Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area is located in the northeast of Shangrao City. It is known as "Little Yellow Mountain". Because the three peaks of Yujing, Yuxu and Yuhua stand tall and straight, they look like the three gods of Taoism, Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing, sitting on the mountain. Named after the top. This is a famous Taoist mountain, and the scenery is also somewhat fairy-like. You can watch the beautiful sunrise in the sea of ​​clouds, appreciate the lifelike strange rocks in the mountains, and you can also walk on the high-altitude plank road to enjoy the scenery.

#Oriental Goddess#

The Oriental Goddess is located in the northeast of the Nanqing Garden Scenic Area in the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area. It looks like a girl with long hair and a shawl. She has a peaceful demeanor and has stood tall for thousands of years, very realistic. You can see it after taking the Jinsha Cableway (Eastern Cableway) up the mountain. It is one of the must-see sights when you come to Sanqing Mountain.

#Giant python out of the mountain#

The giant python coming out of the mountain is a pictographic stone pillar formed by long-term weathering and gravity of nature. The peak is steep, with a slightly flat top and a slightly thin neck, just like a giant python breaking out of the mountain. . It is far away from the landscape of the Oriental Goddess, and you can enjoy it from the Jinsha Cableway (Eastern Cableway) up the mountain to the Nanqing Garden Scenic Area.

In addition, the beautiful peaks and strange rocks such as the jade girl opening her arms, the monkey king offering treasures, the old Taoist worshiping the moon, Guanyin appreciating music, Ge Hong offering alchemy, Shenlong playing pine, three dragons going out to sea, sea lion swallowing the moon, etc. are also the beautiful scenery of Sanqingshan scenic spot. Use your imagination and experience the wonders of nature.

Popular scenic spots

#Nanqing Garden Scenic Area#

This is the place where natural wonders are concentrated in the Sanqingshan Scenic Area. Several major landmarks of Sanqingshan, such as the giant python coming out of the mountain and the Oriental Goddess, are located here. The Liuxia Terrace in the scenic area is a good place to enjoy the sunset and the sea of ​​clouds. The sunrise and sunset of Yutai are very charming. In May and June, you can enjoy the grand view of the azaleas blooming all over the mountain in the Rhododendron Valley. Most tourists will choose to visit here in the afternoon. Starting from Liuxia Terrace and going down to Youxian Valley, you can walk downhill on the way to walk through the 299 steps of Yixiantian, feel the danger of the mountains, and enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunset in the evening.

#Sanqing Fudi Scenic Area#

The essence of Taoism in Sanqing Mountain is in this scenic spot. With Sanqing Palace as the core, it gathers the Taoist cultural landscape of Sanqing Mountain. It can be called an "open-air museum" of ancient Taoist buildings. Among them, the well-preserved one is the small stone pagoda of the Song Dynasty built on the dangerous rock. It has an exquisite appearance and an amazing location. In addition to appreciating Taoist culture, it is also a good place to enjoy the scenery. Fenglei Pagoda is the best place to watch the sunrise and sea of ​​clouds, and Feixiantai is the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunset.

#West Coast Scenic Area#

The West Coast Scenic Area is an open platform for Sanqing Mountain viewing, and the amazing high-altitude plank road is also located here. Walking on the high-altitude plank road, you can feel the pleasure of strolling on the cliffs, enjoy the spectacular scenery of continuous peaks and deep canyons, and see the gorgeous sunset and sea of ​​clouds from a distance.

#Yujingfeng Scenic Area#

Yujing Peak Scenic Spot is famous for the three peaks of Yujing, Yuxu, and Yuhua. Among them, the sea of ​​clouds, sunrise, and sunset of Yujing Peak are majestic, and it is also a good place to view the beauty of the entire Sanqing Mountain scenic spot. However, it is precisely because of the steepness of the mountain that tourists are not recommended to climb to the top of Yujing Peak. After all, safety is important.

#Longevity Garden Scenic Area#

This is a very symbolic scenic spot in the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area, located at the southern foot of Sanqing Mountain. The theme here is Xiangshou culture, and the birthday stars are like the iconic landscape here. Strolling in it, admiring the landscapes of Guanyintai, Baitouxielaofeng, Heshouding, Delutai and other landscapes, and feeling the way of health, health preservation and longevity here, it can be said to be a leisurely leisurely stroll.

play route

The entire main scenic area of ​​Mount Sanqing can be regarded as two large circles. The Sunshine Coast in the west - Sanqing Fudi - West Coast is a circle, connected by a high-altitude plank road on the cliff. The highlights are the Taoist architecture of Sanqing Palace and the sea of ​​clouds on the west coast; the Nanqing Garden in the east is a circle, which gathers iconic strange stones such as "Oriental Goddess" and "Giant Python Coming Out of the Mountain", and the steep steps of "a line of sky" almost go straight up and down. Also here. The two circles meet near Rishang Villa-Yuhuangding, forming a character "8". There are Sandongkou, Xihuatai and Shiguling farther away, but there are fewer people going there.

