When the color of the south is still based on green

The north has vigorously swayed the paintbrush

The autumn is vividly rendered

Experience it through this holiday travel

Presumably many people have also discovered

With the National Day holiday, the flow of people is gradually ebbing

The imperial capital finally ushered in it gradually

most beautiful time of the year

Autumn in the urban area may not be too obvious

But somewhere outside the city, autumn has already been rendered

I saw the branches and leaves gradually dyed an eye-catching red

Between gray walls and black tiles, red leaves are blooming

The autumn wind is lingering, the mountains are surrounded by water, and the eyes are full of tenderness


If I don't say

You probably thought it was a small town in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, right?

In fact, it is "another Jiangnan" hidden deep in Beijing

Here, it is from the same school as Wuzhen Master

Gubei Water Town

Gubei Water Town at the foot of the Great Wall is red

For the northerners who yearn for the misty and rainy Jiangnan

Gubei Water Town has always been a part of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

The best choice for leisure, play and vacation

Here is the tenderness and poetry of Jiangnan water town

But there is no long distance that you are daunted by

It is located in Gubeikou Town, Miyun, with Yuanyang Lake Reservoir

Only 120 kilometers away from the city

It only takes 1.5 hours to drive to complete a "time-space transformation"

Not to mention there is a direct shuttle bus and the super-high-value Huaimi Line

Really don't be too convenient!

And for many old Beijingers

This is a good place to find memories of old Beijing

Although Gubei Water Town is based on Jiangnan, it is not a complete replica of Jiangnan

it has its own irreplaceable

Qingshiban Road, people with flowing water, cascading distant mountains, at the foot of the Great Wall


The perfect combination of mountains, water and cities

It combines the gentleness and delicacy of the south with the toughness and boldness of the north

Both rigid and soft, ancient and new

In addition, the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China style buildings

A mountain courtyard with northern characteristics

City towers, streets, and courtyard walls belonging to the old era

And many Beijing folk customs that are rare now...

Every stroke is sketching

The Peking Dream Hidden in Everyone's Heart

And what you may not know is

This "City of Peking" is now in a beautiful moment!

You may have seen Gubei Water Town under the misty rain

I have seen the Gubei Water Town under the dim lights

I have seen Gubei Water Town under the snow all over the sky

But have you ever seen the Gubei Water Town in autumn?

The water town in October is probably "the autumn scenery is worthy of title, the red leaves are full of mountains and streams.

The pine diameter is appropriate, and the yellow chrysanthemum surrounds the east fence"

Autumn in Gubei Water Town always comes earlier than elsewhere

from late september

This "red leaf town under the Great Wall" has opened

At this time, under the polishing of the early autumn sunshine, the creepers all over the wall

is gradually showing a dazzling red

Gorgeous and enthusiastic display of what autumn should look like

Over time, the crimson spread

It will completely become the romantic background of the town

Although, the city of Beijing has many places to enjoy autumn

But I personally think

About the beautiful scenery of autumn, all stay in the time of the small town

Different from the red leaves all over the mountains and plains in scenic spots such as Xiangshan and Pofengling

The red leaves in Gubei Water Town have

The unique beauty of the combination of plants and architecture, scenery and humanities

It was painted in colors such as "red orange yellow green blue blue gray white"

A unique scroll of poetry and painting

Not only has the tenderness of the south, but also has the romance of the north

Warm and unrestrained, beautiful and vivid

How beautiful is Gubei Water Town in October?

Let's just say that the photos are not one-tenth of the beauty seen by the naked eye

So, if you don't come to enjoy the autumn water town

that's a pity

And when you come here for yourself, you'll find

Gubei Water Town, the "beautiful" is more than autumn

In addition to the "face" of the four seasons

The "Beautiful Style" of Gubei Water Town

It is also the main reason that attracts countless travelers to come here.

In terms of enjoying food and lodging, the water town has never been superficial

Instead, hit the "deep soul"

And against the background of autumn, this red leaf town

It can be said that everyone's expectations for autumn have been met.

