Liaoning Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geological Park is located at No. 100, Longniao Street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City. The park covers a total area of ​​600,000 square meters, 2 kilometers away from the high-speed railway station, and 3 kilometers away from the high-speed intersection. The transportation is convenient. The scenic spot has been awarded "" More than ten titles such as "Science Popularization Base of the Ministry of Land and Resources", "National AAAA Tourist Attraction", "National Paleontological Fossil Science Popularization Base".

     Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geopark is a relic fossil theme park built in situ. The types of fossils discovered cover almost all categories of Jehol biota, faithfully recording a very important stage in the evolution history of life on earth, covering the Mesozoic to Cenozoic All the transitional animals are known as "the world's fossil treasure house" and "the Mesozoic Pompeii".

     It has always been famous for its long history, large number, complete genera and species, rich bird fossils, high scientific research value, and wide unknown fields.

     Four fossils of ancient Chinese fruit, primitive archeopteryx, Liaoning ceratopsian, and millennium Chinese ornithosaur have won the Guinness World Records at the same time. Obtaining four Guinness World Records in one area and one field of paleontology at the same time is not only of great value in scientific research, but also a miraculous event in the declaration and certification of Guinness World Records.

     In the discovery and research of paleontological fossils that are shining like stars in Chaoyang, the discovery of early bird fossils is particularly bright. There are 33 known bird fossils in the world, and 25 kinds have been found in Chaoyang area, which can be called the kingdom of bird fossils.

     There are three fossils in the museum that are called the treasures of the town and garden, and the third one is the "Couple Psittacosaurus Fossil". The sudden volcanic eruption freezes the unswerving love of a pair of parrot-billed dragons immersed in the river of love. It brings them disaster, but it leaves us with an eternal masterpiece. Just like the poem said, "The sea can dry up, the stone will not rot, the body will never leave, and the heart will never scatter", so it is named "Eternal Love". The second place is "Liaoning Ancient Fruit Fossil". After research, Liaoning Guguo was 15 million years earlier than the earlier angiosperms recognized in the world, providing strong evidence for the origin of flowering plants. Chaoyang is therefore known as "the place where the first flower bloomed on earth." place". Ranked first is the famous "Sinosauropteryx fossil". The research results of Sinosauropteryx fossils provide direct physical evidence for the origin of birds from dinosaurs, set a bright light for the study of ancient birds in the world, and are also praised by Chinese and foreign experts as "a major scientific discovery in the 20th century". Known as "the place where the first bird on earth flew".

     The three main scenic spots in the scenic area are the paleontological fossil museum, petrified wood forest, and geological corridor. Among them, the Paleontological Fossil Museum has a construction area of ​​20,000 square meters and is divided into the Hall of Exploring the Earth, the Hall of Dragons Walking in the World, the Hall of Jehol Biota, the Hall of Walking into the Cretaceous Period, the Hall of Bird Evolution, and the Hall of Human Culture Stones. The world's largest ex situ protected petrified wood forest covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters and has more than 1,300 petrified woods of various types. The Mesozoic geological corridor has a construction area of ​​7,000 square meters and an excavation area of ​​more than 3,600 square meters. More than 400 fossil specimens of various types have been unearthed, which fully demonstrates the richness of paleontological species.

     The scenic spot organizes various wonderful activities on a regular basis, which greatly enriches the tourists' experience in the park. The beautiful scenery of the four seasons in the park makes people nostalgic.

opening hours

09:00-16:00 all year round

Preferential treatment policy

child:Height below 1.3 (including) meters, free of charge
老人:70 years old (including) and above, free of charge
残疾人:With my disability certificate, free of charge
现役军官:With my valid military ID card, free of charge
警察:With my valid police officer certificate, free of charge
补充说明:The above information is for reference only. For specific information, please refer to the disclosure of the scenic spot on the day

Service Facilities

停车场:[Liaoning Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geological Park Parking Lot] Reference price: ¥10/time; address: 900 meters north of the intersection of Zhulin Road and Longniao Street, near Liaoning Chaoyang Bird Fossil National Geopark; location: 50
Park traffic:Reference price: 10 yuan/person; address: at the entrance of the scenic spot; free for those under 1 meter, hop on and off in the scenic spot