The Christmas month is the most appetite for children. As early as the beginning of December, I looked forward to the arrival of Christmas every day, and silently made a wish: I hope that Santa Claus will appear soon with a ribbon-tied and wrapped gift box. Last year, my dad and I wrapped the whole family's presents overnight and put them under the Christmas tree. It is estimated that each family has several Santa Clauses like this. Where are you going to play this year? Combining food, lodging, carpegas and geographical location, I took my grandma and baby to Heyuan Jingyi nearby. As a baby who has been strolling since childhood, the freshness determines the activity of the baby. The most important thing is to live in a hotel villa, soak in hot springs, and play bowling. It is the Christmas lighting ceremony of the hotel and the "China Welfare Foundation" that brought the children a unique love experience that they have never had before. Every sparkling "Ping An sapling" is a shining love. The Christmas scene arranged put everyone in the atmosphere of Frozen. In addition to the lighting ceremony of "melting love and warming winter, lighting up my heart", the Christmas Starlight Music Charity Market on December 22 relayed actions of love and gratitude Going on, this day is the grand finale, and it is even more exciting.

All the way through the Fourth Ring Road to the Jingcheng Expressway, the trees on both sides of the hotel are towering, if it is not winter, what a lush and charming scene it would be. Winter is another grand occasion. Surrounded by 800 acres of natural gardens, the Heyuanjingyi Hotel has a beautiful environment. The snow has not completely melted. The world, the atmosphere of Christmas is overflowing. In addition to the parent-child hot springs, which are highly recognized by the baby-walking circle, there is also a semi-managed Club-E Children's Club. Different themed activities allow children to learn while playing and make new friends. The form of all-inclusive food, lodging and entertainment is more worry-free and labor-saving, and there is no need to worry about playing. The children have a good place to go, and the old mother can naturally relax physically and mentally. You can come to the milk bath, salt bath, Hanfang pool, karaoke, and bowling all over again. The Christmas month can be regarded as the whole family is satisfied, super complete!

一|Christmas Lighting Ceremony: Melting and warming winter, lighting up my heart

Coming to Heyuan Jingyi again, in addition to the quiet location in the midst of hustle and bustle, the rich and varied parent-child activities, the most attractive thing is the warm winter action of love. The hotel cooperated with the China Social Welfare Foundation for the first time to donate Love, I have long planned to donate a safe sapling with my big son, and walk for love together, lighting up the childlike innocence. The Christmas lighting ceremony came as scheduled. The Christmas theme in the lobby is Frozen, which children love. Elsa and Anna have long been waiting for the arrival of the children. Christmas songs sung by the children echoed in the lobby, and the lights flickered. Listening to the staff's introduction of the origin and destination of this charitable donation, both the donor and the assisted person felt infinite hope and warmth in their hearts. The public welfare activities will continue. The "Christmas Starlight Music Public Welfare Market" on the 22nd is even more delicious and fun. I heard that there are public welfare auctions, market stalls, food experiences, talent shows, and lucky draws. The market combines Chinese society The public welfare foundation has specially set up an auction area, and stall owners can provide auction items and handmade products. All auction proceeds will be donated to the China Social Welfare Foundation. Children who succeed in the auction can also receive charity certificates.

The hotel has a variety of exotic villas, which are extra beautiful after snowing.

The Frozen theme that children like, I thought it was the patent of little girls. After watching two movies, I found out that boys also like it, but their focus is more on Xuebao and Salamanders!

Is it super cute? ! Children sing at the Christmas Lighting Ceremony.

Santa Claus is starting to deliver presents! There are sweets and homemade biscuits.

This is the safe sapling brought back by Datou's son. It is a real Christmas tree. It needs to be watered every week. The emerald green color is very fresh and tender. There are also controllable lights that can be switched on and off. We both like it very much.

