As a native of Liaoning, Beijing is like a back garden where I can go for a walk at any time. How many times have I gone to find classmates to play, eat and drink, but I haven't visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall carefully. I always feel that I want to buy a train ticket at any time and go. However, the easier it is to get the scenery in front of you, the less you know how to cherish it. Until I moved to Shanghai for work, Beijing seemed so far away. The Forbidden City is even more charming.

Beijing, the capital. For most people, it must be a must-go series in this life. If you have limited time, then you must go to the National Museum and the Forbidden City~ This place can make every Chinese feel proud and marvel at the wisdom and beautiful craftsmanship of the ancient Chinese.

Beijing Universal Studios is a temporary additional itinerary, on the last day.

The scenic spots and accommodation recorded in this travel note are all personal experiences. Evaluations represent personal views only.


When I wrote a travel note last time, I hoped that the epidemic would end soon. This time I still hope so.


1. During the epidemic, search Beijing Healthbao on WeChat and register the information. Every day, every scenic spot, and even every restaurant will need to scan the QR code of Beijing Healthbao to register.

2. Download the Yitongxing app in advance, you can use it on the subway and bus in Beijing, and you can also see the subway route map, which is very convenient.


Day1: Shanghai----Beijing China Eastern Airlines MU5105 10:00~12:15

The weather was not good, although it was noon, the heavy rain of the day completely disrupted the plan of the day.

The reserved All Seasons Hotel (Xidan Branch) was still being cleaned when it arrived. So we walked around the shopping malls near Xidan.

I planned a bunch of Beijing’s local delicacies, but I ate Hunan rice noodles for the first meal~ It’s a “renewal”~ I don’t know if it can be used as a ceremony, and when new trips start in the future, I have to come to the delicacies to renew the frontier q(≧▽≦q)

I don't know why, but I've been craving braised beef noodles recently, and this time I can satisfy my craving.

After checking in at the hotel, it was already past 4 o'clock. In the evening, I made an appointment with an old friend I haven’t seen for a long time, so I plan not to arrange the itinerary today, so I can rest at ease~
Hotel Tucao: I have stayed in the all-season hotel with the smallest room. I probably complain about this 1.5-meter double bed several times a day. There are no disposable toiletries, and you have to go to the front desk every day to get toothpaste and toothbrush separately. After hanging up the cleaning sign, I came back and found that I only tidied up the quilt. There was no replenishment of the paper drawers, and it was still messy. I will also forget to replenish mineral water and bath liquid. .

The hotel praised: Although I complain about how small his bed is every day. But the mattresses and pillows in the zero-pressure room are too comfortable! Comrades, if you book the whole season, you must choose this room if you have a zero-pressure room. The premise is to pay attention to the size of the bed. When I first came in I thought I was given the wrong room. Turns out they did indicate a 1.5m bed. Learn from experience, look carefully next time~

It was still raining heavily~ chatted with good friends until late~ and went back to rest after having a luxurious western meal~ looking forward to tomorrow's trip to the National Expo~


Day2: National Museum

Tickets: Free, ID card admission, need to make an appointment on the WeChat applet one week in advance.

Transportation: Get off at Tiananmen East on Line 1. (There will be a temporary inspection of ID card information when you get out of the subway)

Security check: The security check of the National Museum is stricter than that of the airport. Someone's cool power bank was forcibly stored. Ha ha ha ha

Catering: There is a food area in the National Expo, but it is basically self-heating rice and some snacks.

After a strict security check, we finally entered the National Museum and entered the venue. It can only be described as shocking. Oh, very shocking! I have been to several museums myself, and it really cannot be compared with the grandeur of the National Museum. When you come to the National Expo, you can really feel the majesty and grandeur of the national level. Baidu, the National Museum is the largest museum in the world with a single building area, and one of the museums with the richest collection of Chinese cultural relics. The total construction area is nearly 200,000 square meters, with more than 1 million collections and 48 exhibition halls. Many national treasures listed in history books are collected here.

