Everyone has their own special way of life, and every small town has its own unique cultural charm! Slowness is an attitude towards life and a way of leisure. I like slowness, photography, architecture, and autumn full of colors... When these likes come together, what kind of sparks will collide...?

There is a special existence one and a half hours away from Beijing! Orderly houses, long alleys, ancient bluestone streets, and walls covered with red leaves constitute the overall Gubei Water Town, which is next to the famous Simatai Great Wall in Beijing and is located in Miyun District, Beijing. .

Standing in the majestic mountains and forests, immersed in the warm spring water, sitting on a rocking boat passing through the ancient streets of mountains and rivers, when the sun shines on the face through the gaps in the leaves, a breeze blows, blowing away the hustle and bustle of the city , Trivial work, heart troubles...

For me who grew up in an environment with four distinct seasons, autumn is not desolate and depressing. The splendor and strength of autumn belong to her soul! This lukewarm autumn is the harvest season, which reminds me of the words Mr. Lao She said, "I don't know what heaven looks like, but judging from my life experience, the autumn of Beiping is heaven."

He is obsessed with Beijing's autumn, just as I always have an indescribable affection for Beijing. The reason why I like the capital probably started from that clear and clear autumn...

Walking slowly in Gubei Water Town this autumn is a trace of culture and spirit. From the radiant red leaf scenery to the leisurely life described by literati; from the authentic and pure flavor of the mountains to the creative market full of harvest atmosphere. Every landscape has the imprint of red leaves; every bite of food is the taste of autumn...

Check In Fire Pond Hotel
I wish you a warm name, and the night will not be long from now on THE FIREPIT. It took five years from the design to the completion of the hotel. It is not so much a wild luxury hotel as it is a walking cultural museum.

The traditional architecture is not far from fashion, the collision of original ecology and modernity is reflected in the space, materials, light and shadow of this hotel...

Every room here is carefully crafted. In the transparent and spacious room, there is a copper bathtub next to the window, soft warm yellow light, soft and skin-friendly bedding... The open-air balcony outside the window is within reach. Great Wall scenery!

The hotel's swimming pool is like a part of the mountain, and the Great Wall is clearly visible outside the tall glass windows. It is also a rare enjoyment to feel the scenery while swimming.

On a cool autumn night, sitting around the courtyard of the tulou, drinking tea and chatting, looking at the beating firelight, feeling the artistic conception brought to us by the space, there is a huge circular roof line above the head, and above the roof is the star-studded Simatai Great Wall……

Gubei Water Town Niancheng Hotel

In addition to Huotang Hotel, Niancheng Hotel in Gubei Water Town is also my favorite style. When I first saw it, it was all in "white" and the minimalist shape design, which is particularly eye-catching in this autumn world!

Each guest room has huge floor-to-ceiling windows open to the autumn sun, and the magnificent scenery of the countryside unfolds outside the window like a scroll, with mountains, bushes, trails, streams...every nuance in the room radiates outwards. Out of a profound beauty!

tent camp

Or integrate into nature and stay in a tent for one night. It is introverted, submissive, and warm, accepting every modern person who tries to escape from the arrogant secular pursuit, and humbly giving every space experiencer the feeling of beauty. .

In the darkening sky, the ancient Tanghe River meanders through the center of the town, strolling in the courtyard, strolling on the stone steps of the water town, feeling the beautiful scenery of the town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and away from the oppressive feeling of tall buildings. Wherever you look, there are Republican-style buildings and mountain courtyards with northern characteristics.

As the moonlight enters the house, Gubei Water Town also ushers in the pinnacle of its appearance. Facing the evening wind, you look at the bustling town. There are cruise ships passing by between the lights on both sides of the river. Everything is so relaxed and leisurely! I am going to go to the church on the top of the mountain to see the night view and then watch a Great Wall music and water dance show. This kind of first encounter is considered complete!

hilltop church

The church on the top of the mountain is a great location overlooking the town. Although it takes a little effort to climb up, the view from the top of the mountain will make you feel worth it.

There is a cloud coffee shop next to the church on the top of the mountain. The decoration is warm and comfortable. Most importantly, this is the best place to watch the night view of Gubei Water Town!

Pass through the store and come to the terrace, the beautiful Gubei Water Town is at your feet! Here you can see the whole picture of Yuantong Tower, Simatai Great Wall and Shuijie Historic District in the distance. Ordering a cup of coffee and quietly feeling the town in the night is the most satisfying moment today!

Great Wall Music Water Dance Show

Walking out of the romance of the night, wandering along the street, there are many old-fashioned shops on both sides of the street, the flavor of Peking is ready to come out, culture is also the soul of Gubei Water Town, go to Wangjing Tower to watch a beautiful water dance show.

The Great Wall music water dance show with the Heaven and Earth and the Simatai Ancient Great Wall as the curtain, being in the mountains and rivers, creates an atmosphere combining natural art and wildness! Soft water, tough buildings, and colorful lighting... This unique artistic atmosphere is even more fascinating under the starry night sky!

the next day

Greeting the morning sun at 7:30, it was cool autumn outside, passing through one bend after another, driving a section of gravel road, and finally arrived at Simatai Great Wall on foot. The undulating mountains will be dreamy and blurred under the morning sun...

Relying on the Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Water Town has also brought this section of the Great Wall to life. The history and culture of guarding the frontiers have been spread by more people. Every brick and stone here retains the original appearance of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, and retains the essence of human civilization. Incomparably important traces of splendor.

The fresh air and the singing of birds from time to time bring everything back to nature. When the ancient beacon tower collides with modern civilization, and when the sea of ​​clouds across the mountain ridge gradually dissipates, dawn yoga is staged here!

