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Every boy has a car dream or a flying dream hidden in his heart, and I believe this is a journey that will make your dreams come true.

Beijing Automobile Museum

The only museums in the country where you can see so many world-renowned cars are in Beijing and Shanghai. From classic cars from a hundred years ago to Hongqi cars in new China, from Rolls-Royce to Ferrari, everyone who has been here feels that the value for money is excellent.



It is said that Jiangshan Sheji, what is Sheji? This time we will take a different route to the Forbidden City, and first go to the Sheji Altar where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties sacrificed.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The Mutianyu Great Wall has far fewer tourists than the Badaling Great Wall, and the watchtowers are denser and more imposing. The design of the Ming city wall is related to Qi Jiguang, and the Great Wall guarding the capital is indeed more exquisite than other places.

Daxing Airport Kapok Hotel

This hotel has given me a lot of surprises. I usually think that hotels at the airport are just a quick one-night stay, but this hotel hides a beautiful library, which slows down the journey all at once.

Rather than saying it is a hotel, it is better to say it is a bookstore for travelers to rest and a warm life hall during the journey. Be sure to leave more time for the hotel, just like the last complete stop of the trip.

The hotel has a simulated flight experience, and the little ones love it. The hotel is directly connected to the terminal building, just a 300-meter walk away, which is very convenient.


Multiplayer discount

400 per order for 4-5 people, 1200 per order for 6-7 people, 2800 per order for more than 8 people

travel car

Group of 2-3 people: 5-seater B-class car

Group of 4-5 people: 7-seater Buick Business

Group of 6-10 people: 14-seat minibus

service personnel

Less than 5 people (including) tour guide and driver (local Chinese-language licensed tour guide), more than 5 people tour guide + driver

Day 1: To Beijing - 24-hour private car pick-up/pick-up

Day 2: Tiananmen Square - Zhongshan Park - Forbidden City - Wudaoying Hutong

Day 3: Mutianyu Great Wall - Bird's Nest, Water Cube

Day 4: Summer Palace - Beijing Automobile Museum

Day 5: Beijing Wildlife Park - Daxing Airport Kapok Hotel

Day 6: Continue to stay at the hotel - visit Daxing Airport - return to your warm home