In the past few years when I can't go abroad, I often miss the maple leaves and hot spring hotels in Kyoto.

Recently, I found a small surprise in Shanghai. Shanghai Royal Group Heting Hotel not only has the atmosphere of a Japanese-style hot spring hotel, but also has a 3,000-square-meter Japanese-style courtyard, stone paths, red umbrellas, ponds , koi, dry landscape, plus The few brilliant red maples in last autumn made people's dream of returning to Kyoto.

Ladies and sisters who love beauty must not miss the [Three Tea Butterfly House] traditional kimono experience store. Many young Japanese ladies can no longer wear kimonos. It is also a craft. This store not only has a lot of You can choose from a variety of gorgeous kimonos, and professional kimono dresser Fu will dress you up in the most authentic way. Even children's kimonos have a variety of choices for each size. The texture and fabric are very particular. Of course, the hairstyle must be well designed to have a sense of ceremony.

I have to say, Yujuku and Ting are really too good at making movies! The courtyard with one step at a time, the lattice door at the entrance, the tatami mats in the lobby, the breeze blowing through the fiery red maple leaves, and the poetic autumn colors are everywhere. Autumn in Shanghai seems to be longer. In time for the Christmas season, there will be snow machines in the courtyard to create a romantic snow scene, which is exciting to think about.

Because each set is an independent room with its own private bath, the housing supply of Yujuku Heting has always been tight; however, the design of one room and one bath allows you to enjoy the private time of bathing to the fullest. Even for families with children, there is a parent-child room design. The two-story duplex structure, cute little tents, and various thoughtful gifts make the little girls happy.

Remember to choose a bath agent with the taste you like, and then make an appointment for a Christmas-limited floating afternoon tea, wagashi, fruit plate, tea and sake, put them in a bamboo basket and float in the soup pool, and enjoy the afternoon tea while soaking in the soup. So cozy!

[Yakushima Japanese Cuisine] on the first floor of the hotel will also provide authentic Japanese food experience~ Do you want to have a Christmas in Kyoto with red leaves and snow scenery at the same time? Then hurry up and save a good schedule for Onyado Kazui!



Address: Building 3, No. 1247, Meichuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (the hotel has a dedicated parking lot)