In the past two years, cycling has become more and more popular. For those who are inconvenient to go out of Beijing, cycling is a lot of exercise but still easy, and you can go around, so don't be too friendly. For tourists and students, cycling is the first perspective of Beijing.

The roads in the central area of ​​Beijing are horizontal and vertical, the road conditions are good, and it is easy to ride. But there are also many cars in the east and west cities. Therefore, the west extension of Chang'an Avenue, Shijingshan District, this Internet celebrity cycling route, has been developed by many riders. It became popular, which is the result of "voting with your feet".

The whole route is about 25 kilometers with riding and shopping.

Starting from the Sculpture Park and ending at the New Shougang Bridge, you will pass through many parks and emerging art areas along the way, and finally check in at various scenic spots in the Shougang Courtyard.

The full itinerary is as follows -

Beijing International Sculpture Park - Langyuan Park - Shijingshan Amusement Park - Xin'an City Memory Park - South Gate of Shougang Park - Qunming Lake Street - Service Trade Fair Exhibition Area - Coking Factory West Street - No. 1 Blast Furnace - No. 3 Blast Furnace Austrian Franchise Store & Beijing Gift Shop) — Liaocang Digital Art Museum — Starbucks — Winter Olympics Organizing Committee — Sweet Beer Shop — Xiuchi & Shijingshan — Chaganger — National Winter Sports Training Center (“Four Ices”) — May Day Theater & Shougang Factory 80 Years Monument - Liugonghui Sedimentation Pool Square - Qunminghu Street - Highline Park (the best photo spot on the north side of the Ski Jumping Taipei) - Beijing Shougang Park Shangri-La - Ski Jumping Platform Tour - South Gate of Shougang Park - New Shougang Bridge.

There are a total of 25 key points, let's take a look at them in turn.

1. Beijing International Sculpture Park

The Beijing International Sculpture Park is divided into the east area and the west area. Tickets are 10 yuan, and bicycles are not allowed to enter. As the starting point, I chose the north gate of the east area of ​​the park.

There are lush flowers and plants in the park, and there are many sculptures. Moreover, there are many Beijingers playing shuttlecock, ballroom dancing, and children practicing roller skating in it, and the atmosphere of fireworks is quite strong.

2. →Langyuan Park

Go west along Shijingshan Road, about 1.5 kilometers, and you will arrive at Langyuan Park. This park is definitely worth a visit. It is quiet amidst the hustle and bustle and has a strong literary and artistic atmosphere. It is a bit like a miniature version of 798. Without tickets, bicycles cannot enter.

Drink a cup of coffee, read a book, do a handicraft, and let time slow down.

3.→Shijingshan Amusement Park

Go back to Shijingshan Road, continue to ride westward, about 3.5 kilometers, you will arrive at Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, an old-fashioned amusement park in Beijing.

Tickets are 10 yuan, and there are additional charges for play items. There are also package tickets, the official mini program can be booked online 2 hours in advance, 108 yuan includes 6 items, and a 20% discount coupon for catering.

4. →Xin'an City Memory Park

Go back to Shijingshan Road, continue to ride west, about 3.5 kilometers, is the Xin'an City Memory Park.

There is no ticket, you can directly enter by bicycle, the trees are shady, very comfortable.

There are five "North Xin'an Memory Buildings" that have been moved here as a whole in the park, namely the former Shijingshan District Government, the former Xinhua Bookstore, the former Zhongxin Pharmacy, the former Workers' Club and the former Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

It feels like dreaming back to the 1980s, riding in these authentic old buildings has a unique flavor.

5. → South Gate of Shougang Park

Go back to Shijingshan Road and continue to ride west for 2 kilometers, which is the area of ​​Shougang Park. The second half of the journey is to check in in the park. It was only after I rode it that I realized that Shougang Park is so big that there are not too many places to visit.

Near the entrance is the South (East) Gate, with green tiles and red walls, which says Shougang Corporation and Shougang Group.

6. → Qunminghu Street → 7. The Service Trade Fair Exhibition Area → 8. Coking Plant West Street

Turn right from Shijingshan Road and you will enter Qunminghu Street.

Turn right again and you will see the exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair and Coking Plant West Street.

This area will pass by a lot of old equipment in Shougang Park. It is tall and has a strong sense of machinery, which is very suitable for taking pictures.