▼National Expo Hall

First of all, start to visit from B1. Starting from the primitive society, and gradually follow the historical process of Chinese society, classic collections of each dynasty will be exhibited. It brings together the authentic works of museums in various regions of China. It seems to be a catalog of Chinese history.

▼Stepmother Wu Ding

I remember that when I was in school, it was still called "Simuwuding" in history books, but now it has been renamed "Houmuwuding". If you look closely, you can see that there are exquisite coiling dragon patterns engraved on it. This is a cultural relic that is forbidden to be exhibited abroad~ If you want to see the real thing, you can only go to the National Expo~

There are many guided tours in the museum. And the explanations are very detailed. Not an endorsement, but a story told. Many of the commentators are middle-aged men with authentic Beijing accents. Some of them are holding history books, telling stories and explaining the contents of the books to the children around them. It is very lively and interesting. (If I could come here when I was in school and meet a tour guide like this, I’m sure my historical achievements will improve by leaps and bounds~haha)

▼Siyang Zun

▼Painted goose fish bronze lamp

Visit all the way, listen to all kinds of explanations. Every time I see a real object that has appeared in a history book, I have to go up and watch it carefully. As I walked, I issued: Hey? ? It's not in the book! Sigh q(≧▽≦q) Look carefully, this wild goose is really colorful. And the feathers are also carved very carefully.

▼Sanxingdui mask

This is the bronze mask of the recently popular Sanxingdui~

▼Bronze rhinoceros statue with mixed gold and silver cloud pattern

Zoom in and take a closer look at the cloud pattern on this rhinoceros. It's really exquisite~ I went back and forth to see it many times. And look at the commentary, because rhinoceros leather was used to make warrior equipment during the Warring States period, the rhinoceros in the Guanzhong area had disappeared in the late Western Han Dynasty.

▼The Bronze Shell Container for the Cursed Alliance Scene

This one is also very interesting, it is a sacrificial scene. There are a total of 127 houses and characters on it. Inside the room is a high priest, surrounded by drums. A man with his hands and feet tied up waiting to be executed, and a woman holding sacrificial objects. Different shapes, lifelike.

There is a QR code explanation in front of each exhibit. Guobo also recommends a person to come. Go slowly and savor carefully.

The whole basement 1 is the ancient Chinese exhibition hall. It took us 4 hours to browse (not every exhibit was carefully looked at). Walking out of the ancient exhibition hall, the legs are no longer my own legs, and the soles of my feet are not my own soles anymore.

There are many exhibition halls above the first floor, and it is really impossible to watch them one by one. The most recommended to everyone is the commemorative exhibition hall of the founding ceremony.

Inside are the salutes used on the day of the founding ceremony, the national emblem and national flag at that time. There is also the floor-standing microphone used in Chairman Mao's founding ceremony.

A national museum, I feel that I still can't see enough to arrange a whole day~

Day3: Mutianyu Great Wall

I asked my friends in Beijing in advance, and none of them would recommend Badaling. So I quietly refunded all the tickets to Badaling.

The Mutianyu Great Wall is also a 5A-level scenic spot. Very far from the city. It is very convenient for Ctrip to book a bus for a day trip.

Transportation: Get out of Qianmen Subway Station, and there is a Beijing Tourist Distribution Center. The bus there goes directly to the Mutianyu Great Wall.

Tickets: Tickets can be bought on Ctrip, or you can buy them with the tour guide on the bus. The price is the same.

Along the way, the tour guide carefully explained how to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall. Because the Mutianyu Great Wall cannot be climbed immediately after arriving at the scenic spot. You must first change to a scenic scooter to the vicinity of the cableway. Then buy a cableway up the mountain. Then start to visit the Great Wall.

This ropeway is very pit. In the middle of the Great Wall, the cableways up the mountain were built by two companies, and the cable car tickets are not connected to each other.

So you can only finish the tour and return the same way. It is impossible to go down the mountain without going back.

