Hengdian Film and Television City is located in Dongyang City in the middle of Zhejiang Province, 180 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 95 kilometers away from Jinhua. It is adjacent to Yiwu City, China Commodity City. It is currently the world's largest film and television shooting base and is known as "China's Hollywood". Most of China's ancient costume film and television works are filmed here, such as the familiar "Heroes", "The Promise", "Gong" and "Scary Step by Step". Here you can not only meet the crew and stars everywhere, but even in the streets or corner restaurants, there are people talking about filming or reciting scripts.

Hengdian Film and Television City is actually not a city, but a town. It is composed of more than a dozen large and small scenic spots distributed inside and outside Hengdian Town. These scenic spots are collectively called Hengdian Film and Television City. At present, there are nine open scenic spots, distributed in the south of the town and the north of the town. Zhennan Scenic Area mainly includes the Qingming Riverside Scene built according to the "Qingming Riverside Picture", the magnificent Qin Palace, Ming and Qing Residential Expo City, Dazhi Temple, and a large playground Dream Valley suitable for evening play. Zhenbei Scenic Area mainly includes Guangzhou Street and Hong Kong Street, which reproduces the old appearance of Yangcheng from 1840 to the beginning of the 20th century and the charm of Xiangjiang River, Ming and Qing Palace Gardens, which is known as a 1:1 replica of the Forbidden City, Pingyan Cave Mansion and Huaxia Cultural Park.

There are so many scenic spots in the film and television city, and you may only see 2-3 scenic spots in a day trip. If you have enough time, it is recommended to stay for one night, stroll slowly, and watch a few more performances, so that you can feel the real Hengdian. Charm.

opening hours

Open all day throughout the year; the scenic spot is open all day, and the opening hours of each scenic spot in the scenic spot are different: [Daytime scenic spot] Morning session: 08:00-12:00 Afternoon session: 12:00-17:00 [Dream Bund Film and Television Theme Park] Business hours: 13:00-21:00 on weekdays, 10:00-21:00 on holidays; 20:30 stop ticket inspection [Guangzhou Street Hong Kong Street Scenic Spot] 13:00-20:00 [Dream Valley Scenic Spot] 15:00- 21:00 [Mengquangu Hot Spring Resort] Business hours are 14:30-21:30; ticket checking time is 20:30

Preferential treatment policy

child:Children aged 7 (including those born after 2016) and under 1.3 meters in height (inclusive) are free of charge; children aged 8 to 13 (inclusive) (born between 2015 and 2010) and in height between 1.3 meters (inclusive) and 1.6 meters (inclusive), half price
soldier:Chinese People's Liberation Army/Chinese People's Armed Police Force (with conscript certificate, non-commissioned officer certificate, military officer certificate/police officer certificate, student certificate, civilian cadre certificate), national comprehensive fire emergency team (with cadre certificate, firefighter certificate, student certificate), Free; Veterans: Purchase tickets at the ticket window of the scenic spot with the "Certificate for Non-commissioned Officers to Retire from Active Service" and "Certificate to Retire from Active Service for Conscripts"
the disabled:With a disability certificate, half price
elder:Males over 60 years old (including those born before 1963); females over 55 years old (including those born before 1968) with ID card or old age certificate. , 30% off retail price
student:Enter the kindergarten with full-time students in college, middle school and primary school and ID card verification (fresh graduates with admission ticket or admission letter); 20% off the market price
staff:With the teacher qualification certificate and ID card issued by the education bureau above the county level (verified to enter the kindergarten), the retail price is 20% off
minor:14 years old (not included) -18 years old (including minors born after 2006 (with ID card and fresh graduates with admission ticket or admission notice) full-time students with student ID card., retail price 20% off
Supplementary Note:The above special preferential tickets need to present their original documents to assist in ticket checking. The preferential discount tickets for Mengquan Valley Scenic Spot need to be purchased at the scenic spot, and online reservations are not supported.

Service Facilities

PARKING LOT:[Parking lots in each scenic spot] Reference price: Parking fee is charged according to on-site rules; Address: entrance of each scenic spot; Storage space: 5000
phone charging:The Visitor Center is equipped with charging outlets
luggage storage:Reference price: charge; address: visitor center; valuables cannot be stored
Scenic spot explanation:Manual explanation services are provided at the entrance of each scenic spot, and the Dream Valley Scenic Area does not provide explanation services for the time being.
Scenic Map:Scenic map.
bathroom:There are eye-catching signs
FOOD:Alipay and WeChat are available.
convenience store:There are convenience stores in each scenic spot.