At the end of June, the sweltering heat of midsummer has officially taken over the entire city of Beijing. Because of the impact of the epidemic, I couldn’t go to the beach to escape the summer heat. I thought of this cool Yanqing, known as the "Summer Capital", and happened to meet this "Ziyou Zizai Car Theme Homestay" ! Longqing Gorge is 800 meters away from the homestay. You can walk to the forest wetland in 3 minutes. Next to it is the playground, the Pingbei Heroes Memorial Hall, and the Farm Picking Garden. On the way back to Beijing, I also went to Yudu Mountain and Guyaju. One night’s summer strategy should not be too beautiful~

The Jingli Expressway runs through Beijing, and the road is unimpeded. We, a group of 14 adults and 3 children, live in a 5-bedroom independent small courtyard + 2 single rooms. The biggest advantage of this project is that there are several places to visit within a radius of one kilometer, and you can walk there ;The second major feature is his super luxurious watt seafood steamer banquet and the special food served by the chef ~ recommended!

01 Small forest wetlands: walk in the green shade stream, take pictures and check in

A 5-minute walk from the homestay is an open forest wetland. There are many streams and pools here, and if you pick up a stone from the water, you can see small snails sucking on it; when you look up, those tall and short trees have grown for an unknown amount of time, and they are too thick for a person to hold! Countless wild apricots, grapes and green fruits on the roadside are trying to grow...

The sunlight is finely sifted by the branches, and the stars are jumping on the pedestrians, the gurgling water, and the wild flowers on the roadside. Whether it is walking, picking flowers, playing in the water, or having a picnic, every shot is a forest blockbuster!

02 Longqing Gorge: The mountains and rivers are all emerald, and you can take it with you during the summer

Only 800 meters to the north of the homestay, and a 10-minute walk, is the Longqing Gorge Scenic Area where "the mountains are in the water and the caves are in the mountains"!

Soon after entering the scenic spot, you can see the giant dragon circling on the mountain wall. From Longkou, there is an elevator for tourists to go up. Once you enter Longqing Gorge, you must take a boat tour. There is a cold emerald lake, mountains and rivers with nine bends and eighteen bends. Pass.

In addition to the boat, there are also cable cars, bungee jumping, and slides in the scenic area, all of which travel between the green mountains and clear waters, and enjoy the scenery of Yanqing's mountains and rivers! On the return journey, we will pass by the Baihua Cave dug in the mountain. Because it is a cave dug out of the mountain, the cave exudes cold mountain air all the time, and the hot and dry body is instantly eliminated!

03 Pingbei Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall: Remembering the Revolution and Saluting the Martyrs

Walking 5 minutes to the south of the B&B, it is not a landscape. There is a solemn and solemn red education base in childhood - Pingbei Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall. In the park, the white marble stele is inlaid with natural granite in the shape of a rifle bayonet, implying the defense of Pingbei .

The tall and solemn monument stands at the highest point of the park, which is awe-inspiring. The indoor exhibition hall also displays nearly 200 cultural relics such as weapons and daily necessities used at that time, recreating the battle scenes of that year. Ziyou Zizai B&B has free Eighth Route military uniforms, which can start a solemn red tour.

The road outside the B&B is also very beautiful to take photos. There are dense pagoda trees on both sides, and there are relatively few pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Plums, apples and some common vegetables can be picked or bought.

04 Guichuan Carnival: more than 30 kinds of amusements, satisfying the childishness of adults

From the terrace of the hotel, you can see the Longqing Gorge on the left, and the Guichuan Carnival is just around the corner from the right! Luxurious double-decker carousel, jumping machine, pirate ship... There are more than 30 kinds of amusement equipment that adults also like!

On the way back, we drove to visit Yudu Mountain and Guyaju. Yudu Mountain is at the foot of Haituo Mountain and upstream of Longqing Gorge. It is located deep in the mountains and belongs to a little-known virgin land in Beijing. It is the most primitive green memory preserved by nature and is suitable for fishing and tent camping.

Guyaju is a rock-dwelling cave dug by ancient ancestors on the steep rock wall, and it is one of the largest ancient cave settlement sites in China. At first glance, it is so shocking that we often wonder what kind of wisdom and hard work our ancestors possessed to create buildings such as the Great Wall, cliff dwellings, and caves!

There is another place in Yanqing that is suitable for check-in—the World Horticultural Exposition, which is still a popular check-in spot after its grand opening in 2019! At present, the 360° boundless sea of ​​flowers in the horticultural town is in full bloom; Yongning Pavilion and the Botanical Museum are still welcoming tourists; the CITIC Bookstore on the second floor of the Botanical Museum has more than 2,000 kinds of natural books and rich and interesting cultural creations, which are worth visiting. , and you can see Yongning Pavilion from the terrace; you can take a sightseeing car in the scenic spot and take a rest by the Gui River.

Due to lack of time, I couldn’t visit the World Horticultural Exposition very carefully. If you have more time later, you can visit Yongning Ancient Town and Yeyahu Wetland Park, both of which can be reached within half an hour.

After talking about the surrounding area, let’s talk about the center of these attractions, which is also the homestay we live in—Ziyou Zizai Car Theme Homestay!

Surrounded by the Guishui River, it can really be called a "landscape family" of the Qingliang School.

The staff at the reception said that the owner of Ziyou Zizai has been associated with cars for 20 years. Because he loves cars and advocates freedom, he created this homestay with car elements, and these elements have become Ziyou Zizai’s unique symbol.

When the car slowly drove into the yard, the container-style main building first came into view, and the door sentry box in the shape of a steam locomotive made people travel through time and space instantly. There are many tire flower beds and auto parts shapes on the road, and there is a 6.2-meter giant copper wire tire in the courtyard that set a Guinness record. The most regrettable!