▼Scenic spot guide

Briefly introduce the two tour methods:

A: Eastern Front. Take the cableway up the mountain to Arrow Tower No. 6. Sequential tours. To go down the mountain, you can choose to return to the No. 6 Arrow Tower and take the cableway down the mountain. You can also choose No. 6 Arrow Tower to take the slide rail down the mountain. The steps of this line are relatively steep and difficult to climb. It is recommended that young tourists choose this route. The slide rails are really fun~

B: West line: cable car up the mountain, cable car down the mountain. There are no rails. Go up the cable car to No. 15 Arrow Tower. You can visit in the way of Then go back the same way.

If you don't want to go back, you need to buy a one-way ticket. But the cable car round trip costs 120. One way costs 100 yuan. (The fare design is very stupid) Please refer to it for yourself~ Buying tickets on the tourist bus is the same price as buying tickets at your own window. We tried to save trouble and bought it directly on the bus. Still very convenient. There are also no additional consumption and referrals.

We must have chosen the Eastern route~ After all, the slide rails are still very attractive~

There are many preparations before climbing the Great Wall. . Another bowl of beef noodles! Someone wants to pull a heroic shit! By the way, can I buy some fried chestnuts? Hey. . . Wait until this is all over. There are already more people in the scenic spot~ Tourist buses are really one after another. It's all right~ Once you reach the Great Wall, you will be a hero. Don't worry~ crawl slowly~

▼The East Thread Trail is open-air~

There are chestnut trees underfoot. Lots and lots of fluffy chestnuts~ Hurry up~ I'm going to be a hero!

get off! Come to check in with a piece of Great Wall ice cream first!

This blue sky, snow-white clouds~ It seems that the heavy rain of the previous two days has never existed. Alright, alright, after taking the photo, hurry up and eat it!

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. This traffic is really not much. Thinking about the "grand event" of the Badaling Great Wall during the holidays in the news, I am glad I chose Mutianyu~

We proceed to No. 1 Arrow Tower in accordance with the order of the tour. As soon as you board the Great Wall, you will have a beautiful view~

There are very few people on holidays~

Take a break every time you climb to an arrow tower. Looking out from the archery tower, there is a special view~

It may be the relationship between the seasons, and there are long centipedes everywhere along the way. . . Be careful when walking. I will not post photos. shivering.jpg

In many places, the steps are very steep, just like walking past a wall. You can only really climb the Great Wall.

I met many kittens on the Great Wall~ but most of them were encountered when I first arrived in the morning. There are too many people at noon, and the little cat is gone~ Probably they are full and go to bed~

The Great Wall twists and turns along with the mountains, standing on a high place, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. I can't get enough of it~

Insert family photo here~

Put the last picture to close~

Go back to the city or take the bus, stop at the Bird's Nest halfway, and end at the front door. We were all tired and fell asleep~ the road was still very congested on the last day of the small holiday.

For dinner, I continued to eat my friend's old Beijing copper hot pot~ the food was very satisfying!

After eating, go to the Bird's Nest, and check in the Water Cube to digest food~ It's related to the epidemic, there are really too few people.

Day4: The Palace Museum

The much-anticipated Forbidden City has finally arrived! The last time I visited the Forbidden City was when I was in elementary school~ At that time, I didn’t know what the Forbidden City was or how amazing the exhibits in the Forbidden City were. But as a child, I know that the Eight-Power Allied Forces and the bad guys burned our Old Summer Palace and robbed the cultural relics and treasures of the Forbidden City! The memory only stays in my father telling me that the villain scraped off the gold on the lion with a bayonet. (Cultivate patriotism from childhood)

I have always hoped to have the opportunity to calm down and visit the Forbidden City again~ it can be regarded as my wish.

I specially chose a weekday to visit, thinking that there would be fewer people (I was too naive). Should have come here early in the morning. But getting up early is really hard. .

Tickets: must be booked 1 week in advance. You can use Ctrip or the official website. I bought the one that comes with a treasure house and a watch house. The test is worth it. Swipe your ID card to enter the venue, there are no paper tickets. (This is a pity for me who likes deposit stubs)

Transportation: Take the subway to Tiananmen East or Tiananmen West. Then enter through the Meridian Gate.

