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In the golden autumn of October, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the best time to enjoy red leaves in Beijing is getting closer. I have been looking forward to the eagle for a whole year, but I can't wait to appreciate how beautiful the red leaves in 2019 are.

I just heard that Gubei Water Town in Gubeikou was named "Beijing's Best Destination for Red Leaves Viewing", and it happened that the weekend was approaching. Xiong Ying also made an appointment with his friends early, and planned to go to Gubei Water Town together. Take a vacation, enjoy the red leaves in the small town, and plan a comfortable and cozy weekend.

Next, please follow the eagle into Gubei Water Town for a three-day, two-night trip to red leaves and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gubei Water Town.

Gubei Water Town, a starry sky town under the Great Wall

Starting from downtown Beijing, it took about an hour and a half by car to arrive at Gubei Water Town. From the parking lot through a large street with the characteristics of the Republic of China, it is the real entrance to the water town. Go through the ticket procedures in the lobby, go to the counter to arrange the scenic spot to check the luggage to the reserved hotel, and then everything is ready.

Immediately afterwards, Xiongying and his friends couldn't wait to start visiting. They crossed the stone arch bridge and walked a long stone road to Nantianmen.

The streets inside Nantianmen are neat rows of markets, and inside the streets are shops or restaurants with different themes. There are many tourists and picturesque scenery, forming a very harmonious and beautiful water town in autumn. Sunset illustration. The water town adopts the layout of left square and right market, with the city on the right and various workshops on the left, such as Sima Xiaojiu workshop, Yongshun dyeing workshop and so on.

When I came to Sima Xiaojiufang, I could smell the strong aroma of wine before I crossed the threshold. After crossing the threshold and entering the display area of ​​the winery, a variety of wine jars and wine bottles of different sizes come into view, giving people a special aesthetic feeling. According to legend, Sima Xiaoshao is a unique local wine-making process in Simatai. The wine has a mellow aroma and an excellent taste.

Leaving the wine shop, the cloth strips fluttering in the wind reminded us that the next scenic spot must be Yongshun dyeing house. Here, you can fully experience the long history of printing and dyeing and the most traditional hand-made printing and dyeing techniques in China. Of course, for the girls, you can also take some beautiful photos here.

Compared with the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, the workshop area is extraordinarily quiet. The alleys are full of red and green "creepers" with a touch of gold. The fiery red color makes the gray and white walls more lively and agile. I think this is exactly the autumn red leaves I want to pursue.

The red leaves in Gubei Water Town are different from those in other places. The red leaves here are very thick. At first glance, they are as red as fire and as red as blood. The fiery red leaves seem to drive away the heat of summer and ignite the passion of autumn, giving people endless reverie and amazement. Inadvertently, a gust of wind blew by, bringing up a piece of red leaf, and the fiery red leaf swayed with the wind, and finally fell to the ground, turning into mud and dust, only the fiery red remained.

At this time, the eagle suddenly thought that the clusters of fiery red leaves are actually changed from green leaves, and only after a long period of wind and rain can they change from immature green to the current red. , to win people's love. The fiery red is just the splendor of the red leaves at the end of their life, so breathtakingly beautiful, yet unknown.

Here, Xiongying quietly tells friends who want to appreciate the red leaves, it is recommended to take a walk in the alleys in the water town. Because the most beautiful places in the water town are hidden in these small alleys, the narrow alleys, against the backdrop of red leaves, actually reveal more of autumn.

In the afternoon, you are always lazy, so you might as well rent a bicycle near the water town reservoir, ride on the exclusive viewing route, and enjoy the gentle mountain breeze blowing by the lake, feeling the charm of cycling.

The most eye-catching thing in the water town is the rowing boats that pass by the river from time to time. Indeed, if you come to the water town once and don't experience the scull boat, you will always feel as if something is missing. Just like this, I sat on the scull boat and enjoyed the scenery on both sides of the river, such as the large northern buildings and the red leaves that seemed to be dazzling. I am afraid that there is nothing better than this, chatting with the master who is full of Beijing accents.

Simatai Great Wall, the dragon rises

Friends living in Beijing know that the Gubeikou area has been known for its majesty and danger since ancient times, and has a superior military location. "Miyun County Chronicle" describes Gubeikou as "the frontier fortress controlled by the capital, and Shuntian belongs to Songting and Gubeikou. The three passes of Juyong and Juyong are the general ones, while Gubei is especially important.” Therefore, throughout the ages, Gubeikou has attracted the praise of countless emperors, generals and literati, such as Kangxi, Qianlong, Liu Chang, Nalan Xingde and so on. I always feel that Simatai Great Wall is the most special section in the entire Great Wall, because this is the only section of the ancient Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall.

According to historical records, the Simatai Great Wall was first built in the early years of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty, and was reinforced by Qi Jiguang, the chief soldier of Ji Town, and Tan Lun, the governor. Its steep mountains, precipitous terrain, and numerous projects can all be called the Great Wall. Luo Zhewen, a famous Chinese ancient architect, once commented on the Great Wall of Simatai, "The Great Wall of China is the largest in the world, and the Great Wall of Simatai is the largest of the Great Wall of China."

In 2012, it was named "Top of the 25 Landscapes Not to Be Missed in the World" by The Times of England. When boarding the long Great Wall, looking at the Great Wall coiled among the mountains and mountains, it seems like a long dragon, isolating the two worlds inside and outside the pass. It is said that the most beautiful time of Simatai Great Wall is at night.

