Beijing Wildlife Park

Beijing Wildlife Park is located in the 10,000-acre forest in Daxing District. It has more than 200 animals and tens of thousands of them. It is a paradise for children to visit and learn knowledge.
The zoo is divided into two lines, the south and the north. The south line mainly includes the lion and tiger pavilion, the lion and baboon pavilion, and the monkey pavilion. You can also see lions and baboons sharing a room.
Most of the northern lines are bird exhibition halls, where you can see a variety of beautiful birds such as flamingos and peacocks, as well as parrots that can talk to people.
·Many animals in the park are raised in a free-range way. You can take a close-up observation of animals in an iron cage car, and you can also watch animal performances such as acrobatics of big bears, monkeys riding bicycles, and lions drilling hoops.



Day 1: All over the country—Beijing—Pick up by private car and send to the hotel

Day 2: Universal Beijing Resort·Have fun for 1 whole day (including tour guide and guide)

Time: 18:30: Activity time: About 1 hour ❤️When night falls, the light and shadow projected on the Hogwarts™ castle will be accompanied by music, and a magnificent chapter about the four houses of Hogwarts™ will be staged for you , Fantastic colors, bright light and shadow!
【Viewing Tips】
Please pay attention to the official APP/small program of Universal Beijing Resort, check the specific performance time of the day at any time, and watch SHOW easily.Remember to reserve a seat in advance.

Day 3: Forbidden City + Prince Gong’s Mansion + Shichahai

Day 4: Tiananmen Square + Flag Raising Ceremony + Chairman Mao Memorial Hall + National Museum

Day 5: Science and Technology Museum (fun parent-child activities/roaming science and technology experience intensive lecture) + Summer Palace + appearance of Tsinghua University

Day 6: Beijing Wildlife Park, a full day of sightseeing (including guides and guides)

Day 7: Full day free at leisure—return to the sweet home