After autumn, Beijing has entered the most beautiful stage. Almost every day is clear and breezy, and the temperature is very suitable, especially suitable for going out to play! Last weekend, I drove to Yanqing with my friends. In addition to the Badaling Great Wall that everyone often goes to, there are actually many interesting places in Yanqing. This time, let me take you to a newly opened park——Yanqing Banquan Sports Park
My friend is a person who likes cycling very much. He told me that this newly opened park is especially suitable for cycling and taking pictures. hapiness!

The day we came to Banquan Sports Park happened to be holding a bicycle competition. After inquiring, it turned out to be the 10th Beijing International Bicycle Cycling Conference. All kinds of senior cyclists from Beijing came, so many professional players lined up at the gate , today happens to be a sunny day too, and it feels like everyone is in high spirits.

This is where the bike race begins! I wish you all good grades, let's go there quickly!

It’s all here, and my friend and I rented a bicycle to experience it. Although it can’t be as fast as a professional player, it’s good to ride a bicycle and enjoy the scenery slowly. The cycling roads and runways of Banquan Sports Park are very well repaired. There are clear signs along the way showing how many roads have been ridden. It is considered a very professional bicycle track level. No wonder it can hold a city-wide bicycle competition.
We checked and found that the west park of Banquan Park where we are now has a professional road cycling track with a single lap of 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers, as well as a 33-kilometer hiking and fitness greenway, which can definitely meet the needs of most professional and amateur players. .

The pros are here! This professional player carrying a big banner is so good, if I carry such a big banner, I won't be able to step on it. Everyone is very enthusiastic and will say hello when they see us taking pictures~

We stopped and rode along the way, enjoying the breeze and sunshine. Looking up, you can see the stretching peaks, with lush forests and reeds on both sides. The weather in September is just right, and riding is very comfortable.

On the way of riding, sometimes you can see a mountain on the winding road. When you ask the staff, it turns out that it is the famous Haituo Mountain in Yanqing. It is an outdoor resort for donkey friends in Beijing, whether it is cycling or hiking. All fit. And Haituo Mountain has built a ski resort and is preparing for the 2022 Winter Olympics.
Such a winding road with Haituo Mountain really has a feeling of being on the plateau.

The light in the small forest next to it is also very good. Rows of poplar trees are neatly arranged. It feels very suitable for wedding photos. I, who wears a white skirt, will come to make a sample first!

One second the expression was serious, the next second it was broken!

Continuing to ride along the track, it suddenly opened up in front of my eyes. This is a landscape rice field. Now it is the golden age of rice, and the golden yellow spreads into the distance. It is really beautiful.
It is rare to see rice in the north. As a child in the south, I am really full of intimacy when I see this rice field. This paddy field has already drained the water, and the park has also designed a field ridge that can be walked in, so that people can take pictures of the golden feeling of being in the paddy field.

Shoot the golden autumn in the rice field.

Putting the bicycles in a row on the edge of the field is also super ceremonial!

The park also considerately built a plank road above the rice fields, you can walk up to enjoy the scenery, and you can also let the rice fields and the plank road match together to take pictures. There are windmills and waterwheels in the distance. With such a combination, the golden rice fields sway gently under Haituo Mountain, which is very beautiful.

There is a small wooden resting pavilion next to the rice field, which is designed as a frame, which is a very suitable place for Internet celebrities to check in. The rice fields and distant mountains are behind it. It retains the beautiful scenery like a picture frame. I believe it will become an Internet celebrity punch card in the future. of the land!

In addition to the rice fields, there are several plank roads leading to the depths of the reeds in the park. You can walk in slowly and take a walk. The reeds are still green now. I believe that after a while, they will turn golden and grow reeds, which is another super beautiful view.

A small pavilion and a secret reed path with Haituo Mountain in the background can take very deep photos.

From time to time in Banquan Park, I saw a family of three riding together. The children all have professional bicycles and full-body equipment. I am so envious! Therefore, Banquan Park is also a good place for the whole family to enjoy parent-child time. I even got to see balance bikes and skateboards, and everyone is showing their skills here.

There is also this kind of unnamed purple-red small flower in the park, which blooms particularly brightly, and it seems that a large area has been planted deliberately, and there is a large area of ​​bright color, which is also very spectacular.

This day’s cycling itinerary is here. After the whole itinerary, I feel that Banquan Park is still very suitable for picnics and tents. Sitting on the picnic cloth and looking at the golden rice fields will definitely be more beautiful. Friends say that next time they drive by themselves, they will come directly to have a picnic , bring the skateboards and balance bikes at home, and compete with these kids in the park.
Although I was actually a player who rode sloppily and took pictures seriously this day, I was also very happy and satisfied. Friends who want to ride seriously still recommend wearing sportswear, don’t pretend like me haha. If you mainly want to take photos, it is recommended to go directly to the rice field area to ensure that you can take a lot of beautiful photos.

Here are some photo tips for you:
If you want to shoot a big picture of riding a road, you can choose a winding road + character bicycle + Haituo Mountain, which can take a picture with a particularly good level. After riding near the rice fields, you can also directly use the rice fields as the background to take pictures of cars and people.
If you want to take a portrait, you can use a telephoto or a large aperture to shoot in a small forest to make the picture more layered.
If you want to take a portrait of a rice field, you can go directly to the ridge of the rice field and let the photographer take a picture of the rice field and the mountain together, which is a beautiful picture.
Practical guide:
🌟Banquan Sports Park, locate by car at the west gate parking lot of Beijing Yanqing Banquan Sports Park
🌟In addition, there is a World Grape Expo Garden next door to Banquan Park, and it is also the grape harvest season, everyone can play on the same day, exercise and take photos and eat grapes, isn't it beautiful!
🌟At present, there is no place to sell food in the park. You'd better bring your own water and dry food to have fun.