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Autumn in Fangshan around Beijing. When I returned to Beijing, I found that it was late autumn. Immediately, I went to the mountains with my friends to live for two days to pick up the autumn! Fangshan enjoys the red leaves on weekends. Take a section of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway and then drive into the mountain along National Highway 108. The sun is shining brightly along the way. The mountain road is winding and full of red leaves. The autumn scenery of this road is so beautiful! It's a pity that it's not convenient for me to drive alone to take pictures.

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"Autumn is an unbelievable miracle that lasted so long, which always makes people feel a little disturbed." - Yu Guangzhong. Who can not love this gorgeous autumn colors? When the south was still green all the year round, the north was already full of mountains covered with paint, which was fuller than the most intensely toned oil painting.

Entering the mountains, let this autumn have a more sense of ritual. We stayed at Fangshan Third Space Boutique B&B on weekends. There is a spacious small yard with several bedrooms. We each occupied one room. The housekeeper aunt made delicious farm meals, and the sunlight was just right in the room.

The Third Space B&B is located in the nearest deep mountain area of ​​Beijing. Now it has opened 12 small courtyards, 26 rooms, 4 courtyards, and a coffee house in the mountains with a special feeling. Walking out next door is the Taoist Zhenwu Temple with a history of 500 years, with drums at dusk and bells in the morning, and scriptures chanting, which makes people feel at ease. Drinking tea and reading books in the room; admiring the red leaves on the trail behind the mountain, offering incense to the Zhenwu Temple; and experiencing handcrafts with good friends is an extremely pleasant weekend.

1. Sunshine Cafe: Seeing You in the Mountains for the First Time

Follow the winding mountain road and road signs, first arrive at the coffee house in the third space, check in at the coffee house, drink a cup of coffee, and enjoy the bright autumn scenery. There must be several such pictures in life, which is the ideal life in our hearts.

In the evening, you can come to the coffee shop to watch a movie, the kind that the projector plays on the big screen. This may be the best nightlife in the mountains.

2. Yunyinli Small Courtyard: Life in the Mountains

Continue to walk up the mountain from the coffee shop for about 5 minutes and arrive at the small courtyard. The housekeeper aunt made steaming camellia, light brown tea, and the entrance is a faint scent of grass and trees.

On the basis of retaining the characteristics of northern folk houses, the designer of the homestay integrates modern aesthetic ideas around the local original environment. We live in Yunyin No. 1 courtyard, which is like a rectangular courtyard with swings, sandpit, and swimming pool.

The yard is surrounded by mountains, with colorful undulating peaks looking up. The sight is vast, and the autumn countryside is full of poetry. The bedroom is simple Chinese furniture.

There is also a couch for drinking tea near the window. The main colors of light gray and beige are a little bit comfortable. I didn't expect there to be a solid wood bathtub, and I was looking forward to taking a bath listening to the sound of the wind and birdsong.

3. Butler-style in-hospital service: gourmet experience

The housekeeper's aunt cooks delicious meals. While enjoying the unique natural scenery. Taste special delicacies, sleep on the mountain, and enjoy poetry and the distance. The family sits at the dining table, and the aunt is cooking and eating in the back. Potato shreds, shredded cabbage, mother's taste of hand-rolled noodles at noon, and spring pancake feast at night. The freshly baked pancakes filled the yard with their aroma.

I remembered that I was sweating profusely when I played downstairs when I was a child. Suddenly my grandma yelled that dinner was ready, and a group of children scattered and rushed back to their homes to have dinner lively. If you bring children, there should be some bears who have already stretched out their hands Let's go to the savory pancakes.

4. Manual workshop:

You can experience hand-painted fans, masks and tie-dye in the third space.

A group of us painted masks in the yard. To carve jack-o-lanterns, the housekeeper prepared blank masks and paints. The only thing left is how to use the imagination. Once the imagination is let go, the paintings are all kinds of things, and some of them are so horrible that I laugh out loud.

Knocking and dyeing is the simplest and the closest to nature and environmentally friendly. It is especially recommended for parent-child family experience. All you need is a solid-color handkerchief, or a white short-sleeved T-shirt, and prepare a stone and some leaves and flowers in various shapes and colors. The materials are all from nature, green mint leaves, red roses, orange persimmon leaves, whatever you like.

Use your favorite leaves and petals to put your favorite shape on the handkerchief, you can design your own logo, and then use a stone or a small hammer to carefully knock the leaves on the handkerchief little by little. The color and texture slowly crept onto the handkerchief, such a natural color. That will be dyed in a handkerchief to get a naturally dyed handkerchief.

