Water Town, Jiangnan, good scenery, I used to be familiar with the sunrise, the river flowers are red, the spring is green, and the river is as green as blue. Can you not remember Jiangnan? This poem by Bai Juyi, the king of poetry, brought people's thoughts to the picturesque Jiangnan. Jiangnan has enjoyed the reputation of paradise on earth since ancient times. There are countless small bridges and flowing water, pastoral cottages and small towns and ancient towns, which are picturesque. There are many northerners like me who are very envious of this kind of scenery in the south of the Yangtze River.

In fact, there is also a small town with beautiful scenery and charming scenery in the north. It combines the graceful beauty of the Jiangnan water town and the majestic majesty of the north. It is Gubei Water Town located in Miyun District, Beijing. Backed by the most beautiful and most dangerous Simatai Great Wall in China, Gubei Water Town sits on the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir. It is an international resort town that combines rare mountains and rivers in the north, and at the same time integrates the north and south styles.

Walking into Gubei Water Town, there are many antique buildings, and the water has a long charm. The bright sunshine in the afternoon shines on the body through the lush tree canopy, which has a slight warmth, which coincides with the tranquil and ancient charm of the water town. People and scenery Immerse yourself in the gentle slow time of the water town together.

The theme of bridges is indispensable in Gubei Water Town. The whole town is connected by the Xiaotang River. There are many stone bridges between streets and scenic spots, such as Yinjian Bridge, Banqing Bridge, Hongzhuang Bridge, etc. etc., the names are gentle and the shapes of the bridges are also different.

Shuttle between the small bridges and flowing water, I always want to see the beauty of the whole town clearly, but the banks of the Xiaotang River are full of verdant trees, and the crimson branches and leaves flutter in the wind, like the long hair of a young girl , Covering people's eyes, the reflection poured into the water, and the breeze floated with layers of ripples, which was so beautiful that it was beyond words.

This kind of situation is simple, pure and without any decoration, which complements the ancient charm of the town without being exaggerated. The boundless beauty of autumn that embodies emotion and scenery makes the town more vibrant.

There are rowing boats passing by on the Tanghe River from time to time. Some people are chatting on the boat, perhaps sharing interesting stories about travel; some are silent and relaxing, immersed in the quiet time of the ancient town. What emerges in front of the eyes is the picturesque water town style of the ancient town, and the cool sound of paddle boards touching the water surface is heard in the ears, which is particularly emotional.

Whether in the south or the north, there is a small town in everyone's heart that haunts them. What I care about is the small bridges and flowing water in the town, and what I love is the stone alleys in the water town. In the slow time of Gubei Water Town, you can enjoy the rare tranquility. From sunrise to sunset.......

The Simatai Great Wall is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall. The walls of the Great Wall are built according to the precipitous mountains, and are famous in the world for their strangeness, uniqueness and danger. Luo Zhewen, a famous Chinese ancient architect, once commented that "the Great Wall of China is the largest in the world, and the Great Wall of Simatai can be called the largest of the Great Wall of China".

Gubeikou has been famous for its majesty and danger since ancient times, and has a superior military geographical location. "Miyun County Chronicles" describes Gubeikou as "the capital controls the frontier fortress, and Shuntian belongs to Songting, Gubeikou, and Juyong. For You Chong". Gubeikou has attracted countless literati and scholars with its unique military culture. Su Zhe, Liu Chang, Nalan Xingde and other writers left many famous lines here, and Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong praised it many times. The land strangles the throat and goes back to the desert, and the sky keeps the lock and key to rest on the majestic pass" to praise its precipitous and important terrain, so the Gubeikou area is known as the capital lock and key.

The Simatai Great Wall winds on the ridge cut by the knife and the axe, draws a clear zigzag line with the blue sky, drags the old body with the history, and extends to the endless sky, like a sky that seems to rise into the sky. Canglong, around the town to tell us its millennium story.

The day’s plan lies in the morning, and every moment in Gubei Water Town cannot be wasted. Getting up early to climb the Simatai Great Wall and practicing yoga with a handsome Indian teacher is a rare experience. Put aside the busy noise of the city, breathe the fresh air, and start a new day with your body in the gentle and comfortable environment of the water town.

