1. This product only includes one-way air tickets (except departure from Lhasa) within 1,000 yuan for the outbound journey. The actual fare will be refunded and the amount will be compensated. If you do not need the air ticket, you can contact customer service to remove the air ticket

2. Product features:

  1. 4 nights in 4-diamond hotel in Lhasa, 1 night in Nyingchi 4-diamond hotel, 1 night in Lulang homestay experience 

  2. Lama Ridge, a beautiful temple 

  3. The Holy City of Lhasa City Travel, "Local Indigenous Guide Leads Deeper"

  4. Image memory·Tibetan clothing travel photography (free 199 yuan travel photography)

  5. Lulang International Town 

  6. Trekking in the Himalayas 

  7. Barkhor Ancient Street

  8. Yamdrok Yongcuo "Internet Celebrity Afternoon Tea" 

  9. Internet celebrity aircraft aerial photography 

  10. Lord's Manor Afternoon Tea 

  11. horseback riding, archery 

  12. Campfire pot village, open-air country movies 

  13. Lulang Stone Pot Chicken, Yak Soup Pot, Tibetan Intangible Cultural Heritage Lunch, Western Steak with Red Wine 


Day 1: Pick up in Lhasa, Sunshine City, free at leisure

Day 2: Lhasa - Sejila Mountain Pass - Lulang Forest Sea - Zhatang Lucuo - Himalayas alpine pasture hiking [horseback archery, aerial photography] - Lord Lulang Noble Manor [afternoon tea experience], dinner [Western food red wine steak] -- Zhaxigang Village【Night activities: bonfire party, karaoke, open-air movie】

Day 3: Lulang Township—Gongbuyuan Township—Lama Ridge, a beautiful temple—Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon—the deepest route in Nyingchi—no one! Dinner [Lulang Stone Pot Chicken]

Day 4: Linzhi - Basongcuo - Tashi Island - Cuozong Temple - Linzhi - Lalin Expressway Landscape Avenue - Mila Mountain Tunnel - Lhasa

Day 5: Sightseeing along the way in Lhasa - Jiaruola Mountain Pass - 360° Around Yanghu Lake - 270° Private Observation Deck, Private Afternoon Tea Internet Celebrity Check-In - Dinner [Yak soup pot, no refund if you don’t eat]

Day 6: [Today’s in-depth tour of Lhasa] Local guide: Zaki Temple (seeking money) - Potala Palace - [Tibetan Intangible Cultural Heritage - Yanjing Jiajia noodles] - Tibetan travel photography - Barkhor Street -- Jokhang Temple Square

Day 7: Lhasa--free activities--send to airport/station--go home