II | Stay in the villa and feel the Christmas atmosphere

In addition to regular rooms, the hotel also has many exotic villas, Chinese courtyards, German villas, Irish villas, Swedish villas... We stayed in Spanish villas. The Spanish villa has three floors, which can be divided into five independent guest rooms, each with its own guest room and washroom, which can also be fully opened and interconnected. It is suitable for large families or gatherings of friends. Each villa has a large area of ​​lawn in front of it, which can be used as a climbing ladder. A wedding or event must be stunning. The guest rooms are concentrated on the first and second floors, and there is an independent hot spring on the basement floor. The kitchen, dining room, cloakroom, study room, and billiards room are all available. This should be the first time I have stayed in a villa with my eldest son. I am so excited that I am afraid of disturbing you. to others.

At night, a corner of the Spanish villa. It was a cold winter night, so I took a quick photo while standing on the balcony.

Spire European style display decoration.

Walking out of the bedroom, through the long corridor is a separate washroom and shower room, and the arched fancy porch is elegant and beautiful.

Come out on the right side of the corridor, and the stairs lead directly to the first floor.

In the study room on the first floor, although it is winter outside the arched window, the green is still luxuriant.

This is what a Spanish villa looks like. After seeing the appearance of several villas, I have the opportunity to live in an Irish villa, and I like it very much.

3 | Parent-child hot springs that the whole family likes

In winter, bathing in hot springs is the highlight. In addition to the all-inclusive package, Langyue Hot Springs can also sell tickets separately. The setting in the hot spring is reasonable, and there are children's changing rooms specially equipped for children, including cribs, baby chairs, children's slippers, bath towels and swimming rings, which are thoughtful and thoughtful. The size and function of the hot spring pools are different. The aroma soaking spring with flower petals can relieve fatigue; the brine soaking spring that soothes the body; There are many types of vertical massage springs and sitting massage springs. There are also water slides and various amusement facilities in the children's entertainment area on the second floor.

Unicorns that kids love.

Playing with water and soaking in hot springs is the right thing to do.

Make friends by yourself, and the friends quickly become one.

Big and small ball games, water guns, there are too many things to play.

Various hot spring pools.

The bowling alley is also a popular venue. Grandma loves sports, but this is the first time to play bowling, and I have a lot of fun!

The bowling ball was too heavy, and the big-headed son couldn't handle it, so he invented the pitching method himself. I told him the fairways were slippery and he would fall if he stepped on them. He said: I know, I have seen it in cartoons of cat and mouse. It can be seen that watching cartoons is not a bad thing, just moderate.

I am the happiest when you are happy. On weekends or long vacations, the family is the happiest when they are together.

四 | A wide range of categories, delicious non-stop

It can be seen from the breakfast that there are quite a lot of guests staying in the hotel. Entering the restaurant at 8:00 in the morning, I found a seat by the window to have a quiet breakfast. A few kittens ran around outside the glass door, and the children suddenly became interested. Glass said hello. There are many types of breakfast, and many stalls make it to order. The steaming fried eggs and fried dough sticks are glowing and sizzling in the oil pan on the iron plate; the fragrant wontons and various hot dishes are a winter morning The best supply. The big-headed son took the meal by himself, and after tasting the delicious food, he gave me the same one. Well, this son is really good!

The salad table is rich in variety, including kale, lettuce, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, red kidney beans, cucumbers, and you can mix and match your favorite sauces at will.

Fried eggs, one side and two sides as you like.

The fritters are freshly made and deep-fried. If you haven’t eaten them for a long time, come here to satisfy your cravings.

There are many kinds of meat and hot dishes.

Mini muffins in the making.

Early morning dining area.

The baby has already started and is self-sufficient.

This is the breakfast that the big head son prepared for me. He said it was super delicious, you have to try it.

I like the wontons very much, stuffed with shepherd's purse, which is very satisfying.

Dinner at Qinyuanchun Chinese Restaurant. After a few home-cooked dishes, go back to the hotel to rest and have a little stir-fried pork.

Sauce fried chicken.


Soy pot noodles.

Egg Seaweed Soup.

In the courtyard of the hotel, there are lush green plants, small bridges with gurgling water, and under the blue sky and white clouds, it is as beautiful as a picture scroll. The overall architectural style of Heyuan is like a garden in the south of the Yangtze River. In the colorless winter, warmth and love have decorated the place differently. color. Saying goodbye to the Christmas lighting, we are about to usher in the Christmas Starlight Music Charity Market, see you there on December 22!

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