I originally read a lot of Douyin bloggers’ strategies, but when I arrived at the Forbidden City, I couldn’t remember any of them. There are people everywhere. There are also many young ladies who take artistic photos. Look through the favorite vibrato on the spot. never mind. . . Follow the guide and go wherever you want.

There is a rental guide at the door. If you don't have a guide, you can rent one. The explainer is very good and there is a map on the back. There are bright spots on it. Every time you go to an important place, the explainer will explain it automatically. We chose the voice of Teacher Wang Gang~ (It feels like He Shen introducing his office hh)

Let's start at noon~

Meridian Gate - I guess everyone can think of the same line "Push out of the Meridian Gate and behead!" But it is not actually beheaded at the Meridian Gate. "Meridian Gate" is just the royal gate, which is to push out the gate to behead. To push to Caishikou.

There are often some exhibitions on the Meridian Gate. You can check the information on the official website or applet in advance. Some exhibitions require advance reservations. This time I encountered an exhibition in Dunhuang.

Personally, friends who come from afar, try to make time for the Forbidden City. If you only visit the Forbidden City for one day, the time is really tight. If it is not an exhibition that you particularly want to see, it is recommended to give up. (Only represent personal views, not correct views~)

The shooting angle seen on Douyin. It's a pity that the time to enter the park is too late, it is already full of people... There are too many people taking artistic photos here. I walked all the way and saw several emperors (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Can only temporarily pat the roof

It’s not bad~ The horned beast is so cute, isn’t it~

The explainer will automatically explain whenever you walk to a scenic spot. So in fact, you can go with the fate and go according to your mood.

The following is the white marble steps of the "Cloud Dragon Relief" in the Hall of Supreme Harmony. The reliefs in the middle are all carved from a whole block of white marble. The heaviest piece is said to weigh more than 200 tons. After listening to the tour guide's explanation, the huge stones were transported in winter. Wells were dug on the road, and then water was poured on the road. After freezing, the stones could be placed on logs and transported into the palace.

Hall of Supreme Harmony ~ the largest of the three main halls. "Golden Palace" is it! But it is not used in court, but in various ceremonies.

This is the panorama taken at the end of the afternoon~ It’s so cool to take pictures when no one is around!

Here in the Hall of Supreme Harmony, looking for a good angle, it is really beautiful. All the ones with watermarks were selected by me and sent to Moments ~ hee hee.

There are also cranes here~ it is a symbol of longevity~

There is also the corona~ (This angle. I blame me for not being tall enough T T)

There is also a gold-plated bronze Taiping cylinder outside the hall. It is used for fire prevention~ It is said that a peace jar costs 100 taels of gold. The scratches on it were scratched with bayonets when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded! It reminded me of the picture of the whole class being angry when the teacher talked about the invasion of the Eight-Power Allied Forces in the history class. Ah~~youth~

Continue to visit~
When buying tickets, there is a "watch hall" and "treasure hall". Additional fees apply. Don't think that this is a dispensable visit. Really must visit!

▼Watch Hall

All kinds of exquisitely shaped and exquisitely designed clocks and watches.

Yes, all gold-plated.

These are huge horological treasures in the exhibition hall. When you think this should be the treasure of the town hall~. . There's always another one to come!

This is my favorite armillary sphere. . . Gold-plated + inlaid pearls + can be rotated + corresponds to constellations + corresponds to solar terms + corresponds to stars. .
Absolutely. This is the treasure of the town hall in my heart, that's right!

Everything is exquisite, I really can't see it.

▼Treasure Hall

gold? what is it. . Oh. . The ordinary metal in the Treasure Hall is too ordinary. .

just say never

It is no longer known whether gold is a rare metal. .

The craftsmanship, the details. .

After leaving the Treasure Hall, continue to stroll along with the fate~ to the Qianqing Gate. At the door is this gilded copper lion again~

Oh, the famous drainage system of the Forbidden City! Everyone has seen it in the news~

Passing the Nine Dragon Wall. It's too long to take a picture, so I picked a favorite dragon to take a picture~

I also passed the famous Zhenfei Well. (This mouth is too did it get in...)

