【Knowledge Mode Exit Street】

I have been to Beijing many times, and this is the first time I came here with my friends to the Momokou Historical and Cultural District in Shijingshan District, west of Beijing. This is an Internet celebrity check-in place that shows a thousand-year-old road and a century-old village.

Moshikou Ancient Village, formerly known as Moshikou, is named after the abundant bluestone whetstones. It has been the ancient camel bell road from Kyoto to the outside of the Great Wall since ancient times. Xiangzi, the protagonist of "Camel Xiangzi" written by the people's artist Lao She, came out of here. In February 1922, the ancient village became the first electrified village in the history of the Beijing area as Jingshi Huashang Electric Lamp Company supplied electricity to the capital, and a village primary school was established. This successful example made the ancient village from the original "Moshikou" to Now the "mode port".

This cultural street, which has been restored and transformed into an online celebrity check-in, is 1,500 meters long and is a street that runs through from east to west. Walking on the newly built streets, sculptures of camels, tigers, cats, and pigeons on the roof are dotted among them, making the ancient streets present the collision of ancient culture and modern fashion.

This is different from traditional pedestrian streets. In addition to the dazzling array of shops, Modekou also has a unique history and culture.
As one of the "six cultural business cards" in Shijingshan District, today I will take everyone to walk from the Momokou Ancient Street from east to west to appreciate the charm of the Camel Bell Ancient Road in West Beijing.

【Must go to the temple】

Fahai Temple can be regarded as a treasure house hidden in the world; (one of the five wonders is Mandala caisson, add relevant information) The two thousand-year-old white-bark pine trees in front of the Daxiong Hall are the kings of white-bark pine in Beijing; The murals are the essence of Fahai Temple; at each of the four corners of the small bridge grows a cypress tree, which is said to be more than a hundred years old, so it is called "Four Cypresses and One Hole Bridge", and it is carved in the bridge hole on the east side. above. The ancient bronze bell of Longniu is completely comparable to the great bell of Yongle in Juesheng Temple, one of the four great bell kings in the world. It is they that make up the "Five Wonders" of Fahai Temple.

Walking into Fahai Temple, a quiet ancient temple, the breeze from the mountains blows away the summer heat, and the famous original murals of the Ming Dynasty are still preserved on the wall of the main hall on the roof of the yellow glazed tile hall. The murals of Fahai Temple are known as the best murals of the Ming Dynasty. Compared with the murals of Dunhuang and Yongle Palace, they have their own merits, and can be compared with the murals of the European Renaissance. In order to protect cultural relics, it is strictly forbidden to take pictures, record or video the original murals in the Daxiong Palace, and it is strictly forbidden to bring food and drinks. There are lockers in the temple for storing backpacks and other personal belongings.

To visit the authentic murals, you need to make an appointment online in advance, and buy tickets with real names on the spot, 100 yuan per person. Buying tickets for authentic murals is free of charge. Visiting hours for authentic murals: 9:40, 10:40, 11:40, 12:50, 13:50, 14:50, 15:50, 20 minutes each, please remember to wait in front of the Daxiong Hall 5 minutes in advance !

The temple architecture is also very characteristic. A stone watchtower is built at each of the four corners of the temple. The two-story building is about 10 meters high. It is square and has only simple stone windows, which is extremely rare in Beijing temple complexes.

Beijing Yanjing Bajue Museum is located in Cheng'en Temple, a thousand-year-old temple. It is the first intangible cultural heritage museum in Beijing that combines the display of court art and experience of court skills. There are hundreds of pieces (sets) of Yanjing Bajue handicraft works including lacquer carving, Beijing embroidery, and palace carpet, as well as ancient wood carvings, root carvings, stone carvings and other handicraft collections.

Now Cheng'en Temple Yanjing Bajue Museum is under renovation and is expected to open in December. It is not open recently, please manage your time well.