Playing in Water Town——Encounter a good time

Lingering in the autumn colors of Gubei Water Town

At the same time, you will find that there are many places to enjoy and play here.

Escorts, academies, guild halls, teahouses, wineries, dyeing houses

Kite shop, lantern shop...

The increasingly blurred taste of old Beijing

It's all becoming clear in the town

To say that it is as "colorful" as the autumn in the small town

That's Yongshun dyeing workshop

Yongshun dyeing workshop was once the brilliant color of the famous capital city

It is also one of the best tourist places in Gubei Water Town

Here, you can wear a Han family brocade clothes

Leave a personal photo under the colorful cloth

You can also enter the exhibition hall

Take a look at the original ecological tie-dye process

Feel the artistic charm of Chinese traditional culture

You can also experience the printing and dyeing skills by yourself

DIY exclusive tie-dye works

Print that childhood memory on the canvas

Of course, except tie-dye fabric art

Go to the kite hall to make kites, go to the lantern workshop to make lanterns...

You can also feel the strong atmosphere of old Beijing culture

In the golden autumn, roaming by boat is also an unforgettable memory

When the scull boat slowly rowed across the water of Tanghe River

The hotels, inns, and autumn colors on both sides of the strait immediately "moved"

Accompanied by the creaking sound of the oars, along the long waterway

In this way, the beautiful scenery of the town can be seen and hidden in the heart


There are also many free performances to watch in the town

Peking Opera, Dagushu, Crosstalk and Quyi, Allegro

Folk acrobatics, Manchu wrestling...

Surrounded by beautiful autumn colors, there are wonderful performances on stage

How can you not love this beauty?

No wonder "Hidden Man", "Deyun Dou Xiaoshe" and so on

Variety shows, movies and TV are all favored here

Eating in Water Town—Taste Autumn with Your Taste Buds

Indulge in the mountains and rivers, taste a special meal

It is also a great enjoyment on the journey

The gourmet shops in the water town are next to each other

Bridge head cake, snail noodles, tofu corner

Shredded radish cake, honey-flavored baked potato...

Countless Street Net Red Snacks

Maybe it can only be regarded as an "appetizer" before the meal

Exquisite dishes prepared for diners in hotels and restaurants

This is the real "big meal" not to be missed

Miyun Roasted Pork and German Roast Pork Knuckle Platter

Char-Grilled Spanish Pork Ribs with Sweet Corn

Wine Dancing Chicken, Wuzhen Happy Egg Family Portrait

Gubei King Roast Duck, Classic Scallion Roasted Sea Cucumber

Braised fish head with special sauce, Cantonese-style fish balls, veal with radish

Every dish

It's all the touching flavors of this season

Traditional ingredients and seasonal ingredients collide with each other, and then carefully cooked by chefs

Who can resist the temptation on the tip of the tongue?

But to say the food that best represents the "autumn of appetite"

"Japanese food" does my part

In order to meet the occasion, but also for the first time for everyone to taste

Delicious for the autumn season

This October, Gubei Water Town Yushe Hot Spring Hotel and Valley Cuisine Restaurant

Introduced limited food for the red leaf season

——Red Leaf Season Banquet Dishes and Sukiyaki

Banquet cuisine is very particular about the season of ingredients

It is also quite exquisite in the art of placing the plate.

Even the choice of utensils is ingeniously matched with the ingredients

Every dish is made with fresh seasonal ingredients

Strive to present the best taste of the season to diners

Give diners the greatest taste bud satisfaction

If you want to entertain guests or get together with friends

A set of banquet dishes is perfect

Of course, I want to taste the first fresh taste of autumn for myself

Banquet dishes are also an excellent choice

The same goes for sukiyaki

The best fat beef + a variety of nutritious seasonal vegetables

Cooked and then coated with a thin layer of sterile egg wash

The original flavor of Japanese style, every bite is amazing

The autumn scenery is picturesque outside, and the hot pot is fragrant indoors

The family sits together and eats and talks

Is there anything happier than this?