Due to the vast area, the B&B is divided into two parts: an independent courtyard and a hotel-type main building. There are 5 courtyards. The main building has three floors but is equipped with an elevator. In addition, the third floor can sing K, hold meetings, and serve as a multi-functional hall for a nap bar , meeting or party, switch as you like!

All guests who stay must go to the front desk on the first floor of the main building to check in and register. The red retro car front is really eye-catching, the headlights can be on, and the whistle can be played, which is very cool. On both sides of the corridor is the vision of a smooth road, and the room number is also designed with a license plate, which is unique!

For the small courtyard, we chose the largest 5-bedroom house - Wisdom House. When booking, we heard that it is the largest in the courtyard, covering an area of ​​426 square meters. The biggest feature of the yard is that there is an open-air pool with a length and width of more than 3 meters and a height of less than 1 meter. Children do not have to worry about the danger of drowning when they play in the water.

Next to the pool is a small Japanese-style pavilion. If you want to take pictures and check in, you can also wrap a veil on the top floor. It must be very romantic. In the refreshing mountain breeze, two or three people sit on a futon, drinking tea and wine, carefree like gods.

There are 4 big bed rooms and 1 loft tatami room in the small courtyard, with loft leisure shared space. The most distinctive feature is this themed round bed room. The large round bed with a diameter of 2m is half-hidden by a screen and plum blossoms. A large round bathtub is on the side. The lotus leaves on the ground are also concave and convex. A little romance of stepping on the lotus and returning home...

The other 3 big bed rooms, from the elegant curtains to the elegant rules, the 1.8-meter big bed can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. In the attic tatami, the two beds can be separated or put together, which is very flexible.

Below the attic is a large shared space. The sunken platform is enough for ten people to sit around and play games. There are mahjong machines and tea making machines next to the long table on the other side. It is very suitable for relaxation.

The remaining 4 people chose a deluxe suite and a standard room. In addition, his family also has double rooms, parent-child suites, and family suites. The only luxury suite in the main building is designed with simple British style as the main theme. In the living room, soft European-style sofas, Union Jack leisure leather chairs, well-cut carpets and leather case-style tea tables are perfectly integrated, full of gentlemanly temperament.

Twin standard room with industrial style, black chandelier, retro car photos and dark gray walls, classic but not fashionable. The soft white duck down cotton bedding, the bed is 1.3m wide and relatively independent, providing guests and friends with a better sleeping experience.

Each room type is not only different in bed type and area, but also in details, such as a coffee table customized in the shape of the Guishui River, a tissue box in the shape of a car, various model car ornaments, and decorative lamps for European Railways.. . Everywhere is telling the homestay owner's feelings for Yanqing and the automobile industry style.

The bathroom adopts a dry and wet separation design, which completely separates washing, bathing, and toilet, so that it can be used without interfering with each other, which is more convenient.

The multifunctional hall on the third floor of the main building is bright and spacious. When in a meeting, it is a conference hall with more than a hundred tables and chairs and a complete projection screen; when in leisure, it turns into a KTV with shaking lights and excellent sound; and the room is equipped with a small bar and high chairs, chatting while drinking wine, Don't be fancy.

Walking out of the meeting room, there is an open-air leisure area on both sides, the sky is blue and the clouds are light, surrounded by green shade, and the whole person becomes comfortable when the breeze blows. Looking up, you can see Longqing Gorge, the "little Lijiang River outside the Great Wall".

Gatherings are never without food. In the car-themed restaurant of the hotel, the first floor is a public restaurant that can accommodate 100 people and four private rooms; the second floor is a larger roof terrace, which is the best place for barbecues and games.

The so-called "five flavors and salt are the first, and the steaming of the five grains is the first." The most distinctive feature of Ziyou Zizai cuisine is the "Watt Health Steamer Banquet"! Two super large steamers can make a hundred people's characteristic health steaming banquet at the same time. Just in time to catch up with the team building, I saw such a luxurious food!

We order meals individually, combining special fusion dishes with local gourmet cooking techniques. The hand-pressed Longqingxia spring water tofu is tender and plump; the wonderful double-steamed papaya shreds and potato shreds are the main ingredients, and the sauce is salty and dense; Spicy Shrimp Balls with Spicy Taco Shell, Braised Wild Mushroom with Pheasant...

Not to mention the delicious food, color and fragrance, the utensils are also dazzling, the immortals crossing the sea, cool trucks, exquisite long plates with license plates...every dish is served, a group of people are amazed.

The self-service breakfast in the morning, from coarse grains to fruits, from milk, rice porridge to buns, side dishes, has a complete range of styles, making the day a good one from the beginning~

In addition, there are 4 private rooms in his house ranging from exquisite Western style to elegant Chinese style. Whether it is a vegetarian meal or a banquet with relatives and friends, each private room is full of leisure and privacy.

On the terrace on the second floor of the restaurant, the sunset in the afternoon is the best time for barbecue parties! Small ovens and large ovens can satisfy all kinds of meat skewers, lamb chops, and seafood. On a summer night, the sky is full of stars, toast with the left hand, and roll with the right hand, talking and laughing together under the starry sky, completely forgetting the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The terrace on the second floor has a huge space. The homestay also has a variety of leisure games such as foosball, table tennis, and billiards. You can spend an afternoon leisurely with friends.

If there are a lot of people, there will be watermelon eating competitions, cool and intense water gun battles, tire rolling, and hoop relay races... It can only be said that as long as you want it, this venue can satisfy you!

The small gathering of 2 days and 1 night ended in this way. Although we can't leave Beijing, the landscape in the suburbs of Beijing is very suitable! The children haven't been to school for a long time, and it's rare to see friends of the same age. They returned to nature and had a great time! After a while, it would be nice to rent a small courtyard for two days with the whole family!