Yulonggu Hot Spring Resort is located in Kazuo County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. It is located at the southern foot of the beautiful Wangzi Mountain, beside the Daling River, close to Aomulun Wetland Park, about 7km away from the urban area of Kazuo County. It is divided into five tourist areas: The popular hot spring resort experience area, agricultural sightseeing experience area, Dongmeng Cultural Park, time-sharing vacation tourist area, and mountain landscape area are key projects of the tourism and cultural development industry in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province.

The first phase of the popular hot spring resort experience area will be officially opened in August 2017. At that time, it can receive 5,000 tourists bathing in hot springs per day. , a large indoor hot spring experience, water entertainment, and special catering in one hot spring tourist resort.

The hot spring water of Yulonggu Hot Spring Resort comes from the 2011-meter-deep artesian hot spring layer. The temperature of the water reaches 66 degrees. The quality of the hot spring water is pure. Yulonggu hot spring water is rich in "fluorine", which can be called a treasure in hot springs.

Yulonggu Hot Spring Resort aims to create an all-round resort for hot spring health, health and leisure tourism in Liaoning Province. The large indoor hot spring health center fully combines Eastern Mongolian humanistic culture with fashionable and dynamic elements. It covers an area of about 13,000 square meters and is divided into five floors. : The hot spring health center on the first floor includes hot spring pools of different sizes and functions, a multi-functional spa area, a large wave pool, a children’s (adult) game water village, fish kissing therapy, pool wall massage, bubble bath, mineral sand bath , marginal swimming pool, and underground drifting river; the health function area on the second floor is equipped with sauna steaming, slate hot springs, gym, billiards room, children's playground, pigeon hole steaming, yoga room, fitness hall, dynamic entertainment room, naughty castle, etc. Leisure and entertainment facilities; the hot spring rest area on the 3rd floor has Chinese and Japanese massage rooms, VIP foot treatment rooms, and chess and card rooms; the 4th and 5th floors are Japanese and Korean hotel room areas.

Yulonggu Hot Spring Resort has 149 hotel rooms and 6 hot spring villas. The overall design is warm and elegant. There are 4 large and medium-sized meeting rooms with complete facilities, spacious and comfortable, which can meet various meeting needs; the resort has an elegantly decorated and comfortable Chinese and Western buffet restaurant, a catering banquet hall that can accommodate 450 people, and 11 catering boxes that can accommodate 2,000 people at the same time dine. In addition, the resort has carefully prepared all kinds of special snacks, rich Kazuo special dishes, and star-rated high-quality services for tourists. It can hold business meetings, parties, wedding banquets, birthday banquets and other activities of different specifications.

opening hours

09:00-22:00 all year round

Preferential treatment policy

Supplementary Note:1. Tickets are free for those under 1.2 meters in height, children between 1.2 meters (inclusive) and 1.4 meters can buy tickets, and those above 1.4 meters (inclusive) are the same as adults.