This family vacation place is in Yanqing, Beijing. It is about an hour away from Beijing City. It should be said that the distance is very moderate. Where is this? Uh huh, it is Club Med Joyview located in Yanqing, Beijing. The moment I walked in here, I knew that my time had finally come. For family outings, this place is a real paradise.

The check-in staff is very considerate, and the small bracelet is the proof of unimpeded access here. Xiao Kun put on his small bracelet and can't wait to participate in the activities of the mini club. The moment we enter the room, it means that our parent-child vacation time has officially begun. Friends who come here for the first time may not be very familiar with the way of playing here, but don’t worry, because you can get an itinerary at the front desk or check the official account to learn about different activities, so as to arrange your time according to your hobbies .

Xiao Kun and I also walked here for the first time, as if starting another exploration. The picturesque scenery is close at hand. It was afternoon when we arrived. Although it was raining when we came, we were still worried that we would not be able to play well. Fortunately, the weather cleared up and gave us a big surprise. The sky after the rain was very gorgeous, and I took Xiao Kun to his favorite parent-child paradise.

From the lobby of the hotel, you can go directly to the parent-child activity place through a corridor. The design of this corridor is very distinctive, and it is a good place to take pictures and check in. Xiao Kun likes to walk back and forth here, and occasionally runs a few steps, of course when there is no one around. He said he likes such a glass room, as if walking in the sky. I walked in it with my friends, slowly, not like going to another place, but more like a kind of appreciation and walking.

What are the items not to be missed?

1. Pack up and entrust your children, and give yourself a time.

When you come to Club Med, of course you can’t miss this item, and I believe it is also a service that many parents like very much. As long as the child is over 4 years old, you can sign up for the child in advance according to the schedule of the mini club, and come to pick it up when it is time to eat. Professional staff will take the children to play a lot of games. Since parents are not allowed to enter this area, as everyone's little expert in pathfinding, of course I will give you a comprehensive demonstration.

Unique music classroom:

Here children can choose from a variety of musical instruments, all of which can produce melodious sounds. Of course, there is also the snare drum that can be beaten, and children can beat it as long as they pick up the snare drum hammer. It is no problem for children who want to play the piano, and they can use their little feet to make beautiful sounds here. At the same time, I also found that there is a big screen that looks like a ktv, maybe G.O will bring the children to a competition. Because there is also a small stage here, and there are rows of seats under the stage. Who wants to perform on the stage? Maybe it's your kid.

Let's draw graffiti with G.O and see whose work is more interesting;

Looking at the paintings just completed by the children, it was another wild imagination. These works are the children's childhood and constitute the best memories of the children. In addition, there are video games and various interesting places. The most intimate place for me is the children's bathroom. The place where the water is absorbed outside the bathroom is also a very high-tech design. It is inductive, but the design is very individual. Children will try to find where the water can come out, and it also makes children fall in love with washing hands.

In fact, parents can do their own things after handing over their children to G.O. There are many activities suitable for parents to participate in, which truly realizes the mutual non-interference between parents and children. There are also specially designed parent-child family activities here. Parents can accompany their children into the playground. There are different small places, let the children go to the kitchen to prepare a lunch, or go to drive a small train , Xiao Kun's favorite is this little train. In addition, there are also different parent-child activity venues to meet all the needs of children.

2. Come to a courageous challenge, the trapeze is waiting for you;

When I saw the trapeze, I thought this project was familiar. Immediately remembered the acrobatic performances on TV when I was a child, one of which was trapeze. The experience time of the trapeze is also clearly marked in the itinerary, because professional staff is required to operate, so you must remember the time if you want to experience it. But don't worry about not being able to experience it, because there is plenty of time to experience it here.

3. Rich and colorful sports, let's be a young sportsman together;

A football game vs a basketball game, which one do you prefer? There is no shortage of sports. A wonderful match is going on in the basketball court, and parents are also participating in it. How long has it been since you played basketball with your children so happily? Perhaps many friends feel that they are usually too busy, and they must make up time with their children during the holidays. Friends who like football can also show their skills on the football field. This is the first time I have heard of football on the stage, and it is also the first time I have seen it. As a result, I was "attacked" by Xiao Kun.

