Chaoyang Phoenix Mountain is located 4 kilometers east of Chaoyang City in western Liaoning, with an altitude of 660 meters. With luxuriant trees and beautiful peaks, Fenghuang Mountain is not only a famous historical mountain in western Liaoning, but also a famous Buddhist holy place in Yan and Liao dynasties. There are natural landscapes such as Golden Camel Watching the Moon, Elephant Trunk Hill, and Natural Giant Buddha, as well as Buddhist temples such as Tianqing Temple and Yunjie Temple. As early as 1660, King Murong Huangguang of Yan built the first Buddhist temple in Northeast China, the Longxiang Buddhist Temple, on Phoenix Mountain. It became the first Buddhist temple in Northeast China. After the construction of generations, three pagodas (the existing Moyun Pagoda, Dabao Pagoda, and Lingxiao Pagoda were rebuilt after collapse) and four temples (Yanshou Temple, Tianqing Temple, Yunjie Temple, and Huayan Temple no longer exist) formed the main body of ancient buildings. , In addition, there are the cliff Buddhist niches of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the eighteen incense trays on the ancient road of the Liao Dynasty, the inverted Guanyin Cave and the ancient cave of the reclining Buddha in the Qing Dynasty. Moyun Pagoda is located on the mountainside of the main peak of Fenghuang Mountain. It is a thirteen-level brick pagoda with dense eaves, square and solid. The ancient pagoda in Yunjie Temple is tall and straight, with exquisite carving techniques. The main buildings in Tianqing Temple are Guanyin Hall, Stele Pavilion and East and West Wing Rooms. All kinds of landscapes are natural and interesting. In addition, Fenghuang Mountain with lush vegetation is also an important habitat for the national endangered and rare bird black stork.

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