The itinerary of Sanqing Mountain depends largely on whether you want to see the sunrise, or where you want to watch the sunrise. If you want to watch the sunrise, you can almost only stay on the mountain. If you don't plan to spend the night on the mountain, you can choose one of the areas to visit according to your preference. Or turn more than half a circle along the periphery of the "8" to visit most of the essence attractions.

#Classic 1-Day Route#

There are more tourists going up the mountain from the eastern Jinsha cableway, and the essence of Nanqing Garden is right up there. It takes about half an hour to walk to "Giant Python Out of the Mountain", and the "Oriental Goddess" is not far to the left. Go west through Yuhuangding, "Three Dragons to the Sea" and walk up the high-altitude plank road on the Sunshine Coast, overlooking the pastoral scenery below. The Sunshine Coast and Sanqing Fudi-West Coast in the back just form a circular tourist route. The ancient Taoist buildings in Sanqing Fudi take the Sanqing Palace as the core, and are very delicate according to the orientation layout of the "Innate Eight Diagrams". Among them, Fenglei Tower is a place where many tourists rush to take photos. Take a rest here for a while, and continue to move forward to the high-altitude plank road on the west coast. The plank road is close to the Sanqing Palace, and the "Monkey King Xianbao" is also one of the strange stones in the mountain. In the afternoon, I happened to be on the plank road to see the sea of ​​clouds and sunset in Sanqing Mountain.

#Appreciate the sunrise 2 days line#

If you plan to camp or stay on the mountain in order to enjoy the beautiful sunrise, it is recommended to go up the mountain from the south (outer Shuangxi) cableway, take the west coast-Sanqing Fudi-Sunshine Coast-Yuhuangding, and then go clockwise through Sanlong to the sea, giant python Going out of the mountain, the Goddess of the East, you can stay or camp near here, and you can see the beautiful starry sky at night when the weather is good. The next morning, continue to Yuqingtai to watch the sunrise, and then continue clockwise to pass the "Yunv Kaihuai", and return to the southern cableway at the next steep step. If you have enough time, you can stop by the Wanshou Garden Scenic Area near the Southern Cableway.

opening hours

Open all year round; ropeway operating hours: 8:00-17:00

Preferential treatment policy

child:Children under 6 years old (inclusive) or under 1.2 meters (inclusive) in height (accompanied by guardians), free of charge; heights of 1.2 meters (inclusive) to 1.5 meters (inclusive), half price
student:Minors aged 6 (not included) to 18 (included) and full-time undergraduates and below (full-time undergraduates, junior colleges, technical secondary schools, junior high schools, vocational technical schools, primary school students), with valid registration Students with a student ID card can enjoy a half-price discount on tickets. Others, such as postgraduates, adult education students, self-examinees, and short-term advanced students, do not enjoy ticket discounts and are half-price
elder:65 years old (inclusive) and above with my ID card, free of charge; 60 years old (inclusive) to 64 years old (inclusive), with my ID card, half price
soldier:Active soldiers and retired military personnel, with the "Military Officer Certificate", "Soldier Certificate", "Retirement Certificate", "Retirement Certificate" or the "Police Officer Certificate" of the armed police, free of charge
reporter:Free of charge with the "Reporter's Card" and "Photographer's Card" issued by the State Press and Publication Administration or the State Administration of Radio and Television
Photographic Society Member:Members of the Photographers Association, with the membership card of the Photographers Association above the provincial level (including the provincial level), especially the China Photographers Association and the ×× Provincial Photographers Association, free of charge
Tourist guide:Tour guides and travel agency managers, with the National Electronic Tour Guide Certificate, General Manager Qualification Certificate or Sanqingshan Explainer Certificate, free of charge
Taoist priests:Taoist teaching staff, with the teaching staff certification issued by the Taoist Association of China and issued by the Taoist Association of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, free of charge
the disabled:Disabled persons holding a "Disability Certificate" issued by the National Disabled Persons' Federation, free of charge
veterans with disabilities:Retired disabled personnel and special care objects enjoying pension subsidies, with the "Jiangxi Province Special Treatment Objects Certificate", free of charge
Supplementary Note:The above preferential policies are only for big tickets. Cableway tickets: children under 1.2 meters (inclusive) are free of cableway tickets (accompanied by guardians), and children between 1.2 meters (inclusive) and 1.5 meters (inclusive) can purchase discounted cableway tickets. Scenic spot tickets Adult tickets: 120 yuan / person. Half-price tickets: 60 yuan/person. Cableway ticket adult up and down pass: 125 yuan / person. Discounted up and down pass: 63 yuan per person; adult up ticket: 70 yuan per person. Discounted upward ticket: 35 yuan/person; adult downward ticket: 55 yuan/person. Discounted downstream ticket: 28 yuan/person.

