Beijing weather: sunny

With whom: friends

Accommodation: Yujing Nanluo Hotel


Just in Nanluoguxiang, the location is superior, and it is very convenient to go out and walk. The size of the room is very large. It is considered a relatively large space in the 2nd Ring Road of Beijing, where every inch of land is expensive. The bedding in the room is neat and clean, the mattress is especially comfortable, and it is very comfortable to sleep on. It is very quiet, which belongs to the quietness in the midst of noise.

Beijing is square and square, with concentrated scenic spots, so it is easier to plan. Our entire itinerary is divided into 1 Central, 2 Northwest, 3 Southwest, 4 East and Northeast. In order not to be confusing and more instructive, my travel and food itinerary below will be written based on these pieces! Strongly recommended, generally recommended, of course there are some pitfalls, enjoy~~

1 Attractions and delicacies in central China: Don’t go this way to the Forbidden City! Forbidden City (? Strong push)

Needless to say whether it is worth going or not, it is definitely a place that people all over the country must go to.

Forbidden City

You must pay attention to this point: If you don’t go to Tiananmen Square, you can go directly to the Tiananmen Gate and enter the Forbidden City. Entering from Tiananmen Square, it's really far away, but that's okay, there are so many people queuing up, and it's still a weekday. It's hard to imagine what a grand weekend and holidays are.

Forbidden City

(I'm going to take off my makeup after standing in line for a while)

Buying tickets: Remember to buy tickets on Weibo in advance, if you don’t buy them in advance, you may not be able to buy them! 60 for adults and 20 for students.

About renting the explainer: I don’t think it’s necessary to rent it, just listen to it on the official account [Fun in the Forbidden City], and bring a map. I didn't feel particularly powerful when I rented it. Even if you must rent it, it is recommended not to rent it as soon as you enter the door. There are too many people queuing up. You can still rent it when you enter the main hall inside, so you can rest assured.

Forbidden City

Old six door frame marinated (? Strong recommendation)

Address: No. 14-16, Menjia Hutong (near Langfang Ertiao, 5 meters south of Baodufeng on the left)

Attention Southern friends! Just order a bowl and try it, you may not be used to it! !

I ate it by myself, haha. Jonny suddenly told me that he was not used to eating it. He could eat the large intestine, pork lung and tofu separately, and it had a strange taste when mixed together hhhh

But I think it's delicious. It's much more delicious than what I ate at Huguo Temple! Especially with vinegar, vinegar is the essence! The boss has always asked to add vinegar.

The shop is relatively small, just a few tables. I came after ten o'clock in the morning, and there was only one table of us. If the meal came, it would be miserable, and the queue would be exaggerated.

Halal Lao Bao Du Man (Qianmen Store) (generally recommended)

Address: Next to Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, No. 32, Langfang Ertiao

Another restaurant lying on my gourmet list? I chose the restaurant in Daqianmen, and I just pulled the weeds together with the stew.

Fried sheep tripe kernels^The fried lamb tripe kernels are very tender! The plate is served hot, so be sure to finish it quickly, as it will get older if it cools down for a long time.

Small ingredients^ I really like the dipping sauce, it is very mellow [Fireworks]! If there are not many things to order, one dipping sauce is enough! A bowl is quite a lot.

Mending Meatloaf^ Mending Meatloaf is relatively small, try it as you like, it is quite salty, it is not a must-eat, you can order it if you want.

2Northwest Attractions and Food: This store must be punched! Houhai (strong push)

Is it worth going to Houhai? Of course it is worth it!


For that circle of Yangliu Yiyi, it was worth it! If you walk on both sides, there will be no hawkers hawking, and there will be scenes of ancient emperors traveling in a trance.

If you want to listen to ditties, there are too many small bars here! (I'm not interested in this kind, there are too many in Zengcuo'an and Gulangyu)

What's more, there are many other memorial halls worth visiting in this area! Soong Ching Ling Memorial Hall of Prince Gong's Mansion and so on.


There are a lot of delicious food! Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop, hot-boiled mutton, Huguosi snacks, etc. You must go to Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop! Favorite dessert shop of this trip!

Fuhuazhai Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop (? Strongly recommended)

Address: F1-2, Building 11, No. 85, Huguosi Street, Xinjiekou Street (the first floor of Huguo Xintiandi faces the street, Exit B of Ping'anli Subway Station)

Be sure to order this one! I beg you! Absolutely won't regret it!

