Beijing weather: sunny

With whom: friends

Accommodation: Yujing Nanluo Hotel

Comments: The location of the store is very good, it is very convenient to walk around the alley in Nanluoguxiang. Walk directly to Houhai, the Drum Tower is not far away. The staff is also very enthusiastic, and the foot bath at night is very comfortable! I didn't take the bus before when I went out and planned to give it a try. They gave me change. All in all, it was a very comfortable stay experience, and I recommend staying here.

1. Round trip by high-speed rail: No seat for babies, free of charge, and the whole trip takes 3 hours and 40 minutes if you buy the Fuxing, mainly because it is convenient to take the high-speed rail with children.
2. Transportation in Beijing: Except for the last day, we chose to take a taxi for convenience and speed. The traffic in Beijing is still very convenient. You can choose the subway to avoid traffic jams, but if you are traveling and you are not in a hurry, it is best to take the bus, because you can see the scenery along the way.
PS: You need to swipe your card once when getting on and off the bus in Beijing. Don’t forget to get off the bus, otherwise the full fare of the farthest mileage of the bus you take will be automatically deducted. In addition, the most convenient way is to download the "Beijing Public Transport" APP from the mobile client, bind Alipay and scan the code directly. For the subway, you can directly scan the QR code on WeChat and Alipay to buy tickets before entering the station, which is very convenient.
The bus in Beijing is the true color of the political center.

3. Attraction transportation: We took an old Beijing rickshaw in Nanluoguxiang for 180 yuan without bargaining, but it felt a little expensive and was cheated. We should go around more, and there is no additional consumption.
4. Hotel: Dongcheng Regent, prime location, 800 yuan/night, including two breakfasts, Baoba booked with credit card rights, it is very cost-effective, the service is great, especially the room service; the key is that the surrounding attractions are concentrated, and the delicious food is also available Many, downstairs is the subway entrance and Wangfujing. Although there are not many types of breakfast, the taste is good and exquisite, so overall it is very nice! Wall crack recommended!
You can see the Forbidden City from a distance in the hotel, but the floor you live in is not high enough, and I ignore the bad picture quality of my mobile phone.

Let's talk about the itinerary

I originally did my homework seriously. Because I can’t just choose what I like when I travel with a baby, I have to consider what the children like and what is suitable, whether the surrounding transportation is convenient, whether there are suitable restaurants, and whether the children can learn knowledge, so I have locked in universities, libraries, and technology. halls and the like. Then, the picture below is my carefully planned "I think" itinerary:

However, children don't want to "mother thinks", but only "I think". After arriving in Beijing, my sleepy baby couldn't wake up in the morning, was refreshed when he returned to the hotel at noon, and fell asleep when he went out in the afternoon. It was cold, and I didn’t bring a stroller, so I could only take him back to the hotel or find a shopping mall or restaurant to watch him sleep with my arms around; besides, it’s really hard to eat a famous meal in big Beijing, and there are all kinds of big meals at noon on weekdays. Queues, so many restaurants give up because of kids. In summary, the final check-in result is as follows:

Take a look, I didn't go anywhere, just accompanied my baby and had three meals a day, because my little friend was too lively and active, and didn't bring any equipment, so I didn't take many photos because I was too lazy to bother. Oh, My God!
So whatever, let’s talk about our annual trip with the baby~

Day1: The itinerary that does not count as the itinerary actually fascinated the cabbage tofu

