good start

I remember seeing a saying some time ago that a friend is not the person who came first or the person who has known the longest, but the person who never left after coming.

So I consider myself very lucky that over the years we have been together and separated, but a few of my best friends from my student days and after entering the workplace have always been by my side. We cried and laughed together, and worked hard to live an ideal life together, yearning for freedom, happiness, and freedom, discounts at shopping malls, newly opened restaurants, bad mood after quarreling with the boss, and hearing that the weather is good on weekends... for any reason, as long as you are there With a call in the chat group, we can gather from all directions in Beijing and become the most joyful and noisy existence there that day.

Slowly, as time goes by, everyone's living conditions are also slowly changing, especially after several of them have given birth to babies, the days when we want to be on call with each other as before have become more and more few. I complained that it was so difficult to meet, and they cried and complained that it was so tiring to take care of the children, but everyone missed each other dearly. Isn't there any way to make girlfriend gatherings and baby walks a one-stop solution?

Now this wish has finally come true! Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort, a treasure hotel, brought us back to the time when we hit it off. In the midsummer sunshine, we rushed here to end the pain of "long time no see" even though we were all in Beijing.

convenient transportation

Club Med Joyview is one of the three major product lines under the Club Med Group. It is a short-distance vacation product specially launched for the Chinese tourism market, so its major feature is "nearness". It only takes a few hours to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city. , enjoy the embrace of nature.

Club Med Joyview Beijing Yanqing Resort is located in Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing, only 1.5 hours drive from the urban area. There are no mountain roads, and our female drivers can easily drive it. Parking in the resort is free.

It is backed by the Songshan Nature Reserve, surrounded by a sea of ​​flowers and vineyards of ten thousand acres, and the environment is pleasant. It is the best choice for those who are worried about the epidemic and do not want to travel far but want to take a family vacation.

Stay Experience and All Inclusive

Several of our cars arrived at the hotel one after another. As soon as we got off the bus, the staff came to greet us and guide us to the front desk to check in. Although it was a working day, there were a lot of people who came to play, and the check-in queue was very long. I heard that the rooms are full from the next day to the weekend. It seems that we Beijing people are really suffocated during this period...

The guest rooms have already been prepared, and they are all close together. The room is spacious and comfortable, the bedding is tidy, the pillows are marked with softness and hardness, and there are fresh welcome fruits on the table.

There are two forms of hotel check-in, one is the room with breakfast, and the other is the most classic all-inclusive Club Med, including three meals, unlimited drinks at the bar, and all hotel activities.

Vacationing is all about enjoying life, especially with children. Everything should be based on convenience, so we naturally chose an all-inclusive package. Facts have proved that this choice is very wise. All-inclusive guests will receive a green wristband (yellow for children) when they check in. With this small wristband, we can travel freely in every part of the hotel and stay at home Eat, drink, and be merry.

Have fun, little ones!

I have been to Beidaihe Club Med Joyview before, and I thought this hotel was really suitable for family trips. When I came to Yanqing, this feeling was even more profound. Because there is the largest Club Med indoor playground in China - the playground, which is the happiest paradise for children.

Connecting the main hotel building and the playground is a beautiful glass corridor. The ground is made of soft rubber, and children who like to run will not be injured even if they fall down.

Walking to the end of the corridor, the automatic door opens slowly. What will greet us here?

kids club

Located on the second floor of the playground. The colors here are bright, there are slides, wooden horses, small trains and big building blocks in several play areas, and all the facilities are soft-covered to prevent children from being injured when playing.

Let the children scream excitedly here, and quickly start the fun mode.

It also makes me, an old aunt who has no baby but is a baby in her heart, feel deeply. Now the childhood of children is too happy!

The Conservatory of Music has a variety of musical instruments that can produce pleasant sounds. The children picked up the mallet, played the drums, and the piano by themselves, and expressed their satisfaction with their music works.

Walking in here is like traveling in outer space

The game is sure to be a favorite of men of all ages...

sports world

The spiral staircase is like a space-time tunnel, allowing us to travel from the children's world to the sports field on the first floor.

Here the space is wider and divided into different activity areas.

Feet on billiards, yes, I am not mistaken, it is billiards kicked with feet~ My friend’s baby is very persistent and piles all the balls into the hole.

High-tech VR games have always been an event with long queues.

Another hot spot is trapeze, but unfortunately there is a long line of children waiting to experience it, otherwise I really want to go up and challenge it.

Soft archery, I was the only big baby on the spot... The first two arrows both missed, but fortunately the third shot hit the 8th ring, and I didn't lose to the two children next to me...

The small theater will play some cartoons during the day, and many parents watch movies with their children to spend parent-child time together.

There are wonderful performances on the theater stage every night, and G.O will bring all the children to perform together. Every G.O in the resort has unique skills, and the children are also very good.

Mini Club hosting service

In Club Med, there is a favorite benefit of parents, that is, children over 4 years old can be entrusted to G.O, and G.O will take care of and organize children to participate in various activities.

