Special Note

4 people can place an order at any time, if 1-2 people sign up temporarily, please call to inquire about availability
Register 10 days in advance and try to share the room as much as possible. First call: 400 866 3333 and then dial extension number 54599  

Special reminder: Many scenic spots along the way are yet to be opened, and the specific situation will be updated every day 



Partners who make reservations and payments from August 1 will arrange to stay at Basu Nujiang Yun Hotel


Day 1: Arrival across the country—Chengdu [Shuangliu arranges pick-up, takes a taxi at Chengdu East Railway Station and reimburses the fare]

Day 2: Chengdu - Xindu Bridge - Luding Bridge - Yajiang (420km)

Day 3: Yajiang - Litang - Daocheng - Shangri-La Town (Aden) (352km)

Day 4: [All-day visit to Aden Scenic Area]

Day 5: Shangri-La Town - Daocheng - Litang - Mangkang (493km)

Day 6: Mangkang - Zuogong - Bangda - Basu - Ranwu Lake (451km)

Day 7: Ranwu Lake - Laigu Village - Bomi (152km)

Day 8: Bomi - Lulang - Sejila Mountain - Nyingchi - Lhasa (591km)

Day 9: Lhasa - Namtso: Tashi Peninsula - Lhasa (414km)

Day 10: Lhasa - Yamdrok Yongcuo - Lhasa (216km)