First of all, I would like to thank the "Uncle Peanut" who helped us temporarily look after the baby in Jinan, so that I can take the exam with confidence, and Bao Dad can have a meeting with peace of mind, and then meet in Jinan to make up this trip to Beijing. Thanks very much!
Arrived at Beijing South Railway Station at night, with luggage and a baby, on the way to the hotel, I felt the traffic jam in Beijing. I finally arrived at the hotel and put down my things. I was hungry. I wanted to try Siji Minfu, but when I arrived, I found it was almost 8:00 There are still 20 tables waiting in front of us. The children can't wait, we are also hungry, so we went to Mr. Zhao's hot pot hot pot that we saw when we came here. No need to queue up, let's go for it!
However, the taste was quite satisfactory, and I didn’t feel interested in eating it. The sesame sauce was too heavy and the sesame oil was too greasy. The quality of beef was better than that of mutton. In the end, the most delicious dish turned out to be cabbage tofu!
Really, the tofu trembles in the hot copper pot, and the white body is very attractive surrounded by boiling water and steam. When you pick it up with chopsticks, you can deeply feel its tenderness. Slippery, but it is so understanding of the world, charming and self-willed, as long as the strength is right, it can still be picked up in one piece without breaking, so carefully shake it into the bowl, even if it is not Dip in the sauce, even if you know that the upper palate will be scalded and peeled off, you can't help but take a "sizzling" bite, just half-open your mouth and let it turn upside down in your mouth, Feel its unique bean fragrance and tenderness bursting out in the broth.
Let's talk about cabbage, first of all, it is a good cabbage with all yellow and tender cabbage hearts. Then scald it thoroughly in the hot broth, and when you pick it up, the oily soup is shining brightly, like a big skirt dancing with the wind under the spotlight, hold back your saliva, let it cool for a while, don't dip it here , Sliding into the mouth, the fat absorbed when the cabbage is stewed is perfectly blended with the sweetness of the cabbage itself. All the tastes are so just right, and it captures all the taste buds in an instant. If you need to come here, you can try it occasionally or if you don’t want to queue up, you can still eat it. Except for the tofu and cabbage that impressed me, everything else is just so so. (no pictures here, just ideas)
Every night when I go back to the hotel, Dad will take the baby to the swimming pool to swim, so that the child's physical strength will be exhausted as soon as possible, so that he can fall asleep early and obediently.

Day2: My "Tsinghua" dream came true

Focus here!

When visiting Beijing, there is a key information that everyone should keep in mind: Tsinghua University and Peking University need to pay attention to the official account to make an appointment in advance, and enter with an ID card, and it is only open on weekends and Guo holidays (the specific time is subject to the appointment time of the official account), and museums and attractions are closed on Mondays. The museum is closed and open at other times, so please stagger your travel time to avoid delays in your itinerary.

When I woke up the next morning, the sky was overcast, and it looked like it was going to snow. I was a little looking forward to it. We finished packing, and the children are still sleeping soundly. Today is an appointment to visit Tsinghua University. We will not be able to get in after a while, and we are afraid of forcing the children to get angry, so we have to curve to save the country and pull the curtains in various ways. Turn on the lights, talk loudly, and get him conscious. Finally got the little guy up and running, took a taxi and hurried to Tsinghua University.
Xueyuan Road leading to Tsinghua University is really crowded with 985, looking at each of them is envy in capital letters. Diagonally opposite the west gate of Tsinghua University is Peking University. Through the wall and the road, you can see the spire of the Boya Tower by the Weiming Lake~
Then there is a queue for security checks and ID cards. There are two gates at the security checkpoint. After entering, you have to walk a long path separated by fences, which clearly distinguishes Tsinghua people from visitors. For the convenience of entering Tsinghua University, I can only hope that my children can pass the exam by themselves. In fact, I don’t choose any school on the road of Beijing University, my dear.
Studying and living in a campus environment like Tsinghua University, and walking into those ancient buildings, I am ashamed to have no culture. Sometimes the atmosphere and feelings are also very important, so bring children to edify and edify.

This is the office of the principal of Tsinghua University! The door was closed tightly, and the style was extraordinary, so I had to take a sneak shot at the door!

No entry is allowed in the teaching building, there are guards at the door, and only the students of the school can swipe their cards to enter.

The picture below is the ancient library of Tsinghua University, which is being renovated and is not allowed to enter.

