DAY1 Distance from Shu Kingdom to Beijing

At 10 o'clock in the morning, we got up at 6:30 and started to pack up. We set off at 8:00. The scenery along the way is infinite, and the train is really more interesting than the plane. After passing through the Qinling Mountains and passing through countless tunnels, it finally dawned on me that the land in the north is still different from Sichuan. There is a feeling of open-mindedness. This time, the EMU stopped at many stations, sat for nearly 8 hours, and finally arrived in Beijing. When we got out of the car, an autumn rain greeted us, and we felt extremely cool in an instant. Since we didn't find accommodation in advance, it was really troublesome to find it now.

We have always decided to find a hotel near Nanluoguxiang, called Weiming Hotel Nanluoguxiang

There is nothing to say about the location of the hotel, it is convenient to go anywhere, especially the alleys extending in all directions downstairs, and it is walking distance from Houhai and Shichahai. Highly recommend the terrace room, super comfortable. The alley that gets up early is very quiet, suitable for a comfortable vacation with children. The waiters are very qualified and warm

A very recommended hotel, worth living in.

DAY2 less than the Great Wall is not a hero - Mutianyu Great Wall

Make a strategy on the Internet early, knowing that there are so many people going to Badaling, queue up for two hours and five minutes to visit. So according to the route recommended by everyone, I took the Mu bus to Mutianyu. Book your tickets online, Mubus is divided into morning and evening shifts. We don’t want to get up early, so we set the time at 10:30. The tour guide told us to meet at the Shaoyaoju subway entrance at 10:50, get up in the morning and have breakfast downstairs in the hotel, and take the subway to the meeting place. There is still plenty of time. After more than an hour, we arrived at Mutianyu. The tour guide picked up the tickets, and all kinds of delays. It was almost two o'clock when we entered the scenic spot. There was no lunch. Fortunately, we brought a self-heating box lunch. After eating, we took the cableway to No. 14 Beacon Tower Nearby, start the hero's journey. Let’s talk about the cableway here. There are two lines, which are operated by two cableway companies. Up and down are 120 yuan, one side is 100 yuan, and children are 50% off. The places we go to are also different. We took the van cableway and went to No. 14 The beacon tower, and the other ropeway is to the No. 6 beacon tower, and you can take the slide down the mountain. Climbing the Great Wall is not as difficult as imagined, it may be because of my mood, I feel very relaxed, especially my son, jumping up and down. The weather was good that day. Although it was summer, there was a cool breeze on the Great Wall. The sun hid behind the clouds for a while, and it didn’t feel very hot. But climbing is indeed a physical work. We bought two bottles from the Mubus driver. The water is still not enough to drink, and the mouth is dry, so you must have enough water. I was very excited to see the Great Wall for the first time, just like seeing the sea for the first time, finally coming to reality from the screen. The whole route of Mutianyu is relatively smooth. After reaching the last two beacon towers, it starts to climb steeply. Haohan Slope is at No. 20 beacon tower, which is also the highest point of the whole scenic spot. When we climbed No. 20 beacon tower, we are all heroes. la 😄. When you reach Beacon Tower No. 20, you are not allowed to go any further. You have been blocked, but if you insist on moving forward, it is not impossible. It is said that after climbing over the fence, you will go to the very steep wild Great Wall——Jiankou Great Wall . Mutianyu is really a very good experience. There are very few people, and most of them are foreigners. You can take a photo with the Great Wall alone, and no one is sneaking. The last photo is a carriage made by British Prime Minister John Major.

The Mubus trip is good, the Great Wall is over, and we are sent to the Olympic Sports Park, just in time to watch the night view of the Bird's Nest and the Water Cube. Various changing lights. There are many sports groups in the Olympic Sports Park, including dancing and rope skipping. Dinner is eaten in the food street next to it, which is expensive and not delicious.

DAY3 enters the palace

Tickets for the Forbidden City need to be booked two days in advance, and the daily flow is limited to 80,000 people. We didn't make a reservation. We thought we couldn't get in the first day. Fortunately, we found a website that can make reservations for the next day. Buy tickets quickly, 60 for adults and 20 for children. From the Tiananmen Square security check, enter the palace through the Jinshui Bridge. We finished going that day, and there were so many people, it is recommended to go early if you want to go. I’ve been in Beijing for two days, and I haven’t seen the real face of Tiananmen Square yet, so I can just take pictures in Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City is not very interesting to my son. I like it more. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched too many Gongdou dramas. It’s really similar to the ones on TV. It has high red walls and yellow tiles. Enter from the Meridian Gate and walk along the central axis first. , Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony, Hall of Preserving Harmony, and then to the Harem, each palace has some collections and introductions. By the way, I suggest you rent an explainer for 20 yuan. Lunch is settled in the scenic area. All set meals are 40 yuan, and drinks are 15. I also went to see the Palace of Yanxi Palace.

