1. Departures can be made all over the country. According to your location, arrange local comfortable direct or connecting flights

2. This product is A\B\C line, which can be departed every day. If you don’t need a ticket, you can switch the departure point to “Linzhi” to take a photo. [Immediately reduce the air ticket budget of 3500/person], 2 people, starting from 11331/person 4 person, from 8933/person




The drone aerial photography service in the itinerary is a free value-added experience service provided by our company. It needs to be booked in advance, such as: the northwest starry sky and the salt lake and other landscapes. The finished product effect has a great relationship with the weather. If the environment permits, assist the drone to take aerial photos and simply record the trip. If you need a driver to accompany you into the scenic spot, please purchase tickets for the corresponding scenic spots separately for the driver. The drone is the driver's personal belongings. If the drone is blown up or lost due to the customer's own misoperation, the responsibility will be borne by the customer

Day 1: [National Departure - Nyingchi - Stay in the Retreat, Panoramic Snow Peak View, Songtsam Namjagbarwa Mountain Residence] Can depart from the whole country, arrange appropriate transportation according to your location, professional itinerary designer will serve you one-on-one -Walk through Suosong Village, a paradise, and take a light hike in the Yarlung Zangbo River Canyon

Day 2: [Special car + driver and mountain guide (Dalin-Bomi) Peach Blossom Spring under the glacier: Bomi Songtsan Linka] Facing Namjag Bawa, looking at Xuefeng gently, taking the no-man's land to hide from the world and enter the countryside Huai-Lulang Forest Sea-Niyang River Landscape Gallery, Snow Peak, Glacier, Tibetan Stone House Diaolou-Sejila Pass overlooking Namjagbarwa Peak

Day 3: [Special car + driver and guide (Bomi-Gangspruce Primeval Forest Light Hiking-Linzhi)] Primitive forest, Gangspruce Forest light hiking, Palong Zangbo Grand Canyon, enjoy the river water, waterfalls and primitive in the canyon Forest, the pass of Sejila Mountain, encountering Nanga Bawa Peak

Day 4: [Special car + driver and team leader (Nyingchi-Basongcuo-Lhasa)] Yacht tour around one of the three holy lakes in Tibet-Basongcuo (including battery car) + walk through the Linla Highway, arrive at the holy city of Lhasa, and stay in the snow-covered plateau Tibetan-style garden hotel, St. Regis Resort

Day 5: [Special car + driver and mountain guide (Lhasa-Yamdrok Co-Lhasa)] Climb to the top of Bala Mountain and visit Yanghu Lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Day 6: [Special car + driver and guide (Lhasa - Potala Palace - Jokhang Temple - Bajiao Street)] Visit the Potala Palace/Jokhang Temple, the roof of the world palace (including special guide explanation) - Pray with the local Tibetans - Bajiao Find food on the street - private seats for small crowds, Nanshan overlooks the holy city

Day 7: [Lhasa — Departure Point] Transfer to the airport by private car and return to a warm home. We look forward to meeting you next time