Introduction to Badaling

The Great Wall is a symbol of the 5,000-year civilization of the Chinese nation. Regarding the Great Wall, I believe everyone has heard the reasons why you must go if you don’t go to the Great Wall. The Badaling Great Wall, where the "Heroic Slope" is located, is a must-see stop for almost all tourists who come to Beijing. As a favorite scenic spot for Chinese and foreign tourists, I feel that the most obvious features of the Badaling Great Wall are undulating mountains, dangerous terrain, grandeur, long history and complete preservation.

Badaling Great Wall is located at the north entrance of Shanguangou Ancient Road, Jundu, Yanqing County, Beijing City. It is known as one of the nine fortresses in the world. It is an outpost of Juyongguan, an important pass of the Great Wall. It is the best preserved and most representative of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. The earliest lot opened to visitors.


You can log on to the official website and public account "Badaling Great Wall" to purchase,

Tickets are divided into off-season and peak season: the peak season is from April 1st to October 31st every year, and the adult ticket is 40 yuan/person 

The off-season is winter. It is from November 1st to March 31st of the following year. The adult ticket is 35 yuan per person.

Seniors under the age of 18 and over 60 are free of charge

There are also discount tickets for student tickets and various certificates. Please check the official website for details.

The bus we chose for this departure is a through train, so the ticket and the round-trip fare are directly bought by the tour guide. If you don’t buy it yourself, the adult round-trip bus + ticket is 120 yuan/person, and the child is 40 yuan, which is very cost-effective.


There are three ways:

One is the "train to spring" - the S2 EMU, which takes the train at Beijing North Railway Station. It's more troublesome, I can't reach it directly

The second is to make a bus. It's inconvenient to back up

The third is a private car or a through train (PS: This trip we took the bus to reach the through train and meet at Beitucheng subway station)

play line

It is recommended to climb from the north first floor to the north eighth floor, which is the most classic section of the Badaling Great Wall (on your right after entering the main entrance). After entering through the gate, you can also climb several towers in the south (on the left), and then visit the northern towers after returning from the original road. Of course, you should choose your own suitable crawling length according to your physical strength and other conditions.

Lunch and own expenses

Badaling Hotel Yonghe Dawang (Badaling Branch) Subway (Badaling Great Wall Branch) Qingfeng Steamed Bun Shop (Badaling Great Wall Branch) Great Wall Tiandi Food and Culture Plaza has quite a lot of choices, and some merchants have relative discounts for mentioning Bada. cost-effective.

(1) Cableway (back mountain)

The Badaling Cableway is located in the back mountain of the scenic area. It is put into operation by the Beijing Badaling Tourism Corporation. It is one of the safest and most advanced cableways in the world. It is also the safest and fastest way to climb the city. It has sufficient capacity and complete facilities. The cable car can reach the North Eighth Floor with the best scenery in the fastest and most direct way. It is a very good choice for tourists with limited physical strength or families with elderly people.

The cableway round-trip ticket is 140 yuan.

(2) Pulley (Front Hill)

The pulley is located in the front mountain of the scenic area. You can take the pulley to the north 4th floor, and then walk to the north 8th floor. It is the main way to climb the city for a day trip to Badaling. Due to the outdated facilities and safety issues, I personally do not recommend this way to climb the city. There was snow when we went, and the ticket for the toboggan was stopped.

The round-trip ticket for the pulley is 100 yuan.


1. Pay attention to personal image. Do not paint on the Great Wall, do not make loud noises, be civilized and courteous and observe order.

2. Haohan Slope and other places are a bit steep, and the road sections on several city walls are very narrow. At most two people can climb side by side.

3. On weekends and holidays, there are many tourists on the Great Wall. It is recommended to start early when traveling and play on a staggered peak. There are no shops on the mountain, please bring relevant supplies, especially food and water. There are toilets on the fourth floor on the north and one on the fourth floor on the south.

This is the end of the Badaling Great Wall check-in, see you at the next stop

On the return trip, we gathered at the Great Wall Museum. The museum in the snow is extraordinarily majestic.

This is the end of the one-day tour. It’s getting dark. I’m about to go home. I’m passing by the Bird’s Nest Water Cube. Here’s a picture.

There is also a souvenir given to us by the bus tour guide, I like it very much.

Summary: Badaling is really worth a visit. It is very fulfilling and not particularly tiring at the end of the day. The most worth recommending is the through bus, which is convenient and fast, and there is a tour guide. In fact, in comparison, this is really cost-effective. Time Very sufficient. And there are tour guides, especially those with children are the most suitable. Those who want to go can refer to it.