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Eastern Jinsha Service Area] Reference price: small car (including commercial vehicle): 30 yuan/car; minibus (less than 35 seats): 40 yuan/car; bus (over 35 seats including 35 seats): 50 yuan/car ;Military vehicles: free of charge. ;Address: Eastern Jinsha Service Area; Storage space: 1050; (1) Standardized parking lot 1, P1 parking space (ecological parking lot): 1802, P2 parking space (Jinsha parking lot): 503, P3 parking space (Jinsha Bay parking lot): 504, P4 parking space (along the inner ring road): 50 (2) Hotel parking lot 5, P5 parking space (Jinchen Villa): 806, P6 parking space (Paradise Hotel): 707, P7 parking space (Jinshawan Hotel): 408, P8 parking space (Shuiyun Villa): 1009, P9 parking spaces (Wuyue Hotel): 3010, P10 parking spaces (Sanqingyuan Hotel): 20 (3) farm parking lot 11, P11 parking spaces (Siheyuan Farm): 6012, P12 parking spaces (above the cableway Curve): 12013, P13 parking spaces (eight acres): 15014, P14 Xikeng parking lot (bus turnover point): 50 buses; [Southern Outer Shuangxi Service Area] Reference price: Car (including commercial vehicles): 30 yuan/vehicle; minibus (less than 35 seats): 40 yuan/vehicle; bus (35 seats or more including 35 seats): 50 yuan/vehicle; military vehicle: free of charge. ;Address: Southern Waishuangxi Service Area; Warehouse location: 980; (1) Standard parking lot 1, P1 parking space (ropeway parking lot): 702, P2 parking space (ecological parking lot): 110 (2) Hotel parking lot 3, P3 parking space (international hotel parking lot): 1204, P4 parking space (Sanqing Villa): 205, P5 parking space (Tianlun Hotel): 206, P6 parking space (Holiday Inn): 207, P7 parking space (Shuangxi Villa): 208, P8 parking space (Yujing Hotel): 409, P9 parking spaces (Nanxing Hotel): 2010, P10 parking spaces (Tianlong Hotel): 4011, P11 parking spaces (Yukeng large parking lot, bus turnover point) 500
Park traffic:Reference price: charge
bathroom:There are multiple toilets in the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area, which are marked with eye-catching signs near Wulaobai Sanqing, Yuhuangding, Sanqing Palace, etc.
smoking zone:Location: There is a dedicated smoking area in the scenic area
FOOD:There are many restaurants in Sanqing Mountain, which are located near Yuhuangding, Goddess Villa, Rishang Villa, etc. and marked with eye-catching signs.
convenience store:There are many convenience stores in Sanqing Mountain, which are marked with eye-catching signs near the dining places such as Yuhuangding, Goddess Villa, and Rishang Villa.

must see tips

[play recommendation]

1. Recommended seasons for Sanqingshan tourism: March-May and September-November. It is suitable for watching the sunrise, the sea of ​​clouds, and even the rare Buddha light. From April to June is the time when Sanqing Mountain has relatively concentrated rain. The climate in the mountain is changeable, so you should prepare the necessary rain gear; you can see beautiful rhododendrons from late May to mid-June; the water in summer is relatively abundant, suitable for summer heat; in winter, you can enjoy ice Hanging snow scene. If you go on National Day and May 1st, people must be full. If you choose to go on weekends, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. You must pay attention to the weather before departure. The weather is clear and the scenery is charming. If it rains in the clouds, it will be different. , but such a beautiful thing as climbing a mountain and taking pictures has become a hard job. The visibility is low, and when taking pictures, you can only see the fog but not the mountains. The best places to watch the sunrise are Yuqing Terrace and Yujing Peak. Yuqing Terrace is located in the southeast of Nanqing Garden, near Rhododendron Forest. It is a good place to pitch a tent and sleep in the open. Yujing Peak has an excellent view, and of course it is also suitable for watching the sunrise. The place to watch the sunset at sunset is located at the Monkey King Xianbao scenic spot on the west coast.

2. Meals on Sanqing Mountain are more expensive. The food, water, and gas on the mountain are all picked up from the bottom of the mountain, and the cost is relatively high. It is recommended to bring your own dry food.

3. The weather in Sanqing Mountain changes frequently. In spring and summer, short sleeves, shirts, and thin coats are enough. In autumn and winter, shirts, woolen sweaters, and thicker coats are usually enough. The temperature on the mountain changes greatly like watching the sunrise and sunset.