In fact, it was because I was sitting on the edge, and Xiao Kun kicked the ball over, which happened to be on my head. Fortunately, my head was hard enough. This also reminds parents once again that children must pay attention to safety, and this activity cannot kick the ball outside. Xiao Kun made a mistake and should be corrected in time for the child. Only by respecting the rules of the game can everyone play well. Here is a little knowledge of psychology. When children make mistakes, we must correct them in time. If you are in a public place, you can call the child aside first, because the child's self-esteem must also be considered. Don't just muddle along because the child is young.

Want to ski? Do not doubt it is now. You can also experience skiing here, 20 minutes at a time, for friends who want to ski or are learning to ski, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Practice well in summer, and in winter you can go to the ski resort for a real skiing. Xiao Kun likes archery. Under the leadership of G.O, Xiao Kun is very good at archery. You must know that it takes more practice to hit the bull's-eye. Parents can also participate in this project together. Whenever several children play together, it is like watching an archery competition. Table tennis is also available. Children can compete with each other, or compete with their parents to see who is better.

4. All kinds of movies are displayed together. Do you prefer VR experience or watching movies with everyone?

As long as you are over 11 years old, you can experience VR, which is for the protection of children's eyes. I very much agree with this and appreciate it very much. We must know that the hotel can start from the health of the children, which is very attentive. Although Xiao Kun wanted to experience it, he followed the rules. He chose to watch big movies with other children. These children's movies took turns, and the children were a little overwhelmed.

5. Come to a dance performance with G.O.

In the afternoon and evening, you can come to a world of dance with G.O. You must know that the G.Os in the resort are all talented. Not only can they mingle with the children, but when it comes time to perform, they are also known as the brightest stars on the stage. He is proficient in singing and dancing. Children can also participate in stage rehearsal performances, bringing a surprise to parents at night. Xiao Kun participated in a performance at a resort when he was 4 years old. Although he was not here in Yanqing, Club Med also gave Xiao Kun the opportunity to perform on stage and exercised his courage.

The indoors are so wonderful, the outdoors are still wonderful;

There are so many projects in the indoor venue, of course the outdoors must be as exciting as ever. The outdoor Pine Valley Paradise is Xiao Kun's true love. This paradise in the sea of ​​Gesang flowers is the source of children's laughter. Various topics and climbing are the best weapons to attract children. Xiao Kun can play here for an hour, and then he will continue to come over in the afternoon. This paradise has such a magical power. In a few days, this is the place where Xiao Kun stayed the longest.

When you meet Gesanghua, you can see the beautiful scenery of Tibet.

I just mentioned that there is a large field of Gesang flowers here. I have always wanted to go to Tibet with Xiao Kun, and I really let us have a look. Gesang flowers can also be seen in some places, but such a large area has never been seen. It is not an exaggeration to call it a sea of ​​flowers, I like it so much, rushing into the sea of ​​flowers to take pictures is of course an essential operation. Pine Valley Paradise is in such a sea of ​​flowers, and children's play is a bit romantic.

There is a church not far away. This church is not what we think, but a simple building, but it gives a different feeling here. There are two different roads in the sea of ​​flowers, one is for cycling, and the other is for walking, you can stop and take pictures at any time. This design is also very careful. After all, different roads are separated and will not interfere with each other. Walking along the way, you can also come across a cat-themed coffee shop, you might as well go in and have a cup of coffee, or order a drink, and enjoy this romantic summer to the fullest.

What programs can parents choose?

There are so many things for children to play, and of course there is no shortage of places for parents to play. Mountain biking is one of them. After entrusting the children, you can come to the reservation center to experience the project of mountain bike riding. Just riding in the sea of ​​Gesang flowers makes simple riding romantic and beautiful. If you don't want to ride a mountain bike, you can also choose an electric bike, as long as you are over 18 years old.