【Exhibition Hall of Quaternary Glacier Remains in China】

The China Quaternary Glacier Remains Exhibition Hall, this is a museum built on the remains of glacial scratches, or a geological museum, which has popularized a lot of geographical knowledge. The two sides of an inconspicuous trail start from the Sinian period to the Quaternary period.

The exhibition hall has two floors. The exhibition hall on the first floor includes the preface, glacier knowledge, glacier scratch protection area, earth evolution and Quaternary typical glacial landforms. At the same time, there is a multi-functional hall where you can watch popular science films related to glaciers;

The exhibition hall on the second floor mainly displays the distribution of modern glaciers, the relationship between glaciers and humans, the impact of climate change on glaciers, and the research results of Chinese Quaternary glacier theory. At the same time, there are multimedia interactive project experiences to fully understand Quaternary glaciers.

When you come here, you will be able to unravel many puzzles that you have never known, understand the geological conditions of China and the world from a more scientific perspective, and have a more comprehensive understanding of the earth we live on.

【Shijingshan Stone Carving Cultural Relics Park】

There are many unknown and mysterious treasures in the Shimokou area, one of which is the Tomb of Tianyi, which is now named Shijingshan Stone Carving Cultural Relics Park.

There are a large number of stone carvings and stone statues in the park, as well as exquisitely carved stone offerings in front of the tomb. Well worth a look. There are two open tombs. If you are brave, you can go in and have a look. There is a light switch at the entrance.

It's actually not scary inside. A miniature version of Dingling. The specifications are quite high. It is rare to build such a high-standard mausoleum for an eunuch.

If you like history, it is recommended to take a closer look at those stone carvings, which are rich in content and worth seeing.

【Modelkou History and Folklore Exhibition Hall】

"Gudaosicun" (Modelkou Historical and Cultural Folk Customs Exhibition Hall) was originally "Xi Laoye Temple". After years of change, it was contracted by surrounding residents to operate pharmacies. After renovation, it introduced a museum exhibition model and a high-quality Internet celebrity coffee business. , to excavate and display the many characteristic cultural relics and scenic spots in the Momokou area and the characteristic folk customs of West Beijing.

ZIP COFFEE×MOSI zipper coffee is located in the Modekou Historical and Folklore Exhibition Hall. Enjoy the miniature landscape of history and culture in the courtyard. Sip a cup of coffee and feel the precipitation of history and culture.

Drinking courtyard-style coffee here, feeling the traces of history through old photos and old objects, this kind of experience is indeed unique!

【Two must-visit bookstores】

【Jingxi Bookstore】
At the entrance of Shimokou Street, there is a glass house decorated with bricks and wood, surrounded by several camel sculptures standing or lying down, and the bluestone under the steps is engraved with the words "Jingxi Ancient Road", which is a combination of simplicity and modernity, which is extremely elegant.

Climbing up the gray steps, there are tables and chairs at the entrance of the store for a nap.

When entering the store, there is a bookshelf column that goes straight to the roof. The arches on all sides of the column display very powerful functions. The selection of books is very elegant and precise. The Jingxi Ancient Road connected to the capital in the east and beyond the Great Wall in the west. Jingxi Bookstore was established by this publishing unit in Yinchuan, Ningxia, and it seems to complement each other somewhat.

Turn around the book area, there is a reading area and a bar. The long wooden tables and chairs run through, and there is a Dunhuang mural on the wall. The shop is not big, elegant and elegant. If you like reading books and taking pictures, this is not to be missed.

【Fan Deng Bookstore】

Fandeng Bookstore, which used to be a dilapidated old house, sorted out the current conditions, integrated utilization and introduced the well-known brand "Fandeng Bookstore" to create a complex parent-child theme that integrates parent-child experience, boutique homestay, and cultural bookstore. Boutique cultural courtyard.

It can not only provide you and your children with a home-like resting environment, a rich atmosphere of books, and cultural and creative products with sci-fi science and innovation attributes displayed inside and outside the hospital, but also stimulate children's enthusiasm for exploration and learning.

