For many domestic friends, when it comes to Beijing's tourist attractions, they are nothing more than Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Badaling Great Wall. Indeed, as representatives of ancient Chinese architecture, the above scenic spots represent the highest peak of ancient Chinese architecture both in terms of history and culture, and in terms of visual aesthetics. In addition to these boutiques built by humans, the beautiful scenery formed in nature is also an integral part of Beijing's tourist attractions.

Among them, there is a landscape scenic spot known as the "Little Guilin" of the capital because of its unique natural and geographical scenery. So what kind of beauty does this scenic spot have? Come and explore with us.

This place is Shidu Scenic Area, which belongs to the warm temperate semi-humid continental climate, warm in winter and cool in summer, with an average annual temperature of 11.2 degrees and an average annual precipitation of 687.5 mm. The climate here is pleasant and the water quality is good. Since the Juma River passes through the area, the relative humidity of the air is high, the air quality is excellent, and the air quality number is a first-class standard. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air is high, so it is called "natural oxygen storehouse and natural air conditioner".

Because it is far away from the county seat, there is no pollution from any industrial and mining enterprises. Air and water quality are good. The location is excellent. In the southwest of Beijing, a beautiful landscape has been formed - the Shidu Scenic Area with beautiful mountains and clear waters. The scenic spot is rich in biological resources, and the vegetation coverage rate reaches 82%, which is a good place for tourists to cultivate their morality.

The reason why Shidu Scenic Area is called Beijing's "Little Guilin" is naturally related to its beautiful scenery. It is difficult for the capital Beijing to have a large-scale landscape scenic spot, but the existence of Shidu Scenic Area has broken people's inherent impression. A place that lacks natural beauty brings a fresh green. It has the same beautiful landscapes as Guilin, and it also has karst landscapes, so it is called "Little Guilin" in Beijing.

Shidu Scenic Area has steep mountains and dense ravines. This strange, steep and magnificent scenery is similar to Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. Although it cannot be compared with Zhangjiajie in terms of popularity and richness of scenery, the visual beauty they present to tourists is evenly divided, and no one is more prominent than the other. Let's follow the editor to experience the play, food and accommodation of Shidu Scenic Area.

1. Let yourself go and have fun

1. Rafting on the Juma River

The rafting uses the natural ancient riverbed of the Taihang Alpine Canyon, cleverly combines the cliffs, boulders, ancient woods, etc. on both sides of the bank, showing a magnificent, magical and majestic natural landscape.

The rafting time of more than 3,000 meters and more than an hour is enough for people to get the greatest happiness and satisfaction.

Beautiful mountains and rivers, flowing springs and waterfalls, against the blue sky and white clouds, dancing with the water under the bright sun,

2. Live battle

Shidu real CS field battle will take the CS game reality (CSCounter-Strike, anti-terrorism) that is popular on the Internet, providing a real fighting scene for players who love military games;

A variety of complex field forest belt combat areas have been set up to provide a good activity environment and a new concept of outdoor sports for people who love field sports;

Let players experience the thrilling and exciting military life while helping customers discover their own potential, improve self-confidence, enhance team cohesion and positive awareness of competition and cooperation.

3. Shidu bungee jumping, No. 1 in China

In particular, a double bungee jumping is the first in the world. So far, the company has safely received more than 470,000 brave people, and successfully held the first national high platform bungee jumping invitational competition sponsored by the State Sports General Administration and Mountaineering Sports Management Center and undertaken by Beijing Juma Entertainment Co., Ltd., which is the largest in the world so far It is the largest bungee jumping event with the largest number of participants, the widest range of participation and the highest level of competition.

4. Shidu Oath Glass Walkway

Shidu Oath Glass Plank Road Scenic Area is one of the core scenic spots of Shidu World Geopark.

Located in Xizhuang Village, Shidu Town, the location is superior and the transportation is convenient.

As the first comprehensive scenic spot in Shidu with plank road as the main part of the tour, the scenic spot covers a total area of ​​more than 1,200 mu, and the main peak is more than 800 meters above sea level.

The environment in the scenic area is beautiful, flowers and plants are everywhere, fruit trees are abundant, you can see strange peaks and rocks, and you can enjoy the fragrance of birds and flowers.

The scenic spot also sets up a reasonable tour route, and the entertainment items are rich and experiential, which will make you linger and forget to return!

5. Julong Bay Scenic Area

Julong Bay is located in Zhaiqiao, Wujin, in the southwest of Wujin, on the bank of Gehu Lake. Zhaiqiao has a beautiful natural environment. The roads such as Hubin Avenue, Wujin Avenue, Xinchangcao Road, Wuyi Road, and Qianzhai Road form a network, and the water and land transportation is quite convenient.

Zhaiqiao, known as the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River, is a large agricultural town and a large aquatic product town in Wujin. It is also a well-known Wujin manufacturing base and one of the most developed towns.

2. Taste Shidu special dishes and live in the net red Yingbin Farmhouse

In the past, there was a strong current here, so the ferry got its name

surrounded by mountains

The farmhouse is built on the hillside, and people live around the water

The villagers here love their hometown

Shidu Yingbin Farmhouse lives in seclusion here

Walk into Shidu Yingbin Farmhouse

The faint fragrance of flowers blows

Now it is a landscape in the small courtyard

The small courtyard is cozy and clean

A beauty as if swallowed by flowers

Read books, drink tea and wine

Listening to the birdsong, life is very comfortable!

Looking at the fertile mountains, the flowers are blooming

Yingbin Farmhouse in Shidu, a suburb of Beijing

Poetry and distant life become reality here

Beijing Shidu Yingbin Farmhouse is located on the banks of the Juma River in Shidu, near the oath glass plank road, Shidu Bungee Jumping Juma Paradise, and about 50 meters away from the Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall. The transportation is convenient and it is located in the very center of Shidu Scenic Area.

There are 24 guest rooms, which can accommodate 80 people. Guest rooms: Leisure and light parent-child room, warm mountain residence parent-child room, Yuejing Yishan multi-bed room, Shangya mountain view three-bed room, happy Yiju family room, double-bed room with mountain view Bed room; all room types are equipped with air conditioning, TV, hot water, and private bathroom. Unlike ordinary hotels, the layout here is comfortable, clean and full of life.

Everyone who comes here seems to be a wanderer who has not returned for a long time, as if he has returned home, or retreated to the mountains and forests

Every dish at Shidu Yingbin Farmhouse is like a finely crafted work of art, which is pleasing to the eye.

The local specialty mushrooms are all freshly picked, pure wild pine mushrooms, which are especially healthy.

The taste of the dishes, with the taste of the mountain soil, tastes endless aftertaste

Shidu Yingbin Farmhouse has coarse grain farm dishes, secret barbecue, roasted rainbow trout, roasted whole lamb, stewed sturgeon in iron pot, stewed mountain mushroom with firewood chicken and other specialties.

One Wang Qingquan is beautiful, one room is bright moon. Cleanse the troubles and let the heart return. Escape Jiali, choose another way of life. Come here, stay away from the smog, enjoy the tranquility, slow down, and find the original way of life; come here, start to encounter mountains, clouds and water, have fun gatherings with close partners, and laugh heartily. Meditate and be peaceful, and every thought becomes joy.