You can experience different scenery without much effort. I think the resort is so considerate. I told my friends in the morning that I am more suitable for riding an electric car, haha. Girls can also choose yoga and aerobic exercise, which are relatively healthy, and there are professional teachers to take them with you, so you don't have to worry about having no friends. And if you do it together with your partner, you will have more confidence to do it well. Friends who like dancing can also sign up for dance courses. There are so many wonderful activities, choose your favorite to participate.

You can also pick common ones. Yunshang Winery provides guests with high-quality red wine experience, and the summer limited-time vineyard tour brings everyone an excellent opportunity to pick summer sweets and get close to nature. The winery has 660 acres of vineyards, which provide high-quality red wine for resorts (and wine clubs), accompanied by red wine tasting courses. Take a small train and embark on a wine journey.

Having said so much, I found that this Club Med in Yanqing is full of all kinds of wonderful projects. As long as you can’t think of it, there is no feeling that you can’t do it here. The little windmill is a place where every friend will go to check in and take pictures, and it has become an Internet celebrity. land. Of course, Xiao Kun and I can't miss such a place, and the children will have different activities here. Wow, I really don’t want to miss any of these exciting events. Do you like this place? Are you excited? There are still promotions here, so it’s a good time to start.

Food Battle:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are in the form of buffets, and Chinese restaurants will be opened one after another. The buffet is still very rich, with all kinds of Chinese and Western food, and there are many foods that children like to eat. There are also various small desserts after meals, which can be described as thoughtful. I like all kinds of small cold dishes the most, they taste very good. The daily food supply time is very long, so there is no need to worry about the children being hungry. The caring staff will also prepare some small biscuits. When the children are hungry, they can continue to eat within the allowed time. Every time I come here, it's basically easy and I don't have to bring any extra food.

Epidemic prevention tips:

The resort strictly implements the epidemic prevention instructions issued by the local government and medical and health departments, and actively adopts eight major epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of parents and children in the resort. In special times, we all have to cooperate well. The health green code is prepared in advance, and the information must be reported truthfully at the same time.

Tips for traveling with babies:

1. It is more appropriate to arrange two nights and three days in terms of time. There are hundreds of acres of flower fields here, the natural environment is lush and lush, and there is also an indoor sports world that includes high-tech sports and children's facilities, as well as natural hot springs; many of these experiences are If you can't miss it, allow enough time for it.

2. This is the largest Club Med indoor playground in China; in the art workshop, game factory and the children's club of the music academy, children can enjoy playing and broaden their horizons; in the game room, high-tech facilities, nursery room and mini kitchen Harvest precious and beautiful parent-child time in the happy family space; learn cooking with children in the family cooking kitchen, taste French food made by yourself, etc. How can you miss these experience programs suitable for children.

3. Yanqing is a summer resort, so it may be a little cool in the morning and evening, and it will be more prominent if it encounters rainy days, so be sure to bring a small coat for your child. At present, the indoor water park is not yet open. When it is open, you might as well bring summer water play clothes for your children.

4. The one-price all-inclusive form is more cost-effective. There are two ways to play here, one is pure accommodation and play, and the other is all-inclusive. The all-inclusive type doesn’t have to worry about eating and drinking. You can drink all kinds of beverages and coffee unlimitedly, and they are available in the children’s activity area and the lobby. The bedroom also has an extra menu, you can order some meals, and it is also very considerate to provide services for families who are not all-inclusive.

Want to walk in nature in the morning, as if you are in a garden in the south of France? Want the kids to meet new buddies? Do you want to have a relaxing yoga experience, in the sea of ​​Gesang flowers, then come to Yanqing Club Med Joyview, where all your wishes can be fulfilled. After traveling for so long, I took Xiao Kun to many places. Here I can write some words quietly and take some photos easily. I really realized the different times that belonged to me and Xiao Kun, and also realized that we have love. Parent-child time, you can act now, let's go!