5. Mountain walking:

Next to the courtyard, there are three hiking trails to enjoy the autumn scenery of Tianzhu Peak. Along the road behind the small courtyard is the nearest mountain trail, which is very wild and interesting. The ground is covered with fallen leaves, and the trees are also red, yellow and green. Autumn is crisp and sunny, and coming to autumn at this time really lives up to the most beautiful season of the year.

6. Surrounding scenic spots: Zhenwu Temple:

Next to the small courtyard is an old temple with a history of more than 400 years - Zhenwu Temple. No tickets are required to enter. Zhenwu Temple is located in Shangyingshui Village, Fangshan District. It was first built in the Ming Dynasty. Because the Taoist temple is very spiritual, and the main hall is dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu, it is known as the "Little Wudang" in the north by Taoism.

The Zhenwu Temple is a courtyard with three entrances and two halls dedicated to Emperor Zhenwu and Lord Bixia respectively. There are several Zhenwu Temples in Beijing. Emperor Zhenwu, also known as Xuantian God, is the God of the North in Chinese myths and legends. The Xuanwu in "Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, and Xuanwu" often said in myths and legends is Emperor Zhenwu. It is recorded in the chapter "Yuanyou" of Qu Yuan's "Chu Ci", "Call Xuanwu and go to the genus". Xuanwu Qisu is shaped like a turtle and snake, so it is noted, "Xuanwu is called a turtle and snake. It is located in the north, so it is called Xuan, and it has scales on its body, so it is called Wu."

There are also hundreds of years old trees in the courtyard. The leaves have turned golden and will complete another cycle of life. There are also four side halls, two side halls, two side buildings and more than a dozen mountain houses, with a total construction area of ​​3,000 square meters. Zhenwu Temple is the central temple of dozens of villages in the surrounding area. It is very popular and famous far and wide.

There are also hundreds of years old trees in the courtyard. The leaves have turned golden and will complete another cycle of life. There are also four side halls, two side halls, two side buildings and more than a dozen mountain houses, with a total construction area of ​​3,000 square meters. Zhenwu Temple is the central temple of dozens of villages in the surrounding area. It is very popular and famous far and wide.

There are bell towers and drum towers in the courtyard, and the sound of evening drums and morning bells can be heard every morning and evening, which makes people feel peaceful. I feel that if you want to escape from the world for a few days to find peace in your heart, you can come here for a short stay. With the smoke of incense curling up, the singing voice in the ear sings all kinds of things in the world.

7. Surrounding scenic spots: Yinhu Cave: Tickets for the Yinhu Cave Scenic Spot will be given as a gift for special offers

Silver Fox Cave is located in Xiayingshui Village, Fozizhuang Township, Fangshan District, in the southwestern suburbs of Beijing. It is the largest large-scale karst cave group integrating flood and drought in the north. It was originally discovered by local people mining coal. It is true that the village is rich in coal resources and has a long history of mining. The villagers used to focus on coal mining and transportation. At the beginning of the 21st century, in order to protect the local ecological environment, the two committees of the village responded to national policies and called for and led the transformation of the mining economy in the village.

This is a relatively old scenic spot in Beijing. I have heard of it since I was a child. Many school spring outings will also choose to come here to experience the strange geological features. Yinhu Cave is also the only open water and drought cave in North China that integrates natural scenery caves. We tried to take a boat tour in the cave. The water quality is excellent, and the water depth is 6-7 meters. Natural mineral water quotes the standard, but don't drink it directly, cough cough. The sound of the underground waterfall can be heard in the distance, but because there is no safe passage, so I can't see it with my own eyes. My fellow companions said it was like an adventure in a tomb robber's notes.

The cave space was formed within millions of years. There are not only various forms of calcium carbonate chemical deposits such as stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flags, and stone shields in the cave, but also a large number of rare stone chrysanthemums, crystal flowers, goose pipes, and stone pearls. Stone grapes and crystal clear calcite, the landscape is peculiar.

For many years, under the leadership of Secretary Zhao, Shangyingshui Village has actively developed the tourism and vacation industry, revitalized the idle resources in the countryside, established collectively owned homestay stores, transformed idle farm houses in old villages into boutique homestays, introduced professional management personnel, and provided villagers with On the one hand, the training and on-the-job training will revitalize the idle resources in the countryside, and on the other hand, it will solve the employment problem of some idle people in the village. Why not go here to experience the mountain life.

Traffic guide: Self-driving orientation The third space boutique homestay in Shangyingshui Village, Fangshan District, first take the Beijing-Kunming Expressway or the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, walk along the 108 National Highway for a section of the mountain road, and follow the road signs to arrive.

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