The park adopts high-tech to interpret characteristic themes, and combines international fashion and entertainment elements such as animation cartoons and movie stunts with Chinese traditional cultural symbols to create a magical world full of fantasy and creativity.

The boutique projects include the large-scale tracking magical MR Ride performance project "Magic Castle", the super-large original stage play "Monkey King", the international high-tech water disaster MR Ride performance project "Water on the Golden Mountain", large original

Create a magic show "Song of Flying" and so on. A special area with the theme of "Bear Infested" has also been specially created, which has become a new tourist attraction in Fantawild Tourist Area. A large number of elements of the hit animation "Bear Infested" are incorporated into the landscape and amusement items of the park.

"Haunted" Heart-warming House, "Haunted Bear Gift Specialty Store", "Haunted Bear Restaurant", etc. "Bear fans" can get intimate with their favorite cartoon characters such as "Bear Big", "Bear Two", "Bald Qiang" interactive, hands-on experience

The realistic version of the world of "Bear Infested" is the first choice for parent-child entertainment.


opening hours

January 1-January 2 10:00-21:30; January 3-January 8 10:00-17:00; January 9-March 3 closed; December 26 -10:00-17:00, December 30; 10:00-23:59, December 31

Preferential treatment policy

child:Children under 1.1 meters in height (not included), with their own valid certificates, must be accompanied by an adult holding a full-price ticket. Each adult holding a ticket is limited to one person free of charge. , free of charge; children between 1.1 meters (inclusive) and 1.4 meters (not included) in height, preferential tickets
elder:Seniors over 65 years old (inclusive), with their own valid certificates, preferential tickets
Supplementary Note:The above information is for reference only. For details, please refer to the disclosure of the scenic spot on the day. Minors cannot play alone and must be accompanied by an adult.

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Fantawild Kingdom Parking Lot] Reference price: ¥20/time; Address: Huaqiang Culture and Technology Industrial Park, Chizhu East Road, Jiujiang District, Wuhu City; Storage space: 500; The parking lot charges: 20 yuan per entry , pay per view. If it exceeds 24 o'clock in the morning, it needs to be charged again, and so on; it is free within 15 minutes of entering the parking lot, and it will be refunded within 15 minutes. There is no charge for official vehicles of government agencies, military, police, medical, and fire-fighting vehicles performing official duties; if the system fails, please pay at the entrance of the parking lot.
phone charging:In the park: fee (15 yuan for the first three hours, 5 yuan for the next hour) outside the park: free.
luggage storage:Reference price: small cabinet 3 yuan/hour (1 day cap 20 yuan), medium cabinet 4 yuan/hour (1 day cap 30 yuan), large cabinet 5 yuan/hour (1 day cap 40 yuan); for pets and flammable Explosive, fragile, polluting items and other prohibited items are not accepted for storage and are prohibited from being brought into the park.
Scenic spot explanation:Fee: Independent tour guide: 500 yuan per person on foot; (four VIP channel projects: Water Man Jinshan, Qinling Adventure, Light of Life, Magic Castle), after the end of the project, the tour guide will no longer be arranged. VIP car tour guide: 2,000 yuan/vehicle; (five VIP channel skip-the-line projects: Shuiman Jinshan, Pansi Cave, Qinling Adventure, Light of Life, Magic Castle), after the project is over, the vehicle can be sent to other projects for experience, no Enjoy the fast track experience again.
Park traffic:Reference price: 200 yuan/person, 2,000 yuan/car; address: at the entrance
stroller rental:Reference price: Single car: 200 yuan/day, 60 yuan/hour Double car: 300 yuan/day, 70 yuan/hour Three-person car: 350 yuan/day, 80 yuan/hour; Address: Bear Haunted Commodity Store
bathroom:There are multiple toilets: all have signs.
smoking zone:Geographic location: There are designated areas for smoking in many places in the scenic area, and tourists are only allowed to smoke in designated areas.
Infant room:Address: There is a maternal and child service room in the visitor center outside the park
FOOD:There are many restaurants in the scenic area, all marked with eye-catching signs.