Do yoga exercises with a yoga teacher from India on the Great Wall covered with mountains and red leaves to wake up every cell in the sleeping body!

Maybe you have experienced countless picnics, on the lawn, in the wilderness, on the top of a mountain without people, but eating a picnic on the Great Wall must be unprecedented! Embrace the arrogance and touch of the mountains and rivers of the motherland!

At the foot of the Great Wall, between the narrow and long valleys, the fusion of nature and architecture, and the depths of red leaves growing along the wall, quietly tell about Chinese aesthetics! Only when you come down from the Great Wall can you take a closer look at this small town. The atmosphere of autumn spreads in the streets and alleys. The literature, art and innovation that can be seen everywhere make the town full of charm.

Different from the traditional scenic spots, there are red leaves all over the mountains and plains. The red leaves of Gubei Water Town are combined with the scenery of the building courtyard to form a migratory viewing space. The courtyards of Ming and Qing Dynasties scattered at the foot of the mountain and the water seem to be samples of ancient buildings. When autumn comes, the mountains become deeper and the water cooler. Stone bridges and leaves shine brightly in autumn.

Stepping into October, the autumn wind passes through, and the small town surrounded by mountains enjoys the coolness of autumn, with the cool breeze blowing on the face, red leaves on the wall, and surprises everywhere as far as the eye can see, a small street with buildings in the style of the Republic of China, It seems to be telling what Peking once looked like.

Every year at this time, the red leaves of Gubei Water Town gradually cover all the alleys, and the red, green, and yellow leaves are intertwined with the off-white buildings. This "hot" scene lasts until there is a winter snow or It was a biting cold wind, and the dead leaves reluctantly ended the mission of this life, sweeping the dust for the arrival of winter...

The beauty of the town is hidden in the alleys, with strong colors exuding between the two walls, every step is a scene, and every corner of the wall is a holy place for taking pictures. People regard the small town in autumn as a masterpiece of nature, where every detail shines brightly.

If you want to feel the autumn of the town with all your heart, why not go to the market for a walk. On the Riyue Island Square where people come and go, there are a variety of special stalls, exquisite and original handmade, fresh and tempting food, and the interpretation of the fusion of Chinese and Western, connecting the day and night of Hongye Town! The profound historical heritage and innovative autumn gameplay also make this place a large-scale autumn carnival.

In the alley next to the Eight Banners Inn or Yongshun Dyeing Workshop, red and green creepers blatantly hang around in front of you. Pushing the door and entering, the yard is covered with long calico, and it is wonderful to walk in it...

Immersed in the depths of the red leaves, brushing over the mottled stone walls... "Immersed in a rich, full of beauty" feel the atmosphere of Yinghua Academy, and feel the unique beauty of the combination of plants and architecture, scenery and humanities.

The long-lost wind is blowing in the valley. Cycling to enjoy the red leaves is a continuation of the summer cycling tour of the Great Wall. Different seasons, different scenery, different temperatures, and different feelings. In comparison, I prefer the coolness and coolness of autumn. color.

After enjoying the fun of cycling, you can also feel the mood of rafting on the river and watching the scenery on both sides of the river!

Looking at the poetry and romance of people on small bridges and flowing water, and watching the streets with people coming and going, such a pleasant time makes it difficult for me to associate with Beijing. No wonder Beijingers flee here whenever they have the time. For yourself, slow down appropriately, let the mind catch up with the hurried pace...

Duan Family Courtyard Hot Spring

Autumn is the season of harvest, but also the season of health preservation. The breeze is coming slowly, the colorful autumn scenery of the Great Wall is in the distance, and the red leaves are falling with the wind and the hot springs are nearby. The purpose of traveling is only when the body and mind are comfortable, and it also makes travel an unforgettable enjoyment!

The plain floor-to-ceiling windows of the Duanjia Courtyard Hot Spring Hotel incorporate the scenery into it, calmly and brimming with the picturesque nature! At night, when the lights are on, the water vapor is dense, and the view of the Great Wall is like a dream...

Dinner at Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel

In the evening, the autumn wind blew the cool horn, and experienced a romantic dinner in the outfield of Wangjinglou Boutique Hotel, drawing a perfect ending to such an autumn outing. The exquisite delicacy lingered between the lips and teeth, and the scenery of the Simatai Great Wall at night stayed at the end In the short two days, these brilliant colors finally became the warmest memories of autumn!


The memory of Beijing is getting richer, and the autumn in Beiping is more real. I like the charm of autumn, and I also like this "red leaf town" at the foot of the Great Wall...

Gubei Water Town Traffic Information

Self-driving route from Beijing: After getting off at Simatai Exit No. 24 of Jingcheng Expressway, take the ramp on the right and drive to the left for about 2 minutes.

Railway route from Beijing: Take Metro Line 13 and get off at Huoying Station, walk about 323 meters to Huangtudian Station on the "Huaimi Line" and take the "Huaimi Line" train (bound to Huairou North) to Gubeikou Station Get off the bus and take the Gubei Water Town Line from Gubeikou Station to Gubei Water Town.

Direct train route from Beijing: Take Metro Line 2 to Dongzhimen, and transfer to the Beijing-Gubeishuizhen special line direct bus at the Dongzhimenwai bus station (junction of Dongzhimen Waixie Street and Xiangheyuan South Street, 942 and 855 bus stops) Arrive at Gubei Water Town, and it is estimated that it will take 120 minutes to reach Gubei Water Town directly.

?Bus route from Beijing: Take bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen, get off at Miyun West Bridge Station, transfer to bus No. 51, get off at Simatai Village Station, and walk to Gubei Water Town.