Strolling in the courtyard, only the scenery and delicious food can not be disappointed

Taste the small town, try something new in season

Sit in the quiet and elegant interior and taste the taste of autumn

Let the exquisite umami taste flow between the lips and teeth

In this way, this autumn trip to Gubei Water Town will be more complete

(The dining environment of Yushe Hot Spring Hotel and Valley Cuisine Restaurant)

Night Tour of Water Town——Looking back at the dimly lit place

Gubei Water Town at night seems to have more charm than during the day

At the beginning of the Chinese lanterns, the red leaves are quietly hidden in the night

The whole water town is quiet and gentle, just another look of autumn colors

At this time, take a night tour of Simatai with lanterns, drink and chat at the bar

Watch shocking performances, soak in hot springs to identify constellations in the sky...

Become the leisure life of this "city that never sleeps"

Looking up at sky lanterns

Every night, on the Riyue Island Square in the town

There will be a drone light and shadow festival

This is the first time in China to combine drones with Kongming lantern elements

It is also a unique Kongming Lantern Festival created by Gubei Water Town

with lyrical music

Hundreds of drone Kongming lanterns float into the night sky of the town

The sky is full of stacked photos, which are extremely beautiful

Like the stars in the Milky Way, dreamy and romantic

The majestic Great Wall as the background, the drone in the night sky

Various patterns will also change

Kites, wine jars, the Great Wall...beautiful and lifelike

The whole performance lasted more than ten minutes, but no one wanted to be in this

Wake up in a dream woven by lights, music, and technology

Watch the dreamy sound, light and water dance show

As intoxicating as the Kongming Lantern show, there are

Dreamy Great Wall Music Water Dance Show

The music fountain in Wangjing Tower will be turned on regularly every night

That is another must-see night view of Gubei Water Town

Melodious music, different changing light colors

The water column dancing with the rhythm, and the dazzling fire from time to time...

The magic of water continues in the night

The fountain show continues

3D naked-eye phantom immediately impacts your vision

Elements of water, fire, music, technology

in this drunken night

Staged a collision of art and technology

A stunning performance, simply a

A feast of sight and hearing

Exploring the Great Wall at night, overlooking the dim lights

Of course, the most anticipated thing is to climb the Great Wall of Night with a lantern

It is different from the Simatai Great Wall viewed during the day

Simatai under the night under the light

Less steep, more gentle

There is no bustling water town above the Great Wall

Only the evening breeze blowing slowly and the sky full of stars

View from Simatai Great Wall

The night view of the brightly lit water town is unobstructed

At that moment, whether it was bright, dreamy or romantic, I couldn't tell for a long time

I just feel that time has slowed down in the hazy light and shadow...

Sleeping in the water town - sleeping on the stars and dreaming

Living at the foot of the Great Wall is a return

From the hustle and bustle of the city

Go back to the slow time in the past with a soothing rhythm

Accompanied by mountains and rivers, drunk with autumn colors, and slept with stars

is to really enjoy

The hotel resources in the town are quite rich

Affordable B&Bs

High-end atmospheric boutique hotel

A themed hotel with the ultimate experience...

I believe there is always one suitable for you


Staying in Gubei Water Town, you can also enjoy more unexpected surprises:

Free admission to scenic spots or enjoy discounted tickets

Take the scenic shuttle bus for free

Free access to scenic spots during the stay

Enjoy discounted tickets for night tour of the Great Wall

Enjoy free breakfast at the hotel

Free or discounted spa experience


You see, Water Town is so caring~

TA is using meticulous thoughtfulness, care and service

Let me tell you: please treat this place as your home!

Who would say no to the warmth and comfort of home?