The overall atmosphere is the atmosphere of the royal family, the royal yellow color, and there is a table similar to the emperor's living room inside, and the music played is also a Beijing-style ditty.

I ate alone, so I didn't dare to order too much, so I ordered 4 dishes. You can order half portion of pea cake and kidney bean roll, in fact, half portion is quite a lot for one person. Because there are 3 half kidney bean rolls and 2 pea cakes, they will be cut into 4 pieces.

The Ruyi Kidney Bean Rolled Kidney Bean Cake is very delicate, with osmanthus sesame seeds on the left and hawthorn strips on the right. The overall taste is sour and sweet.

Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop

Pea cake I really love it! The top layer is preserved fruit, and the pea cake can clearly taste the pea grains. It is a paradise for bean lovers! Not too sweet, just right, not greasy to eat alone.

Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop

You must order Sunni Erfen white cake. It is said that it used to be a symbol of wealth. It is a simple and delicious pastry with a milky taste of eggs.

Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop

Cheese fruit ice did not expect to be so delicious! It's very special. It's not the ordinary cheese sweet taste that you usually eat. It has a handmade taste and a high-end handmade feel. I don't know how to describe it. Anyway, order it!

Fuhuazhai Pastry Shop

In fact, I want to try every one, but unfortunately, one's stomach is really limited, and after dinner, I feel a little regretful, and I will save it for the next time!
Yaoji Fried Liver (Drum Tower) (general recommendation)

Address: No. 311, Drum Tower East Street (southeast corner of Drum Tower)

I think this place can be passed by, there is no need to make a special trip.

I ordered the signature fried liver and buns, both of which are quite satisfactory.

Tell me a funny thing, haven’t eaten all day? Vegetables, my throat hurts, so I ordered old Beijing kimchi. I asked the clerk if it was not spicy, so I didn’t worry. result! It's not spicy but salty! The kind that can be served with porridge, my god! I have the illusion of drinking poison to quench my thirst hahahahahaha! By the way, that cucumber can be ordered, it's delicious!

Attractions and delicacies in the northeast of the east: there are several pits in the 798 Art Zone (strongly recommended)

In my mind, it is a must-see place in Beijing! One of the symbols of Beijing's cultural charm.

Beijing 798 Art District

?It used to be the old factory area of ​​the electronics industry such as the former state-owned 798 factory, but now it has transformed into an art district, and there is style in every shot.

? There are various exhibitions, large and small, every day in the area. By 2019.9.1, there will be an exhibition of Picasso's authentic works! ! There are also small copper art exhibitions, Internet celebrities' Broken Love Museum, etc. I think it can meet everyone's needs!

?Some need to be charged, some are free, and the savings are up to the individual.

?The traffic is not very convenient, there is no direct subway, and the subway or bus or walk is about 1 km away.

?There are also many coffee shops, western restaurants, and milk tea shops in the area. It's no problem to go shopping and rest all day.

Sanlitun Taikoo Li (? Not recommended)

Everyone who comes to Beijing for the first time? Probably will come! If you have time? Nervous, really not? Recommended!

?The transportation is inconvenient. We walked to the nearby Agricultural Exhibition Hall by car. There were many people in the car, and it was not easy to park and take a taxi.

? Don't come if you are not prepared to spend a lot of money. Here are some big fashion brands and Internet celebrity brands, only the first floor is considered ordinary consumption, and it is no different from shopping malls.
There are too many young ladies and beautiful little brothers, and I feel like I'm really stupid when I walk among them. Like a village girl suddenly appearing in an idol drama hhhhhh

What made me feel a little uncomfortable was that a bunch of gray-haired uncles with long guns and short cannons kept staring at the cool young lady and sister. But it's not age discrimination. I see this age with my eyes, which makes me feel a little weird.

Turn to the back and see a lot of people changing clothes. Only then did I realize that this is someone else's show, and the clothes are changed in sets, and they are also specially photographed?

Baikui Laohao Restaurant (Jiaodaokou Branch) (strongly recommended)

Address: No. 158, Jiaodaokou South Street (near Ping'an Street)

A time-honored restaurant that is worth visiting specially!

Baikui Laohao Restaurant

There are quite a lot of branches, I chose the one closest to the hotel (Jiaodaokou store). Stir-fried dishes start at 11 o'clock. If you want to eat stir-fried dishes, remember this time, this time

Come back later.

We passed by at 10 o'clock, ordered a bunch of breakfasts without hot stir-fries, and were very full.

The sugar fire is made for the sugar fire, the skin is very crispy, and the inside is a little dry, which is normal, the overall is good, and it is worth eating.