When I was walking in the Tsinghua Garden, a little boy who came to visit suddenly ran over and asked me seriously: "Sister, you are a student of Tsinghua University, I want to ask for directions" ~ Oh my god, old aunt, I am so excited Oh, do I look like a student of Tsinghua? I’m so young, hehehe, face the reality after the excitement, the gap between me and Tsinghua is thousands of miles away, my IQ does not allow me to enter Tsinghua

After coming out of Tsinghua University, it was already noon, so I went directly to Xue Pan Barbecue, an online celebrity shop across the road. The decoration of the whole shop is very deserted, and the popularity is also very deserted. There is only one waiter, who is busy, and there is nothing to order. The waiter was busy conveying and apologizing back and forth between the back kitchen and the guests. This one is gone and that one is gone. The taste is okay, nothing new, and it’s not bad. It feels like the store is about to close, and the shop failed. .

I wanted to take the child to the Natural History Museum in the afternoon, but the child peed his pants, so he had to take a taxi back to the hotel. On the way, the child fell asleep, and then slept all afternoon. All plans were disrupted, and the afternoon spent in the hotel began.
In the evening, I ate Heyan Meatloaf near the hotel. This shop is located in an alley. I ordered the signature beef patty, spinach omelette, Qianlong cabbage, two kinds of hot and sour soup. The service is fast, the food is served quickly, the dishes are large, and the price is moderate. It is a good choice for daily small gatherings.
The beef patty is the kind of dead skin, which is very firm to bite; there is a layer of strong beef filling in the middle, thick oily red sauce, the meat is very strong, although it is not amazing, but the taste meets the imagination, it is worth a try . In the winter, sitting in a warm restaurant, taking a bite of the hot and oily meatloaf, drinking a mouthful of hot and sour soup, the taste buds and pores are instantly opened, and the whole body is warm and comfortable, which is a perfect match in winter. The spinach omelette is full of ingredients, it tastes normal, and it really smells like meat.

Qianlong cabbage, named domineering, is actually cold cabbage heart in sesame juice. I don’t like the sweet and sour taste of sesame juice, but Dad Bao loves this mouthful and eats it very happily.

There are two kinds of stir-fry, which are stir-fried pork liver and kidney flowers. The quantity is very large and the stir-fry is very tender. It is a dish that is especially suitable for dinner. The only drawback is that it is a bit salty. In addition, I feel that Beijing’s dishes are particularly fond of starch. There is a lot of starch in stir-fried dishes and soups, but it looks rich and shiny in color, and the soup is mellow, but I feel the pressure of getting fat, so I can’t help but be a little cautious when eating.
After dinner, I went for a walk on Wangfujing Street to digest food. There was a Lego flagship store that attracted the attention of children. The design was very down-to-earth, full of Chinese elements of the Forbidden City, colorful and magnificent. Almost all of them are children and students, a bit noisy, colorful and gorgeous, I was a little dizzy after staying for a while.

After coming out of Lego, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was snowing, and the moment I walked out, I was in the beautiful scenery of "the ancient garden trees make flying flowers". The snowflakes fell mischievously on the nose and cheeks, and the joy and joy seemed to have elves jumping and spinning on the face. The more you go back, the snow gets bigger. When you open your hand, you can see the clear and icy snow patterns the moment it falls on the palm of your hand. The children were even more happy, cheering and jumping for joy, running around to catch snowflakes with their hands open, their eyes sparkling with happiness, twikle twikle little star

Day3: I fell in love with roast duck

When I got up in the morning, the snow on the road had been cleared well, only the snow on the roof of the tree tops told people that it snowed last night.
It is said that Beijing becomes Beiping when it snows, and the Forbidden City becomes the Forbidden City when it snows. With a baby, I didn’t plan to go to the Forbidden City to see the snow, so I overlooked the Forbidden City from the hotel, and imagined the beautiful scenery of "white snow with red walls, broken and falling into Qiongfang" in my mind.
The picture below was taken from different angles in my hotel room. The second picture really has the artistic conception of "suddenly like a spring breeze overnight, thousands of trees and pear blossoms bloom".

