Speaking of autumn red leaves
My first reaction was Gubei Water Town in Beijing
Autumn here is red
The leaves here are also red.

What can I do in Gubei Water Town?
1. Appreciate the red leaves and see the red color of the whole autumn.
2. Watch the most prosperous night view and climb the highest Great Wall
3. Swim around the entire water town by boat and feel the taste of the water town in this town
4. Enjoy private hot springs at Shisanmei Women's Hot Spring Resort Hotel
5. In Gubei Water Town, the world is full of love, and there are countless delicacies

1. Appreciate the red leaves and see the red of the whole autumn.

The red leaves in Gubei Water Town are always so warm, like clusters of flames, blooming in every corner of the entire water town.

When the red night climbed up the whole wall, I think autumn should be here.
These red leaves seem to feel the arrival of autumn more than humans.
Showing flame-like colors, telling the colors that this season should have.

Harmony between nature and man
leaves wrap the window
The smell of autumn spreads with the wind

Compared with the roughness of the north, the softness of Gubei Water Town is always so unique. Like a gentle water town, everything here is so gentle.
When the background wall turns red, I think, the most beautiful autumn is coming again.

Row upon row of houses, the eaves are covered with red
blue sky, red leaves, green grass
The colors match so well

One Leaf Knows Autumn
Picking up a leaf at random is like holding the whole autumn in the palm of your hand

when autumn climbs the roof
The passage of time seems to be inadvertently
The only evidence we can catch his time
Nothing more than these color changes

these fiery red
It can only be seen in Gubei Water Town
Pieces of the sky are dyed red

Red leaves cover the entire window
climbed the whole roof
The red leaves here neatly surround the entire Gubei Water Town as if agreed

When the sun penetrates the gaps in the leaves
like burning these leaves
glowing red

For the four seasons of the year, the most beautiful season in Gubei Water Town should be autumn.
For the heat of summer and the bitterness of winter, autumn seems to be the most comfortable season for Gubei Water Town.

The blue sky and the red leaves are so harmonious, the houses with a sense of history, the old streets with bluestone slabs, as if the illusion is in Jiangnan Water Town.

in the city
Surrounded by reinforced concrete
Where to find autumn?

I think
Gubei Water Town
is a quiet harbor

In addition to leaf viewing, you can also take the cable car to the Simatai Great Wall
2. Watch the most prosperous night view and climb the highest Great Wall

Standing on the top of the mountain overlooks the night view of the entire Gubei Water Town. It takes less than ten minutes to take the cable car from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain, and you can watch the stunning Simatai Great Wall and the night view of the entire Gubei Water Town.

Great Wall cableway: one-way 80 yuan/person, round-trip 120 yuan/person, half-price discount for children under 1.5 meters (including infants)

There is a Great Wall Convenience Store on the top of the mountain, which sells some thoughtful little things. The lights are dim, and it looks extraordinarily romantic at night.

gentle breeze
The ancient Great Wall seems to have witnessed too much

The Gubeikou area is known as the key to the capital. Gubei Water Town is located at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall. It was an important place where soldiers were stationed in history. During the Longqing period, border trade flourished, presenting a bustling and prosperous scene. Until today, this lively scene has been preserved.

In addition to watching the night view of Simatai Great Wall, you can also watch a shocking water dance show on Wangjing Street.

The scene where water and fire blend, with multimedia and music and colorful fountains, is ever-changing and beautiful. The light show made the entire attic come alive, coupled with the storyline performed, the whole performance became very rich.

With the cool breeze and gurgling water, walking in Gubei Water Town always gives you the illusion of being in the south of the Yangtze River. The magnificent night view fascinates everyone here.

Pavilions, towers and pavilions, bright lights decorate the whole town, the small town in the north can be so soft and beautiful.

Strolling on the stone street, there are countless small shops along the road. You can hang out, drink tea, read books, and be in a daze. The days in Water Town are always very leisurely.