So follow your heart and choose a place to live

At the foot of the Great Wall, sleep on the stars, every night is a good dream

Eight Banners Inn

This is a star inn that is loved by variety shows

Hidden in an alley full of ivy walls

Siheyuan with unique northern characteristics

Northeast-style Kang-style room design and hot spring configuration in a single courtyard

It's why travelers love this place

The rooms in Baqi are not very big, but they are full of warmth

Very suitable for couples or families of three

Spend a leisurely day in the town during the day

In the evening, return to the hotel to soak in the hot spring

comfortable and cozy

After soaking, lie directly on the kang, the temperature is just right

You can sleep well until dawn

Yushe Hot Spring Hotel

Compared with the characteristic B&B inns, the price of Yushe is relatively higher

But there is a reason why you are expensive, the Japanese style of all solid wood decoration

The environment is quiet and elegant, full of Zen

Simple without losing warmth, low-key without losing style

There are 32 guest rooms in Yushe, including single-story and duplex rooms

Each room has a private hot spring, private and very suitable for families

Recommend his duplex family suite

Two-story room type, with two independent guest rooms and bathrooms

There are also two bathing pools, if you want to simply take a bath, you can go downstairs

If you want to soak in a hot spring comfortably, you can go to the second floor

For parent-child families, tatami rooms are prepared for children

However, I think that even if two families stay together

There is more than enough space, and there is no need to worry about privacy issues

The price/performance ratio is also high, it can be said that it is a win in one fell swoop

In addition, there is an indoor bath next to the palace lobby

and two outdoor pools

It is an ultimate enjoyment to soak in the outdoor hot springs accompanied by the brilliant autumn colors

Here, the Great Wall is very close, the starry sky is very low

The autumn wind is slightly cool, but the warmth is at your fingertips

Push the window to see the magnificent view, and enter the room to enjoy the tranquility

"Home" inside the door, "vacation" outside the door

The life you dream of and yearn for is nothing more than that

In addition, the town also has a "hidden" peach blossom source

In Langu District, Modern, Exotic and Original

Three hotels with different styles have long been integrated with nature

enjoy the tranquility

Highly recommend Firepit Hotel in Lane Valley

Very cultural

Firepit Hotel

Different from other hotels in Water Town, Huotang is more

Express a kind of regional spirit exclusive to the Great Wall context

Its inspiration comes from the combination of "Hakka Tulou" and "Great Wall"

And harmoniously integrate Tibetan elements representing regional characteristics into it

Nature, Mystery and Tranquility

The three elements of Tibetan culture are vividly reflected here

enter the room

Carpets, sofas, murals, tables and chairs, bathtubs...

At a glance, the ground is full of strong Tibetan culture

The spatial distribution of the guest rooms also seems to be designed for the Great Wall

lobby, guest room, swimming pool, restaurant

No matter where you are, you can see the mountain scenery in your eyes

Live here, feel the exotic atmosphere at the same time

Mountain City Sun and Moon are also embraced easily

Enjoy a rare poetic flavor in the comfort

Of course, the town's hotels are much more than that

The options are not limited to

Like a bodyguard inn full of Jianghu atmosphere

The Duan family courtyard in the style of old Beijing courtyard

New Youth Art Hotel in the style of the Republic of China

Celebrity-style Thirteen Sisters Women's Hot Spring Hotel

Hangu Villa Boutique Hotel with Japanese leisure style

The minimalist Niancheng Hotel, etc.

All are good choices for staying in small towns

Different choices, different style experience

But it's just as reassuring~

Look! It's windy!

Qiuzheng, who has washed away all her lead, is coming~

So, while the time is just right, autumn is strong

Go to an autumn feast at the foot of the Great Wall

In order to meet the different needs of everyone playing

This October, Water Town has also prepared a series of autumn product packages

Look at the beautiful scenery of red leaves, taste the taste of nature, and enjoy the tranquility of life

All the beauty you can think of in autumn

The Red Leaf Town Under the Great Wall

Oh, right~

October 17-24

Gubei Water Town Red Leaf Festival will also be held grandly

Wearing Hanfu, walking on the ancient streets, enjoying the autumn scenery, night tour with lanterns

Dancing house dance, watching catwalks, watching flower boats, and partying

Wonderful things are happening here...

Unrepeatable beauty, unexpected surprises

Gubei Water Town is full of sincerity

Waiting for you to come to this autumn invitation!

Red Leaf Town under the Great Wall

This fall, love it!