After yoga, a hearty breakfast has been prepared, which we brought by ourselves. There are fruits, bread, juice, corn, etc., which are very rich. Has anyone experienced having breakfast on the Great Wall? You can share your happiness in Moments again.

The red leaves change from season to season, and the hot summer is gone in a blink of an eye. The quiet autumn dyed every corner of the town red unconsciously. Autumn is here and the town turns into colors. To be honest, I haven’t calmed down for a long time, listening to the story of nature like this now, watching a flower and leaves in the slow time of the water town, listening to the singing of birds, watching the autumn wind wandering in the red leaves, you will feel Feel at ease. Red, yellow, orange, and green alternate back and forth in every corner of the town, the most beautiful autumn colors, the most conspicuous is the fleeting flaming red, just like the brightest fireworks in the festival, decorating the water town like a fairy tale world generally.

Walking between the blue bricks and pinks of the town, fiery red leaves climbed all over the walls, exaggerating enthusiasm and noise to the fullest, as if trying their best to exaggerate this season, and the few clusters of greenery that caught the eye still had exciting vibes. vitality.

It is said that the most beautiful thing in the world is Qinghuan, and the most beautiful thing in the world is in Qingqiu. Everything in autumn seems to have become simple and calm, quiet and indifferent. At this time, Gubei Water Town always hides many of the most beautiful scenery, waiting for you to stop and discover.

Autumn in the water town is memorable. In the early morning, the distant mountains are misty, and the water surface of the Tanghe River is as clear as an ancient mirror, reflecting both sides of the river. Occasionally, a group of ducks swim by, making ripples that scatter away, just like time. Ripples.

This trip to Gubei Water Town is worthwhile. The slow time in the town, the simple and quiet days seem to be the same as a hundred years ago. Autumn is like a rainbow, covering wooden doors, stone walls, and roofs, and the heart is also bright and bright.

Yexiu Gubei Water Town is a real "city that never sleeps", when you are still intoxicated by the small bridges and flowing water under the bright sky of the ancient town, and the green willows under the clear sky for thousands of miles. Wanjia lights have quietly lit up the town, lighting up the endless night, making all the hearts that should be silent at night, blurred in the dreamlike night of the ancient town. The night was dark, and the brilliant neon lights dispelled the poetic beauty of the water town during the day, and ushered in the sultry bright light at night.

Gubei Water Town The most lively place at night is Wangjing Street, where there will be a wonderful light and water dance show. After dinner, most people will gather here, and some people even wait here half an hour in advance, perhaps because they are afraid that they cannot find a good place to enjoy this visual feast. The Wangjing Tower will also turn on the lights early to point out the direction for people, and the melodious music will also sound, as if to welcome people's arrival and warm up for the performance that is about to start.

Beautiful and cheerful music, combined with dazzling lights, the interaction of sound and light and advanced projection technology, turned Wangjing Tower into a "magic building". This magic building is constantly changing various gorgeous colors. Even changing the shape, a phoenix fluttering its wings appeared for a while, and a lion jumping up and down appeared for a while, as if the Wangjing Tower was alive. This is an amazing magical performance.

In addition to the unpredictable light show on the Wangjing Tower, the music fountain in front of the building is not to be outdone. The water column keeps swinging with the music and lights, and dazzling fires emerge from time to time. The perfect fusion of music and lights, the passion of water and fire Collision, it is said that "water and fire are incompatible". Under the starry night sky, accompanied by melodious music, and leaning against the beautiful Great Wall, technology combines the beauty of opposites together, feeling the tenderness of water, the enthusiasm of fire, The magic of light.

Meisu ⑴. Huotang boutique hotel is located in the deep and quiet Langu of Gubei Water Town, deep in the hinterland, backed by Simatai Great Wall, facing the branch of Yanshan Mountain, sitting on the beautiful mountain scenery, hiding a Tibetan-style and modern firepit boutique hotel.

Every room here seems to be designed for the Great Wall, easily introducing the beautiful scenery into the room. In the transparent and spacious room, there is a copper bathtub by the window, soft warm yellow light, and soft and skin-friendly bedding. Holding a cup of coffee in hand, sitting on the spacious open-air balcony, looking at the sea of ​​clouds on the Great Wall that seems to be within reach, even if you stay here all day, you feel that the trip is worthwhile.