【Good place to walk baby】

【Jingxi Old School】

A small shop with a strong traditional culture in Beijing, a shop that loves Beijing's traditional culture very much. The rabbit master in the shop can be said to be the biggest rabbit master I have ever seen in Beijing. It is recommended to bring your baby to hang out on holidays and learn about Beijing's traditional culture. .

There are also many activities in the store that allow customers to do it themselves, such as coloring with the rabbit or other plastics, which is also very interesting.

As a parent-child activity, it is a very good choice. You can do handicrafts here, and children like it very much.

【Jiamao Immersive Cat Experience Hall】
There is no way to relieve worries, but to play cats. There are many cat cafes in Beijing. Jiamao at No. 179, Modekou Street, Shijingshan District is an immersive cat experience museum. There are 20 resident cats in the museum, and any one of them is a master of cuteness. It is especially suitable for girls and children to check in!

You can play and play with you. The museum also provides entertainment equipment such as video games and small board games, and displays nearly a hundred pieces of cat-themed cultural and creative products.

The boss is very kind. There are not many people on normal days, and he will not rush you after a while. He will also pick a docile cat for you to hug. There are many types of cats, all of them are chubby, and they are especially healing.

The immersive experience hall can not only get in close contact with pets, but also show off your good-looking circle of friends while petting cats.

【Model mouth food】

When you come to Momokou Street, you must try the "Internet celebrity delicacy" Fahai Temple Fried Cake here. Fried cakes and sesame balls are made and sold on the spot. The skin is crispy, the glutinous rice is sweet, and the homemade bean paste is silky and not too sweet.

You start to line up early in the morning, and you can't buy it if you come late.

Next to Fahai Temple Fried Cake, there is also an internet celebrity Shandong Miscellaneous Grain Pancake. Since these two shops are just at the fork in the mountain leading to Fahai Temple, they only attract the patronage of surrounding residents, and they have become the entrance of Fahai Temple and even the model. An early adopter choice for high street tourists.

Holding the lukewarm pancake in your hand, it smells particularly craving, and you can clearly see the layers of fillings wrapped inside, which is super satisfying.

【Model mouth worth visiting restaurants】

Huizhen Kitchen

Entering 200 meters from the east entrance, you will be greeted by Huizhen Xiaochu, a specialty chain restaurant brand. The former miscellaneous courtyard has now been transformed into a beautiful Chinese-style courtyard. Through the courtyard setting, a new Chinese-style artistic conception is created here, and it becomes a "special garden restaurant", where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while tasting delicious food.

Recommended signature specialties, Xiaochu's signature stinky mandarin fish, tofu on the tip of the tongue, bamboo shoots from Huangshan Mountain, etc.

Grandma's Kitchen is an American-Western restaurant that combines Chinese "taste" and prepares a series of delicacies with fresh ingredients, creative dishes and skilled cooking skills.

Spanish sausage brunch is recommended. It contains ingredients such as Parma ham, garlic bread, prawns, and potato wedges. The ingredients are rich, and good ingredients and reasonable collocation make the dishes more balanced and delicious. Served with secret sauces, Delicate and fragrant taste, endless aftertaste between lips and teeth.

The deck next to the transparent glass window and the open terrace on the second floor are all excellent holy places for film production, and the atmosphere is well grasped.

Environment 199

This is a secluded courtyard, which combines bars and characteristic small courtyards. After a day of shopping around the mode entrance, stepping into the door, it suddenly becomes clear. Anjing, a rare piece of pure land.

There are many kinds of cocktails here. I chose the famous Manhattan. Although it is a bit over the top, it suits my mood. The Negrolin is also good, both in appearance and taste.

Listen to healing music here to end a perfect day.


How about it? Does the reconstructed Modekou Historical and Cultural Block catch your eyes?
This early autumn, let us walk into the changed mode. Wandering on the camel bell ancient road, feeling the ancient culture of Daxi Mountain, listening to the sound of camel bells that are fading away, lamenting the vicissitudes of history and the changes of the times...