moment!

For breakfast on a cruise ship, what you taste is delicious food and admiring the scenery. Life is like this.

Relying on the history and culture left by Simatai, Gubei Water Town is divided into the old camp area, the Republic of China block, the water street style area, the Wolongbao folk culture area, the Tanghe ancient village area, the hotel and dining area and Houchuan Chan Valley, Eden Valley, Yunfeng Cuigu. Gubei Water Town is a collection of sightseeing, leisure and vacation, business exhibitions, creative culture and so on.

In the growing season, the branches and leaves are luxuriant, enjoy the coolness and listen to the opera under the shade of trees, at night, count the stars in the courtyard, squint your eyes, the lights of the town and the stars are dimly integrated.

The river passing through the town, the exquisitely carved stone bridges, and the buildings built along the river have water under the floor, and the piers of the stone steps protrude from the bottom of the floor. Wisps of white cooking smoke, the charm of ancient towns and small towns are just such human fireworks~

There are also wineries, dyeing workshops, DIY experiences, children's play halls, etc. in the town. It is also good to bring children to play!

The dyeing workshop can also DIY scarves and T-shirts by yourself~

I didn't expect there to be such a small town in the north. The air here is very humid and clean. No industry, no pollution. Only quiet nature and beautiful scenery. Love those wall cracks, covered with moss and creepers...

love that window and that tree and that leaf love the feeling of life

There is also a wonderful acrobatic performance in the Eight Banners Guild Hall~

What Xiaoduo sees is not only a performance, but also a kind of culture, a kind of persistence, and a kind of difficulty~

The little girl bravely took steps under the guidance of her grandma. The sun shines on them through the branches, and the feeling is very harmonious.

There is also an internet celebrity alley here, many people will come to check in in the morning or evening~,

Steal a little leisure in the rush of the journey, breathe the fragrance of freedom in the air, and look away from the dazzling array of small shops next to you. A young lady three or four meters ahead is talking in a low voice. Grabbed the SLR at hand, and secretly photographed it, the beauty is just like this~

The combination of ancient charm and modernity, no matter what kind of vacation you want, you can find it here!

The action of the little brother with the backpack playing bowling is a bit cute~

Alternative gameplay of the Great Wall

In the early morning, facing the rising sun, hike up to the Great Wall of Simatai, and feel its thickness and vicissitudes in the history of the Great Wall slowly brought by the tour guide.

On the Great Wall, let the soothing yoga exercise wake up the sleeping body, and feel the nature and tranquility of the unity of man and nature with each breath.

Shouting the slogan "If you don't reach the Great Wall, you are not a hero", and following the flow of people to take pictures mechanically, you come and go in a hurry, but you have never tasted the true charm of the Great Wall. This time let us feel the high-quality lifestyle at the foot of the Great Wall~

The Simatai Great Wall was praised by the famous Great Wall expert Professor Luo Zhewen: "The Great Wall of China is the largest in the world, and the Great Wall of Simatai is also the largest of the Great Wall in China." Looking at the Great Wall from a distance, it looks like a winding dragon, circling among the high mountains. Climbing to the Simatai Great Wall, you will suddenly see the scenery of the northern country. Climb to the top and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cycling is a way of life, a habit, and an addiction. I love the state of riding on the road, freedom, unknown, expectation, and surprise. Tour the Great Wall by bicycle, measure the road of history with wheels, and leave an unforgettable mark on the Great Wall.

This road section surrounds Yuanyang Lake. While riding, you can enjoy the sparkling and crystal-clear Yuanyang Lake. The green hills, green trees, and the Great Wall are reflected on the lake, showing the beauty of the majestic Great Wall and the water and sky. The landscape brings a new experience of riding, letting go of oneself and enjoying nature.

At the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, there is a Yuanyang Lake reservoir that is not frozen in winter and is formed by the collection of Yuanyang spring water. Yuanyang Spring got its name because the warm and cold springs gather together in one place. Therefore, the surface of Yuanyang Lake is not only rippling with blue waves in summer, but also shrouded in mist in winter, like a fairyland. Cycling around Yuanyang Lake, the breeze sends greetings from the water, and the scenery of the lake and mountains is refreshing.

PS: food recommendation

How can there be such a beautiful scenery without delicious food? Relying on the scenic spot, the major restaurants in the scenic spot make people feel at home~

Food is the most important thing for the people, and the choice of ingredients is particularly important. Superior raw materials make gourmet dishes with better export taste, so that every tourist who comes to Gubei Water Town can eat happily and feel at ease!

Sometimes what you eat is not only food, but also a visual and taste enjoyment!

The fruit at William's Chinese Restaurant is also Xiaoduo's favorite!

A wide variety of cuisines to suit everyone's needs!

There are also dishes in the scenic roast meat restaurant that are still fresh in my memory. Every dish is exquisite and delicious, and it is delicious~

The meat and sauce are perfectly blended, and the soup is matched with the soft skin, which is soft and has an endless aftertaste!


Human life is only a few tens of thousands of days for mortals.

If you don't get out and about, you will think that where you live, your city and country is the world.

If you don't go out, the world is in front of your eyes, and the world is in front of your eyes when you go out. Traveling is not just to see the scenery and take pictures, but to live in the present moment wholeheartedly, to be completely integrated with the beauty you meet and see. It is the encounter of your soul, the expression of eyes and heart, and the camera is just a medium.

For me,

Every trip with you becomes a travelogue,

It will be kept here forever, and it will be very interesting to look it up when I get old~