The hosting time is 8:45-11:45 and 14:00-17:00 every day. Parents only need to get the registration form in advance at the entrance of the children's club and sign the trusteeship agreement, and they can rest assured that their children will be handed over to the professionally trained G.O, and then they will be completely liberated.

My friend's baby is less than 4 years old, so I haven't been able to experience it. We met these "fostered" babies on the way, each of them was carefully taken care of by G.O. They were not noisy, and they felt much more obedient than being around their parents~

outdoor venue

The small windmill on the lawn is a must-see point~

Pine Cone Paradise is full of laughter and laughter, and it is the favorite place for friends' babies these days. Every little guy is like a flexible little squirrel, who regards the paradise as a pine forest that can shelter them, crawling up and down.

There are various outdoor sports venues next to it. Football, basketball, tennis, and sports equipment can be rented from the hotel.

The sunshine in the suburbs of Beijing is not as blazing as in the urban area. Here, you can sweat freely and feel refreshed after exercising, and all your troubles and stress will be swept away.

There is a small train parade at every hour, and the starting point is on the right hand side of the gate facing the outdoor venue on the first floor of the playground. We took a small train around the resort for about 50 minutes, passing through flower seas, grape picking gardens, wineries, vegetable picking gardens and other places.

Let yourself go, big kids!

This time, it is not only to bring the baby out to play, but also a rare gathering with my girlfriends. The reason why we chose Club Med Joyview is because it is not only a childhood party for children, but also a good place for us big babies to enjoy our holidays.

nice afternoon tea

There are two bars in the playground and the hotel lobby, and all drinks are unlimited. Order a cup of coffee, talk about the gossip and inner thoughts that have been held back for a long time, and finally feel that our friendship is not so plastic.

The baby learned to order by himself after watching it once, and climbed up on the high seat to order a glass of juice from the staff, and did not forget to say "thank you" after taking it.

pretending to be in south france

There is a sea of ​​flowers of ten thousand mu in the resort area. In the green summer, the petals of Gesang flowers that can't be seen at a glance are gently swaying in the sun.

In the center of the sea of ​​flowers is a wooden church with a sense of design, and there is a glass cafe next to it.

Shuttle through the wooden plank road among the flowers, or sit on the small swing in front of the coffee shop, smelling the faint fragrance of flowers floating in the wind, and the fine sunlight in the shade of the trees falls on the body.

It feels like a French holiday, extremely dreamy.


The hotel has a rich itinerary of activities every day, many of which are available to adults, such as cycling, yoga, fitness training, etc. You can take older children to participate, or you can experience it yourself after taking care of the children .

It's a pity that I was tied to my best friend and her 3.5-year-old child the whole time, so I couldn't participate (in fact, I just don't want to admit my laziness).

Wonderful journey of taste buds

Xunwei restaurant is located on the first floor of the hotel. The restaurant has a large area, and the high floor-to-ceiling windows make the whole environment spacious and bright. The elevators of the hotel and some other places also posted peak meal reminders, suggesting that everyone eat at staggered peaks, which is very considerate.

There are a variety of delicacies for three meals a day. The western food area has bread, salad, grilled chicken, and children’s favorite fried chicken and chips. The Chinese food area offers rice, cold dishes, various fried and sliced ​​noodles. In addition, there are many kinds of ice cream and cakes in the dessert area.

My friend’s baby was a picky eater, and he usually needed to be fed when eating at home, but he became independent when he came here. Foods not to eat.

Well, I've grown up a little bit~ My friend, the heart of an old mother, I see her almost crying with joy.

Epidemic prevention measures

The hotel strictly implements the epidemic prevention instructions, and adopts eight major epidemic prevention measures, including temperature measurement, health code verification, health and safety training, and regular and fixed-point disinfection. Paper towels and disposable disinfectant are placed beside each elevator to ensure that everyone travels worry-free and travels with peace of mind.

Little Tips

1. The hotel rooms are very tight in the peak season now, it is recommended to book in advance! Book in advance! Book in advance! Say important things three times~

2. The temperature in Yanqing is lower than that in the urban area, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. You should bring suitable clothes and sunscreen when the ultraviolet rays are strong during the day.

3. Water activities will reopen in August, remember to prepare a beautiful swimsuit.

4. There are currently promotional activities for all-inclusive packages, please consult the hotel in advance to enjoy more discounts~

happy ending

"Long time no see", my best friend and I stayed here with our baby for 3 days and 2 nights. The kids were having so much fun, my best friend and I still didn't feel like it even though we had a long chat all night long.

Life is like this, no matter how hard you try, there will be some places where your wishes will not be fulfilled. Fortunately, we all know what we want, and we know that we will have some regrets when we get it. But so what, we who love shopping and traveling, now because of the existence of such a treasured place as Club Med Joyview, shopping has become a stroll in the sea of ​​flowers, and gatherings have become a comfortable vacation. This kind of life has created another kind of us All yearn for the beauty.