The dilapidated Crystal Palace also shows the final decline of the Qing government. Going out from Shenwumen, the opposite is Jingshan Park, so you must go to Jingshan Park to see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City. Jingshan Park ticket 2 yuan

Going back from the Forbidden City, I passed Huguo Temple for snacks and bought pea cakes, almond tofu, and egg yolk cakes. The taste was okay.

DAY4 Royal back garden - Summer Palace, Peking University

The subway in Beijing extends in all directions, which is quite convenient. We took the subway from Dashilan to the Summer Palace. In the Summer Palace, Kunming Lake is rippling with blue waves and towering old trees. It is very similar to West Lake. It was built by Qianlong for his mother. Not only is the scenery beautiful, but there are also many Buddhist halls. Tickets are booked on the first day. Scan the QR code from the North Palace Gate to enter directly, which is much faster than the Forbidden City. Buying tickets online is bundled with an explanation, so the Summer Palace does not rent an explanation device. Because I walked too much to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in the past two days, I still have no strength in my feet today. I only walked halfway through the Summer Palace, and then I went out through the new palace gate. Before my son came here, he saw a stone boat in the Summer Palace from the book. I really want to see it, but I really can't walk, sorry. It is said that it is a three-hour tour, but I think it may not be enough to finish the tour in one day. Lunch is also settled in the scenic area, a serving of more than 30 yuan, water is more expensive, 8 yuan a bottle.

Coming out of the Xinjian Palace Gate of the Summer Palace, we took the bus to Peking University, but we didn’t expect to take the bus stop, then got off the bus and rode Mobike to Peking University. You need to make an appointment to enter the school. We didn’t make an appointment, so we had to make a card at the door. The main entrance of Peking University is the west gate. When we went, the door was already full of people. Many of them were parents bringing their children. It seems that this is a place for students from all over the country. Goal of struggle

I took the bus from Peking University to Qianmen. I wanted to see the style of Beijing. The traffic was not as congested as I imagined, but the journey was too far away. Halfway through the ride, I got off at Xizhimen and transferred to the subway. It was much faster 😀. On the way, it started to rain again. When I came out of the subway, I saw a rainbow on the front door. It was so beautiful.

How can you come to Beijing without eating roast duck? It is said that instead of going to Quanjude now, go to Siji Minfu. We arrived at Siji Minfu just in time for dinner. There are already many people waiting outside the door, but we will go back tomorrow. I will not be reconciled if I don’t eat the roast duck. Wait, there are 40 tables in front, and I will walk a few steps to another Siji Minfu How long do you have to wait for the table, hey, if it comes, it will be safe, let's wait. After nearly two hours, it was finally our turn. We ordered half a portion of roast duck, one portion of Baylor’s barbecue, and finally ordered a snack (I can’t remember what it was). In the end, the snack was not served, so we didn’t want it. The service of this newly promoted online celebrity restaurant is quite good, but the roast duck is just like that. The skin is very crispy, dipped in white sugar, and it tastes like oil residue. It is a bit boring to eat too much. There are quite a lot of small ingredients, we ordered two and didn't finish it. Baylor's barbecue is mutton, and it doesn't feel very special. The duck soup provided is too peppery.

Walking from Siji Minfu to the place where I live, passing by Beijing Square, it's good to walk around

DAY5 go home

We set the train at 3 p.m., and we can still go shopping in the morning. We haven’t seen the Great Hall of the People this time, so let’s go there and go shopping again. It took ten minutes to walk there. The sun was quite strong and the wind was strong that day, so I didn't feel very hot. I walked leisurely with my son. I ate breakfast at a time-honored state-owned brand, miscellaneous sauce noodles 32, Goubuli 20, not to our liking, and fried liver did not try

On the way back, I bought fried creaks, butter fried cakes, hawthorn cakes, and sour plum juice, none of which were suitable for my husband and son.

Reluctant to leave Beijing in the afternoon

This time I was in a hurry, and I didn't go to many places, such as the Temple of Heaven, Wangfujing, Nanluoguxiang... It's a pity to leave it as a reason for the next trip!
PS: You don’t need to apply for a card when you take the bus. You can directly download the Beijing One Card, which offers a 50% discount on the bus. You have to swipe the card to get on and off the bus in Beijing, or you will be charged a non-discounted fare for the whole journey.