When the lights are bright, holding the hand of your lover and walking through the long Great Wall, the feeling is probably not enough for outsiders to praise. The most memorable thing is that we practiced yoga on the Simatai Great Wall the next morning. The teacher who taught us yoga was a high-caste teacher in India. He taught us very seriously, and we also studied very seriously. For the wonderful weekend It is indeed a pleasant and comfortable beginning.

After yoga is over, bid farewell to the handsome Indian teacher, why not just sit on the ground and have a unique picnic on the Great Wall. Delicious fruit juices, sweet and delicious fruits, nutritious eggs and pastries, and happy friends seem to constitute a very unforgettable memory for us.


When traveling, the most important task and the most urgent task is to make a strategy. Next, the eagle will introduce the methods and methods of the eagle. Items for this event:

1. Documents: ① ID card, this is the first and most important, whether you are staying in a hotel or taking transportation, you must have this. ② Bank card, in fact, in today's very convenient online payment, it's okay not to take a bank card, but it is recommended to take it to be prepared.

2. Photographic equipment: Camera: Canon 6D2 Lens: 17-40 F4.0 (wide angle), 50 F1.8 (fixed focus) 70-200 F2.8 (telephoto) Mobile phone: Apple 6 (although the picture quality of the mobile phone is not good , but it is convenient for street sweeping) Accessories: shutter release, tripod, light reducing mirror, backup battery, camera bag

3. Personal items: ① Clothing, if you don’t pay attention to it, Xiongying thinks that the clothing should be light. If you are particular, it is recommended to prepare appropriate clothing for the occasion. ② Toiletries, in addition to toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, and skin care products, if you are not used to hotel toiletries, you can also take the ones you are used to. ③Umbrella: I don’t know if you have encountered this situation, as long as the eagle goes out without an umbrella, it will definitely rain. Therefore, it is recommended to bring an umbrella, which is very light in weight and very practical.

4. Optional supplies: ①Laptop, Eagle As a professional traveler, a notebook is a must. Whether it is retouching or writing manuscripts, it needs to be used. For ordinary tourists, Xiongying suggests that you can choose not to carry it. ②Change, if you take a taxi all the way out, the cost will be very high. It is recommended to prepare some change for use when taking the bus.

about traffic

Self-driving route from Beijing: After getting off at Simatai Exit No. 24 of Jingcheng Expressway, turn left on the ramp on the right for about 2 minutes.

Train route from Beijing: Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station, walk about 323 meters to Huangtudian Station on the "Huaimi Line" and take the "Huaimi Line" train (bound to Huairou North) to Gubeikou Get off at Gubeikou Station and take the Gubei Water Town Line from Gubeikou Station to Gubei Water Town.

Bus route from Beijing: Take Subway Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and transfer to the Beijing-Gubei Water Town special line at the Dongzhimenwai bus station (junction of Dongzhimen Waixie Street and Xiangheyuan South Street, 942 and 855 buses) The car arrives at Gubei Water Town, and it is estimated that it takes 120 minutes to reach Gubei Water Town directly.

Bus route from Beijing: Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to bus No. 51, get off at Simatai Village Station, and walk to Gubei Water Town.

About accommodation

①Huotang Hotel "Wild Luxury" is my first impression of Huotang. The unique architectural pattern, partial Tibetan design style, bright floor-to-ceiling windows and brass bathtub next to the window made me fall in love with it the moment I entered the door. Here...the comfortable big bed, the tap water that can be drunk directly, and the fresh fruit as a gift, all moved me and praised the delicate and considerate service of the hotel.

On a cool autumn night, you might as well go to the tulou area of ​​the hotel to participate in a bonfire party with singing and dancing. The flickering firelight and happy smiling faces constitute the eternal memory in my mind.

②Niancheng Hotel

Hundreds of meters below the fire pond is the Niancheng Hotel. In my eyes, compared to the wild luxury that Huotang focuses on, Niancheng may appear more traditional and elegant. The comfortable and grand room furnishings give people a feeling of beauty, never forgetting, and the years are quiet and beautiful.

③Hakoya Tent

The camp is scorching hot, and the cicadas are singing. Between Buildings 6 and 8 of the Hangu Villa Hotel in Gubeikoushui Town, there is a flat open space where 10 tents stand, which is the location of the Hangu Tent Camp. Each tent can be described as a luxurious existence. In addition to the necessary mattresses, bedside tables, bedding, slippers, toiletries and other facilities, it is also thoughtfully equipped with toilet water and mosquito repellent. I will definitely come here next summer A trip to Star Camp.

about food

Lunch (roasted meat restaurant) Roasted meat, a traditional delicacy in Gubeikou since ancient times, and the town hall delicacy of this roasted meat restaurant is roasted pork. The fat and thin pork belly is roasted with a secret method until it is crispy and not greasy. It is served with cucumber sticks and special sauce. It feels like a hamburger. The meat is rich in flavor, fat but not greasy, so beautiful.

Dinner (Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel)

Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel is not just a simple hotel. The open-air balcony near the reservoir and the delicious food have left a deep impression on my heart. While savoring delicious food with all kinds of flavors and colors, while looking at the star-studded night sky and the noisy Simatai Great Wall in the distance, there are only two words to describe it - perfect.

About tickets

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