Drones all over the sky make up the words of 2019
both magical and creative
worth a look

pagoda in the distance
with the bustling market
echo each other
What a harmonious painting

like a bright starry sky
You can enjoy a good night view from the church on the top of the hill
There are also many arts for tourists to see

The well-planned floodlit night view of the ancient town is extraordinary and refined
Literary and artistic style revealed in the cold
Whether it is exquisite conception or imposing grandeur
are the best in the country
It's a sight not to be missed

bright lights
The gazebo in the distance is also shining brightly
There are surprises everywhere

The hilltop church is very suitable for taking pictures
Full of artistic atmosphere
night is the most romantic
Gubei Water Town at night
very special

3. Swim around the entire water town by boat and feel the taste of the water town in this town

cruise ship:

The whole journey (Yangui Wharf-Yuanyanghu Wharf) is 120 yuan/person/trip, chartered boat is 600 yuan/boat/trip;

Line A (Yangui Wharf - Riyue Island Wharf) 80 yuan/person/trip, chartered boat 400 yuan/trip/trip;

Line B (Yuanyang Lake Wharf-Riyue Island Wharf) 80 yuan/person/trip, chartered boat 400 yuan/trip/trip;

Children under 1.5 meters on the cruise ship enjoy a half-price discount, and each boat is limited to 6 people (including infants)

The rivers in the water town are densely covered, and the ancient tributaries of Tanghe River linger in it, and the ancient buildings and houses are built according to the water.
through a small bridge
beautiful water town
told its story

Gubei Water Town, one step at a time
Take a boat to see the whole water town more leisurely
You can also feel the charm of Jiangnan in the north

The rowing boat is artificial
There is no sound of machines, just listen to the sound of water
looking at the beautiful scenery
leisurely laziness

Buddhism, Christianity, there is a fusion of multiculturalism here
The perfect combination of northern alleys and southern water towns
Turning a corner is an alley, walking on the bridge is a water town.
Go up to the cableway for a night tour of the Great Wall, and down to the boats and people's homes

Appreciate the red leaves, watch the night view, and take a cruise
You can also go to the hot springs and eat all kinds of authentic food
Here, you can find the happiest self in your childhood~

4. Enjoy private hot springs at Shisanmei Women's Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Gubei Water Town is rich in hot spring resources
In this hotel, you can soak in hot springs in your own room
very convenient

Exquisite decoration, considerate service
I seem to have come to another world
Enjoy private quiet and pure

Gubei Water Town contains two five-star hotels
Six small boutique hotels
400 North B&Bs with unique castle themes
There are about 1500 rooms in total

i love this one
hot spring home
that's maximum comfort

5. In Gubei Water Town, the world is full of love, and there are countless delicacies

Looking around, Nalanxuan Restaurant, Gubei Roast Duck King, Temple Fair Snack Plaza, Grilled Fish Bar, Soup and Snacks, Jingyue Tea House, Steak House, Pizza, Water Town Food Street, Late Night Canteen, Gubei Spicy Restaurant, Roast Meat Restaurant, each one is super delicious.

I chose William Chinese Restaurant for this meal
Every dish is creative
A fusion of tastes from all over the world

Gubei Grilled Fish Head
Different from Jiangnan's approach
The smell here is more original

Palace Explosive Prawn Balls
Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, every bite is satisfying

Pleurotus eryngii beef cubes
The aroma of mushrooms and beef are completely integrated
perfect match

more taste
You need to go to Gubei Water Town to taste it yourself
It's a real treat

Finally, the transportation route of Gubei Water Town is attached. It is very convenient whether you are driving or taking a bus. There is also a direct bus at Dongzhimen, which is super fast.

1. Bus: Take No. 980 in the Dongzhimen Bus Hub, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to Mi No. 38, 51 (or a bus with the "Miyun-Simatai" brand), and get off at Simatai Village Station , walk to Gubei Water Town.

2. Self-driving: Beijing--Miyun--Simatai, drive along Jingcheng Expressway at Laowa Bridge, leave from Simatai Great Wall Exit, turn right and go up the ramp, drive 500 meters along the ramp, turn right, drive 70 meters, turn left Enter Mabei Road, drive along Mabei Road for 1.9 kilometers, turn right and drive 20 meters, the whole journey is about 120 kilometers, about 80 minutes.

3. Take the direct bus: Take the bus at Dongzhimen, fare: 48 yuan/person/one way (buy tickets on the bus (buy tickets half an hour in advance until the seats are full)