【Private customized small group】

1. This itinerary is a private customized itinerary. The customizer provides 24-hour 1-to-1 customized service. Before payment, you can change the number of days of the itinerary or the hotel according to your requirements.

【About Datong】

1. The itinerary already includes the train ticket/train ticket for the journey from the departure point to the destination

2. If you need us to buy air tickets, we can refund more and make up for less on the basis of train tickets

3. If you need to buy the ticket yourself, you can also contact customer service to refund your train ticket fee after payment, and you can buy it yourself

【About Songtsam Series of Package A】

1. At present, March has been "hot" sold out, and there are still a few places in some dates in April. For details, please consult the customizer

【Reminder about the hotel】

1. Due to the shortage of Songtsam hotels during the Peach Blossom Festival, if the Songtsam hotels have no rooms, our agency will arrange the itinerary with reference to the hotel




Day 1: First Encounter with Nyingchi-A Sea of ​​Flowers | One session, one meeting, once a year

Day 2: Hiking in the spruce forest | Stroll through the Taohuagou, visit the small temple in the Taohuayuan

Day 3: Pursue the last secret place on the earth | Visit the No. 1 Taohua Village

Day 4: Accompanied by an exclusive photographer | A small surprise in the secret place, experience the afternoon tea in the peach forest deep in Sosong

Day 5: Namjagbarwa base camp hiking | Listen to the heartbeat of Namjagbarwa and the call of the snow-covered plateau

Day 6: Farewell to Nyingchi