If you are tired from riding, there are also many green lawns near the exhibition area of ​​the Service Trade Fair, where you can sit and rest.

9. → No. 1 Blast Furnace—10. No. 3 Blast Furnace (Quanmin Changshu Store, Winter Olympics Licensed Store & Beijing Gift Shop)

Of course, when you come to Shougang, you have to see the blast furnace for steelmaking. In particular, the No. 3 Blast Furnace is the star attraction of Shougang Park. It was put into operation in 1959 and has an extremely long production cycle. It is one of the longest-lived blast furnaces in China.

The blast furnace has also undergone modernization. You can see the Quanmin Changshu Store, the Winter Olympics franchise store, and the Beijing gift shop by riding around the blast furnace.

11. →Liaocang Digital Art Museum

Continue to ride down, and you will find the warehouse of the Heavyweight Art Museum in Shougang Park.

Most of the areas on the first floor are free to stroll around or read a book.

There is a fee to go upstairs, and some digital artworks are exhibited.

12. → Starbucks

Continue to ride, there is Starbucks, you can sit down and have a cup of coffee.

The facade and interior of Starbucks in Shougang Park are still very distinctive, and are closely integrated with the industrial style of Shougang.

13. → Winter Olympics Organizing Committee → 4. Sweet Beer Shop

Keep going, you will pass the gate of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.

Opposite the gate is the sweet beer shop.

It is suitable to come here at night, especially the atmosphere of European bar watching football.

The meal menu served is also similar to that of European bars.

There are two main dishes, one is the beer tasting set🍺, dark beer, fruit beer, white beer, yellow beer, four flavors are satisfied at once, refreshing.

Another one is crispy roasted pork knuckle, the amount of meat is really bold! ! !

15. → Xiuchi & Shijingshan

You can see Xiuchi and Shijingshan Benshan from the terrace of Xiangbeifang.

After coming out of Xiangbeifang, you can walk and ride along the plank road beside Xiuchi, which is also very pleasant.

16. → Tea Steel

Continue to ride around the lake, and at about 600 meters, you will see a small house with the words Chaganger, a tea and light food shop.

During the industrial production period, the liquid flow meters used in various production systems were calibrated here, and now the characteristic Shougang soda is sold in the renovated building.

17. →National Winter Sports Training Center (“Four Ices”)

Continue to ride around the lake, and when you see the red building, it is the National Winter Training Center. There are a short track speed skating hall, a figure skating hall, an ice hockey hall, and a curling hall, commonly known as four ices.

18. → May 1st Theater & Inscription on the 80th Anniversary of the Construction of Shougang Plant

Ride down again, and you will see a large square, which is the Wuyi Theater.

Opposite the May Day Theater, you can see the inscription on the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Shougang.

19. →Liugonghui Sedimentation Tank Square

Continue to ride down to the Shopping Mall in Shougang Park, Liugonghui. Before I came, I didn’t expect that Shougang Park has such a complete ecology, there is no shortage of food, drink, and entertainment, even shopping malls.

20. → Qunminghu Street—21. High Line Park (the best photo spot on the north side of the Ski Jump Taipei)

Return to Qunminghu Street from Liugonghui, and see a row of pipeline buildings in the sky, which is the High Line Park.

Walking on this air corridor, you can overlook the big ski jumping platform, and the view is very good.

22. → Beijing Shougang Park Shangri-La

After riding, you can see the best hotel in Shougang Park, Shangri-La in Shougang Park. This can be said to be the hottest Shangri-La in China in the past two years. The lobby is very distinctive, with a sense of industrial wasteland, and grass is taller than people. The room is also comfortable and elegant.

You can take a break here, drink water, and have afternoon tea.

Put the big ski jumping platform directly on the table.

Shougang's characteristic wrench gear can also be eaten into the mouth.

Of course, the most important thing is to add water.

23. →Ski jump platform tour

When Shangri-La comes out, it is the ski jumping platform, one of the core competition venues of the Beijing Winter Olympics. It is recommended to watch it at night, it is very beautiful when the lights are on.

24. → South Gate of Shougang Park — 25. New Shougang Bridge

Finally, after riding out from the south gate of Shougang Park, we can run to our destination, the new Shougang Bridge, and a day of riding along our Chang'an Street can draw a perfect ending.

How about it, if you are interested in cycling and want to find a variety of artistic routes in Beijing, then try this one.