Rather than saying that this is a wild luxury hotel, it is better to say that it is a walking cultural museum. Traditional architectural techniques are unreservedly used in the construction of the Huotang Hotel. The bark-covered walls blend into the natural environment, and the rock slice roofs made of local materials are filled with sunlight. Between the solid civil structures, the light is organized like an entity. inside. There are light, temperature, space, materials, and fog, which make the living experience very rich.

Bathed in the light from between the high roofs, walking into the heated swimming pool, resting on the platform facing the landscape, gradually becoming obsessed with this hotel.

As the "spiritual core" of the Huotang Hotel, there is an open-air firepit built in the bar. Above the firepit is a huge circular patio set aside by the Tulou-style building, creating a "top light" spatial artistic conception. Stepping on the stairs with gentle texture and walking up the circular corridor, you can hear the sound of footsteps under your feet, and the huge circular roof line above your head, and above the roof ridge is the Simatai Great Wall with a sea of ​​clouds.

⑵The tent camp is not far from the Huotang Hotel. There is a tent camp. Compared with the more exquisite Huotang, this place seems to be more "wild". The tranquility of Langu behind Gubei Water Town is reflected here.

Warm and comfortable inner hall, all kinds of accommodation supplies. Whether it is the simple appearance or the delicate interior of the tent, it gives people great temptation. To travel is to have a fresh experience, and to travel is to have a different aesthetic feeling. Living in such a tent, blending into nature, breathing the fresh air of the valley, this is the meaning of travel.

⑶ The beauty of Niancheng Hotel is so abstract, it seems ambiguous, perhaps because of this, it is worth pursuing for a lifetime. We need such a place to share the good life. This time, we met Niancheng Hotel at the foot of the Great Wall.

The plain white appearance, minimalist decoration style, and the shape of "blank" geometric design create more surprises for travel while pursuing beauty.

Each guest room has huge French windows open to the summer sun, and the magnificent scenery of the countryside unfolds outside the window like a scroll, with mountains, bushes, trails, streams...every nuance in the room radiates outwards. A profound and simple beauty. It is introverted, submissive, and warm, accepting every modern person who tries to escape from the arrogant secular pursuit, and humbly giving every space experiencer a sense of beauty.

Gourmet ①Hot Pot Guguan Copper Hot Pot is opposite the first Qiaotou Cake in Wangjinglou Snack Street in Shuizhen. One pot for each person; if there are many people, it is a large copper pot surrounded by people. The ingredients are all fresh, and the fish fillets and fat beef taste very good.

②Roasted Meat Roasted Meat Restaurant is located at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, facing the river and facing the street, with an elegant environment and simple and warm interior decoration. The store specializes in Miyun local dishes. The Miyun specialty roast pork here is almost a must-order delicacy at every table. When eaten, it is sandwiched in sesame seed cakes, served with yellow sauce and lettuce, and it is fat but not greasy.

③ Shandong Cuisine Wangjinglou Restaurant is located in the Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is a good place to enjoy Shandong cuisine and fine Cantonese cuisine. Not greasy, you can try the special dishes such as ancient patrol chicken, sea cucumber with scallions, first-class old altar meat from Confucius, and private Bohai fish.

Tip 1. Autumn activity schedule

2. 长城音乐水舞秀演出时间:19:00—19:2019:35—19:5520:10—20:3020:45—21:0521:20—21:40(周五、六进行演出) 3. 景区交通:a. 北京 出发自驾路线 京承高速 24 号司马台出口下高速后,右侧匝道向左行驶约 2 分钟。b. 北京 出发铁路路线 乘坐地铁 13 号线到霍营站下车,步行约 323 米到达“怀密线”黄土店站后乘坐“怀密 线”列车(开往 怀柔 北方向),到古北口站下车,从古北口站乘坐 古北水镇 专线抵达古 北水镇。c. 北京 出发直通车路线 乘坐地铁 2 号线到东直门,在东直门外公交站(东直门外斜街和 香河 园南街交界处,942、 855 公交场内)换乘 北京 - 古北水镇 专线直达车到达 古北水镇 ,预计 120 分钟直达古北 水镇。d. 北京 出发公交路线 由东直门乘坐 980 路,在 密云 西大桥站下车,换乘密 51 路公交车,在司马台村站下车。