1. Hotel: Choose a four-diamond hotel, enjoy the colorful night scenery of Beijing, and experience the city's brilliant neon lights and history in the center of politics, culture, economy, and communication.

2. Itinerary: no congestion, no rush, reasonable arrangement, in-depth experience. Combining natural scenery and history, imagine the colors of life.

3. Car use: Form a group independently, use a special car and a guide, do not join a group with strangers, decide the sightseeing time of the scenic spots by yourself, and save time.

4. Attractions: Beijing Wildlife Park, CCTV Tower, Beijing Happy Valley

5. Transparency: No shopping and hidden consumption, comfortable and safe travel.

6. Service: Exclusive butler-style service throughout the process, saving worry and effort, and traveling easily without burden.

Day 1: [Place of Departure - Beijing] Arrive in Beijing [Private Transfer]

Day 2: [Beijing] Beijing Safari Park - CCTV Tower [special car guide]

Day 3: [Beijing] Beijing Happy Valley [special car transfer]

Day 4: [Beijing-Return] Free activities [Private car transfer]