The time has come in the afternoon~ The tour groups have retreated one after another, and the Forbidden City is much quieter~

It is still exposed to the sun.

I really like the horned beast on the eaves~ It's so cute.

Ah~ I can't remember the order of visits. Give up tidying up. . .

Probably several famous palaces have passed by, Qianqing Palace, Cining Palace, Kunning Palace, Shoukang Palace...

Yanxi Palace also became popular after the TV series became popular. But the real Yanxi Palace. . It's a mess. . . It is said that after the fire that year, it wanted to be renovated and made into a Crystal Palace (although it was also very weird), but it was not completed. It has been put on hold. .

Don’t forget to have a Forbidden City popsicle~

There are places selling water in the Forbidden City, as well as restaurants for eating. The price is moderately acceptable. Don’t carry too much food~

When it was almost time to leave the garden, I went to the Imperial Garden. I always watch TV dramas and think that the Royal Garden is huge. In fact, after looking at the map, I realized that the Imperial Garden is just one of the gardens in the Forbidden City, and the area is not very large. There are too many people at this time.

The ancient trees inside, think about these ancient trees and buildings, are the masters of the garden, watching the flowers bloom and fall, and the buildings empty.

It’s time to leave the park, so hurry up and go to Jingshan Park to see the panoramic view of the Forbidden City~

Looking back, it turns out that the sign of the Palace Museum is here

did not expect. . . To enter Jingshan Park, you have to climb the mountain. . yes. . How can you look far without climbing high? But for us who have been walking for a day, it seems that a corpse without a soul is moving. . . Why don't you find a chair to rest.

Climbing to the top of the mountain, there are already many great photographers who have come to occupy their seats. Maybe it's a sunset, or a night scene when the lights are on.

There are a bit too many people on the top of the mountain, but it can be regarded as squeezed to the front. the air is a bit foggy

Although I am an ordinary person. But standing here, there is always an illusion of "this is the country I laid down for you" haha ​​(~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Standing on the top of the mountain to blow the wind, pet a kitten, and hurried down the mountain.

Really tired. We need to refuel.

Day5 Chairman Mao Memorial Hall Old Summer Palace

To visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, you must deposit your bag in advance. The luggage storage is across the road. It's really a bit of a hassle. You can't take pictures when you go in, and you can go around the field for up to 5 minutes. Friends who are not obsessed with crystal coffins can pass this attraction. And I'm really a little scared. I didn't dare to look at it.

Tiananmen Square is also subject to security checks. In short, at Tiananmen Square, there are various security checks. You must carry your ID card with you.

no need to introduce~

There are two main tasks today, Summer Palace & Old Summer Palace. But the morning is almost over. Can only choose to go to one. Let’s go to Yuanmingyuan first~

The season of lotus has passed, and only a few lotus leaves are still swaying in the pool.

Not far from the entrance, there are many uncles and aunts sketching. This bridge is the only true arch bridge in the garden. The arch bridges elsewhere were destroyed in previous fires and were later rebuilt. So many people come here to check in.

· Guiyue Bridge

For several days in a row, I took 20,000 steps+ every day. I was so tired that I couldn't walk without taking two steps. Eat a Wenchuang ice cream slowly~

The current ice cream is too rolled...

The garden is very large, with sightseeing cars and tour guides. However, we still like to be more casual, wherever we go~ Just check in to "that"~

I met a little squirrel hoarding food on the road

Like us, standing on the shore enjoying the scenery... magpies? ? ?

There are also many wild ducks combing their feathers when they are full.

I also want to stand on this leaf and have a look...

Go around a large lake and walk near a maze. There is a pavilion in the center of the labyrinth. It is said that the emperor was on the pavilion and rewarded whoever could reach the center the fastest among the court ladies and eunuchs. Seeing them bewildered and unable to find their way, the emperor was very happy!

That's right, it's a labyrinth copied exactly. When I actually walked, I really couldn't find the way several times and had to go back again. There are people watching the pavilion in the center from afar. Guess they're watching us having fun! (Because we arrived at the central pavilion and looked at the lost people, and we were a little gloating. Hahaha~)

The sun is starting to set~ Hurry up and get rid of the obsession in my heart.