Baikui Laohao Restaurant

Jingdong Meatloaf^ This is very delicious, especially recommended? There are 4 pieces in total, and each piece is full of meat. The crust is not thin but not too thick. For the sake of filling, no Care more about the crust. When eating this kind of meatloaf, remember to dip it in vinegar, it is full of flavor and delicious! Strong push

Baikui Laohao Restaurant Baikui Laohao Restaurant

Chicken soup wonton soup is a must for breakfast, especially after eating so many greasy staple foods, 10 yuan a night is very cheap, the soup is light and delicious, the wontons are quite large, and the fillings inside are also delicious.

Baikui Laohao Restaurant

I ordered the shallot tofu when I saw it was delicious. In fact, it doesn’t match breakfast a bit. The taste is relatively dense and the taste is good.

Baikui Laohao Restaurant

The soup of bean noodle balls is actually made of sesame paste, which I like very much. It’s been a long time since I had this kind of bean noodle-flavored meatballs.

Baikui Laohao Restaurant

After eating so much, I can’t eat anymore? I’m cooking, and I’ll try cooking again next time. I’m looking forward to it

Laohuihui snacks (Zuojiazhuang store) (strongly recommended)

Address: Building 4, Zuojiazhuang Middle Street

The first meal off the plane is handed over to it!

Vinegar Mushu^Mushu meat must be served! Look at the meat? How big and thick? Look at the eggs. There must be five or six eggs. Who can not love the sour and fragrant

Old back snack bar

Is the name Seriously? It's obviously because I'm afraid that the bean paste will be scattered, so hold it with a layer of skin!

Old back snack bar

Ai Wowo is the only one that I think is average, probably because the last two are filled with powder? They are almost gone, but they are still delicious! Soft and waxy love it!

Old back snack bar

Mutton boiled noodles must be called. I haven’t eaten a decent bowl of noodles for a long time. This wheat smells! Looking at the soup, the color is quite dark, but it is not salty at all! This amount is quite large, friends in the south pay attention, you may not be able to finish it

Old back snack bar

There are really a lot of beef and beef patties in sesame seed cakes! God! tasty! (I am a long-term resident of the South and feel that it is a little salty, so is the sauced beef)

The Taste of Mom in the Old Huihui Snack Bar (not recommended)

Address: Opposite the east gate of Gongti, China Red Street (bottom shop on the east side of Meilin Building)

obedient! There is no need to come here to eat!

mother's taste

I haven't eaten rice for several days, so I found a restaurant nearby to eat when I came to Sanlitun for shopping. One person orders two dishes, the overall taste is quite satisfactory, not the kind that is specially eaten.

Vinegar Mushu^The meat of Vinegar Mushu has a heavy powdery feel and a slight fishy smell. The eggs are not very tasty, and the only thing that tastes good is the fungus.

mother's taste

The spicy fried liver tip is not bad, it doesn't have any fishy smell, and it goes well with rice.

mother's taste

The door face is quite small, it looks like a back door. It's quite big to go in, separated into a small second floor, and there are quite a lot of seats!

Luzhu shop (generally recommended)

Address: No. 442, Dongsi North Street

The overall taste is salty, and the taste is nothing to say. Saltyness is not a shortcoming of others, it may be that I am not used to it

Braised shop

What surprised me the most was draft beer! The taste is rich, the layers are rich, and the color is beautiful!

Braised shop

The mutton skewers taste good, and they are grilled just right and very fragrant. It would be perfect if the chef could sprinkle less salt!

Braised shop

Sauce chicken is delicious and cheap! only 28

Braised shop

I came late and many side dishes are gone, which is a pity! Find a day to try the signature stew!

The next day, I came here to eat stewed fire! Taste the taste of the old shop

Never tire of eating! If you don't know what to eat and are afraid of any taboos, you can order this!

Braised shop

Wonton is also a safe and reliable breakfast! The wontons are big and the soup is delicious [强]

Braised shop

The stewed pot is full of fire and it is a big bowl? 25 I ordered a small bowl! There are a lot of ingredients and the taste is good. The fat sausage is really fat and I am tired after eating it.

Braised shop

Spinach with nuts is eaten as a side dish, and no oil is added when it is cooked.

Shanghai Loquat Duck King (general recommendation)

Address: 20 meters east of Elan Hotel, Mennei Street, Chaoyang

If there are many people passing by, I advise you not to wait! Only a few ducks are sold each time, and half a duck is sold, and some people have to wait for more than an hour!

