[1. For the time being, only small partners with low-risk, double green codes, and no asterisks on the itinerary card can be received. The nucleic acid needs to be tested for 24 hours before leaving the group. There will also be places that need nucleic acid during the itinerary. The staff will assist. Please Arrange the itinerary time, please register after knowing it, if you cannot leave the group due to this, you will be responsible for it yourself

2. The epidemic situation changes in real time, and product disclosure cannot release new policies in real time. Please be sure to understand the new epidemic prevention and control policies in various places in Sichuan before booking and consciously abide by the local prevention and control policies. (Before arriving in Chengdu) Our society will notify you in advance of the non-destructive cancellation of the ground connection part (excluding round-trip transportation: plane or train), please understand. 】

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This itinerary already includes the outbound air ticket to Lhasa

For orders whose departure city is "Lhasa", the system will automatically deduct the air ticket fee, and the air ticket is at your own expense;

The time marked in this itinerary is the reference time, the specific time is subject to the actual itinerary, thank you for your understanding;

Please note that the order of the itinerary may be adjusted without reducing the number of attractions;

Due to the limited conditions on the plateau, electric blankets are used for heating by default in the itinerary, please be informed;

At present, flying is prohibited throughout Tibet, and drones are not provided for all packages, please be informed;

The whole journey does not include meals (except local specialties), and the driver's meal expenses will be shared by all teammates in the car.

Meals follow the principle of minority obeying the majority, and you can also choose to eat by yourself (if you don’t eat with the team leader, you need to pay the team leader a total of 100 yuan per day for meal allowance)

Day 1: All over the country--Lhasa collection

Day 2: Lhasa--Basongcuo Scenic Area--Nyingchi

Day 3: Nyingchi - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Suosong Village - Nyingchi

Day 4: Nyingchi--Gala Peach Blossom Village--Sejila Mountain--Bomi Peach Blossom Valley--Bomi/Ranwu

Day 5: Bomi/Ranwu--Ranwu Lake--Laigu Glacier--Bomi

Day 6: Bomi--Tongmai--Lulang--Nyingchi--Lhasa