All museums are closed today, so I went to Niujie after breakfast, planning to have a day of shopping and eating. A food blogger on Weibo recommended Niujie’s Hongji buns and toothpick meat before. I love beef and mutton stuffed buns, so I decided to try them.
As the saying goes, "It's not cold when it snows, it's cold after snow." When I went out, I specially changed the baby's woolen hat that could protect the ears. Unexpectedly, the little guy pulled it off and insisted on wearing the beret with coffee plaid. I I said that it was cold, but people said, "This beret is full of wine!", haha, I am too rough as a mother, such a little boy loves beauty more than me.
We arrived at Niujie around 10:00 in the morning, and it was Monday morning, and there was a long queue, even Jubaoyuan’s hot pot was lined up outside the door, my God, the "foodies" are so caring , this business is really good. In the process of queuing, I found that many of them were old Beijingers, so I had more expectations for the taste. Shake it to the left, pad it to the right, lift your chin and look around again, finally it’s my turn, steaming hot and soft big buns, three mutton and beef, I can’t wait to bite it down, oh, the skin is soft enough but It's too thick, the oil soup is overflowing but it's too salty, and it feels like there's not much meat, but the meat buns at 2.5 yuan a piece are really very cost-effective, and the taste is the kind that I won't eat again.

Next stop, Tiananmen Square. Driving through Chang'an Street, looking from the car, Tiananmen Square is still majestic. Entering Tiananmen Square, you still have to swipe your ID card and go through security checks, surrounded by armed police and plainclothes. So I found a road that was not open to traffic, let go of the children's hands, and let's have fun, it's very safe.

There is an open space behind the Monument to the People's Heroes. There is a thick snow on it that has not been cleared. It is a place for children and young people to play. Tourists build snowmen and have snowball fights on it. My children also ran over to have fun. , When excited, there is only happiness in the eyes, and he doesn't care that the little meaty hands are red from the cold, and the little cotton shoes are already soaked. So I had to take my baby and rush back to the hotel to change my socks and shoes.
In the morning, the rich hotel breakfast and the stuffed buns made everyone not hungry, so they chose to continue to wander, went downstairs and took the subway to the Lama Temple and Hutong. The Lama Temple subway station is designed to look like a palace gate, which is retro and luxurious. .
When you exit the subway station, you will find Wudaoying Hutong, as well as all kinds of Hutongs whose names I can’t remember. Wudaoying Hutong has been developed into a small commercial street, filled with all kinds of coffee shops, restaurants and clothing stores, and also mixed with old Beijing residents. The other alleys around are really residents, commonly known as Dazayuan. Those who wear cotton shoes, cotton jackets, hands behind their backs, holding walnut strings in their hands, pacing leisurely, with a leisurely demeanor, and speaking in a leisurely manner, they must be old Beijingers~ I Stretching my neck secretly to look into the courtyard, it is really narrow and dark. A family of several people live in a dozen to twenty square meters, so there are a lot of public toilets in the alley, almost every few tens of meters. However, I heard that the government has reformed it now, and the water and heating are connected, which is much more convenient than before.
Going out along Wudaoying Hutong, the Lama Temple is opposite. I like the rich luxury and clear silhouette of light and shade. The yellow glass and dark red palace walls are not angry and majestic, and I am amazed at the royal style.

