In the past few days after returning to Beijing, the weather is really hot and stuffy, and it makes people irritable to stay, so I want to go to the surrounding mountains to relax for two days.

So I drove to Gubei Water Town, and stayed in the water town for two days to find peace of mind, just like the artistic conception in this poem: "Why bother with mountains and waters, you can feel at home wherever you are."

There have been obvious differences between the north and the south of China since ancient times. When it comes to the south, people with small bridges and flowing water have already caught our eyes, as well as the silent rainy alley. When it comes to the north, cold mountains and ruined ancient city walls will naturally come to mind.

It is impossible for these two environments to intersect, but when I entered Gubei Water Town, I discovered that there is still such a place that perfectly combines the majesty and majesty of the north with the gentleness and gracefulness of the south. Gubei Water Town is located in Gubeikou, Miyun District, Beijing. The town is poetic with small bridges and flowing water. Behind it is the Simatai Great Wall with a long history and magnificent scenery, and the clear water such as Yuanyang Lake.

Arriving at Gubei Water Town in the afternoon, check in at the hotel you booked. There are many hotels in Gubei Water Town: 10 boutique hotels, 4 themed hotels, 27 homestays, and more than 40 hotels to choose from. This time I chose the Mucheng Boutique Hotel, which just opened this year. The reason is that it is in the innermost part of the scenic spot. Except for the chirping of birds and insects, it is really quiet and there is no disturbance.

Mucheng Boutique Hotel has a "blank" geometric design, a simple home style, and a spacious area of ​​80-90 square meters. It really makes people feel at home, comfortable and casual, and this is the state that vacations should have.

With the huge floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, the curtains are opened, and the mountain scenery comes into view: the cold and steep mountains in the distance, the gurgling water outside the window, and you can calm down naturally.

If you like a hotel with a little personality, then Huotang, which also opened this year, is a good choice. The strong national style design of the hotel is also the most attractive point. Even, when you look up at the circular patio, images of big fish and begonias will emerge, as well as the deep sound of footsteps on the floor. It is always like a movie with rich content, which makes people intoxicated. If it's a rainy day, sitting in the corridor, looking at the dripping rain from the corner of the eaves, time seems to slow down. Or soak in the bathtub in the room and enjoy the scenery of Simatai Great Wall outside. There are also invincible indoor swimming pools, bars and other leisure places.

If you want to get closer to nature, you will definitely like the Great Wall Starry Sky Tent Camp specially launched by the town in summer. This is also a very popular place for children and lovers. There are scattered tents, among the grass and trees, and you can feel the breath of nature everywhere.

Gubei Water Town is a place worth savoring slowly. If we say that those places with former residences of celebrities and cultural heritage are a cup of sweet and warm tea. The Gubei Water Town is just a bowl of strong wine with mixed flavors, rough and full of vicissitudes.

Apart from the Gubei Water Town itself, the Simatai Great Wall stretching hundreds of miles behind it has to be said that it was built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. Looking from the water town, it looks like the bold and unrestrained calligraphy written by a poet, going up the mountain , The pen goes the dragon and the snake. Also like a warrior, his majestic body endured a long time while guarding the safety of the town. As a battleground for military strategists in history, from the Northern Song Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, from a generation of arrogance to a veteran on the battlefield, there have been ups and downs for hundreds of years.

Walking in the streets and alleys of Gubei Water Town, you will gradually be attracted by the culture you feel, maybe it is the tactful opera, or the shadow puppetry that uses the light and shadow transformation to the extreme, or it exudes With a strong aroma of wine, you can find the old wine shop "Sima Xiaoshao" when you close your eyes...

In Yongshun dyeing workshop in the town, you can learn about the surprises that plants bring to life: different plants dye different colors of cloth. So the colors are more colorful in this dyeing workshop. There are also Kite Cultural Center, New Year Painting Workshop, and Jiankun Lantern Shop, all of which are cultures inherited from ingenuity. Traditional skills here present the most quintessential connotation of culture for tourists.

Gubei Water Town has the charm of exploring, and because of the water, it brings the graceful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. This kind of magnificent and soft scenery always reminds people of chivalry and tenderness. Just like the Zhenyuan Escort Bureau that you entered inadvertently, people can't help but see a picture here: either martial arts or chivalry. As for the Eight Banners Guild Hall, the eaves and corners of the pavilions depicting exquisite patterns are also undeniable architectural beauty. So, slow down, walk slowly through the bluestone path in the water town, and look for your own scenery.

When the night rises, the lights of the water town gradually dim. If you stand on a high place at this time and overlook the scenery in front of you, it is like the peace of thousands of lights. So, along the path to the top of the mountain, you will arrive at the best place to see the night view of Gubei Water Town: the church on the top of the mountain.

Listening to the singing of the choir, forgetting your troubles with the peaceful music, enjoying the beauty of the night with a knowing smile. The starry sky lecture hall attracts children's curiosity. Under such a dark night, watching the starry sky and understanding the magic of the universe will make the children unforgettable forever.

From the church on the top of the mountain, you can go to Riyue Island Square, where there is the most lively starry sky beer night market at night. Speaking of this, I have to say that the night in Gubei Water Town is like a festival every day. The ancient and modern characters on the stage here are interpreting all kinds of life, and enjoying the charm of opera, they are naturally intoxicated. And in front of the small stalls of the vendors, it also attracts the eyes of children, the magic of the sugar blower, the exquisiteness of the dough maker, the good skill of painting snuff bottles...