·Western Building Ruins

This is a fountain pool surrounded by pillars of the 12 zodiac signs, corresponding to 24 o'clock and 12 o'clock. At the corresponding hour, the corresponding zodiac sign will spray water. Burned. . . All burned. . .

After reading this, my obsession with Yuanmingyuan disappeared.

Day6: Beijing Universal Studios

After the Forbidden City and the Old Summer Palace were exposed to the sun, it rained suddenly on the day of Universal Studios. Accompanied by the autumn wind, we both entered the park shivering.

Smart, I prepared a disposable raincoat in advance. a small umbrella. Find this ball, click it first~

After coming in, it is inevitable to compare with Disney. There are not too many npcs on the road. This Monroe is quite eye-catching~

I held back and didn't read the guide. I'm just afraid of being spoiled in advance~ Let's check in the places you must visit~

First stop: Minions Paradise

This ice cream is still very recommended ~ banana flavor. There is also a bucket of banana-flavored popcorn next to it. That team~ persuaded us to quit.

In fact, when the travel notes were written here, I had already forgotten what was played in the Minions Paradise. . `(*>﹏<*)' should also be good, I remember that there is no thunder except for the wand show.

can't remember...can't remember...

jurassic park

The degree of restoration is quite high. After entering Jurassic World Adventure, it seems that I am a visitor in the movie. Velociraptors are super cute.

But when I went there, the park had just opened, and there were too many people queuing up. The experience is a bit poor.

Leaping over the Jurassic Sea is not open. Still in trial operation stage. I have a little regret.

After it came out, it was a very hot Megatron! (There are a lot of words~laugh~)

I feel that the actors are working hard in it.

And the Decepticon roller coaster. My heart skipped a beat just looking at it. Still didn't try it in the end.

After calculating the time, go to see a performance of "Future Water World". This show is highly recommended~

Seats have a wet area, a semi-wet area, and a safe area. When we went, the good position was already occupied. Then we rushed to the first three rows! The plot is not spoiled. Before we went, we specially watched the movie at home. Anyway! Put on your raincoat! rush!

Look at the number of people in the Harry Potter park. . . Hey. . Have a meal and be shocked.

The taste of the hamburger is surprisingly good~ There is no need for the minion cake. . . Nothing but pretty.

Eat it quickly~ I feel like I can fight another 500 rounds! Full of energy, Harry Potter Garden! rush!

This person. . Whoops~

The wand shop has to queue up to enter, come and pick your own wand~

There are many shops here, all of which are very interesting~ Remember that chocolate frog?

Not recommended to buy. Ha ha. Giant Chocolate Frog! ! ! When I went home, I opened it and my jaw dropped!

And the whole jelly beans that Harry and Ron ate on the train when they first met. I couldn't help but bought some back.

The first bite tasted like soap!

There is a wand show in the Harry Potter section. . When there are many people, it is a bit embarrassing and out of play. . I personally think it's the only Ray.

As for the popular Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, it is really the best of the day! Must play.

Come out and have a cup of butter beer~

No alcohol. It's not as bad as it says on the Internet, but it's not bad. It's too sweet~

Let’s have a night view of the castle~

There are a lot of spoilers online for the light show. The first time I saw it was really shocking!

super beautiful~

Later, I made up the roller coaster that the Eagle Horse flies~haha. A certain child seemed to cry from fright. (laugh)

There is also a rotating swing in the Kung Fu Panda Pavilion. (time is too short)
Overall, there are few rides~ and fast pass coupons have to be purchased separately. It's really painful if you don't. In terms of cost performance, it is not as good as Disney. NPCs are not as involved as Disney's.

However, the project and Disney have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the overall is still good. Although it won't be a second brush, it is still worth a series in this life!

Day7 Beijing - Shanghai

The waves are over~ ready to go back~

PS: This is the first time I come to Daxing Airport. Really big. So lovely! Our motherland is too powerful!

Here is the budget list~

back home~~