Continue to the first three stops to Nanluoguxiang, which is basically a commercial street. I didn’t go shopping carefully, and the children were so tired that they kept making troubles, so they took the tricycle next to them. I don’t know if they were slaughtered. It costs 180 yuan to pull a car. After running around, I took out a Beijing movie and explained it jokingly. I probably know which alley has been born and which celebrity, the difference between a courtyard house and a large courtyard house, where a rich family lives, etc., but I didn’t listen carefully, because the child fell asleep, and the cold wind swished on his face when he was riding. , We had no choice but to hug him tightly, with the other hand propping up a blanket to shelter him from the wind, feeling like we were going to be frozen.
After four o'clock in the afternoon, go directly to Siji Minfu, and make a plan to continue queuing up. Fortunately, there happened to be an empty table when we went, and we went directly to eat. I saw that the surrounding tables were also chatting happily or After eating and preparing to leave, I don't know if it is lunch or dinner at this point.
According to the recommendation of the clerk, I ordered half a roast duck, Baylor mutton, and stir-fried pea sprouts. Seeing that we have a baby, the store also gave away a children's meal (a few small pieces of fruit, one night porridge, two small milky steamed buns) and small toys. , the service is still very considerate and thoughtful. As for roast duck, I have eaten it in other places, and it doesn’t feel so magical. Why do Beijing people and ancient emperors love this roast duck? But I also feel that when I come to Beijing, I always have to feel the characteristics, so I still ordered it without much expectation.
First, there is hot duck soup overnight. The duck soup is white and mellow, with a few strands of green cabbage floating on the soup. Take a sip, it is fresh, strong, not fishy, ​​with a strong peppery taste, warm, and the interest is immediately lifted. Then, there will be a chef pushing the dining cart to slice the roast duck on the spot. The movements are smooth and quick. The duck meat is neatly stacked on the plate and served on the table. The duck legs and duck head are placed on a separate plate beside the table. Two ways to eat. Let’s start with the traditional way of eating, take the duck cake, make it soft, springy, and thin, shake it and shake it, spread it flat on the palm, put it in the part with the skin and meat, add scallion sweet sauce, wrap it up, and stuff it into the mouth In the middle, at the moment when the teeth bite into the duck skin, I can clearly feel the crispy duck skin, followed by the soft and juicy duck meat, the smoothness of the fat is intertwined with the sweetness of the green onion, the sweet noodle sauce is thick but It won't be declared to be the master, what kind of fairy roast duck is this, swallowed in one bite, rich in layers, plump in taste, endless aftertaste, this damn delicious! Immediately turn into a fan, drive him, drive him, drive him! The second method of eating is to add more mashed garlic and cucumbers. The mashed garlic works harder to stimulate the mellowness of the roast duck. The crispness of the cucumber doubles the layered taste and relieves the greasiness. This is also perfect! And I prefer the first way of eating, while Bao Dad loves the second way. I like the mellowness of the first way of eating, which can highlight the sweetness of the roast duck itself.

Let’s talk about stir-fried pea sprouts, the color is bright green, fresh and tender, with strong garlic and a faint fragrance of peas. The first few sips are really refreshing, but the more oily the later, the stamina is not enough.

Baylor mutton is actually fried mutton with scallions on a heated grill. Stir-fried with scallions and mutton rolls, with a strong cumin flavor, the taste is absolutely delicious, and it is also a magic weapon for eating. It’s just that with the contrast and foreshadowing of the roast duck, I still miss the tender red, transparent, plump and charred duck, and I can’t accommodate others.

In the evening, during the digestion time, I took the children to the Wangfujing Foreign Language Bookstore, and we couldn’t move our legs when we went there. We were so tired after reading each book for him that our mouths were dry. Imported children's picture books are really expensive. The price of a single book ranges from 48 to 128. No wonder the place is so deserted. I feel that reading a few more books is really profitable.

Day4: Natural History Museum + South Gate Shabu Meat

I woke up naturally this morning, the child is really in a very good condition. After breakfast at the hotel, I took the bus to the Natural History Museum. Tickets for the Natural History Museum need to be reserved one day in advance, and you can enter for free by swiping your ID card after the reservation is made. If you rush over without an appointment, you need to buy a ticket, 20 yuan per person, and infants and young children are free.
Children like to take double-decker buses, and they can lie on the big glass in the front row on the second floor to watch the scenery. There is a station named Dashilan, do you know how to pronounce da zha lan like me? When announcing the station, the name of the station is pronounced with a strong consonant: da (four tones) shi (two tones) laner (four tones) ), quite interesting.
The Natural History Museum is very suitable for children, and it is full of children. There is an aquarium on the first floor, animal specimens on the second floor, dinosaur park and imitation wildlife park on the third floor, and a 4D theater on the fourth floor. There are also knowledge exhibition halls such as the origin of life, which are quite rich. I really feel that the children in Beijing and Shanghai are really happy. The educational resources are too rich, there are many opportunities, and there are many 985 at the doorstep.
My children liked dinosaurs very much when they came to see picture books. Before they came here, they kept talking about seeing dinosaurs and seeing dinosaurs. In the end, they really came to the dinosaur hall. The dinosaur exhibits inside were huge and realistic, and they would shake their heads and roar. I was lying on my father's shoulder and clamoring to leave.