A day of water town time ended unconsciously like this. Blowing the cool evening breeze, I returned to Mucheng Hotel and fell asleep peacefully on the comfortable big bed.

In the early morning, board the Simatai Great Wall and do Great Wall Yoga to experience the fusion of man, nature and soul. The morning sun shines warmly on the body, and the chirping of birds and insects is the most beautiful sound of nature. Stretch your body while breathing, close your eyes and meditate on the freedom and peace between the heaven and the earth. Tips: For in-house guests staying in Gubei Water Town, you can make an appointment in advance for the Great Wall yoga experience in the morning.

(The Simatai Great Wall is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. The city wall was built on the steep mountain, and is famous for its strangeness, uniqueness, and danger. It is divided into two sections by Yuanyang Lake. It was divided into two sections by ancient architect Luo Zhe Mr. Simatai Great Wall: The Great Wall of China is the best in the world, and the Simatai Great Wall is the best of the Great Wall of China".)

Come down from the Great Wall after doing yoga, enjoy a good breakfast, and then start a new day of water town play. It is said that there are at least forty pleasures in life: lying high, sitting quietly, tasting wine, tasting tea, reading books, reading posts, overlooking, overlooking, traveling in mountains, playing in water, visiting ancient times, seeking secluded places, escaping the heat... .. In Gubei Water Town, this day is filled with several pleasures: wine tasting, tea tasting, overlooking, mountain tour, water play, visiting ancient times, seeking secluded places, and escaping the summer heat...because of the ancient There are many places to visit in Beishui Town, and there are many projects to experience. For example: DIY tie-dye experience in Yongshun Dyeing Workshop, DIY shadow puppets in paper-cut shadow puppet shop, DIY kite experience in Kite Cultural Center, etc.

If you are with children, then the children's playground is a paradise for children. From the pine forest hall to the archaeological cave, to the wishing pool and the racing track, every place is unique, and the novel ways of playing make children enjoy it. The naughty castle, reading room and trampoline, etc., Zhang Youchi is very popular among children.

In the Riyue Island Square in Water Town, there is also a bubble summer specially prepared for children, where cute babies can play freely in the white foam.

A night tour of the Great Wall is an experience not to be missed in Gubei Water Town, and it is also the only Great Wall in China currently open for night tours. Carrying a small lantern, I boarded the Great Wall at night, watching the lights dotted in the distance, and my thoughts gradually diffused. And when the UAV Kongming Lantern Show was turned on, it was instantly shocking. Standing on the Great Wall and watching the changing light and shadow of the sky in the distance, it is really a surprise. I think whoever proposes in the future can consider coming to Gubei Water Town. When proposing to the person you love in this way during the night tour of the Great Wall, you will definitely go crazy with happiness.

After seeing the shocking UAV Kongming Lantern Show at a high place, and going down the Great Wall, there is also the Great Wall Music Water Dance Show that cannot be missed. With the ups and downs of the music, the rhythm of the fountain's ups and downs, and the coolness of the lights and dances, become Water town is a wonderful place at night.

Apart from sightseeing, gourmet food is also one of the pleasures of coming to Gubei Water Town. There are many special restaurants in the water town, such as Simagang Restaurant, Gubei Spicy Restaurant, Jingyue Tea House, Guguan Hot Pot City, Roast Meat Restaurant... There are also special snacks: Gubei Roasted Pear, Qiaotou Cake, Beef Fire, Qijia Niu Miscellaneous and so on.

And during the two days of wandering around the water town, I also tasted differently. The first recommendation is the Flavor restaurant on Wangjing Street. The specialty here is Shandong cuisine. Maybe it's because of my heavy taste, I will like the dishes if they are delicious. Therefore, I love the taste here, so, among the many restaurants, it is natural to recommend this place. There is also Jingyue Tea House, which is also a favorite restaurant for tourists. Peking duck, Cantonese-style roast goose, shrimp dumpling rice rolls, old Beijing noodles with fried sauce...the combination of northern and southern delicacies, you can choose according to your taste.

There are also shops full of tonality such as Yunyun Coffee, Qianshan Tea House, and Lotus Beer Courtyard, where you can slow down and enjoy the time.

The holidays are often short, but the water town is often visited. In Gubei Water Town, from morning to night, there are countless beautiful scenery and fun. As long as you immerse yourself in it, you will slowly discover the unique beauty.

TIPS: Gubei Water Town Traffic Information

Self-driving route from Beijing

After getting off at Simatai Exit No. 24 of Jingcheng Expressway, drive to the left on the ramp on the right for about 2 minutes.

Railway route from Beijing

Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station, walk about 323 meters to Huangtudian Station on the "Huaimi Line" and take the "Huaimi Line" train (bound to Huairou North), get off at Gubeikou Station, from Gubeikou Station Take the Gubei Water Town Line at Beikou Station to arrive at Gubei Water Town.

Direct train route from Beijing

Take Metro Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and transfer to the Beijing-Gubei Water Town direct bus at the Dongzhimen Outer Bus Station (junction of Dongzhimen Outer Xie Street and Xiangheyuan South Street, 942 and 855 buses) to Gubei Water Town. It is expected to reach Gubei Water Town directly in 120 minutes. (Buy tickets half an hour in advance until the seats are full)

Bus routes from Beijing

Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to bus No. 51, get off at Simatai Village Station, and walk to Gubei Water Town.