1. Hotel: Five-star Peking University Boya Hotel, beside Weiming Lake, a garden-style hotel next to Peking University campus, a combination of humanities and classics, a large room of 40 square meters

2. Service: Beijing tour group, after arriving in Beijing from all over the country, arrange local car airport/railway station or hotel pick-up

3. Itinerary: Breakfast at 8:30, departure at 9:00, get up early, don’t hurry, sleep until you wake up naturally, the itinerary is relaxed and comfortable

4. Attractions: Covering the Great Wall, Bird's Nest, Water Cube and other Beijing characteristic attractions

5. Food: Reject group meals, no meals are included in the whole process, the travel steward can recommend local delicacies, and order meals according to personal taste

6. Transparency: no shopping and hidden consumption, travel comfortably and at ease

Day 1: [Place of departure - Beijing] Free activities in Beijing [special car]

Day 2: [Beijing] Badaling Great Wall - Bird's Nest - Water Cube [special car]

Day 3: [Beijing - customer-designated location in the urban area | airport/railway station/hotel, etc.] free activities, recommendation: choose 1 of 6 one-day tours [special car]