If you’re like me and don’t go there until after nine o’clock in the evening (non-meal time), you can buy it and try it! Even if it's just me, I've waited for ten minutes! The store will cut it for you and wrap it in tin foil.

Delicious all the way! The outside is burnt and the inside is tender, soft and rotten, and it is heavenly when you take it to your mouth and blow it with beer!

18.8 a catty, very cheap in this position! (The roast duck in our village is 23 per catty, and it is not freshly roasted)

4Southwestern food: so many delicious!

In the southwest, I only went to Niu Street, which is probably a halal street, where there are many beef and mutton sellers. We ate steamed cakes here, as well as hot-boiled mutton, and originally planned a Mending meat pie, but unfortunately, there were too many hot-boiled lamb orders, so we couldn’t eat meat pies at all, so this shop was put on hold and kept. Let’s eat it next time (the one who didn’t go is called [Shiji Meat Pie], if you have a belly, I recommend you to go!)

Yibao Lotus Leaf Cake (? Strong recommendation)

Address: 1st Floor, Halal Supermarket, No. 5 Niu Street (near the input alley)

It's very delicious. If you pass by, you must buy it.

There is a full layer of jujube paste on the top, and there is still a lot of glutinous rice underneath? Big red beans, imagine, the wet jujube paste and sticky hot glutinous rice fill the tongue and mouth, and suddenly chew a big red bean with a rustle. Sweet, glutinous and soft, hey glutinous rice lovers, go crazy! Much like the uncooled cold cakes I ate at home when I was a kid?

It costs 16 yuan and 8 yuan a catty, which is almost the weight of a box. If you want to eat right away, remember to ask the clerk for a pair of chopsticks.

Jubaoyuan (Niujie Main Store) (strongly recommended)

Address: No. 5-2, Building 1, Xili Commercial, Niujie (next to the Muslim supermarket)

Apart from the fact that there are too many people and it is difficult to line up, there is really nothing wrong with it! Delicious and cheap, convenient transportation, strong recommendation!

Is it a must to order Yipin Shaobing? Promise me that you must order it! Crunchy and fragrant, the sesame sauce is rich in flavor, and it can be eaten in just a few bites.

The lamb kebabs I ate a few days ago were a bit salty, but the one from Jubaoyuan was not at all, and it happened to be in the middle of the test, which is very appetizing.

Gold Medal Lamb Brain Hand-Cut Fresh Lamb Snowflake Fatty Beef^ has a lot of ingredients and is a full plate. The freshly cut ones are very fresh and fragrant, and they are super satisfying to eat. The special sesame sauce is absolutely delicious. The sesame sauce is gone before the meat is finished.

The food was served very quickly, and there was no phenomenon of poor service due to the large number of people.

If you plan to go to this restaurant, remember to go half an hour before the meal time. We arrived at about 4:30, there was no queue, and there were already a lot of people eating inside, which is unbelievable.

how is my itinerary planned


Take the plane in the morning, take the airport line (25) to the urban area
Arriving in Beijing at noon, I ate at the old Huihui snack bar in the Northeast on the way
In the afternoon, I put my luggage away, took a short rest and set off for the northwest (Houhai)


Midday (Forbidden City and Qianmen)
Dusk and Evening Southwest (Niujie)

In fact, this plan is not very smooth. Why didn't you go directly to the northwest direction? It’s because there are Houhai’s own other memorial halls in the northwest direction, and it takes a long time to visit. After visiting the Forbidden City, I don’t have enough legs to walk around, so I went to Niu Street in the southwest direction, which is not very smooth but the traffic is convenient.

Must-See Guide

1. Download the "Yitongxing" app, scan the QR code directly to take the subway, no need to queue

2. To exchange change, you need to take the bus (the bus in Beijing starts at 2 yuan, and the fare increases for more than 10 kilometers)
You can also go to the subway window to apply for a bus card, with a deposit of 20 yuan (refundable). Because we arrived at noon, the window to apply for the ID card was closed, and we couldn’t do it, so we forgot about it later.

3. Beijing will be relatively dry. I am used to the weather in the south, and I feel very dry when I go to Beijing and use the same skin care products. It will be better to apply a mask at night. Remember to bring lip balm, I feel my mouth is dry during the whole trip.

Beijing is square and square, and the subways extend in all directions. You can't go wrong by following the map! People in Beijing are also very enthusiastic. If you don’t understand, ask more, and they will be very enthusiastic to point you out~