It's lunch time again, so let's find a place to eat. Originally planned to go to Xiaodiaoli Tang, but the queue was too long; I changed it to go to Juqi, wanting to get a taste of "Juqi". It happened that there was a small director downstairs in the Qiju of the APM store, so we didn't have to wait in line, and finally we switched to another battle Went to Xiao Da Dong.
Xiao Dadong's signature is also roast duck. Since we were all nostalgic for the mellow roast duck yesterday, we ordered another half of it to see which one is better. We also ordered salad, old Beijing dry croquettes, and steamed dumplings.
Xiao Dadong pays attention to plate presentation, and the environment is more delicate, suitable for dating. The duck soup is poured in small bowls, and the taste is stronger and the color is whiter. Instead, I think it should be something added that is not pure enough. The duck is also served directly in slices, which lacks a sense of ceremony. The texture and taste are similar to Siji Minfu, but I think Siji Minfu is better. That kind of atmosphere is the style that eating roast duck should have.

The salad platter is rich in color and full of ingredients, especially suitable for taking pictures, and the taste is just a normal salad taste.
The dry croquettes are innovative, the outer skin is particularly crispy, and there is brushed cheese inside, but the smell of pork is strong, I am afraid of that taste, and the same is true for steamed dumplings. Leek still has great stamina. Except for roast duck and salad, I really won’t order anything else. I would rather go to Siji Minfu and queue up.

After eating, it was already two o'clock in the afternoon, the child was sleepy, and the plan to go to the National Science and Technology Museum fell through again. We went back to the hotel to put the child to sleep, but the child was refreshed after returning. It was half past three in the afternoon, and he didn't want to stay in the hotel It was a waste of time, so I had to go to Tiantan Park instead, and went downstairs to take the bus to the Temple of Heaven. The child fell asleep in the car again, so let’s go directly to the south gate of the Temple of Heaven with my baby in my arms and wait in line for dinner. Dad Bao joked: "The Qianlong cabbage the day before yesterday, the Baylor mutton yesterday, and the palace hot-boiled meat today, every day is a royal dish." The diners are eating in full swing, hey, I doubt which meal this is eating again.

I especially like the heat rising from the copper pot. In the cold winter, not only can there be fireworks in the world, but you can also eat "a small red clay stove, freshly baked wine from green ants, and you can drink a glass of wine when you come late." No?" poetic temperament.

Nanmen hot-boiled meat is indeed at the South Gate of the Temple of Heaven. I ordered two servings of mutton, one serving of cold lamb face, one serving of cabbage and bean curd, and Bingfeng, which has "orange qi", which brought back all the "outrage" that I hadn't touched yesterday. The pot is boiling, the dishes are ready, and the children are waking up. It's really a bit stuck. It’s the same shabu-shabu, and the quality of his shop is obviously better than the one we blindly found on the first day. The hand-cut fresh lamb is fresh and tender for a long time, and the price is much more affordable; the sesame sauce is thick and not greasy after eating. It will be very thirsty; the cold lamb face is rich in layers, skin, glue, jelly, meat, soft and elastic, and the taste is pure and light. If you like heavy taste, you can add it with dipping sauce; but maybe because the meat here is relatively thin, the cabbage is rinsed It came out without the plump taste of the cabbage on the first day, it was refreshing and not so sweet.
This meal is over, and this trip to Beijing is coming to an end, and I will be heading back home at noon tomorrow. On the way back to the hotel, the air was cold and the moon was bright. The trees on the side of the road were covered with all kinds of red lanterns, which seemed to be a new year.

I remember that when our family of three went to Xiamen at this time last year, the children also wore this coat. It is obvious that this year the baby has grown a lot taller and is also a lot more mischievous. The bigger the baby, the harder it is to fool and control. Sometimes it is really annoying and helpless, but More often, what he gives us is warmth, kindness, purity, surprise, and reflection. As time goes by, we can kiss his soft little face unscrupulously, and he is willing to rely on us without reservation. The intimacy time is getting less and less~ Only cherish each other and grow together!
In the new year, I wish you peace, joy, success and well-being, and all the best